[BTXT] bts and txt moments to brighten your day!

i did my best and gathered all the btxt moments i could find. here's a video to thank everyone and celebrate 1k subscribers! while i was editing this the channel reached 2k too... idk what happened and how you guys found me but thanks for subscribing!! i'll do my best to make more better videos for you guys.
this video was getting too long so i'll make a part 2. i'm not sure when i'll upload it tho, this video took a long time to make :( and some clips made the video be blocked so i had to keep re-editing. but if you have other video suggestions you'd like to see, as long as it's bts, txt or btxt related then feel free to suggest in the comments :D
ily!!!!! :3 stay safe everyone.

🌟 second channel (bbleuhour)

🌟 source
i can't remember where i got some of the vids sorry :(
our summer piano cover by dalpia(intro song)
- hrcharts.info/white/video/iraoeNfAk2OZ278
some clips are from this twt thread
- danswer_/status/1...
vhope cat and dog reaction
- hrcharts.info/white/video/qq9ph5m3tomn2bs
onedream.txt ep 1 and 4
- hrcharts.info/white/video/e9tnf9aZtJauq78
- hrcharts.info/white/video/ZLmLo6aplaKytbc
ebs listen radio(translation from @304verse)
bts reaction to txt's boy in luv cover
- hrcharts.info/white/video/ir1_aMyVt4HFtJY
bts reaction to txt's run away performance
- hrcharts.info/white/video/aNFknKmyyZuk290
bts reaction to txt winning roty
- hrcharts.info/white/video/nNaYmpOzwaWUm8k
txt roty speech
- hrcharts.info/white/video/hqSHoprI1pfTrNU
soobin wearing jin's bday hat
jin birthday live
- www.vlive.tv/video/163801
mc soobin dancing to dynamite
- hrcharts.info/white/video/hJBhbLHMzZvJxas
txt dynamite cover
- hrcharts.info/white/video/hqqdisuZy2baqas
txt singing run
- hrcharts.info/white/video/praYY6eX1qLS2as
txt 1 second quiz
- hrcharts.info/white/video/ocysoLzPuKPa2bs
txt to do ep.44 (guessing idol and mic drop)
- www.vlive.tv/video/241807
hueningkai's mood diary
- hrcharts.info/white/video/dpp7a7TJyn6TyZY
beomgyu's mood diary
- hrcharts.info/white/video/iqSjmcXSmpyrkL8

🌟 accs
twt(multi and main): @bbleuhour
ig and twt: @breadppang_

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  1. breadppang

    breadppangPrije mjesec

    lots of people were asking where the clips are from, i finally put the sources with links in the description :D you can find it there. also, please refrain from mentioning or commenting irrelevant things, sorry but i'll delete it and block you from commenting in my videos. thank you everyone

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    how was your day?

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    Youknow NoPrije 10 minuta

    Every time they interact it’s like a Disney crossover

  5. lups “fruitlups”

    lups “fruitlups”Prije dan

    8:13 >¬


    SUNITA KUMARIPrije 2 dana

    Soobin also danced to Butter on KBS World, when BTS won. 💜💜💜

  7. Mavs Arcos

    Mavs ArcosPrije 2 dana

    At 5:41 you can really see how much of a perfectionist J-Hope is as he critiques even the facial expressions. If I were a group being guided by such awesome seniors, honest feedback like that would really help in elevating performance. BTS is as generous in dishing out compliments as they are in their critiques. It fills me with wonder. :)

  8. ImaBTS&TXTstan

    ImaBTS&TXTstanPrije 3 dana

    Accurate Title: BTS being MOA and TXT being ARMY

  9. Nandini Padwal

    Nandini PadwalPrije 3 dana

    BTS and TxT like big brothers and small brothers omg how cute. 😭😭💜💜

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    JUNGKOOK HYUNG????? 😆💗💗💗

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    Ahhhhhh Jimin sunbaenim 🤍🤍🤍

  13. Madara U 143

    Madara U 143Prije 5 dana

    Kekekeke! Jimin say .. " he is better than me " ( laugh )

  14. Emz 28

    Emz 28Prije 6 dana

    TaeKook acting like a proud parents yasss....

