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In September 2019
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  1. Arpita Biswal

    Arpita BiswalPrije dan

    What episode is this AHHHH

  2. Tika Dutta Shiva (TDShiva)

    Tika Dutta Shiva (TDShiva)Prije dan

    Where is suga

  3. Chris Tan

    Chris TanPrije dan

    5:43 - 5:45

  4. Chris Tan

    Chris TanPrije dan

    0:28 qttt

  5. Ashley Dahl

    Ashley DahlPrije 2 dana

    2:45 when I tell you I CACKLED

  6. Annie L Abrams

    Annie L AbramsPrije 4 dana

    The woman:*singing just one day* Jhope:*imitating the woman* Meanwhile me:*dying and choking on my water*

  7. Maria Marquez

    Maria MarquezPrije 5 dana

    The way Jungkook got got excited when his mom got the right answer for him!! So cute!!

  8. Asim Shahzad

    Asim ShahzadPrije 5 dana

    The intro be me when I try to make a M/V 🤣🤣

  9. Thrischtha

    ThrischthaPrije 6 dana

    Me:clicks on video Coway ad ft bts: *sleep well*

  10. mariah

    mariahPrije 7 dana

    JK's mom seems so cute and sweet!

  11. Abhijeet Wable

    Abhijeet WablePrije 7 dana

    mom - get some sun light me palys jhope s song mom -what

  12. cream lifeXD

    cream lifeXDPrije 10 dana

    where is suga

  13. yue

    yuePrije 10 dana

    2:13 was so cuteeeeeee. Jiminnie's little song was adorable💙💜

  14. ярость калибана

    ярость калибанаPrije 10 dana

    1:53 this is the best moment of all my freaking life

  15. koushi

    koushiPrije 11 dana

    wait where's yoongi, im not an army or anything but uh.. where's yoongi? did i miss anything-

  16. Paulina Ojeda

    Paulina OjedaPrije 11 dana

    thank you thank you thank you I've never laughed so much in just 8 minutes

  17. Gaby Santos

    Gaby SantosPrije 11 dana

    "BTS being a BIG FAT MOOD" this is SO TRUE!!! 😂💜

  18. Gaby Santos

    Gaby SantosPrije 11 dana

    Jimin's reaction to Jungkook's mom saying Saranghae just makes my heart melt! Yes Mrs. Jeon, we all love Jimin no matter who our bias is or if we are OT7!

  19. Chitrasing Seewoosurrun

    Chitrasing SeewoosurrunPrije 12 dana


  20. Debs Demi

    Debs DemiPrije 12 dana

    What run episode was this?

  21. Serenphoria

    SerenphoriaPrije 12 dana

    I think you really should be a bts editor lol, ur vids are so damn funny

  22. Mary Cristine Monares

    Mary Cristine MonaresPrije 13 dana

    6:15 Taeee! 🤣🤣🤣😍😍😍❤❤❤

  23. Miya Milsap

    Miya MilsapPrije 14 dana

    “If 2+2 is 4, and 5+5 is 10, what the f**k is this???? I stop breathing for a second

  24. Chris R

    Chris RPrije 15 dana

    Okay but when *isn't* Jin a mood? (They're all my happy pills, I swear)

  25. Roha Noor

    Roha NoorPrije 15 dana

    Where's suga???

  26. ♡ V ♡

    ♡ V ♡Prije 15 dana

    Jungkook really yeeted out with the wine 😭😭😭

  27. ♡ V ♡

    ♡ V ♡Prije 15 dana

    Jhope repeating the lyrics sends 😭😭💀

  28. Matt Baka

    Matt BakaPrije 15 dana

    Omg jk's mom lol i always forget that they have parents for some reason lol

  29. Lxrynn

    LxrynnPrije 17 dana

    Jk mom:ik the song but idk the name Jk :ik the movie but idk the name So similar.

  30. saranYa Sai

    saranYa SaiPrije 17 dana

    Jk: I know her face but, i don't know her name.. Jk's mom: I know song but I don't know the song title.. Like mother.. Like son💜💜

  31. Army broke asf

    Army broke asfPrije 17 dana

    4:13 Jimineee is so cuteee I can't :)

  32. Bhabya vabishya Sahu

    Bhabya vabishya SahuPrije 17 dana

    Where is yoongi??

  33. khan iffat

    khan iffatPrije 18 dana

    Now we now they are inspired bybtheir parents 😂

  34. Anwesha Das

    Anwesha DasPrije 19 dana

    I love your captions

  35. Shantal Matias

    Shantal MatiasPrije 19 dana

    jimin: ............................................................................... jungkook: AhH aHh

  36. Krithixx

    KrithixxPrije 20 dana

    It was so cute when my mother in law (Mrs. Jeon) said "Jimin - ah Saranghae!!!" (I was just joking about the mother in law part. Pls don't take it serious XD )

  37. Manashi Sarkar

    Manashi SarkarPrije 20 dana

    Noone talking about how Jimin almost fell off his chair.... again XD

  38. Nell Ell

    Nell EllPrije 20 dana

    Guys where can I find the first clip where they’re singing „Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin...“ ??

