(asmr) morning shift at subway

what a busy day


  1. AmiSHEET

    AmiSHEETPrije mjesec

    When you are so early, that milad hasn't even started preparing sandwiches:-

  2. Shadow Knight pg3d

    Shadow Knight pg3dPrije 15 dana


  3. Amber Elizabeth

    Amber ElizabethPrije 27 dana

    @‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎ you’re extremely annoying

  4. Astral

    AstralPrije mjesec

    @TheLeechaolan15 lmao mad much? Cry about it, you just seem salty about his success

  5. TheLeechaolan15

    TheLeechaolan15Prije mjesec

    @Astral shut up you hypocrit, it is all about hype. The content in this channel is below mediocre.

  6. TheLeechaolan15

    TheLeechaolan15Prije mjesec

    @YoJo maybe because you act like a sad boy and expect sympathy. Work on your maths so you can build a real career. Kids with their fantasies of becoming a vlogger/rapper/model/athlete. In 20 years there will be a huge shortage in doctors and such, because having fun is more important than taking life choices seriously. This guy got lucky getting subs, creating below mediocre content.

  7. Vountedtoken 1

    Vountedtoken 1Prije 14 sati

    Quick tip: onions starts smelling bad if kept on a steel item for long.

  8. Garnet

    GarnetPrije dan

    Omg you open with more than one person. I wish we would have when I worked at subway

  9. Flakog0205

    Flakog0205Prije dan

    This guy kinda sounds lik tobey maguire from spider man

  10. Sima Kalai

    Sima KalaiPrije dan

    the camera quality is better than my eyesight

  11. Tsukuyomi

    TsukuyomiPrije 2 dana


  12. CEO JC

    CEO JCPrije 2 dana

    Watched a few of your vids this morning, had me craving subway… the first one I found only had wheat bread so I had to drive an extra 2 miles to the next one but I got my sandwich yay🥰

  13. Kaviar På Pizza

    Kaviar På PizzaPrije 3 dana

    Make a gluten free sub kekW

  14. Lukáš Szűcs

    Lukáš SzűcsPrije 3 dana

    You should talk to managers at Subway and create a campaign where a cookie would cost customer only a smile. Spread the positivity!

  15. young worthy

    young worthyPrije 3 dana

    Very quick with the gloves I work at subway and find some days they can be a real pain and some days alright

  16. Randomdstuff4life

    Randomdstuff4lifePrije 4 dana

    Who else watched this entire thing?

  17. Breanna

    BreannaPrije 4 dana

    Someone @ Gus Johnson, this guy throws away pepper stems!

  18. Exhaust Hattie

    Exhaust HattiePrije 4 dana

    The first amount scientifically excuse because mice maternally owe given a nasty colt. cautious, mindless iron

  19. reinier santos

    reinier santosPrije 5 dana

    bruh i hope that plastic is eco friendly.

  20. Michelle

    MichellePrije 5 dana

    "You didn't cut the bread right" absolutely brutal

  21. Björn Herrmann

    Björn HerrmannPrije 5 dana

    After all ur videos i think u need to make a Livestream when u at work

  22. TheDudeePerson

    TheDudeePersonPrije 5 dana

    this is the type of thing to watch when youre bored of youtube

  23. vegkr

    vegkrPrije 5 dana

    Not gonna lie, olives look nasty

  24. Helios

    HeliosPrije 6 dana

    ASMR = A satisfying Morning Rice

  25. Basant Rahangdale

    Basant RahangdalePrije 6 dana

    Sleep is important

  26. Yukio Adams

    Yukio AdamsPrije 7 dana

    I wish subway had the Lettuce that was worth eating that actually has health benefits unlike Ice berg

  27. Ivan Petrov

    Ivan PetrovPrije 7 dana

    So much waste of plastic, i feel sick...

  28. aoh2 connoisseur

    aoh2 connoisseurPrije 4 dana

    @Ivan Petrovyour right but coronavirus is going on they're just ensuring public security

  29. Ivan Petrov

    Ivan PetrovPrije 5 dana

    @aoh2 connoisseur they do this also here, but who is going to keep the planet clean?

