1. Bratzie

    BratziePrije 27 minuta

    Celebrities are killing the voice acting industry

  2. Nizam Uddin

    Nizam UddinPrije 3 sati

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  3. Emily Chang

    Emily ChangPrije 3 sati

    1:09 SWARLEY

  4. Alexia's biggest fan☺️

    Alexia's biggest fan☺️Prije 6 sati

    Demi loveoto is like my favorite singer in the world ☺️❤️💕💓👏👍

  5. Villegas yg

    Villegas ygPrije dan

    whats name movie charlie voice?

  6. FireFangGaming Swagboi

    FireFangGaming SwagboiPrije 2 dana

    3:25 at least the voice line fits the actor

  7. Jianne Aubrey

    Jianne AubreyPrije 2 dana

    i see nick kroll being voiced by gunter

  8. ANayah Simmonds

    ANayah SimmondsPrije 2 dana

    me: sees charile d'amelio me: CHARLIEEEEEEEEEEE CAN I GET A PICTURE

  9. Layla Schwartz

    Layla SchwartzPrije 2 dana

    Terry Crews is one of my favorite Actors

  10. Fanchos

    FanchosPrije 3 dana

    Who else isn't surprised that charlie D'Maelio is whining in her part

  11. John Wilson

    John WilsonPrije 3 dana

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  12. iimanve

    iimanvePrije 3 dana

    what movie that zac efron one???

  13. Christopher Tall

    Christopher TallPrije 3 dana

    All of these A- and B-listers in A and B films, and then you have Charli in a film no-one's even heard of.

  14. Harmony Nona

    Harmony NonaPrije 3 dana

    The female fertile morocco formerly haunt because session topologically report on a unarmed condor. ugly, regular crowd

  15. Poopy Doopy

    Poopy DoopyPrije 3 dana

    Who is charli d'amelio? everyone in the comments complaining about her, but who even is she?

  16. sam russle delsocorro

    sam russle delsocorroPrije 4 dana

    this isn't time to talk about chali they choose charli its not about cause shes so rich for being fame let's be serious here don't be proud of what you want and first of all this video is not about charli and his voice dont match even the rat you dont know how to pick voice so dont protect your own desire. Dont mad just saving the truth🤣🤣


    RIYA SHRIMALIPrije 4 dana

    happy happy friendshipdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  18. LudaMeri

    LudaMeriPrije 4 dana

    Neil Patrick Harris was only saying "Steve" and his performance was better than whatever Charlie played

  19. Yuhh Huh

    Yuhh HuhPrije 5 dana

    Mavin *

  20. Yuhh Huh

    Yuhh HuhPrije 5 dana

    Also Selina Gomez voices Marvin in Transylvania


    MYSTIC6HWKD YTPrije 5 dana


  22. yuri._yuki

    yuri._yukiPrije 6 dana


  23. Senan Aqayev

    Senan AqayevPrije 6 dana

    what name is this film 2:13

  24. Sunny Chippi

    Sunny ChippiPrije 6 dana

    I like Tom Holland ☺


    AARIYANNA SEAYPrije 7 dana

    Not me thinking Chris rock is Jazz from The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air 😶

  26. Latifah Modeste

    Latifah ModestePrije 7 dana

    Rihanna is a copyrighter photo copying me ,,,

  27. Shayla_xb 13

    Shayla_xb 13Prije 7 dana

    that wis i not

  28. Marko Alidinata

    Marko AlidinataPrije 7 dana

    wait Crews voiced Earl?

  29. James Philip Castro

    James Philip CastroPrije 7 dana

    It's American got talente

  30. Stephanie Tarver

    Stephanie TarverPrije 7 dana


  31. RellWell*Jesse*

    RellWell*Jesse*Prije 8 dana

    what was the last movie?

  32. Xxpeppa_baddiexX

    Xxpeppa_baddiexXPrije 8 dana

    is anyone thinking that the kid is a star

  33. YouMinHoLa’s Transit

    YouMinHoLa’s TransitPrije 8 dana

    I cringed at Charlie’s voice

  34. jasmin.

    jasmin.Prije 8 dana

    charli isnt a celebrity lmao

  35. Victor Coroalvarez

    Victor CoroalvarezPrije 8 dana

    Los que entraron por charly

  36. Sirhan Muzz18

    Sirhan Muzz18Prije 8 dana

    Charli damelio sucks

  37. Jeff Apac

    Jeff ApacPrije 8 dana

    no me digas salio Charli en el,final

  38. layla

    laylaPrije 8 dana

    What’s the movie called that Charli was voice acting?

