Fresh, soft peach makeup look & review of Rare Beauty | ALI ANDREEA

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Rare Beauty
Illuminating Primer

Rare Beauty
Liquid Touch Foundation Brush

Rare Beauty
Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation in 190W

Rare Beauty Concealer
Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer in shade 190W

Rare Beauty
Positive Light Liquid Luminizer in shade Mesmerize

Rare Beauty
Soft Pinch Liquid Blush in shade Love

Rare Beauty Eyebrow
Brow Harmony Pencil and Gel in shade Deep Brown

Rare Beauty
Perfect Strokes Matte Liquid Liner

Rare Beauty
Lip Souffle Matte Cream Lipstick in shade Brave

Rare Beauty
4 in 1 Prime and Set Mist




Top is American Vintage.








  1. Carmen Camunas

    Carmen CamunasPrije 3 dana

    Hi Andrea. Are these liquid blushes (Joy and Love) similar to Nars liquid one (Torrid)? I don’t know which of the three I should get. I’m looking for fresh look and long wearness. My skin tone is like yours. Gracias! 😘

  2. hosnafs

    hosnafsPrije 14 dana

    I don’t even know why I did never notice your channel. You are so full of joy and femininity in a very very lovely way and I really feel like your review was by far the best one I watched (ever) because you’re talking so carefully and obviously very professionally. It’s just so different than any other review I ever saw. You just seem like the nicest person in the world 🤍

  3. Ayesha Seddiqua

    Ayesha SeddiquaPrije 17 dana

    Best look of yours 🙌🏼

  4. Liên Phan

    Liên PhanPrije 21 dan

    This is awesome! I’ve been searching for tutorials like this one. Thank you so so much. My skin is Asian tan, so probably the blush and lip colors might turn out different in my skin but I’ve learned the tips (I have very dry and dark color lips). Hopefully one day I’ll find a video similar like this one of yours but in an Asian tan color. Once again, thank you very much. Respect! Be safe.

  5. thewelcometochannel

    thewelcometochannelPrije 25 dana

    Once you applied the eyeliner, you looked so much like Lana Del Rey

  6. 77sugarpierose

    77sugarpierosePrije mjesec

    I love the liquid blush and the lipsticks. Beautiful look Andrea ❤️

  7. Grow With Love

    Grow With LovePrije mjesec

    I like the blush and lipstick. They look beautiful on you.

  8. Mariah LVMH

    Mariah LVMHPrije mjesec

    Love the brand, it’s so great!

  9. Rhonda Mullins

    Rhonda MullinsPrije mjesec

    This look and color combination looks amazing on you!!! Really enjoyed the product review!

  10. Настя Куд

    Настя КудPrije mjesec

    It's strange, I can't find the color of lipstick. It doesn't look like the brave shade... I really like the shade you have on lips

  11. Настя Куд

    Настя КудPrije mjesec

    I love it!!! Please do more video makeup with Rare Beauty! :)

  12. dikaiaa

    dikaiaaPrije mjesec

    the foundation is absolutely amazing

  13. dikaiaa

    dikaiaaPrije mjesec


  14. Zahra Saeed

    Zahra SaeedPrije mjesec

    Hi Andrea do you like the foundation on dry skin

  15. Alex Reps

    Alex RepsPrije mjesec

    Just in time, Andreea - they're also, barely now, comming to Ro :)) so I was waiting for a review from you. Lovely look! How does the foundation last? :)

  16. Corina C.

    Corina C.Prije mjesec

    Hi Andreea, would the blush LOVE work for a fair-medium neutral skin tone? If not, what shade would you recommend for a fair-medium neutral skin tone (from the matte ones)?

  17. Shayna Rose

    Shayna RosePrije mjesec

    It looks stunning!

  18. Liz Altamirano

    Liz AltamiranoPrije mjesec

    Hello , love your reviews 🥰🥰 Do you know if RARE BEAUTY comes to Germany? 😘🌹

  19. My Kentucky Life

    My Kentucky LifePrije mjesec

    I love the blush. It’s the only product I’ve tried. Now I want to try the lips!!