  30. aoh2 connoisseur

    aoh2 connoisseurPrije 5 dana

    They're just keeping people safe do you not do that in Europe

  31. Leftists are the Rich Elites You Hate

    Leftists are the Rich Elites You HatePrije 7 dana

    Enough ads you greedy leftist liberal American capitalists!!

  32. aoh2 connoisseur

    aoh2 connoisseurPrije 5 dana

    I'm getting alot of conservative ads you right communist

  33. Lejohndary World favorite retard

    Lejohndary World favorite retardPrije 7 dana

    I like this. No explaining how it works. Just a POV of your everyday life🙂

  34. roy Callaway

    roy CallawayPrije 7 dana

    Why do I find all of your videos to be nice and entertaining I normally don't like a few videos of a HRchartsrs that I watch but nope not you I like it all and make sure to smash like on it too

  35. Prince Harambe

    Prince HarambePrije 8 dana

    This guy spending more glove's, then doctor.

  36. Amber Jones

    Amber JonesPrije 8 dana

    The fact that yall dont drain the olives oh no. I can feel the juice in my hands 🤢(even with gloves the juice manages to get though and pool up in the gloves)

  37. Amber Jones

    Amber JonesPrije 8 dana

    The subways I've worked for, we only fill BP olives and jalapeno this way. The rest we prep a bunch at once and keep the extra cams in the walk in and grab it when needed. Cool video

  38. Tas

    TasPrije 8 dana

    is shift is only 13 minutes wow

  39. - ZORPY -

    - ZORPY -Prije 8 dana

    Just a working lovely day

  40. Zo Wee

    Zo WeePrije 9 dana

    Gus Johnson needs to see this man take those pepper butts out of the sandwich and tell that guy never to put them in a sandwich ~chef’s kiss~

  41. Anthony “Canny Dee Et Captain” Myerscough-Dawson

    Anthony “Canny Dee Et Captain” Myerscough-DawsonPrije 9 dana

    Dude, I'm so glad I'm not the only one who drops the damn bags. They're great when they just slide in there, but when you're carrying sandwiches already and they drop... I dunno why but its infuriating!

  42. Taylor Industries

    Taylor IndustriesPrije 9 dana

    bro wtf i want you to record an entire day at subway

  43. Birendra Kumar

    Birendra KumarPrije 9 dana

    Your videos are great man. But what i noticed is that there is lot of plastic involved like in bags, gloves etc. That plastic may not be good for environment. Apart that you are great

  44. Dan Blythe

    Dan BlythePrije 8 dana

    Tf? Plastic gloves are good forms for personal hygiene. Without it the business could close down. Jesus Christ wtf is wrong with people like you

  45. Jaxenboi

    JaxenboiPrije 9 dana

    Stfu stop being a Karen

  46. Edwin McGowen

    Edwin McGowenPrije 9 dana


  47. Froxcios

    FroxciosPrije 9 dana

    I just wanted to ask.. do you throw away a lot of food there in subway ???

  48. Daniel Avila

    Daniel AvilaPrije 9 dana

    Their is just something to watching you make subs😂keep it up man love it❤️

  49. Henry F

    Henry FPrije 10 dana

    That first guy is chill

  50. Robin S

    Robin SPrije 10 dana

    Something is wrong with me. Im a 30 yr old married woman with kids and i get great joy out of watching this guy work at subway. Like a 13 min video of stocking veggies and i loved every second.

  51. Babba ッ

    Babba ッPrije 9 dana

    Don't worry, there's 1.197m others who are just like us

  52. down town

    down townPrije 10 dana


  53. M4RJ

    M4RJPrije 10 dana

    Oww yeaa

  54. Gingy Bread

    Gingy BreadPrije 10 dana

    my dream job as originally gonna be McDonald's worker but it switched to subway worker now, like if you agree

  55. aoh2 connoisseur

    aoh2 connoisseurPrije 5 dana

    @Dan Blytheif you enjoy doing your job you will never work a day in your life

  56. Dan Blythe

    Dan BlythePrije 8 dana

    Feel sorry for you if your dream job is to work at McDonald’s

  57. Ronak Shah

    Ronak ShahPrije 11 dana

    anyone gonna talk about how those sandwiches had literally no vegetables on them besides lettuce like what how do people eat that LOL

