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Battlefield 2042 Official Gameplay Trailer


  1. Battlefield

    BattlefieldPrije mjesec

    Don't miss a single Battlefield 2042 trailer:

  2. SavBeeing

    SavBeeingPrije 3 dana


  3. SPYDA 25

    SPYDA 25Prije 4 dana

    What's the name of this song?

  4. chris

    chrisPrije 6 dana

    You know I won’t

  5. 0

    0Prije 8 dana

    Remember hard core only

  6. Jimella Pelaez

    Jimella PelaezPrije 8 dana

    Good video and good graphics

  7. mslindqu

    mslindquPrije sat

    wow.. did they just give up on the franchise? I figured they would have made some progress in the past 3-5 years I've been out of it, but I guess not.

  8. U Suk

    U SukPrije sat

    I felt this way when I watched the battlefield 4 trailer all those years ago

  9. Abhishek Bhowmik

    Abhishek BhowmikPrije 2 sati

    Still can't believe this is just Pre Alpha footage


    СССР СКОРО!Prije 2 sati


  11. Steven Alvarez

    Steven AlvarezPrije 3 sati

    Does anybody think a firestorm-like mode will be added to this game?

  12. WiseOne

    WiseOnePrije 3 sati

    How does the share feature work with this title. I have a ps4 and 5 in the house because me and my daughter play multiplayer games together. It’s looking like I would have to buy the $100 version of this game todo so but it also says I would be the only one to play on another ps5 title. Does this include ps4?

  13. Ch1ngy

    Ch1ngyPrije 3 sati

    Hi guys, I have a small question for a big decision. Does the game have an anti-cheat system? I'm not gonna pre-order or play this game without one. Look how BF5 turned out just saying...

  14. GrandMoff zOmbi

    GrandMoff zOmbiPrije 3 sati

    Планируете как то бороться с читерами? Или снова вам главное продать а дальше проблемы пользователей, ваша конченная система репортов не работает от слова совсем

  15. win luz

    win luzPrije 4 sati

    Im Ready Lets get it on!!!

  16. chris snaky

    chris snakyPrije 6 sati

    Hostile DOWN !!

  17. Kapito. YIT

    Kapito. YITPrije 6 sati

    Battlefield 2042 requirement: Rtx 8800 Intel core i12 80000 Ram 64 Hard space 1 tb🙂💔

  18. Doctor Zex

    Doctor ZexPrije 6 sati

    I can’t wait to fly on the jets again.

  19. EstoyMorado

    EstoyMoradoPrije 7 sati

    juego ql malo

  20. Grand Theft Auto VĪ

    Grand Theft Auto VĪPrije 10 sati

    hay i hate to kill humans in any games use robots dont use humans

  21. Ellpinech

    EllpinechPrije 10 sati

    I grew up with my dad just loving all of the Battlefield games gaming together, we both were eagerly waiting for the release of this one but unfortunately he passed away a couple days ago falling ill due to Covid ... I lost my mentor my favorite comrade man may his soul rest in the heavens I will keep on playing Battlefield for the two of us forever

  22. Dustin Johnson

    Dustin JohnsonPrije 14 sati

    Sorry Warzone, your time has come.

  23. Mercury Sandoval

    Mercury SandovalPrije 12 sati


  24. x DasNas x

    x DasNas xPrije 15 sati

    Why am I back here watching the trailer again.

  25. JuRasSiC RaGe

    JuRasSiC RaGePrije 16 sati

    Hope there is a single-player campaign. It can be boring sometimes playing against others.

  26. Pharrzide

    PharrzidePrije 13 sati

    no campaign

  27. Henry Lopez

    Henry LopezPrije 16 sati

    You've greatly disappointed me before. Not getting my hopes up now

  28. jordan

    jordanPrije 18 sati

    weather warfare ?

  29. Andrey Dunaev

    Andrey DunaevPrije 19 sati


  30. sarcastic jerk

    sarcastic jerkPrije 21 sat

    Can't wait until this releases so all those cringe Warzone clips with those "13 or 30" looking man-children will be washed off the trending page for months to come

  31. Pharrzide

    PharrzidePrije 13 sati

    you act as if they are loyal to games. hint they are not. if warzone dies they will just go to 2042

  32. EscapingTheRealWorldGamer

    EscapingTheRealWorldGamerPrije 22 sati

    2042's ( Christmas Gift )of the year for Battlefield 2042 when it's on sale for -50% off.

  33. Cam

    CamPrije 22 sati

    Man oh Man!

