2,000hp Rimac Nevera REVIEW with 0-60mph, 1/4-mile, brake & DRIFT test!

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This is the absolutely incredible Rimac Nevera… And Mat’s got his hands on one for a full in-depth review!

Now when it comes to some of the stats for this hypercar, you’ll be forgiven for thinking we’ve made a couple typo given how insane some of these numbers are! Thanks to it being packed with 4 electric motors (one for each wheel), the Nevera can produce a ridiculous 1,914hp and a colossal 2,360Nm of torque!

That’s not all though! It’s also fitted with a 120kWh battery pack (the largest in any production EV in the world) and then there's just the small matter of it apparently being the quickest accelerating car in the world!!

So, that’s a whole load of lofty claims… And we're only just scratching the surface! But let's be honest, what more would you expect from a car that costs around £2,000,000!

But is it worth it? There's only one way to find out... Stick with Mat for his all-new in-depth review!

00:00 Intro
00:39 Price
01:18 Exterior Design
03:59 Chassis
05:33 Drift Mode
06:27 Brakes
07:42 Battery \u0026 Charging
09:20 Interior
11:05 Boot
11:28 Five Annoying Things
13:12 Five Cool Things
15:18 0-60mph \u0026 Quarter-mile
16:02 Driving
19:20 Verdict

Rimac Nevera v Ferrari SF90 - bit.ly/Ferrari-SF90-v-Rimac-Ne...

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  1. carwow

    carwowPrije 14 dana

    Check out Mat's exclusive walk-around review of the Nevera with Mate Rimac - hrcharts.info/white/video/ddOXqcSsqGHVuN0

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    It looks very similar to a C5 Corvette to me.... www.motorious.com/content/images/size/w1000/2020/03/corvette-racing-c5r001-08.jpg Edit: I realized that I needed to add some details to that statement so that it represented my opinion. Firstly, I really dont like the C5 design personally, but I think the Rimac is beautiful. Furthermore, GM has awful interiors and that car's interior looks amazing. Lastly, that car is obviously faster than a Vette... So, does it look similar to a C5? In my opinion, yes. Does a C5 compare to the Rimac? Um....Not in the slightest.

  14. N

    NPrije dan

    its already sooo late compared to the concept and the numbers they claimed many years ago. they need to start selling it RIGHT NOW before tesla pushes their latest line (roadster, plaid etc)

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    ПСОРИАЗ в PSORIKPrije 4 dana

    PLAID MODEL S (1020 л.с.) 0-60 - 1.98s Rimac Nevera (1914 л.с.) - 2.23s Вот и вопрос: почти 2к электролошадок, а на выходе имеем скоростные характеристики хуже новой Теслы

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