  39. Antonia Lima dutra

    Antonia Lima dutraPrije 9 dana


  40. Sara Lutman

    Sara LutmanPrije 9 dana

    Coco is just himself animated

  41. Tilly Comedy

    Tilly ComedyPrije 10 dana

    i literally clicked to see what character charli was acting for. what's the movie/show?

  42. Jerimiah Petithomme

    Jerimiah PetithommePrije 10 dana

    ELLEN IS DORY??!! 😍😍

  43. lil BAKA

    lil BAKAPrije 10 dana

    Selena Gomez took my heart

  44. Neville Soma

    Neville SomaPrije 10 dana

    bruh im jayden..

  45. Michael Maximillian MAY

    Michael Maximillian MAYPrije 10 dana

    Charli literally has 0 talent and doesn’t deserve any of her fame

  46. Brandon Sitch

    Brandon SitchPrije 10 dana

    Who tf is the last girl she's annoying

  47. YetiLover 09

    YetiLover 09Prije 10 dana

    For the Charlie Demi lion one it sounds like something she’d say “WIL YOU PLEASE SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME?!?!?!”

  48. Layla J

    Layla JPrije 10 dana

    Neil Patrick Harris just continuously saying Steve 😂

  49. Sammm

    SammmPrije 10 dana

    I feel like charli should be a controversial subject and here’s why. First off ~ the renegade , the dance that made charli who she is today. She stole this dance without giving credit too the original dance creator (. JALAIAH HARMON ) who is black and I feel like that’s the reason she didn’t give credit, she’s a racist towards black people and the only reason she “ changed “ was because of BLM ✊🏿, and because of that she stole SO MANY OPPORTUNITIES from jalaiah.

  50. Ethio Anthonio

    Ethio AnthonioPrije 11 dana

    *I will forever recommend the effort of @Bravadohacks on IG.....I have finally confirmed that he is indeed a guru*

  51. ✧ Izzy ✧

    ✧ Izzy ✧Prije 11 dana

    Wait I didint know demi played smurfette- I thought that was katy perry- but we stan demi- they're awesome-

  52. Tabitha Powell

    Tabitha PowellPrije 11 dana

    selena then kinda looks like the girl from hotel whatever

  53. SophiePlayz

    SophiePlayzPrije 11 dana

    Terry crews is in a film later on Terry’s on AGT

  54. Mia White

    Mia WhitePrije 11 dana

    Is this all true

  55. st4ln0x

    st4ln0xPrije 11 dana

    Nick Kroll... Rick Roll?

  56. JU Matthew

    JU MatthewPrije 12 dana

    Only haters will dislike this video

  57. sofie

    sofiePrije 12 dana

    terry crews is so hot LOL

  58. Jasper Tass

    Jasper TassPrije 12 dana

    Wow wanna join them

  59. oceanwawa

    oceanwawaPrije 12 dana

    I only came here because I saw charlidamelio in the thumbnail

  60. Rosario Camarillo

    Rosario CamarilloPrije 12 dana


  61. Cady Reni

    Cady ReniPrije 12 dana

    Charli actually voiced the mouse not clickbait

  62. Space Aid

    Space AidPrije 12 dana

    3:22 and i officially don't like zootopia anymore

  63. AlexDoesRandomStuff

    AlexDoesRandomStuffPrije 12 dana

    Nick Kroll kinda sounds like doctor nick from the simpsons

  64. Emil Saxell

    Emil SaxellPrije 13 dana

    I was thinking that this was a good video and was going to like but then i saw chrlie dancing

  65. swavywtf

    swavywtfPrije 13 dana

    Who else clicked on the video because they literally only seen Charlie damlieo

  66. 0s0r0

    0s0r0Prije 13 dana

    F L I N T L O C K W O O D !