  34. Cam

    CamPrije 22 sati

    It looks soooo amazing

  35. Cam

    CamPrije 22 sati

    Freakin sweet man

  36. Cam

    CamPrije 22 sati

    I am so freakin excited for this game

  37. Cam

    CamPrije 22 sati


  38. Jgh Hgj

    Jgh HgjPrije 23 sati


  39. Guilherme Evandro

    Guilherme EvandroPrije 23 sati

    100% Hyped

  40. Johnny_ TW

    Johnny_ TWPrije dan

    omg esto va a ser epico papus

  41. This is a certified hood classic

    This is a certified hood classicPrije dan

    im hyped

  42. finntroll 1984

    finntroll 1984Prije dan

    I really hope the launch date won't be pushed back again

  43. Adrian Ly Nguyen

    Adrian Ly NguyenPrije dan

    Floppy_Ragdoll is now my new favourite gamertag.

  44. 박정욱

    박정욱Prije dan

    I think I peed because I was so ecstatic.

  45. Guerau

    GuerauPrije dan

    That's not how playing this game will look like ... I'm 100% sure

  46. Pharrzide

    PharrzidePrije 13 sati

    i mean the leaked gameplay looked like this so im pretty sure 100% that this is how it will look like. maybe even better since that was pre alpha stuff

  47. CodeSiege

    CodeSiegePrije dan

    This is one of those few gameplay trailers that somehow, despite all odds, can look better than the cinematic trailer.

  48. Славянский медведь

    Славянский медведьPrije dan

    Did this game suport ps5?

  49. E Y E

    E Y EPrije dan

    Мих, ты чё? Конечно поддерживает

  50. GC

    GCPrije dan

    PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Project Scarlett, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows. To be precise

  51. GC

    GCPrije dan

    Yes it's coming to the PS5 as well.

  52. Georgi Oshavkov

    Georgi OshavkovPrije dan

    128 players in one multiplayer match... I can see the servers crash easily🤔

  53. Pharrzide

    PharrzidePrije 13 sati


  54. Syrupus

    SyrupusPrije dan

    BF 2042: Where my TANK ? BF 1: What is Tank ?

  55. cowpoke

    cowpokePrije 5 sati

    BF1 has WW1 tanks and what's the point of this comment lmao

  56. Cristian Radulescu

    Cristian RadulescuPrije dan

    Here I go again...spending money on video games....

  57. Cristian Radulescu

    Cristian RadulescuPrije dan

    @GC Good to know.Glad I have a PC :)

  58. GC

    GCPrije dan

    Yes but on PC it's likely cheaper than console. 😎🙂

  59. Toby Wright

    Toby WrightPrije dan

    Literally just cause 4

  60. Haratii Aswegobandi

    Haratii AswegobandiPrije dan

    As long as its like BF4 with better graphics I'm in

  61. PeterTV 2008

    PeterTV 2008Prije dan

    I will buy it 1000%

  62. David Kim

    David KimPrije dan

    Ебааать копать этим можно брать и обмазоваться

  63. Tony Montana

    Tony MontanaPrije dan

    Nothing new

  64. sercosmo

    sercosmoPrije dan


  65. Vano VXB

    Vano VXBPrije dan

    After that, in just cause 5 you can summon nuclear meteorites from space

  66. TomKron

    TomKronPrije dan

    Another Cheater Game nice

  67. ted C

    ted CPrije dan

    but, we already have planetside 2...

  68. Disko Lips

    Disko LipsPrije dan

    Any BFBC3 anytime soon?

  69. RandomJustfornow

    RandomJustfornowPrije dan

    bro why wasn't the grenade in the elevator scene in the trailer

  70. Er San

    Er SanPrije 2 dana

    Benim bilgisayarım daha battlefield 1i kaldırmıyor adamlar 2042yi çıkartmışlar

  71. Nino in VR

    Nino in VRPrije 2 dana

    … I want that game

  72. Orlando Alfaro

    Orlando AlfaroPrije 2 dana

    Who created the music of this trailer? Thx

  73. Mercy of the Living

    Mercy of the LivingPrije 2 dana

    They should have added a scene in the elevator where one of the players drop a live grenade

  74. raptor rex

    raptor rexPrije 2 dana

    When the pilot is screaming mayday gives me chills

  75. JJ Assalt

    JJ AssaltPrije 2 dana


  76. DIPPY

    DIPPYPrije 2 dana

    At the corner of the first few clips you'll actually see the name floppy ragdoll one teogames' friend and the creator of the fan made trailers the thing is he made the battlefield 2042 trailers

  77. JAJKA

    JAJKAPrije 2 dana

    Не сомневайтесь ,тем чуваком на 1:30 который не успел зайти в лифт будете именно вы .

  78. E Y E

    E Y EPrije dan

    Я и не сомневаюсь

  79. Umbrous

    UmbrousPrije 2 dana

    i refuse to believe that voice is anyone but Stonemountain64 talking at 0:29

  80. HelloThere

    HelloTherePrije dan

    @Umbrous lmfao they say 'storm watch out' cause theres a giant storm

  81. Umbrous

    UmbrousPrije dan

    @Bradley Attersley sounds like him and i'm pretty sure at another point they say "stone watch out!!!"

