I Built a HUGE Lego Railway - Up Stairs & Underwater!

I built a 100m Lego train track around my entire house and garden, including up the stairs, through a swimming pool, through a light tunnel, and through a rainforest dome.

Merch: halfasleepchris.com

Geodesic Dome Tutorial: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ym138...


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    FAQs: - Is there an unedited GoPro video of the train ride? Unfortunately not. I had to aim the GoPro slightly differently at different bits (such as angled left inside the rainforest dome), and occasionally edit it so I wouldn't be in the footage myself when I followed it around. Next time I'll invest in a 360 camera like many have requested and record a complete one! - How did you do the TV thing? I used the game Planet Zoo to build the cliff / waterfall / trees / train track. This meant I had complete control over the camera angles. I connected my laptop to the TV with a HDMI cable to perfectly match the real and digital track up, and then experimented with the timing. This is possibly my favourite part of the video :) - Where are the cats during the train ride? Asleep on the bed - Is this video sponsored by Lego (or Flex Tape)? No!

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    Sponsored By Flgo (Flex Tape Lego)

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    This man sounds like TommyInnit to be honest.

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    Obstacle 3 is my cat. He eats the plants.

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    The store owner: how many lego tracks do you want Chris: *YES*

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    This is also a very cool video I would never be able to build this.

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    Lol I have the first two lego sets on the video (the train and the Apollo lander. I also have the Lego saturn V(1/100th scale)

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    Dam I haven’t seen you since the Golden Gate Bridge video and just found out that Reggie had passed R.I.P Reggie

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    I’d love a lego space port with a bunch of Star Wars sets.

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