Clash Royale but Brawl Stars 🍊

NEVER BEFORE SEEN footage from 2018 when Brawl Stars was in Clash Royale and we got Heist mode with Shelly/Hunter and Bo/Magic Archer

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  1. Wxvvyy

    WxvvyyPrije 6 sati

    Hey everyone God loves you and Jesus died for you so repent and turn to Christ to be saved and share this message with others so they can be saved too

  2. Mr Man

    Mr ManPrije dan

    It took me half the vid to realize that this wasn’t him actually playing but him reacting to old footage of himself 😂😂😂

  3. Braedn Heney (Braedo)

    Braedn Heney (Braedo)Prije dan

    Great video❗️

  4. Polski Orzech

    Polski OrzechPrije 3 dana

    Drink Milk (Only true Gamers understand)

  5. Alex - Random

    Alex - RandomPrije 5 dana

    2:15 he raise both of his hands and he put down the hunter wth

  6. FoolishNz

    FoolishNzPrije 6 dana

    I tired to open the chest bruh

  7. Fengguo Ma

    Fengguo MaPrije 7 dana

    I play game 2013 I was 1 beacause that game was my first supercell game.

  8. Javen The Game Addict

    Javen The Game AddictPrije 9 dana

    8:31 Giant Golems. What?!

  9. noname ain't here

    noname ain't herePrije 9 dana

    i remeber the tourney

  10. oscar perez

    oscar perezPrije 13 dana

    Rascals = Pam, Jessie, and Nani

  11. celyynna Gurung

    celyynna GurungPrije 16 dana

    what the hell


    SAIF GTR THE KINGPrije 16 dana

    There is Bo and Shelly in Nulls Royale

  13. spillzz 123

    spillzz 123Prije 17 dana

    God bless stay safe ✝️🙏✝️🙏✝️🙏

  14. ABC QW

    ABC QWPrije 17 dana


  15. ABC QW

    ABC QWPrije 17 dana

    This looks so coll, dude I wish I could play this.

  16. Darth ARC Trooper

    Darth ARC TrooperPrije 17 dana

    I’ve played cr for 4 years jeez

  17. Maximiliano “MAXI2006 OFICIAL” Ruiz Diaz

    Maximiliano “MAXI2006 OFICIAL” Ruiz DiazPrije 19 dana


  18. Vytautas Brazenas

    Vytautas BrazenasPrije 19 dana


  19. Christian Mayerhöfer

    Christian MayerhöferPrije 22 dana

    Isn't it just nulls Royale??

  20. Leuun

    LeuunPrije 23 dana

    wtf did i just watched

  21. *€¥Killua¥₩)

    *€¥Killua¥₩)Prije 23 dana

    What if there was a game named Clans Royale?


    INGA ZAUEREPrije 24 dana

    me your so cool him im so bad

  23. francisco

    franciscoPrije 24 dana

    oj the og

  24. Szabo Aron

    Szabo AronPrije 24 dana

    What downold

  25. Maciej Glowania

    Maciej GlowaniaPrije 24 dana

    i love brawl stars pls play this game my favourite character is lou beacuse i like ice creams :33

  26. ヅMILIO

    ヅMILIOPrije 25 dana

    Que pedo me apareció en recomendación 😔👌

  27. Shokugamine

    ShokugaminePrije 25 dana

    Hello "Hunter" from Clash Royale Hello "Shelly" from Brwal Stars Shelly: can I borrow your rifle? Hunter: yes honey

  28. ī LōVē ᎷᏨᏝᎯᏒᎬᏁ

    ī LōVē ᎷᏨᏝᎯᏒᎬᏁPrije 25 dana

    Есть Русские?

  29. Axision

    AxisionPrije 26 dana

    They should ad Crow and an actual Clash Royale Card.