  20. eloquent aqua

    eloquent aquaPrije mjesec

    Beautiful Andrea as always!!! 😍😍😍

  21. coolkidsofthecity

    coolkidsofthecityPrije mjesec

    I love your tutorials! I'm wondering if you could recommend a favorite foundation for a 46 yr old w/fine lines & wrinkles and trouble w/dryness.....please and thank you!🙏🙏🙏

  22. Carmen Cristina Carvalho

    Carmen Cristina CarvalhoPrije mjesec

    For curiosity, in Portugal peach color is more for orange tone, than pink! 🤣 I love your videos! 😁💗

  23. stam geo

    stam geoPrije mjesec


  24. The Beauty Minimalist

    The Beauty MinimalistPrije mjesec

    This tutorial + review format is perfection. Thank you Andreea 💜

  25. S Douglas

    S DouglasPrije mjesec

    Your necklace is very pretty on you.

  26. Laurenciamo

    LaurenciamoPrije mjesec

    I love late reviews. Strangely I get more out of them. It’s almost too much when everyone is blasting their opinions when a product drops. I prefer this...

  27. Carmen Arismendy

    Carmen ArismendyPrije mjesec

    Such a lovely look. I love the fact that it doesn’t look heavy on you and it even makes you look younger!

  28. Beautynmoda

    BeautynmodaPrije mjesec

    Coming to Australia in August. So not that late 😆

  29. heba meshaal

    heba meshaalPrije mjesec

    do we put the sunscreen first of all and then the primer.

  30. Yolanda Vanderzee

    Yolanda VanderzeePrije mjesec

    I totally feel you on the concealer. I’m very dark blue around my eyes. So it has always been a challenge. But getting wiser I think I have to embrace my Panda eyes cause the alternative is wrinkled crêpe paper sticking together.

  31. Venice Serenade

    Venice SerenadePrije mjesec

    I already had the blushes in my list, Rare Beauty is launching in Italy the next month! I can't wait💃

  32. yordanka1991

    yordanka1991Prije mjesec

    My fav product by them is their concealer brush 😄

  33. Riri Yris

    Riri YrisPrije mjesec


  34. Marian Smartt

    Marian SmarttPrije mjesec

    I love their blushes and I have several! Now I want to get the lipstick! I love the color on you!

  35. Melissa Appelt

    Melissa AppeltPrije mjesec

    I'm living for this eyeliner look!! Please do a tutorial on how you did this! ❤️

  36. Nourhan Khamis

    Nourhan KhamisPrije mjesec


  37. Олеся Морковкина

    Олеся МорковкинаPrije mjesec

    "call me sweet peachie" is the best part

  38. Monica Macias

    Monica MaciasPrije mjesec

    Hola! Podría activar subtítulos soy de México, le agradezco

  39. Hande Goksel

    Hande GokselPrije mjesec

    Rare beauty launch will also br in 1st of july so new to us too ☺️

  40. Hande Goksel

    Hande GokselPrije mjesec

    İn Turkey by the way 💗

  41. 38 Prachi Verma

    38 Prachi VermaPrije mjesec

    I may or may not bought all the products you used in the video I understand that why you are late for this review because the products also have been recently started to be available where I live so yeah I am late to the party as well

  42. Patricia

    PatriciaPrije mjesec

    Que delicada y hermosa piel. Amooo

  43. Rachel Abrams

    Rachel AbramsPrije mjesec

    You are so talented, beautiful and engaging, I love your videos!!!

  44. Nora Friend

    Nora FriendPrije mjesec

    I’m shocked that the Love blush, when sheered out, looks the color it does. It’s stunning! I thought for sure you were wearing one of the peach 🍑 options.

  45. Anna 369

    Anna 369Prije mjesec

    This eyeliner looks a bit weird and too strong

  46. Sel

    SelPrije mjesec

    the packaging isn't plastic it's recyclable and eco-friendly 💞

  47. Sahori Pacheco

    Sahori PachecoPrije mjesec

    I was dying for your review about Rare Beauty! I love the blush & the lipstick as well. Gorgeous peachy makeup look.

  48. anna sokalski

    anna sokalskiPrije mjesec

    Beautiful as always

  49. Sandra Grgurevic

    Sandra GrgurevicPrije mjesec

    Dear Andreea, can you maybe make some video with makeup for ladies who have freckles?

  50. Angela Olsen

    Angela OlsenPrije mjesec

    Beautiful look, fresh and young!

  51. Anne-Sophie Lahlou

    Anne-Sophie LahlouPrije mjesec

    I’m french, Parisian, and never late ! Please not all french are led back as people think! But you review was fabulous and the look is beautiful:) thanks

  52. Roha Mudasar

    Roha MudasarPrije mjesec

    Such a great job 👍.... especially eyeliner 👏 from Pakistan

  53. FabiTalksBeauty

    FabiTalksBeautyPrije mjesec

    Totally get the point, I live in Italy!