  67. SepticXL Ash

    SepticXL AshPrije 13 dana

    Who knew Charli was useful

  68. Steffany Ramos

    Steffany RamosPrije 14 dana

    Charli is not a celebrity. Why is she famous? She’s so annoying 🤮

  69. Just A Minute

    Just A MinutePrije 14 dana

    Can we talk about Chris Rock. Man is really looking like his character

  70. מרדכי מוסרי

    מרדכי מוסריPrije 14 dana

    What is the name of the movie that Charlie Demilio is dubbing?

  71. C.C. 8D

    C.C. 8DPrije 14 dana

    In the movie coco he looks just like the character 1:46

  72. vfo

    vfoPrije 14 dana

    charli's was so bad i wonder if they were black mailed to cast her

  73. Hendrikssan

    HendrikssanPrije 15 dana

    God... Earl voice acting Terry Crews sure is something... I mean it looks so real lmao

  74. songbird 64

    songbird 64Prije 15 dana

    Dory is the only good thing Ellen has ever done

  75. 문어

    문어Prije 15 dana

    what is the intro&end's music?

  76. Colin Benjamin

    Colin BenjaminPrije 15 dana

    Charlie !?

  77. Shoba Suloginy

    Shoba SuloginyPrije 15 dana

    Beautiful music! Song name?

  78. Hadley

    HadleyPrije 15 dana

    okay why do we idolize charli? she just dances on an app. plus she’s just about the worst voice actress ive ever seen

  79. Dinos pro

    Dinos proPrije 15 dana


  80. Peppa go Skrttt

    Peppa go SkrtttPrije 15 dana

    We not gonna talk about how they made Charli a ✨mouse ✨

  81. Md Rayhan Islam

    Md Rayhan IslamPrije 16 dana

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  82. delilah aziz

    delilah azizPrije 16 dana

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  83. Who is Mia

    Who is MiaPrije 16 dana

    this? Crish Rock Zac Efron Nick Kroll Jennifer Lopez Neil Patrick Harris Justin Timberlake Anthony Gonzales Demi Lovato Terry Crews Ellen DeGeneres Tom Holland Y Chris Patt Selena Gomez Charli D'amelio

  84. D'Erra Davis

    D'Erra DavisPrije 16 dana

    No matter what every time I hear Ellen talk I always see dory in my head

  85. MinutewithMitch

    MinutewithMitchPrije 16 dana

    It's just a guitar!

  86. MxddieiiDreams

    MxddieiiDreamsPrije 17 dana

    Charli doesn’t have that special voice acting voice she throws it off .

  87. Harrie Noni

    Harrie NoniPrije 17 dana

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  88. BeatStraw

    BeatStrawPrije 17 dana

    I didn't know that trash cans can be voice actresses

  89. 5 Fingers 4 strings

    5 Fingers 4 stringsPrije 17 dana

    Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, the best combo ever, right next to Sandra Bullock and Melissa McArthy from “The Heat”

  90. I use this account for japonese boy moans

    I use this account for japonese boy moansPrije 17 dana


  91. Heather Crompton

    Heather CromptonPrije 17 dana

    i really hate charli shes just so aggrivating

  92. Amahle Mdineka

    Amahle MdinekaPrije 17 dana

    The fact that people are hating charli for her voice not fitting the character what do u know about voice acting huh you literally sitting on your couch not doing anything hating on people who are not just sitting on the couch being successful what are u doing for the world huh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Nathan Ballinas

    Nathan BallinasPrije 18 dana


  94. nina

    ninaPrije 18 dana

    I feel like the human are lip syncing the characters- 😭😭😭☠️☠️☠️☠️

  95. Ella Plumlee

    Ella PlumleePrije 18 dana

    Charlie is like one of the worst people like why would she voice in a kids movie she put her profile picture to black lives matter once and starting to say rude stuff to blacks like why ;-;

  96. Eric Nguyen

    Eric NguyenPrije 18 dana

    Charli’s a celeb?

  97. ExecutiveYoda • 69 years ago

    ExecutiveYoda • 69 years agoPrije 18 dana


  98. the amazing world of othoth

    the amazing world of othothPrije 18 dana

    3:30 pls what’s that film svp

  99. Eduardo Mapelli

    Eduardo MapelliPrije 18 dana

    Where's Ninja?