  30. Jacks Bob

    Jacks BobPrije 26 dana

    i want clash royale skins

  31. Ride the Gamer

    Ride the GamerPrije 26 dana

    *wassup bro*

  32. Chuckyuyu

    ChuckyuyuPrije 27 dana

    Nice overlay

  33. JG - JSBG

    JG - JSBGPrije 27 dana

    What does

  34. W1i2l3l4y5

    W1i2l3l4y5Prije 29 dana

    You only play Nulls Royale....😡 Faker Thats a private Clash Royale Server that you can install on "Happy Mod"


    SAM LEONG KIN SUM MoePrije 29 dana

    Ohhhhhh its a mod

  36. Cesare_25

    Cesare_25Prije mjesec

    Damn I rebember this

  37. arnau insa

    arnau insaPrije mjesec


  38. Jschmitt

    JschmittPrije mjesec

    I swear this game mode came out a year ago and same with brawl stars only feels like a yesr

  39. Adrianello Highlaits

    Adrianello HighlaitsPrije mjesec

    Royal ghoust to leon

  40. Viking Gamer

    Viking GamerPrije mjesec

    Why is he saying this like he is actually playing when he isn't?

  41. Carla Tellei

    Carla TelleiPrije mjesec

    I subscribe to your video

  42. pants

    pantsPrije mjesec

    and his username was yarn, nostalgia

  43. Juan ceballos

    Juan ceballosPrije mjesec

    Why did you act like you wear playinjh

  44. shaunNshiba

    shaunNshibaPrije mjesec

    LOOK if ur gonna play clash royale make sure u remember ur moms credit card

  45. RUTHVIK Raj

    RUTHVIK RajPrije mjesec

    Guys let me say u something if u want to play the same game he is search null brawl, clan, royale they r hacked version and a own server of null server yay u can install it from google or chrome type null and the game which game u want

  46. Veselin

    VeselinPrije mjesec

    Pov:oj lost

  47. Kings Of Power

    Kings Of PowerPrije mjesec

    I got a Clash Royal Ad While watching

  48. Hand Said

    Hand SaidPrije mjesec

    NO OJ you SXB hahahhahahahah

  49. Carlos Flores

    Carlos FloresPrije mjesec

    In siege

  50. emo_seemo23

    emo_seemo23Prije mjesec

    Did anyone catch that the snow ball "melted" clone goblins

  51. José Reyes

    José ReyesPrije mjesec

    Hace una semana??? De que año vienes

  52. Vaishali Sood

    Vaishali SoodPrije mjesec

    These cards still exist in a mod

  53. Vaishali Sood

    Vaishali SoodPrije mjesec

    Title was of nulls royal hehe

  54. Burger_ Bro

    Burger_ BroPrije mjesec

    Wait that bloon is dynamike ? 6:32

  55. Bobby Attacks

    Bobby AttacksPrije mjesec

    Hey oj ty for being u i rlly like it!

  56. Amed Amed

    Amed AmedPrije mjesec

    so did i justin

  57. anime af

    anime afPrije mjesec

    That was when I still played clash royale.

  58. Kn irsch

    Kn irschPrije mjesec

    This is fake🥺😭

  59. BigVic921 ツ

    BigVic921 ツPrije mjesec

    The good old days. I remember playing this mode as well. I'm kinda bummed because I got brawl stars in 2018 and had star power Shelly but I deleted it and lost my acc

  60. Filip Sebastiani

    Filip SebastianiPrije mjesec

    This is coming back

  61. Adbul Nassar

    Adbul NassarPrije mjesec

    When clash royale get so boring and has no content, it forced OJ to unlock his vault. So sad

  62. Shihab TafaNet ID

    Shihab TafaNet IDPrije mjesec

    Pleas make an "Indonesia league" subtitle

  63. Kirti Anand

    Kirti AnandPrije mjesec

    There is the bo card in the hacked version of clash royale popularly known as null royale play it is op 🤘

  64. star park

    star parkPrije mjesec

    The first round of the brawl stars challenge be like : LAVA HOUND OP

  65. Andrew Mosher

    Andrew MosherPrije mjesec

    Is it just me or do u miss old oj when he played a lot of CR

  66. Daniel Collins

    Daniel CollinsPrije mjesec

    Just download nulls royall


    ZEKOZIKPrije mjesec


  68. Gaming Knight

    Gaming KnightPrije mjesec

    Y'all saying 3 years ago clash Royale is og.... Look my name up and look at my badge Been playing since 2016

  69. Greg Bowers

    Greg BowersPrije mjesec

    Just got a Tropicana advert lmao😂

  70. GodGamerYT

    GodGamerYTPrije mjesec

    Why don’t he use shelly?