  54. Sel

    SelPrije mjesec

    I've been waiting for this video for months now, i'm so glad you finally did it because it's nice to hear a professional's opinion 💞

  55. cmce87

    cmce87Prije mjesec

    Sweet peach! 😇😍

  56. Swastika Urbi

    Swastika UrbiPrije mjesec

    You are so beautiful ❤️

  57. namdeo anbhule

    namdeo anbhulePrije mjesec

    Ali super 👌👌👌👌

  58. namdeo anbhule

    namdeo anbhulePrije mjesec

    Good look 👌👌👌

  59. Jennifer Grove

    Jennifer GrovePrije mjesec

    Getting Audrey Hepburn vibes from this!

  60. Trisha Achenbach

    Trisha AchenbachPrije mjesec

    I knew you'd love the blush! It is beautiful. The highlighter is too.

  61. Bea Esquivel

    Bea EsquivelPrije mjesec

    Everything simply looks good on you!❤️ i love love LOVE your videos!

  62. Ana M

    Ana MPrije mjesec

    Best products: the tools for sure the foundation brush, the concealer brush (fave) and the eyeshadow brush , the blush and the highlighter, and the last eyeshadow super good. Worse the foundation, I didn't like the eyebrow pen, I didn't like the concealer either. Indifferent the beauty sponge, the lip products, and the liner.

  63. rrr89ica

    rrr89icaPrije mjesec

    Hello, what you think about Yvan Serras and Inglot cosmetics?

  64. Lysandre Carbognani

    Lysandre CarbognaniPrije mjesec

    On n’est pas en retard , on prend notre temps 😊

  65. anna carolina nascimento de souza

    anna carolina nascimento de souzaPrije mjesec

    Please videos in french!!!!!! Pleeeeeaaasssseee!!!!

  66. Silver Wraith

    Silver WraithPrije mjesec

    Hello Andreea, love the look, beautiful and soft and summery. Lovely! However, I don't have the pleasure of the bat-wing eye liner. It's rather overdone, tired and brutal for such a lovely look. The great classics of the bat-wing: Dorian Leigh, Bettina Graziani, Lisa Fonssagrives, Dovima, Suzy Parker carried it off beautifully. But you're so lovely without this. Yes, the bombshell video was "the bomb" and there it worked as part of the whole package. Anyway, lovely look today. God bless!

  67. Julie Turley

    Julie TurleyPrije mjesec

    Yes I bought the concealer and found it chalky didn't like

  68. Kathy Doran

    Kathy DoranPrije mjesec

    I've tried the lip products, they are nice. I ordered the eye products and sent them back not my coloring.

  69. Anushree Sharma

    Anushree SharmaPrije mjesec

    I can never use such an eyeliner properly. The brush tips or tge superfine and flexible felt tips are easy one swipe action for me.

  70. Julita Staszewska

    Julita StaszewskaPrije mjesec


  71. kristinamarie

    kristinamariePrije mjesec

    i love this look on you! you look so beautiful in all your looks

  72. Makeup By Deepika Thapar

    Makeup By Deepika ThaparPrije mjesec

    This look is So Beautiful on you 💜 love product reviews by you .. ❤️

  73. Ana Beatriz Oliveira

    Ana Beatriz OliveiraPrije mjesec

    Love it

  74. Farwa Saeed

    Farwa SaeedPrije mjesec

    This look is so beautiful ... 😍😍 And can you try our Pakistani🇵🇰🇵🇰 makeup products ?? Especially the "beutify by amna" ???

  75. maya ryan

    maya ryanPrije mjesec

    Thank you so much for this! I purchased the cream blush (the one that comes in the mirrored compact- you didn’t use this one) and it was super dry. 😕

  76. Paula Todd

    Paula ToddPrije mjesec

    Thank you for your elegance and charm. Please consider taking another ride around Paris as so many of us (I am near Toronto, Canada) achingly miss travelling to France. Your trips (with votre Mari) are f a b u lo u s!!!!! Merci beaucoup!

  77. Tania M

    Tania MPrije mjesec

    I really like just looking at you. You are so young and beautiful. I'm sure you've heard this more than once, but I want to say it.

  78. Claudia Calmus

    Claudia CalmusPrije mjesec

    Please Ali. Make a review of new products to cover melasma 💫💕

  79. Nancy Lyon-Gray

    Nancy Lyon-GrayPrije mjesec

    You are so much fun! Thank you for starting my day off with beauty and laughter!

