Charles Oliveira open to Conor McGregor UFC lightweight title fight in Brazil

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  1. Sumedh Dhoni

    Sumedh DhoniPrije 24 dana

    He's got that Ross Geller teeth.

  2. jai vikram singh

    jai vikram singhPrije 27 dana

    If Scare crow was an MMA fighter

  3. T B

    T BPrije 28 dana

    Ahh MULEKE, é noís...

  4. T B

    T BPrije 28 dana

    Cade a Bunch Irlandesa, o Brasil ta te esperando venha....... HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH

  5. Eder Tiago Andrade

    Eder Tiago AndradePrije 29 dana

    Tradutor bosta..pqp...perde todo o contexto....e tá bebasso...e de virada...vtnc

  6. Matthew Shin

    Matthew ShinPrije 29 dana

    Look how happy he got when conor mentioned him lmao

  7. Daniel Mann

    Daniel MannPrije 29 dana

    Juggling Taxi Podcast ! Conor McGregor, can only have some many tough fights. I think Conor wants 170 built, so he be the Champ Champ Champ . Charles is a mother great fighter though.

  8. CrappyProduction

    CrappyProductionPrije 29 dana

    CONOR WILL TAKE THE WIN! You can come back to this comment after the fight and we will celebrate together 😁🙌 watch?v=Sm_db1_FcJE MCGREGOR POIRIER 3 Countdown! 💰

  9. Chris Johnson

    Chris JohnsonPrije mjesec

    Tony became champion in a different body.

  10. Eric Theodor

    Eric TheodorPrije mjesec

    Learn English please ffs

  11. Mikhaell

    MikhaellPrije mjesec

    - Guy asks a question - The question is awfully translated to Portuguese - Charles barely answers what was already terribly translated - Charles's vague answer is awfully translated back to English This was fun.

  12. CrazedKamiKaze

    CrazedKamiKazePrije mjesec

    McGreggor doesnt deserve the shot

  13. Chris Breen

    Chris BreenPrije mjesec

    @13:10 i think i need a translator for this 'journalist'

  14. JImmy Boyle

    JImmy BoylePrije mjesec

    Jeezo, those teeth are so damn stupid looking.


    PZD IPUINGPrije mjesec

    Training with the best trainer this guy is now beaten every great fighter and finally won the long awaited title....the guy is smart humble and so down to earth....❤️❤️❤️

  16. FRxDispatch Gaming

    FRxDispatch GamingPrije mjesec

    Charles 'Ray' Oliveira

  17. Watkhunt Fwudat

    Watkhunt FwudatPrije mjesec

    Charles may not get his chance at red panty nite. If Conor doesn’t beat Dustin then it could be argued that his best days are behind him. Add to that Conor just sold his stake in his whisky company and doubled his net worth to over 220 million pounds so, knowing his dislike for Brazil and Brazilians it just may never happen, not like he needs the money. My advice to Charles is to not hold his breath on that fight happening soon.

  18. Tmoney420

    Tmoney420Prije mjesec

    McGregor vs Oliveira let's go

  19. Gary Tanton

    Gary TantonPrije mjesec

    Connor is 10 times above this immigrant

  20. Irregular Mind

    Irregular MindPrije mjesec

    This translator needs to change lol.... he cuts out a lot cause he has a short memory. 😅

  21. Benjamin Richard

    Benjamin RichardPrije mjesec

    12:29 you know he wants that Conor McGregor fight!

  22. Real Talk

    Real TalkPrije mjesec

    Connor would never fight Charles

  23. Random Benign Guy

    Random Benign GuyPrije mjesec

    McGregor vs Oliveira title fight in Brazil would be a legendary event for the UFC

  24. Yoel Reed

    Yoel ReedPrije mjesec

    To all the deluded Connor fans who are happy for him due to his wealth and 5 kids let me clarify something, the reason why "these guys" keep calling him out is because 1. He is the easiest fight in all of the UFC in terms of skill, also if they beat Connor he will whine until he gets a rematch where he will be smoked again or lose on purpose for that trilogy 2. The money that comes with it 3. If Mcgregor pulls off a miracle there is a high chance of there being a 2nd and possibly 3rd fight. Yes I like Connor that doesn't mean I'm deluded.