  15. Diva Plays

    Diva PlaysPrije 7 dana

    To all the TxT fans.. provide me with song recommendations to listen to first.

  16. Nyumi Liz

    Nyumi LizPrije 5 dana

    Best to start from the beginning: THE DREAM CHAPTER: STAR (2019) Blue Orangeade Cat & Dog Crown (debut) Our Summer Nap of a Star THE DREAM CHAPTER: MAGIC (2019) Run Away Magic Island 20cm Roller Coaster Can't We Just leave the Monster Alive Poppin Star New Rules Angel or Devil THE DREAM CHAPTER: ETERNITY (2020) Drama Puma Fairy of Shampoo Can't You See Me Maze in the Mirror Eternally MINISODE 1: BLUE HOUR (2020) Blue Hour Ghosting Wishlist We Lost the Summer Way Home THE CHAOS CHAPTER: FREEZE (2021) XO1=Love Song (Say you love me) Magic Dear Sputnik Ice Cream What if i had been that Puma Anti Romantic No Rules Frost

  17. Harish kookie

    Harish kookiePrije 7 dana

    Which song were txt singing at 6:46

  18. Harish kookie

    Harish kookiePrije 6 dana

    @breadppang thank you

  19. breadppang

    breadppangPrije 7 dana

    "run away" :)

  20. Army moa and engene

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    5:49 jhope's hand 😵

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    ตอนโฮปดูน้องแสดงทำไมเราเกร็งแทน555 ฟีลเหมือนโดนอาจารย์จ้องตอนสอบ 😂


    SIYOONGIPrije 8 dana

    They are the best in the world love u all ❤️❤️❤️

  23. bangtansonyeoddaeng

    bangtansonyeoddaengPrije 8 dana

    Beomgyu and jungkook president of MOARMY

  24. Arti Gajmal

    Arti GajmalPrije 8 dana

    I like how BTS gives tips to TXT about performance Really they are angels ...

  25. Sofia Ryle Bamba

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  26. Nyumi Liz

    Nyumi LizPrije 5 dana

    You do realise Enhypen are not acknowledged as Big Hit artists?

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  28. avocados : /

    avocados : /Prije 8 dana

    6:50 can smone tell me what the song name is..? i know ive heard it in one of their To Do intro-outros but- ~new moa

  29. avocados : /

    avocados : /Prije 8 dana

    @breadppang THANKUU

  30. breadppang

    breadppangPrije 8 dana

    it's 'run away' :D

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    Awwww hobi really loves the kids❤❤

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    I want txt and bts collab

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    No one can be crackheads like BTS

  34. Salma Zaki

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    I love this vidieo i really love it , It makes me happy

  35. Helix

    HelixPrije 10 dana

    Taehyun saying "Merry Christmas" gives me Jiminie, "Excuse me" vibes😂

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    My little kookie is a hyung now😭❤️

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    i just love my bighit babies a lot

  38. A Kookie took my soul

    A Kookie took my soulPrije 10 dana

    Mama Jin feeding people is a mood lmao

  39. andie dandy

    andie dandyPrije 10 dana

    6:54 mingyu terrified tf out of me he was so still

  40. nurhidayah mahad

    nurhidayah mahadPrije 10 dana

    is txt have their own variety show like bts (run bts)? can someone tell me where can i watch full episode of 0.01 is

  41. nurhidayah mahad

    nurhidayah mahadPrije 10 dana

    @reesya ath thank you 💜💜💜

  42. reesya  ath

    reesya athPrije 10 dana

    yes its called To Do you can watch it at weverse or searching trough this app

  43. T A

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    I reallt love the thumbnail, can I know what font do you use to this thumbnail? Thank you in advance!

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    Soobin’s love for jin HUHUHU SO CUTE

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    Do you mind if I react to this soon? I noticed you commented on my channel sometime ago, and I saw this video and think it is perfect for me! I bet it will be hilarious 🤣

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    @breadppang that's awesome! I have to watch some more bts guides and a couple other things but ill keep this in mind!

