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today we are testing NEW makeup in a full face of first impressions. New colourpop products, the tiktok famous mascara, new holy grail lip pencil, new anastasia beverly hills and more!
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🎶 Craves - By My Side


  1. Olivia Tortell

    Olivia TortellPrije 4 dana

    I have no idea if you get peacock in new zealand but there is a show called dr.death and its sooooo good!! Love you !

  2. M.VEN Beauty, Demos & Random Fun!

    M.VEN Beauty, Demos & Random Fun!Prije 8 dana

    The reckoning!! Netflix. You will love it

  3. LisaMoro98

    LisaMoro98Prije 12 dana

    Siren on Disney Plus!

  4. Melissa Bishop

    Melissa BishopPrije 14 dana

    Idk if you like Cooking or Docuseries, but if you can get Disney+, Uncharted with Gordon Ramsey is epic.

  5. Samrita Devi

    Samrita DeviPrije 16 dana

    Loved the video. Your lips look like the cartoon bratz lips

  6. Эсми Мяуси

    Эсми МяусиPrije 17 dana

    I love your makeup look

  7. Nicole Vega

    Nicole VegaPrije 29 dana

    I love the sinner on Netflix/USA network…so good…mare of Eastown on HBO was great too

  8. Margo Strong

    Margo StrongPrije mjesec

    Try SWeet Tooth. It's a very different type of show.

  9. Katarina Schunior

    Katarina SchuniorPrije mjesec

    The vampire diaries

  10. Courtney Smith

    Courtney SmithPrije mjesec

    Best show for me recently has been Who Killed Sara - only two seasons on Netflix, brand new though, and it’s all in Spanish so you have to read subtitles but it’s honestly so worth it

  11. NumNum's

    NumNum'sPrije mjesec

    Do a lip swatch video, that be cool.

  12. Andrea R

    Andrea RPrije mjesec

    I live in the lone star state and I'd like to try ribs from New Zealand but I'm so proud of our ribs I might be offended if they aren't as good as what you can get in the real lone star...lol...but seriously, ribs are hit and miss but they are getting so much better!

  13. Lottie Erhard

    Lottie ErhardPrije mjesec

    Hannibal and sinner if you like crime and psychological

  14. Clare Ripsher

    Clare RipsherPrije mjesec

    Omg how good was your honor!!! Bryan Cranston is such a great actor. I always think back to him in malcom in the middle. Try Workin Mums on Netflix. Love that. Or younger on Stan. Do you have a filter on or is that primer THAT good??

  15. Eviee Langelier

    Eviee LangelierPrije mjesec

    Im not sure if you watched it when it came out but I didn't so I've been binging Game Of Thrones. So good, and 8 seasons I promise if you wernt part of the hype when it came out you'll know why now!!! also not new but American Horror Story there's a lot of seasons and their so GOOD

  16. Eviee Langelier

    Eviee LangelierPrije mjesec

    I also love handmaid's tale I haven't watched the last episode because I've been so deep into GOT (game of thrones) but yeah it's definitely taking a turn, but I'm still in love with the show

  17. Kim Allender

    Kim AllenderPrije mjesec

    Schitts Creek! Not totally new but hilarious

  18. Cass

    CassPrije mjesec

    Your Honor is soooo good!!

  19. Shane Henderson

    Shane HendersonPrije mjesec

    Have you ever watched The Almighty Johnson’s? That was a good NZ show

  20. Nikita Buchanan

    Nikita BuchananPrije mjesec

    Manifest on Netflix😍

  21. Vicky Garcia

    Vicky GarciaPrije mjesec

    I have learned so much from your make up tips . Love your channel and your videos make me relax a lot hahaa 😆

  22. Hollie Bivens

    Hollie BivensPrije mjesec

    Neons never left my 🤡 face 😆

  23. Dixie Garland

    Dixie GarlandPrije mjesec

    Black Summer on Netflix

  24. xoHannahBeautyxo

    xoHannahBeautyxoPrije mjesec

    I’ve been obsessed with watching Elite on Netflix. 10/10 recommend, each episode keeps you wanting more. And the suspense always kills me!!