  25. Ambitious Hill

    Ambitious HillPrije mjesec

    Conor came from nothing and I always be a fan OF CONOR HE IS A LEGEND IN THE UFC and he’s the first to take it to boxing too !!!!

  26. House 0f Shamgar- LeftCoast

    House 0f Shamgar- LeftCoastPrije mjesec

    Olivera inspiring all of us to brush & floss 2wice a day.

  27. manc bing

    manc bingPrije mjesec

    Conor won't beat Dustin.

  28. juleous camper

    juleous camperPrije mjesec

    Lol Oliveira wants that red panty night.

  29. Paulo H86

    Paulo H86Prije mjesec

    Who wants to fight in that flea infested 💩 hole Brazil

  30. Grimm

    GrimmPrije mjesec

    💩 like you?

  31. CC

    CCPrije mjesec

    Is this Anthony Robins?

  32. K. Garry

    K. GarryPrije mjesec

    If Conor beats Dustin, I think he beats Oliveira. McGregor's kryptonite is oversized opponents, imo. His power doesn't work as well on guys who walk around at 175-190 (Diaz when his prior fight was featherweight, Khabib, Poirier) ... all 3 are considerably bigger than McGregor. Oliveira on the other hand is not so huge. I think McGregor knocks him out (if he can get past Dustin, that is.)

  33. Aslan Ibrahimov

    Aslan IbrahimovPrije mjesec

    Every time Oliviera smiles rooms seems to get a bit more light

  34. Zamir EM2

    Zamir EM2Prije mjesec

    6:13 🤣🤣

  35. SupaNami

    SupaNamiPrije mjesec

    Chandler : I called an Uber! Charles: Ok, you'll need it!

  36. Paul What

    Paul WhatPrije mjesec

    What a strange looking dude

  37. Jack Lim

    Jack LimPrije mjesec

    Charles Oliveira shows family & home in the Favela: @

  38. Caleb Tenpas

    Caleb TenpasPrije mjesec

    Holloway olivera 150 🙏🏼

  39. Y HS

    Y HSPrije mjesec

    Now i wanna see this guy fighting Khabib

  40. Y HS

    Y HSPrije mjesec

    Now i wanna see this guy fighting Khabib

  41. Dennis Dang

    Dennis DangPrije mjesec

    You need to slow your role calling mcgregor out so fast... he still has to go through dustin... look what happened with chandler ..

  42. j3zhott

    j3zhottPrije mjesec

    My maaaaan smile says it all!!! Congratulations

  43. Tatá Ferreira

    Tatá FerreiraPrije mjesec

    come calm mcgregor 👊🇧🇷

  44. Jesse Santos Vieira da Silva

    Jesse Santos Vieira da SilvaPrije mjesec

    This translator.. 🤦‍♂️

  45. C Flo

    C FloPrije mjesec

    Why does this guy look like a street fighter character.

  46. Blake Hunter

    Blake HunterPrije mjesec

    This guy needs to be the translator for ever Brazilian fighter. Great job.

  47. Hatim Quilon

    Hatim QuilonPrije mjesec

    Conor an Tony are done,deal with it.🙄

  48. TheBardeng

    TheBardengPrije mjesec

    I'm not sure if he can trade with Conor. BUT after Poirier put Conor to sleep who knows.. He doesn't need to trade either, can manhandle him on the ground.. I really want Charles to win that fight if it happens though..

  49. Shadoww

    ShadowwPrije mjesec

    Charles and Khabib are the most deserving champions in UFC history, they both came up from the bottom with no special favors.