  47. breadppang

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    omg hello, yes i do watch you! i'd be happy to see a reaction!! :D

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    In the last video OMG i'm crying

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  50. Paula Balangay

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    BTXT moments! BTS as the best sunbaenims. hrcharts.info/white/video/dsqDapTEmITFvZo

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    Thank you so much for this video 😍😭 so great moment

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    I missed seeing award shows/mudic shows with their interactions/reactions to each other :( - and I'm a lil sad enha hasnt been able to be a part of this either :( :(

  54. 별 명alia

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    I want enhypen and bts interaction plz .............🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

  55. Nyumi Liz

    Nyumi LizPrije 11 dana

    you likely won't because they are NOT from the same company...it may be a brief greeting but TXT are 100% managed by Big Hit whereas Enhypen are not.

  56. Frida R

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    Lol I’m jealous of taehyun 😥


    MUSKAN SINGHPrije 12 dana

    Caring nature for each other!❤

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    I lowkey want txt to sing crystal snow

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    this video is precious

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    You worked really hard making this video..like these actual heart touching moments of BTS and TXT..love you💜🇧🇩

  61. Anika Ivanna Saño

    Anika Ivanna SañoPrije 14 dana

    I envy Taehyun for being able to text Hobi and ask for advice. 😂 TXT is literally the luckiest ARMY. 🤟

  62. Anika Ivanna Saño

    Anika Ivanna SañoPrije 14 dana

    Hobi is so cute while jamming to TXT's Cat & Dog. Then here comes V. 🤭

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    i love how there's actually some clips that i haven't seen here

  64. Little Meow Meow

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    I saw j hope at 1:17 and you know how scared i am on this part.. 😂😂 when hobie in serious mood everyone know grim dance reaper actually exist 😂😂🤧

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    I think I’m becoming their fans rn.. so cute

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    Lmaoooo Taehyung and J-hope already fans of TXT's songs

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    This is so cute my heart hurts 😩😭

  69. Rithika Sri

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    15:22 what show is this?

  70. smolcatdayz *

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    It's asc you can search it as asc txt in HRcharts

  71. Mei 9302

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    TXT solos: Desmadre TXT con BTS: Modo tieso

  72. BTS ARMY

    BTS ARMYPrije 16 dana

    I absolutely adore how despite the fact that beomgyu made a mistake tae didnt call him out on it, instead he praised him and said he did good and gave him a hug because I bet that beomgyu knew he messed up even a bit and was very nervous about it

  73. leydi the ninja girl

    leydi the ninja girlPrije 17 dana

    We all have to agree ➹𝗧ᵒᵐᵒʳʳᵒʷ×𝗧ᵒᵍᵉᵗʰᵉʳ➷ are the luckiest army's in the world 🧍‍♀️

  74. leydi the ninja girl

    leydi the ninja girlPrije 17 dana

    Me, taehyun, and hobi are the Aquarius squad🕺



    TXT literally BTS loyal army

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    Thank you so much. More of this please.

  78. Queen Gueniver Letigio

    Queen Gueniver LetigioPrije 19 dana

    It's time for me to put BTS and TXT all together in my mind. Honestly, TXT has a unique taste, unique style and I can say they will rise to fame right next to BTS.

  79. Ghail Mañuba

    Ghail MañubaPrije 20 dana

    Both talented and humble group

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    P Pt Pts

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    At the last part yoongi so cute 😙

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    bts are like proud moms hahahaha i love them so much

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    does txt have variety show like run bts?

  85. Safira Rositasari

    Safira RositasariPrije 11 dana

    @Nyumi Liz thanks!

  86. Nyumi Liz

    Nyumi LizPrije 11 dana

    @Safira Rositasari TXT's show is called TO DO

  87. Safira Rositasari

    Safira RositasariPrije 12 dana

    @Nicole Rosa really? What's the name?