  25. Molly Graham

    Molly GrahamPrije mjesec

    I think you can watch this on Hulu…. But Cruel Summer. It is SO GOOD!! One of those shows were your opinion changes every episode and… the ending… 🤯

  26. Kiara Davies

    Kiara DaviesPrije mjesec

    I'm binge watching criminal minds at the moment and I'm obsessed

  27. Annette Castellanos Guillen

    Annette Castellanos GuillenPrije mjesec

    Lip swatches 🙌

  28. MoreToFaye

    MoreToFayePrije mjesec

    Such a pretty look 🌷 love that lip liner xx

  29. Marie Trakalianis

    Marie TrakalianisPrije mjesec

    pls pls watch lucifer, it’s so good! also kinda old but so interesting, it’s called “when they see us”!! and if you haven’t seen How I Met Your Mother - that’s a big must too. they’re also all on Netflix ✨💕💕

  30. Lexy Sharp

    Lexy SharpPrije mjesec

    Not new but on Netflix you have to watch How To Get Away With Murder. Ugh it's so good and keeps u on edge the whole time 😩 plus u also get to learn alot about defense attorneys. Please check it out!

  31. Sofia Esteves

    Sofia EstevesPrije mjesec

    Currently rewatching Dawson's Creek on Netflix

  32. TiffanyLee88

    TiffanyLee88Prije mjesec

    Love the realness with mascara lmao I always get it everywhere, maybe I'm too rough as well. 😆❤

  33. Jessica Paulsen

    Jessica PaulsenPrije mjesec

    Euphoria is so good! There’s one season but it’s been renewed

  34. Stacey Miller

    Stacey MillerPrije mjesec

    I’d recommend Cruel Summer on Hulu! It’s soo good and has lots of twists and turns and moral dilemmas.

  35. Caitlin Campbell

    Caitlin CampbellPrije mjesec

    Not new and you have probably heard of it but the vampire diaries! It changed my life honestly! It’s an Netflix. Also desperate housewives is amazinggg another oldie but a goodie. That’s on hulu and HBO I think 💜 send love from Ireland 🇮🇪

  36. Kerri Wright

    Kerri WrightPrije mjesec

    With how many mishaps you've had squeezing or pumping products straight to your face you'd lear to put in on a brush or sponge first 🤣

  37. Jodie Kelly

    Jodie KellyPrije mjesec

    Shannon, the Queen of using 'quite a lot' 😂 I'm glad there is someone else out there who's a little bit heavy handed 😬 I don't know how people manage to use a little blob of something 😭

  38. dylan cheung

    dylan cheungPrije mjesec

    Mare of east town and zero zero zero both on neon

  39. Nicole Wojaczyk

    Nicole WojaczykPrije mjesec

    Waiting on more decades and declutter videos!!!

  40. Elianny Correa

    Elianny CorreaPrije mjesec

    I always hold my breath when Shan squeezes the products directly on her face 😂 for the love a god woman use a palette or the back of your hand 🙏🏽

  41. DM Jurisic

    DM JurisicPrije mjesec

    I love Flack and Upload. I binged watched both. I didn't even sleep because I needed to know what happens next.

  42. CindyRose

    CindyRosePrije mjesec

    The best ASMR you do is always when you cook in your vlogs. Favorite shows: Young and Hungry, Madam Secretary, Person of Interest, SWAT, Chicago PD, The Equalizer, Big Little Lie, Little Fires Everywhere.

  43. Zoie Palmer

    Zoie PalmerPrije mjesec

    i LOVE your eyebrows

  44. elisabeth larsen

    elisabeth larsenPrije mjesec

    Loved the ending of handmaids tale. I binged watched ginny and Georgia on Netflix was so facinated by the mom😍

  45. Tisa6

    Tisa6Prije mjesec

    Not new but was new to me: SCHITTS CREEK!!! Too funny 🤣😅🤣😅🤣😅 binged over weekend to season 3...2 more to go!

  46. kimberley neo

    kimberley neoPrije mjesec

    Really loved Sweet Tooth on Netflix!

  47. Ally B

    Ally BPrije mjesec

    Sweet tooth on Netflix. Also the irregulars,also on Netflix.