  50. Master Ace

    Master AcePrije mjesec

    When you see connor please tell him "ALHAMDULILLAH!!!! 🙌" You have been smashed like that like button.

  51. Alex

    AlexPrije mjesec

    Why olivera looks like the joker smiling like tht 😂😂

  52. Bushwhacking with Rooster

    Bushwhacking with RoosterPrije mjesec

    Conor dont deserve shit in top 5


    TJ AKA CITYBOYPrije mjesec

    You gotta love Charles what a humble respectful fighter! Respect bro you deserve everything you worked hard for... ❤️

  54. Sandro Cavaliere

    Sandro CavalierePrije mjesec

    6:10 Man's quick on his feet and even quicker with his mouth

  55. Jamari J. Williams

    Jamari J. WilliamsPrije mjesec

    MasterSuper Saiyan Grade 4 Charlie Olives

  56. lucas cline

    lucas clinePrije mjesec

    Charles' smile always reminds me of the joker.

  57. John Lennon

    John LennonPrije mjesec

    Conor has to get past The diamond first 😂

  58. Qwistro

    QwistroPrije mjesec

    A Shame hé still doesn't speak english

  59. MrFredstt

    MrFredsttPrije mjesec

    I don't think Conor would win but would be a fun fight regardless

  60. Daniel Barauna

    Daniel BaraunaPrije mjesec

    Man that translator does a shit job. For years hes been translating, at the most, 40 per cent of what brazilians say... I sincerely dont know why this guy still has the job. CHarles is such a character, says great things in portuguese, and it is always watered down when translated

  61. Chris Regan

    Chris ReganPrije mjesec

    Fight won’t happen in Brazil, fight will be bigger in the US since live gate is back, they would be sacrificing allot of money.

  62. Glauco Petroni Lemes

    Glauco Petroni LemesPrije mjesec


  63. Da 916

    Da 916Prije mjesec

    That boy nose is shaking from all the coke it’s gonna consume that night

  64. HP

    HPPrije mjesec

    McGregor in Brazil? Gonna need security, lol.

  65. xdennis 456

    xdennis 456Prije mjesec

    11:45 how happy he is when he heard (Connor) ahhahahahah

  66. nicotine addiction

    nicotine addictionPrije mjesec

    Why not? Easiest fight in the lightweight division, plus you get a bump in the cheque!

  67. Jack The Winter

    Jack The WinterPrije mjesec

    With Sunglasses and That Smile he looks like a Anime Villian

  68. Chega !

    Chega !Prije mjesec

    continua sendo ANALFABETO, vê se aprende inglês, ou será sempre "criolo" é mais facil o connor aprender português, que o charles falar inglês e é uma pena. charles vai cair "de pé" e deixa de brincadeira, a fé nunca vai te salvar, DEUS NÃO EXISTE. um deus "decente" e não esse inventado pelos hebreus e nunca existiriam favelas. vê os massacres do chamado "povo escolhido" na palestina. é tudo INVENTADO pra submeter os pobres.

  69. Grimm

    GrimmPrije mjesec

    Silêncio aí, iletrado do crl. Ninguém é obrigado a aprender inglês

  70. P Step

    P StepPrije mjesec

    Gotta fight connor now I now


    RUI COSTLAPrije mjesec


  72. Cardo Ligalig

    Cardo LigaligPrije mjesec

    Man his amazing🇵🇭

  73. edgar brown

    edgar brownPrije mjesec

    He sounds like Dana White lol.

  74. Yeahme 7869

    Yeahme 7869Prije mjesec

    Is that what separates khabib from the pack....cause he left and now we feel the dominance he possesses or he gets thrown out of the conversation!....the good I see is the champion in lightweight division won't be treated like DC at 205.

  75. Nick Sorg

    Nick SorgPrije mjesec

    Winner of Dustin and Conor will fight Charles.

  76. jack chan

    jack chanPrije mjesec

    I used to get those teeth in the 70s. You used to get them in a thing called a lucky bag. In it you got a couple of sweets , a packet of cigarette sweets and a pair of Dracula’s teeth.