  88. Nicole Rosa

    Nicole RosaPrije 12 dana

    Yes they have to do

  89. Vincentius.J. C. M

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    I still can't believe jungkook is a hyung now :')

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    That intro was iconic

  91. Harmony M.

    Harmony M.Prije 22 dana

    me rewatching this video over and over just to see hobi whipped to see them perform and then the notes yeonjun started singing while beomgyu was singing towards the end. like he know he aint have to add in those beautiful notes like that

  92. Awkward Cat

    Awkward CatPrije 23 dana

    J-Hope is the best hype man his name should be J-Hype

  93. Zaciima Muuse

    Zaciima MuusePrije 23 dana

    Me watching this video only one thing come to my mind when afew minute ago i was watch bts back story🥲🥺 who really make me cry Jin promoting txt🥺 And then bts watching and supporting txt 🥺 Fact: bts join kpop music with having anyfriends and supporting but only 7 of them so they really get more hardship and fell more struggle they actually say to txt: You are our maknae we will not let you feel the way we feel, we will not let anyone make you fell low and we will give whatever we can if it's encouragement or even if it's only advice Meanwhile txt say : you are our hyungs we didn't there for you from the start but now as we all together we will support you, say to you you were the best when you say we didn't do well, respect you as our hyungs, make you proud of us and we all will become family 🥰 Another fact: jk say even me and my hungs get the struggle together they were supporting me more, give me more love and called me golden maknae Now i wanna they now that i can become golden hyung for you 🙂 Sorry for my bad english🙏

  94. toalatasha416

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    I love how big brothers support their lil brother

  95. Bella S.

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    If BTS and TXT ever collaborated there would be chaos

  96. Anzz will marry Jungkook next week

    Anzz will marry Jungkook next weekPrije 25 dana

    I became a moa bcos of cat & dog and can't you see me So I can relate to what hobi felt 😭💕

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    Hi!! Can someone tell me from where is this video? at 0:56 ? please??

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  103. dreamy girl

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    Jk is so cute he was so immersed in txt's performance 😄

  104. dreamy girl

    dreamy girlPrije 29 dana

    Bts is like big bros supporting, encouraging and hyping txt. I love their relationship 😍😍

  105. Moon flowertati

    Moon flowertatiPrije 29 dana

    2:03 WEE recordar este momento donde taeh bailaba y so reia y dijo que le gustaba la canción ay no me voy a llorar 😭😍

  106. Moon flowertati

    Moon flowertatiPrije 29 dana

    amo que bts. ame a txt y txt a bts Dios mis dos grupos preferido ay voy a llorar en recorsdsr cosas así d e lindas

  107. Ni Ni

    Ni NiPrije mjesec

    Both bts and txt members perfectly showcase how to stay humble while firmly believing in themselves. Humility with Self-Confidence. As human beings they are such role models!!!!!

  108. Arshie

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    Am I the only that notice, when TXT attend awards shows BTS are more happy and excited rather being alone at awards show.

  109. Arshie

    ArshiePrije mjesec

    FUN FACT: Jungkook is the THE PRESIDENT OF MOA..... FUN FACT 2: TXT are the biggest fanboys of BTS and BTS are the biggest fanboy of TXT.

  110. Lani Lala Higa-King

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    Omg I can imagine a big hit collab 😱 it would be epic lee hyun, bts, & txt 🔥💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  111. Lani Lala Higa-King

    Lani Lala Higa-KingPrije 27 dana

    @Nyumi Liz ahh okay thanks for the info 🤙🏼

  112. Nyumi Liz

    Nyumi LizPrije 28 dana

    Enhypen are BeLift Lab artists not Big Hit artists

  113. Luna Wolf

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    I love this video and also that outro it’s amazing. 💘


    MITALI JAINPrije mjesec

    I get sad when toxic armys say that TXT is riding on bts's success. Because they're so talented and their music is so good.... they're their own group

  115. # 𝘇 ☻

    # 𝘇 ☻Prije 2 dana

    thats terrible that they would say that :((


    MITALI JAINPrije 3 dana

    @Dian Palupi agreed

  117. Dian Palupi

    Dian PalupiPrije 3 dana

    While Army get irritated by toxic MOA, cmon toxic fans are everywhere, lets not give them space to hate each other more. Real ArmyMoa are mature and supportive to each other 💜7 & 💜5

  118. Hafsa Saleemi

    Hafsa SaleemiPrije 29 dana

    MOOD. There is NOTHING wrong with getting help from your big brothers, like, do these people not think family members should support each other?!

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    People need to get this fact right We don't love txt just because they are juniors of bts or what else you call We love them because of whom they are They are talented like every other idols And our love for them is pure We love them just the way we love bts

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    8:15 junkook making suga smile sooooooooooo sweeeet

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