  48. Noora Talib

    Noora TalibPrije mjesec

    Workin MOMS I am watch and I watched sweet tooth

  49. Lanii _x

    Lanii _xPrije mjesec

    good trouble! i watch it on stan in australia 🥰

  50. Caroline Beasley

    Caroline BeasleyPrije mjesec

    Fargo!!! It’s based on true crime stories, each season is kinda a different story with different characters and I love it. Seriously so good if you love true crime stuff

  51. M S

    M SPrije mjesec

    Hi Shannon!! Congrats on your marriage! Wishing you both many happy years together! Your looking stunning as usual. I love watching your videos so much, you are just so genuine and I absolutely love your accent 💗 I actually have a question for you about hair care. I’ve watched many of your hair care videos and have tried many of the products and your techniques, but nothing seems to help. I used to have beautiful spiral curls that I loved, then in 2010 I gave birth to my son and my hair completely changed…ugh! My hair is now straight and it is super damaged, frizzy, broken and has split ends. The reason I’m asking is because I’ve noticed over the past year or two your hair has completely changed…it is so full, long and shiny (just overall healthy & beautiful). I did buy your Eugaia so I’m hoping that helps a bit, but I was hoping you might have a few secret tips or tricks up your sleeve. 😘 thanks Shannon, much love!💕

  52. Lacey Fontenot

    Lacey FontenotPrije mjesec

    Hart of Dixie is an easy watch

  53. Lena Bess

    Lena BessPrije mjesec

    I really like Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies. These are on Netflix. If you have not watched them, watch them in that order I listed. They all connect together. Pretty good binge watching material lol.

  54. Suriya McLean

    Suriya McLeanPrije mjesec

    I'd love to see you do a 1800s, or ancient inspired make up looks/hair styles 😍🤔 also, I love your top! It looks nice 😊

  55. rajaa abou-hussein

    rajaa abou-husseinPrije mjesec

    I’ve been enjoying “the gift” which is a Turkish series but there you just put the English translation, the final 3rd season just came out. Each season is about 8 episodes.

  56. Toni

    ToniPrije mjesec

    Will u try MUA? Can you Makeup on someone else? I dont think I'll try Ciate.

  57. Liesl De Jager

    Liesl De JagerPrije mjesec

    That mascara removal trick is the best thing ever. Saved my bacon (and face!😄) on many occasions.

  58. Liesl De Jager

    Liesl De JagerPrije mjesec

    Brian Cranston? He is an amazing actor. A brilliant mini series on Netflix is “Bletchley Circle”. Women that cracked codes during WW2.

  59. Amanda louise

    Amanda louisePrije mjesec

    I love lucifer, the crown, the tudors, reign, love, Victor, Chicago fire. Omg I loved your honor such a fantastic mini series x


    HOLLYBEAR32Prije mjesec

    dont like the bronzer on the nose to dark looks muddy

  61. Ruby

    RubyPrije mjesec

    Watch sweet tooth if you haven’t! It’s an amazing series on Netflix, filmed in New Zealand and has awesome Kiwi actors!! 🦷🌿

  62. Tori Till

    Tori TillPrije mjesec

    Queen of the South on Netflix!

  63. Jacqueline S

    Jacqueline SPrije mjesec

    Watch sweet tooth!!!!

  64. Amie Weisg

    Amie WeisgPrije mjesec

    I've been watching x-files lately!! So gooooood!!! Loving this pink moment 💖

  65. Shannon Nevid

    Shannon NevidPrije mjesec

    Godfather of Harlem,if you are interested in aliens,something to watch with your husband, The skin walker Ranch.Also vikings.i don't know if i am much help being in the US.What are your interest might that might help guide me on suggestions Handmaid Tale is one of my favorite

  66. Angelica Lyremar

    Angelica LyremarPrije mjesec

    We have watched Your Honor and we loved it, such a good series😀👌

  67. thalia sandoval

    thalia sandovalPrije mjesec

    hellz yeah k beauty!

  68. Sandra Hodge-Neill

    Sandra Hodge-NeillPrije mjesec

    I'd like k beauty video.

  69. Colleen Gran Schmoll

    Colleen Gran SchmollPrije mjesec

    Do the K beauty video!!!!

  70. Chloe Bald

    Chloe BaldPrije mjesec

    Queen of the south in Netflix 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  71. Kate Louise

    Kate LouisePrije mjesec

    Shan where’s you top from I love it! Xx

  72. Chelsea Twidale

    Chelsea TwidalePrije mjesec

    Queen of the south!!! On netflix

  73. Alyssa Khelifi

    Alyssa KhelifiPrije mjesec

    Would love a swatch vid of the mecca lip colours!

  74. Lydia Roxburgh

    Lydia RoxburghPrije mjesec

    Ginny and Georgia on Netflix was a good watch. I really enjoyed it. Also watched season 1 of Black Summer which is a zombie series. The new season came out in the UK last Thursday (17th)

  75. Hayleigh Topping

    Hayleigh ToppingPrije mjesec

    Superstore and mare of east town 🙌🏼💜

  76. Andei

    AndeiPrije mjesec

    Lupin is really good! It's on netflix

  77. S RAE

    S RAEPrije mjesec

    working moms on netflix!!