  82. Bradley Attersley

    Bradley AttersleyPrije dan

    Is that actually him? 😂

  83. SFGiantsFan2482

    SFGiantsFan2482Prije 2 dana

    Everyone: Trying to rendezook. Me: Trying to grappling hook on to enemy air support as it flies by.

  84. FortycadeFPV

    FortycadeFPVPrije 2 dana

    this game is so heavy that i got low fps watching this video.

  85. Tairen Hamanishi

    Tairen HamanishiPrije 2 dana

    Me crying in my room....

  86. neon_hk16

    neon_hk16Prije 2 dana

    looks like verdansk 2042. 0:54

  87. xxDeath99Starxx

    xxDeath99StarxxPrije 2 dana

    will it have the plunger from bf5 tho

  88. restia

    restiaPrije 2 dana

    이 와중에 언급도 없는 배틀필드 V ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  89. Barfing Chicken

    Barfing ChickenPrije 2 dana

    Kriss Vector drum mag. Unplayable

  90. Martin Morales

    Martin MoralesPrije 2 dana

    12 yo game made

  91. ricardo antonio sanchez

    ricardo antonio sanchezPrije 2 dana

    Ya quiero mi ps5 para jugar este juego 😎

  92. Tommy Castro

    Tommy CastroPrije 2 dana


  93. KeyS SeX

    KeyS SeXPrije 2 dana


  94. Łukasz Jaworski

    Łukasz JaworskiPrije 2 dana

    1:37 *sniff*

  95. JellyDJ11

    JellyDJ11Prije 2 dana

    Is it going to be 100% free though

  96. Pharrzide

    PharrzidePrije 13 sati

    no lmao

  97. DANGerous O

    DANGerous OPrije 2 dana

    Battlefield: Advanced warfare

  98. Galileo Baptiste

    Galileo BaptistePrije 2 dana

    I’m loving these rooftop battles

  99. Alanicos Memeiro

    Alanicos MemeiroPrije 2 dana

    Hypadssso pena q nn vou jogar T_T

  100. Tyrell Dawkins

    Tyrell DawkinsPrije 3 dana

    i love the elevator scene where they were just swapping there attachemnts while there was a whole storm outside

  101. AndySeba G

    AndySeba GPrije 3 dana

    They finally realised that Battlefield audience is more interested in war than political correctness...

  102. Mitchel1982

    Mitchel1982Prije 3 dana

    We all know that this is gonna be a good battlefield

  103. Alice De la France

    Alice De la FrancePrije 3 dana

    I think to many hacker...

  104. TheBenenen

    TheBenenenPrije 3 dana

    It's ya boi, Floppy Ragdoll

  105. Izaiah

    IzaiahPrije 3 dana

    i cant wait to uninstall modern 1:35 MAJOR FLEX

  106. Traceable

    TraceablePrije 3 dana

    This could be very good, but if rushed or using crunch might end up very bad.

  107. Pizzaki

    PizzakiPrije 3 dana

    please please have a Huey that play's the songs from Battlefield Vietnam, my life be complete

  108. unooffixial

    unooffixialPrije 3 dana

    the only good games EA makes😭

  109. RESPECT

    RESPECTPrije 3 dana

    Who else started loving this battlefield after playing their battlefield bad company 2

  110. Yaman

    YamanPrije 3 dana

    from 10 i give it a 2042

  111. Juan Aguiar

    Juan AguiarPrije 3 dana


  112. Radi3nt

    Radi3ntPrije 3 dana

    Why am I getting Titanfall vibes

  113. laze_bean

    laze_beanPrije 3 dana

    My pc says NOOOOOOOO

  114. Brycen Gilje

    Brycen GiljePrije 3 dana

    I love how they are in a battlefield with a freaking tornado but when they are in the elevator everything chill.

  115. MC Pint

    MC PintPrije 3 dana


  116. Carlito Zac

    Carlito ZacPrije 3 dana

    It not a battlefield game without tank

  117. FellSpring

    FellSpringPrije 3 dana

    Never change your theme with that bass...

  118. Gregory Lionel Espinoza Ortega

    Gregory Lionel Espinoza OrtegaPrije 3 dana

    ¿Will the game have a story mode?

  119. Pharrzide

    PharrzidePrije 13 sati

    no campaign but it does have a story

  120. Naser Adnan

    Naser AdnanPrije 3 dana


  121. Tёma

    TёmaPrije 3 dana

    Лайкаем коммент как отметку, что мы в предвкушении данного шедевра

  122. clove546789

    clove546789Prije 3 dana

    Bro battlefield ain’t pulling any punches on this