  39. you better stream butter 🥞

    you better stream butter 🥞Prije 21 dan

    Jungkook is such a cutie baby, he so cute calling his mom oh my heartue 😭😭

  40. you better stream butter 🥞

    you better stream butter 🥞Prije 21 dan

    Jungkook is so CUTE, I can't with this double bunny

  41. you better stream butter 🥞

    you better stream butter 🥞Prije 21 dan

    Jimin and jungkook greeting at the first clip is the cutesttttt

  42. Red Rose

    Red RosePrije 21 dan

    Me can't stop laughing by jimin saying "DNA"🤣

  43. Lydia Bush

    Lydia BushPrije 22 dana

    it has been so long and my ears still fold in on themselves when i hear how off beat the intro song is with bts' chanting plss


    KIMBERLY AREVALOPrije 22 dana

    3:51 así habla olí london jaaja

  45. …P . O . L . A . R …

    …P . O . L . A . R …Prije 23 dana

    I was watching scary vids before this and I for some reason I thought this was one of them because of forgot I clicked a bts vid-

  46. Crestin Khalil

    Crestin KhalilPrije 23 dana

    Love your videos!!

  47. Georgiana G

    Georgiana GPrije 23 dana

    i always tought the intro its original but they sang Ugh there🤣🤣🤣 but beest edit

  48. Dosti Adda ✔

    Dosti Adda ✔Prije 23 dana

    ATTENTION!! ARMIES BTS's 8th anniversary is coming up soon(13th June) let's give them surprise by making their first MV reach 1 billion. no more dream I know it sounds impossible but if we all try together we can

  49. RM's Moonchild

    RM's MoonchildPrije 25 dana

    Jimin being the cutest here

  50. idek lmao

    idek lmaoPrije 25 dana


  51. C.R. H

    C.R. HPrije 25 dana

    Ok this has nothing to do with the vid but there was an ad in the video and it was about cow abuse and it said "you wouldn't want a mothers milk stolen from its baby" and I was drinking milk when I read this 😂

  52. armybangtan saranghae

    armybangtan saranghaePrije 25 dana

    1:51 me: searching the song that RM singing that ah YeaH ladidaidaid🤣


    BTS IS MY WORLDPrije 25 dana

    Jimin : Hey you got me 🥺 jikook shipper😂❤️

  54. Kaedence Wright

    Kaedence WrightPrije 26 dana

    What’s the original video

  55. a

    aPrije 26 dana

    in minute 2:07 jimin sounds like he's saying "i know it/him" (3rafto) in darija, the moroccan dialect of arabic sjsdkjssdhj

  56. warum warum

    warum warumPrije 26 dana

    Jimin and jungkook are a hole mood together

  57. NightAppleIsPoisonApple

    NightAppleIsPoisonApplePrije 26 dana

    0:27 this ill forever be iconic and cute!

  58. debasmitam das

    debasmitam dasPrije 27 dana

    keep streaming BUTTER armys, the views speed is decreasing ... we can break the 7 day record... fighting

  59. Btsforever -

    Btsforever -Prije 27 dana

    Which episode is this ??

  60. lavenderxblossom

    lavenderxblossomPrije 27 dana


  61. butter

    butterPrije 27 dana

    jk : mom you got it right! his mom : oh really? dad got it right! jk : oh okay! please they are so cute lmaoo 😂💜

  62. Kim O

    Kim OPrije 27 dana

    v and suga are like brothers

  63. Nikita Parvin

    Nikita ParvinPrije 27 dana

    Thanks namjesus we are not one of the members of BTS ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

  64. Labyrinth Drew

    Labyrinth DrewPrije 27 dana

    U sad? Watch BTS try not to laugh challenge. U happy.

  65. CookieCreamCrumble

    CookieCreamCrumblePrije 28 dana

    Jimin was so dramatic this episode 😂😂

  66. Itz_ Anksha

    Itz_ AnkshaPrije 28 dana

    Number of run bts episode what number???

  67. Serendipity

    SerendipityPrije 28 dana


  68. Rockelle B

    Rockelle BPrije 28 dana


  69. Katana

    KatanaPrije 28 dana

    run bts ep. 136 and 137

  70. namhoub

    namhoubPrije 28 dana

    Onde estava o guinho nesse dia??

  71. W SR

    W SRPrije 29 dana

    Suga watching: I'm proud of you guys

  72. Chaya

    ChayaPrije 29 dana

    0:11 idk if that’s just jungkook or the thing you blow on a party. Also no one talking about suga not being here.

