Bella Poarch - Build a B*tch (Official Music Video)

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Bella Poarch
Mia Khalifa
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Director - Andrew Donoho
Creative Director - Sub Urban
Producer - Valerie Bush
Executive Producer - Ryan Huffman
Executive Producer - Valerie Bush
Production Company - Huffman Creative
Manager, Production - Katie Sarrels
Production Manager - Julio Mata Jr.
Label - Warner Records
VP of Creative Services - Devin Sarno
SVP of A\u0026R - Stefan Max
Bella's MGMT - Aryan Mahyar, Danny K. \u0026 Francisco Montiel
Dina \u0026 Rakhim's MGMT: Edmon Mario
Director Rep - Doug Klinger
Director of Photography - Htat Htut
1st AC - Noah Ramos
Steadicam - Brian Sergott
1st AD - Julia Zsolnay
Editor - Andre โ€œDreโ€ Jones / Sunset Edit
Colorist - Joseph Bicknell
VFX - Denhov Visuals
Deep Fake - Shamook
Paint - Purple Patch
Rotoscoping - Kalp Media Works
Choreography: Monika Smith
Production Designer: Tyler Evans

This ainโ€™t Build a B*tch
You donโ€™t get to pick and choose
Different ass and bigger boobs
If my eyes are brown or blue
This ainโ€™t Build a B*tch
Iโ€™m filled with flaws and attitude
So if you need perfect, Iโ€™m not built for you

Bob the Builder broke my heart
Told me I need fixing
Said that Iโ€™m just nuts and bolts
Lot of parts were missing
Curvy like a cursive font
Virgin and a vixen
Thatโ€™s the kind of girl he wants
But he forgot

This ainโ€™t Build a B*tch
You donโ€™t get to pick and choose
Different ass and bigger boobs
If my eyes are brown or blue
This ainโ€™t Build a B*tch
Iโ€™m filled with flaws and attitude
So if you need perfect, Iโ€™m not built for you

(La la la)

Boys are always playing dolls
Looking for the Barbie
They donโ€™t look like Ken at all
Hardly have a heart beat
Need someone who falls apart
So he can play prince charming
If thatโ€™s the kind of girl he wants
Then he forgot

This ainโ€™t Build a B*tch
You donโ€™t get to pick and choose
Different ass and bigger boobs
If my eyes are brown or blue
This ainโ€™t Build a B*tch
Iโ€™m filled with flaws and attitude
So if you need perfect, Iโ€™m not built for you

(La la la)
(La la la)

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    How many of my friends did you find in the video?? ๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿง

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  15. Sassy Bij

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  16. Joรฃo Neto

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  24. Kimberly Potter

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