  58. Jaxenboi

    JaxenboiPrije 9 dana

    I don’t put any veggies just meat and cheese

  59. Markus Knapp

    Markus KnappPrije 11 dana

    How many pair of gloves do you use per day? Just curious :D btw your videos are absolutely mesmerizing, cant stop watching them :)

  60. ⭐️ Sand stars ⭐️

    ⭐️ Sand stars ⭐️Prije 11 dana

    1:28 💀

  61. ⭐️ Sand stars ⭐️

    ⭐️ Sand stars ⭐️Prije 11 dana

    0:45 💀

  62. Drown playz

    Drown playzPrije 11 dana


  63. Mr.pirate guy

    Mr.pirate guyPrije 11 dana

    Respect plus he told that employee never leave the stem everybody hates the stem on a pepper probably

  64. TrashLxrd

    TrashLxrdPrije 11 dana

    where the asmr ?

  65. Dino lambo123

    Dino lambo123Prije 11 dana

    What vegetables are pre cut and what are ine u have to ut urself?

  66. Naty G

    Naty GPrije 11 dana

    Ugh those morning shifts on sundays ... good old days lol

  67. 00Temporary00

    00Temporary00Prije 11 dana

    Glad to see you rotating the veggies correctly! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone dump new veggies on top of old veggies. Makes me cringe.

  68. Left Leg Cemetery

    Left Leg CemeteryPrije 12 dana

    Good job teaching my man to take the stems out of the banana peppers!

  69. Theo Cartwright

    Theo CartwrightPrije 12 dana

    The turtles after eating all those plastic gloves that were thrown out: 💀

  70. BLH | League Of Legends

    BLH | League Of LegendsPrije 12 dana

    How come your subway doesn’t recycle

  71. T Buss

    T BussPrije 12 dana

    Someone needs to empty the bin.

  72. metero92

    metero92Prije 12 dana

    make more long videos like this then we cana ctully meet Karen too xD

  73. Mark Magner

    Mark MagnerPrije 12 dana

    jersey mikes all day everyday

  74. Ghania Ahmad/SICAS DHA

    Ghania Ahmad/SICAS DHAPrije 12 dana

    You can cook subway sandwiches in bags?!

  75. Ikon

    IkonPrije 12 dana

    I love the attention to detail. If you notice, he scrapes the older chopped veggies on the top, to make sure they're used first and the fresher stuff stays on the bottom. Then he goes as far as to pick out any stems. The small things matter. This kid is going to go very far in life.

  76. Left Leg Cemetery

    Left Leg CemeteryPrije 12 dana

    Not trying to be a dick but that's just obvious food restaurant stuff like putting old product on top. I agree with the stems in the banana peppers.

  77. Toast Eater

    Toast EaterPrije 13 dana

    I liked this video it was different from the other videos he posts

  78. Matthew

    MatthewPrije 13 dana

    Gus would be proud of you for not letting the stems be in sandwiches

  79. doggotbitm

    doggotbitmPrije 13 dana

    Why am I watching this, I manage a deli of my own, I do this every day.

  80. Wendy O Koopa

    Wendy O KoopaPrije 13 dana

    I nominate Milad to do serve safe videos, fast food joints across North America need a refresher. The labeling Wendy's could learn that.

  81. Glenn Solis

    Glenn SolisPrije 13 dana

    Milad, please do more of these.

  82. Hola QueTal

    Hola QueTalPrije 13 dana

    The food never ends

  83. xXM4ZTERXx

    xXM4ZTERXxPrije 13 dana

    What camera are you recording with and how do you strap it to your body

  84. Artur Rębisz

    Artur RębiszPrije 13 dana

    the ammount of plastic gloves you waste it's just bad

  85. Isaiah Wolff

    Isaiah WolffPrije 13 dana

    Someone send this to Gus Johnson. He would be so proud of you boy.

  86. Pet russian man

    Pet russian manPrije 11 dana

    Gus who?

  87. Lizard

    LizardPrije 13 dana

    i feel like you should use different gloves for each veggie due to allergy reasons.......

  88. Cody Klassen

    Cody KlassenPrije 12 dana

    The vegetables are stored in the same general area, ready to serve. There's absolutely no point in using different gloves in this scenario. Vegetables are bound to end up in other containers in an industry like this because of the way it's set up, it's the most convenient way to make the food, and every food establishment (Possibly not fast food) has an area like this.