  73. Lata Kumari

    Lata KumariPrije 29 dana

    JUNGKOOK: shouting and remembering what he wanted to say JIMIN :is this what childbirth sounds like 🤣🤣😅😅😅

  74. Kaelyn Mccrdcmtrxerffcewq Lappish j cruelClain

    Kaelyn Mccrdcmtrxerffcewq Lappish j cruelClainPrije 29 dana

    Tae looking a lil thirsty after kookieliet took the wine

  75. OT7 FOREVER💜

    OT7 FOREVER💜Prije 29 dana

    Let me tell you a fact. OT7 is Chaos

  76. Sakshi R

    Sakshi RPrije 29 dana


  77. Aqidah Ahmad

    Aqidah AhmadPrije mjesec

    The living meme, BTS!

  78. Jordyn Karnaghon

    Jordyn KarnaghonPrije mjesec

    "Jiminaa and Jungkookie!" that was so cute! 🥺😊💜

  79. houri star

    houri starPrije mjesec

    Wher is youngiiiiiiiiiiiiii💜💜

  80. Himanshi Kushwaha *CH

    Himanshi Kushwaha *CHPrije mjesec

    At 03:31 JK was like.. Baba ji ka thullu 😅👀


    GHIN2X AND FRIENDSPrije mjesec

    Am i the only one who is wondering wheres suga 💜

  82. Katana

    KatanaPrije 28 dana

    that time he's recovering from a shoulder surgery

  83. Brixxy

    BrixxyPrije mjesec

    7:04 did joon say “what the fuck”

  84. Annemarie B

    Annemarie BPrije mjesec

    the other audio you used at 1:53 made me WHEEZE. brilliant video

  85. Afifa Nassri

    Afifa NassriPrije mjesec

    Where is yoongi?

  86. Katana

    KatanaPrije 28 dana

    recovering from a shoulder surgery

  87. H P (Twiztidpiksi)

    H P (Twiztidpiksi)Prije mjesec

    I wish I could afford to use premiere pro. I miss top tier editing software :'( The boys deserve it too. I just got back into videos after a very long time. I used to make AMV's like crazy. This is adorable and I very much enjoy your editing.

  88. rainbow unicorn

    rainbow unicornPrije mjesec

    at 4:15 baby mochi is making a pout cutie pie

  89. rainbow unicorn

    rainbow unicornPrije mjesec

    me watching bts funny mom notification pops in bts being a big fat mood also me getting very excited to check it opens seeing jungkook screaming : haaahahaahahaaaaaha oh jungkook you are very funny. my friend : what the fuck are u doing me : watching bts funny moments my friend : do you wanna grab lunch me : sure girl my friend wanna go to mc me : just for u my friend : maybe we can buy you some more clothes me : just for u my friend : but you have to stop watching bts me : who are u my friend : why are u watching them they are just a boy band me : why do you like one direction they are just boys my friend : cause they are hot and bts is not me : hey do u want to stop breathing its just air it will only take two minutes for you to became my ex bestfriend my ex bestfriend : * shook with my savage cameback * umm sorry i guess me : umm no either you go live alone and stop being my bestfriend or live here and remain to be my bestfriend * me getting really angry that my face became fully red like tomato normal comment : can i just say how cute was kookie and mochi at 2:14 cutie babies


    ITZ'KALYANI PLAYZPrije mjesec

    Jimin's reaction was pricelesssssss

  91. BTSarmyAiko Mochi

    BTSarmyAiko MochiPrije mjesec

    4:20 😂😂😂

  92. a-wanderingcloud 0-0

    a-wanderingcloud 0-0Prije mjesec

    5:51 Jin’s expression 💛 They are so cute 😊💜

  93. Priya GS

    Priya GSPrije mjesec

    The way jimin said u can discuss wit me ..... Woooooowwwww so adorable to watch💜💜💜😍

  94. sofia  baluyut

    sofia baluyutPrije mjesec

    Can we appreciate the video is exactly at 8:00

  95. bts forever

    bts foreverPrije mjesec

    Like mother like son Jungkook : I know movie but I don't know movie name . Jungkook's mother : I know song but I don't know song name

  96. Jinhit Daycare

    Jinhit DaycarePrije mjesec

    To every amii, (Not related to vid) Please vote in bbma's everyday, our boys have already gone through tough time accepting the thing scammy did. They are too pure too go through all this.. Please vote them , We need to let them win!!💜💜 Share this message everywhere..!

  97. hannah Virata

    hannah VirataPrije mjesec

    I cant when junkoook heard that theres wine he made upthat face😭🤚

  98. Dave Beckelman

    Dave BeckelmanPrije mjesec

    I love it when jk's mum said, "jiminie-ah salanghae". it still sends every time.

  99. Phoebe Ahn

    Phoebe AhnPrije mjesec

    Conclusion: this whole episode was just a mood

  100. Rere Tata

    Rere TataPrije mjesec

    they put JK and jimin on one grup. good idea

  101. nawaf nidha

    nawaf nidhaPrije mjesec

    Alternate title : what happens when yoongi leaves bts alone😂😂😂

  102. Manya Gupta

    Manya GuptaPrije mjesec


  103. JMTH95

    JMTH95Prije mjesec

    The amount of creativity Jimin and Jungkook used for their name in the team is honourable