  77. Logan

    LoganPrije mjesec

    So many truer contenders than a guy who hasn’t won a fight at 155 since November 2016. McFraud.

  78. Wunn Sen

    Wunn SenPrije mjesec

    Imagine if this man knew English!

  79. ningthou ningthoujam

    ningthou ningthoujamPrije mjesec

    He looks like the henchman from an Anime

  80. Vitali

    VitaliPrije mjesec

    Conor doesn't deseeve title shot.

  81. Stone chishi Stone chishi

    Stone chishi Stone chishiPrije mjesec

    Which Colgate used man so bright 🔆

  82. Noobzone Gamer

    Noobzone GamerPrije mjesec


  83. Francisco De Asis

    Francisco De AsisPrije mjesec

    Connor esteroids Mcgregor.

  84. Thunder Hayes

    Thunder HayesPrije mjesec

    Couldn't hear a word of that his teeth were to loud !

  85. Oggy Oggy

    Oggy OggyPrije mjesec

    Brazilian Terminator.

  86. Goodieman33

    Goodieman33Prije mjesec

    I’m depressed that Tony lost, but thank the mma lords Charles won. Also I’m an American

  87. Cameron Cox

    Cameron CoxPrije mjesec

    I love how Conor can just jump the line with a win over Dustin 😂😂😂

  88. Aron Heathcock

    Aron HeathcockPrije mjesec

    Learn English

  89. alphatrion100

    alphatrion100Prije mjesec

    Mcgreggor will probably lose since he already has 2 losses and only 1 win at 155

  90. Alejandro

    AlejandroPrije mjesec

    Revenge for Jose Aldo

  91. Malik West

    Malik WestPrije mjesec

    Charles said im not a boy anymore and dana said he thanked me so much for the opourtunity and believing in him

  92. Adriano Nazareth

    Adriano NazarethPrije mjesec

    Come to Brasil man, just come...

  93. Nick Hard

    Nick HardPrije mjesec

    Why does he look like a zombie???🧟‍♀️⚰️🧟‍♂️💀

  94. Αγγελος Σταυριδης

    Αγγελος ΣταυριδηςPrije mjesec

    Man how mcCregor will defend against Charles Jiu-Jitsu ?its not the right match up ..The right match up is with Dustin

  95. Fábio Oliveira

    Fábio OliveiraPrije mjesec

    his translator loses 20% of the information charles give

  96. Nelson Dodds

    Nelson DoddsPrije mjesec

    One of the goofiest looking dudes around.

  97. Avitar Magnus

    Avitar MagnusPrije mjesec

    to bad as chandler had him fully beat , then the lucky punch got tables turned for olive garden !!! amazing when a fighter gets lucky he dent Gove more credit to the fighter who was beating him!!!!! machismo kicked in and that moment was lost . Chandler knows if they run it back chandler wins and he won't keep slugging but rather RNChoke and Olive Garden was done!!!

  98. No Nonsense

    No NonsensePrije mjesec

    Fun fact : he is not tony

  99. Jorge Lourenço

    Jorge LourençoPrije mjesec

    This guy deserved this, but this guys need to stop calling out the money fight, there are people in the line first for the belt. Conor needs to have a couple of fight to get the belt opportunity again.

  100. no one

    no onePrije mjesec

    How many people were sacrificed for those teeth charles?

  101. CriticalShot1

    CriticalShot1Prije mjesec

    Oliveira would make connor tap in the 2nd round

  102. Paul Friel

    Paul FrielPrije mjesec

    Unfortunately, Conor has not shown toughness like this, he did have the making of a great fighter but never evolved like Max or Dustin, he seemed to give up on everything and wrongly just looks for his left hand to finish anyone. He is somewhat like a great plumber going to a job with only a screwdriver. I hope he proves me wrong. Well done Charles.