FIRST TO FINISH ART SCHOOL WINS || Drawing Challenge! Funny Painting Handmade by 123 GO! SCHOOL

I heard there’s a special place where all magical beings roam free!
Wouldn’t you die to meet a real live unicorn?!
You’ll love this challenge even more!
Ready to draw?
Ever wish you could meet a real unicorn?
At least you can draw one!
Why don’t you hold your own drawing contest with your friends!
Let us know who wins!
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  1. Sreejith H

    Sreejith HPrije 7 sati

    I love the dog and duck.

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    Kabilan SanthanaPrije 8 sati

    I watch your videos everyday

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    Ariel Sutton EldonPrije 19 sati

    Can you try a unicorn

  4. Autumn Clunie

    Autumn CluniePrije dan

    nice drawings girls

  5. Poppy Plays

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    Remember that any drawing is amazing

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    Precious ThukaniPrije dan

    I will give my s name Isabella second name is Lilly and third name is Kate and surnames fist one is Olivia and second one is Julie and third surname is Lana

  9. •Alex•

    •Alex•Prije dan

    Remember even if your drawing is different than the video its still beautiful

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    I’ve got some piece of paper and I copied what they drawered

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    Jennifer Is Looking So Pretty

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    nice drawing

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    This inspired me to look in the world thank you for being a good person 1 2 3 go

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