  89. CloudMG

    CloudMGPrije 13 dana

    Cant believe you didn’t turn the water off with the paper towel when washing your hands in so angry11!1!1

  90. kenny Wise

    kenny WisePrije 13 dana

    Subway milad is the best 💪👍

  91. Hugh Morris

    Hugh MorrisPrije 14 dana

    dude i always get stems at subway's. super annoying dude! good lookin out

  92. Bo W

    Bo WPrije 14 dana

    This is oddly very satisfying and you have a very clean store btw.

  93. zia ullah

    zia ullahPrije 14 dana

    Is he manager

  94. Teddy Richards

    Teddy RichardsPrije 14 dana

    FAST EFFIENCIENT. PRIDE!! THIS MAN SHOULD HAVE 10 stores UNDER HIM!! Were is the TV show. Under cover boss?? This guy is awesome

  95. DatOneTrainDude

    DatOneTrainDudePrije 14 dana

    POV: U work in SOOUBWAY

  96. Cameron Read

    Cameron ReadPrije 14 dana

    I don't know why I sat through all of this as it came up on my recommendations. Your subways have much more fillings than our UK ones

  97. Yovani824

    Yovani824Prije 14 dana

    No stems?! Gus Johnson needs to watch this video

  98. Iemandjwzz

    IemandjwzzPrije 14 dana

    The way he washes his hands disgust me

  99. Cliff Shockley

    Cliff ShockleyPrije 14 dana

    I hate the chemical wash flavor of Subway bagged lettuce. I think it would be a whole lot better, and crisp it up if you'd run it under icy cold water

  100. SUP GAMER

    SUP GAMERPrije 14 dana

    hmm nice sand which

  101. Manav Gajera

    Manav GajeraPrije 14 dana

    Your videos makes me wanna eat sandwiches every single day

  102. I just like cats

    I just like catsPrije 14 dana

    Me this looks kinda fun xd I'm only 11 and there's so many ingredients and like half of them I don't know xd

  103. Bamsi alp

    Bamsi alpPrije 14 dana

    Hello milad i have a question do you ever get tired of wearing the camera?

  104. Pedro De Santa

    Pedro De SantaPrije 14 dana

    I want to work on Subway now

  105. Uchiha adonis

    Uchiha adonisPrije 14 dana

    Why is this video so satisfying

  106. amin almasirad

    amin almasiradPrije 14 dana

    are you Iranian or your dad is iranian?

  107. Sodexo ID8311

    Sodexo ID8311Prije 15 dana

    Is it normal to have cups and lids at your hand washing station?

  108. Lisaf. Cox

    Lisaf. CoxPrije 15 dana

    Now, I understand why Subway subs have an antiseptic taste when their cut in half...

  109. uss.steamship

    uss.steamshipPrije 15 dana

    ....hey...mom and dad.....this guy needs to be paid more....I would drive out of my way.....to eat a subway.....from your store...if that young man was working behind the counter...😁❤️👍

  110. Odde Modde

    Odde ModdePrije 15 dana

    I have to vist you store, but living in Germany... ^^

  111. Panached

    PanachedPrije 15 dana


  112. Logan Roth

    Logan RothPrije 15 dana

    So basically don’t come early in the day or you get yesterday’s leftovers

  113. Useless Crap

    Useless CrapPrije 15 dana

    Damn in Holland you can be happy if you get a few slices of ham or salami etc.. You throw 8/9 pieces on every loaf . Cool

  114. Goldenminerkid HD (GMK HD)

    Goldenminerkid HD (GMK HD)Prije 15 dana

    Were you guys located 😢

  115. King Yeti

    King YetiPrije 15 dana

    I can work at Subway watching your videos. They double as employee training videos.

  116. Classic Chris

    Classic ChrisPrije 15 dana

    Nothing beats the morning shift and getting to have the afternoon off

  117. Sodexo ID8311

    Sodexo ID8311Prije 15 dana

    Hell yeah!

  118. Anoosha Rizwan

    Anoosha RizwanPrije 16 dana

    This wasn’t much of an asmr

  119. Jessica S. Joseph

    Jessica S. JosephPrije 16 dana

    asmr yaaassss queeennn! XD