  80. Candice Cook

    Candice CookPrije mjesec

    Just gorgeous.

  81. Jill Starkel

    Jill StarkelPrije mjesec

    Love the bleepers lol. Thanks for the tutorial. As always, easy to follow,great product and beautiful woman. That's a great way to start the day!! Thanks 💜

  82. Ernyei Barbara

    Ernyei BarbaraPrije mjesec

    Beautiful look❤️ how you described the liquid lipstick I think it’s like the body shop’s matte liquide lipsticks☺️ my absolute favourites (and they have a bunch of shades)❤️

  83. Frenchy

    FrenchyPrije mjesec

    What mascara did you apply

  84. Tina Iankova

    Tina IankovaPrije mjesec

    It's always been a challenge for me to achieve the eyeliner look you do, but now I have the inspiration 😍

  85. Mali Singhe

    Mali SinghePrije mjesec

    I love the end result. It's such a youthful, radiant look on you. Also reminds me of Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

  86. Christina Schäfer

    Christina SchäferPrije mjesec

    If you think you are late... We still can't get Rare Beauty in Germany!!! But thanks for de review

  87. Naz Mzffr

    Naz MzffrPrije mjesec

    How does the lipstick last? Or all the products in general? I wish you informed us about that after some hours.

  88. Dominique The easy minimalist

    Dominique The easy minimalistPrije mjesec

    You look so young, fresh and pretty 🤩

  89. Anastasia Maxiuta

    Anastasia MaxiutaPrije mjesec

    Late in France? In Ukraine we don’t have 90% of western brands at all 😂 Literally. We don’t even have Sephora 🙄

  90. Jo Simpson

    Jo SimpsonPrije mjesec

    For what it’s worth, we don’t have Sephora in the UK - but obviously we do have just about everything else. SEPHORA COME TO THE UK, PLEASE!!!!

  91. Anna Jane

    Anna JanePrije mjesec

    If only every beauty guru did such real honest comprehensive reviews 🙌🏼 you show that you can be honest and share that some products are not your favourites but that they might work for someone else! So professional, always learn from you x love from 🇮🇪

  92. Ann Pushkina

    Ann PushkinaPrije mjesec

    Super super super refreshing and youthful summertime look !!! 😍😍😍✨🌸☀️🌸✨

  93. Purpleeyes Smith

    Purpleeyes SmithPrije mjesec

    Love you girl and your makeup vloggs but i want to se you more, fashion, food, daily life please ✨👌🏾🙏🏾❤️

  94. Maryam N

    Maryam NPrije mjesec

    I am one of those people who said yes to your poll. I really trust you when you give your opinion on makeup brands, now I know it really defers from a person to another but you’re the pro girl. If Andrea says no then I’m not going to buy it if she says yes then it’s a yes for me too XD. That’s how much I love and trust you Andrea. Thank you so much.

  95. Katrina Ryan

    Katrina RyanPrije mjesec

    Love your honest reviews you are so professional and such a beautiful lady. This look you created is absolutely gorgeous but I am a bit bias because I adore anything peachy especially on the lips it’s so flattering. 🥰💜

  96. Anna Andersson

    Anna AnderssonPrije mjesec

    If you had to choose between rare beuty, Lisa Eldrige and glossier blush and highlight which would you choose and why?

  97. Babygirlangel 1990

    Babygirlangel 1990Prije mjesec

    The look you did came out absolutely fantastic!! U can say tat if i was a man id fall in love with u😁!! Its that beautiful on you.. id love Rare beauty to launch in india... Just cant wait to try all the products, one more thing i got to learn from you Andrea is that you make any product work for you.. i mean you don't make a fuss out of it.. ok if its not your colour then fine you just apply and move on... Lots of love from India .. Stay Safe you n alex

  98. Puja Das

    Puja DasPrije mjesec

    Amazing 👌

  99. Lady of Tarot

    Lady of TarotPrije mjesec

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  100. Adina Munteanu-Doca

    Adina Munteanu-DocaPrije mjesec

    Iubesc look-ul acesta! 🏵️🍑

  101. Ivelina Decheva

    Ivelina DechevaPrije mjesec

    We don't have Rare Beauty in Bulgaria yet, but I have to say Andrea this look is simply gorgeous :) I loved the blush and how you did the eyeliner! Hopefully one day will be able to apply the blush this way... this is such a struggle for me :D Thank you Andrea for this sweet and peachy video!!!

  102. Trance Girl

    Trance GirlPrije mjesec

    I love these colours!!!! And you were so funny in this video 😅