  71. Ur_local_david

    Ur_local_davidPrije mjesec

    i remember playing this and i got 0 lost untiel last match after i lost all 3

  72. Mitchell Bonello

    Mitchell BonelloPrije mjesec

    OJ: Brawl stars should do a crossover with clash Royale Me: HOG RIDER Carl, NIGHT WITCH Mortis and WIZARD Barley

  73. Daris Mehtic

    Daris MehticPrije mjesec

    How is name

  74. BouncyBoi

    BouncyBoiPrije mjesec

    I played nulls Royale and had fun playing with Shelly and bo

  75. Martin Fajardo

    Martin FajardoPrije mjesec

    Sos nefasto pa

  76. Victry

    VictryPrije mjesec

    Do you play clash of clans?

  77. GamerShark

    GamerSharkPrije mjesec

    I𝗠 𝚂𝑢ᗷⒷ🅸ꪀᧁ Tᴏ 𝙴𝑣ᗴⓇꪗO͟ᑎ𝐸 𝕨𝗛Ⓞ 𝘴u̾ᗷ𝑆 𝕥𝕠 ᴍᗴ🧸

  78. awesomebro#TV super

    awesomebro#TV superPrije mjesec

    The flash backs :(

  79. meme war

    meme warPrije mjesec

    I allready did this stupid

  80. Gaming Dragon

    Gaming DragonPrije mjesec

    0:27 real clash royale?

  81. Pizza Mining

    Pizza MiningPrije mjesec

    Nulls Clash😒

  82. Trigger Finger

    Trigger FingerPrije mjesec

    When OJ said 'The balloon is at full health', this is the first time that the balloon IS at full health XD

  83. P K

    P KPrije mjesec

    They need to bring this back.

  84. Moai Emoji

    Moai EmojiPrije mjesec

    Ugh I remember doing this event

  85. Daniel Ikon

    Daniel IkonPrije mjesec

    Omg nice bro 👍👍👍

  86. Jacek I.

    Jacek I.Prije mjesec

    No no no no, was there REALLY, like REALLY real brawlers in Clash Royal? Or this was special created mode for youtubers ?

  87. Drake Beasley

    Drake BeasleyPrije mjesec

    Yea there was

  88. Warcr!mesenioyer_823

    Warcr!mesenioyer_823Prije mjesec

    Is it impossible to play this mode now?

  89. Drake Beasley

    Drake BeasleyPrije mjesec


  90. Luffy Masre

    Luffy MasrePrije mjesec


  91. Green screen Gamer

    Green screen GamerPrije mjesec

    @Luffy Masre what

  92. Luffy Masre

    Luffy MasrePrije mjesec

    Do you in clash royal there is brawl stars brawlers?

  93. Drake Beasley

    Drake BeasleyPrije mjesec

    Link to what? It's clash royale

  94. Sebastian Rusconi

    Sebastian RusconiPrije mjesec

    There is a hacked server if this game with all those brawl characters

  95. Random Gem

    Random GemPrije mjesec

    heal spell was released 3 years ago? damn i didnt know i played clash royale for that long

  96. William Sheridan

    William SheridanPrije mjesec


  97. SPIKE the editor

    SPIKE the editorPrije mjesec


  98. Drake Beasley

    Drake BeasleyPrije mjesec


  99. Luuk Wiltvank

    Luuk WiltvankPrije mjesec

    Royale Stars right here

  100. nsjs dhhdhdj

    nsjs dhhdhdjPrije mjesec

    How name the game?

  101. Drake Beasley

    Drake BeasleyPrije mjesec

    It's an old game mode my guy

  102. gili natanel

    gili natanelPrije mjesec

    Therapist: Orange-cheese Orange Juice can't hurt you, he's not real Orange-cheese Orange Juice: 10:25

  103. Emiel Neyt

    Emiel NeytPrije mjesec


  104. 幻影俠Sunny

    幻影俠SunnyPrije mjesec

    This is an old game mode dude......

  105. Clash Royale Gaming Niel

    Clash Royale Gaming NielPrije mjesec

    Why can oj know heal spirit?!

  106. InfiKnight9014

    InfiKnight9014Prije mjesec

    Hi, I am here after 1 year

  107. Jordan. L

    Jordan. LPrije mjesec

    I remember the day this came out, the old days of clash royal. May they rest in peace. :(