  78. Mel Fryer

    Mel FryerPrije mjesec

    Your top is total Barbie vibes, I love it and so excited for the new sponges 😍

  79. Cyndi Lou

    Cyndi LouPrije mjesec

    Sweet Tooth on Netflix is so good… but I’m also really into Why Women Kill.

  80. Makhaela Ann

    Makhaela AnnPrije mjesec

    How to get away with Murder

  81. monokaiser90

    monokaiser90Prije mjesec

    abt the mascara.. same.. i dun like flexible wand.. mascara like this works well for bottom lashes tho...

  82. Bunnyetsuko

    BunnyetsukoPrije mjesec

    Holy long eyelashes...they look super awesome....I need to get some of that mascara now!!! Love your vids and can't wait to see what new launches your company has coming up!!! Xoxo

  83. S rae

    S raePrije mjesec

    This is a bit random but Shannon you would look so cute with shoulder length hair with a deep side part

  84. jennifer macrina

    jennifer macrinaPrije mjesec

    I WISH i could be like you and wear whatever lip and still look half as beautiful!! No matter what you put on your lips it always looks amazing on you!! #imjealous

  85. S

    SPrije mjesec

    I am into Yellowstone with Kevin Costner. I have them on Amazon

  86. Heather Blood

    Heather BloodPrije mjesec

    Stranger things!!!!! I live by that show

  87. J. Caroline. B

    J. Caroline. BPrije mjesec

    love the look! I use that same mascara too.. first time buying it, ive noticed the wand is a bit to bendy so i feel like when i use it maybe its bending back and getting makeup all over my eye lid and lower lash because its too flimsy or something.. if im super careful I have been able to build it up and not get it all over but its kind of a thin formula . I prefer the new Milani mascara currently., called "Highly Rated"

  88. Kimberley S

    Kimberley SPrije mjesec

    Handsmaid tale season finale was everythinggggg 🙌

  89. Tina Rosensteel

    Tina RosensteelPrije mjesec

    Those lipstick 💄 colors look amazing. Wouldn't mind seeing them all in a video. Thanks for putting out content during these crazy times.

  90. Angela Cappello

    Angela CappelloPrije mjesec

    Bob's burgers is a great one! On Disney plus 👍

  91. Jackie Browne Bridal HMUA

    Jackie Browne Bridal HMUAPrije mjesec

    Nate of Eastside is awesome on Foxtel

  92. taiyona tiare

    taiyona tiarePrije mjesec

    I’ve tried that blush and can’t get 1% of pigment for the life of me 😭

  93. Miss Adventure

    Miss AdventurePrije mjesec

    It looks so good!!

  94. Katie May

    Katie MayPrije mjesec

    Its 1am, Ive worked all week and I need to be awake in 7 hours, yet here I am, watching shan 🤣♥️

  95. Kaylah Drain

    Kaylah DrainPrije mjesec

    On Netflix there’s this new show called sweet tooth, don’t judge it by the description cause it doesn’t sound like it would be good but holy crap it’s amazing 😍

  96. kelsea quinlan

    kelsea quinlanPrije mjesec

    I watched all 3 seasons of Manifest in 2.5 days… it’s SO GOOD I watched Your Honor and loved it but I hated the ending, I won’t spoil it but I thought it was just a total waste of the story line

  97. MrsFooCough

    MrsFooCoughPrije mjesec

    Effet is French for effect! I remember on the old school Bourjois lip stuff they had “effet 3D” lip gloss

  98. MrsFooCough

    MrsFooCoughPrije mjesec

    Try some of the animated series! On UK Netflix, Disenchantment - by the creator of The Simpson’s, about a princess who hates being a princess and her escapades 😂 On UK Amazon Prime, Below Decks - based in the Star Trek universe, but no need to be a Trekkie or a sci-fi fan! Just bonkers Futurama-style stuff 👍

  99. Kelsey Deroo

    Kelsey DerooPrije mjesec

    Mare of Easttown

  100. Sophie Winch

    Sophie WinchPrije mjesec

    These are my fav videos!

  101. Diane Nguyen

    Diane NguyenPrije mjesec

    You need to watch "Start Up" on Netflix!! It's about cryptocurrency and people starting an entrepreneur. I don't usually say this but the storyline of this show is so good. Because it's like real talk about the world we live in!