Inside Darren Till and Tom Aspinall's BRUTAL fight camp

Is this the most brutal fight camp in the world?
Preparation for UFC 244 and Cage Warriors 107 sees Darren Till and Tom Aspinall going to unbelievable heights to ensure success. We were invited into their Liverpool training camp... and couldn't believe what we saw.


  1. Michael Campbell

    Michael CampbellPrije mjesec

    They are both nutters! I reckon they will be champs when things get back to normal

  2. Henry Andrew

    Henry AndrewPrije mjesec

    wait till he doesnt do anything in his next fight

  3. Ray McCready

    Ray McCreadyPrije mjesec

    Till is shit. Straight left... Left kick and that's your lot. He will never be champion. Aspinall is another matter. More skills = more chance.

  4. Peter Mayne

    Peter MaynePrije mjesec

    Aspinall is the real deal. Highly skilled bjj, highly skilled boxing ,and can dig deep.

  5. Alex Hurley

    Alex HurleyPrije mjesec

    5:32 The birth of RawDog

  6. Dope Lyrics

    Dope LyricsPrije mjesec

    Till was right about Aspinall

  7. Aiden Parry

    Aiden ParryPrije mjesec

    Seeing this after the Arlovski fight. I guess Till was right

  8. The Wanderer

    The WandererPrije mjesec

    Tom Aspinall is going places!

  9. Nork

    NorkPrije mjesec

    2021 They were so right about Tom

  10. Jack Cheung

    Jack CheungPrije 2 mjeseci

    When you say Hi to Till, 0:03

  11. SrodrMMABet

    SrodrMMABetPrije 3 mjeseci

    Tom Aspinall vs Andrei Arlovski - interesting match-up, good test for Aspinall -Arlovski is a veteran, tough, very durable - Aspinall has been so dominant, has got so much power and athleticism that it is even tough to tell where his weaknesses are - question to be answered here is if Aspinall can manage his energy or if he will fade if he cant put Arlovski out - Aspinall is definitely the pick, but in terms of a bet I would like Arlovski in a live bet at +400 range or by decision at +500 range My channel for complete breakdown and my consistent and transparent strategy - 341% profit from July 2020 - all transparent and recorded, check it out

  12. James Harland

    James HarlandPrije 3 mjeseci

    Aspinall is a throwback to a real man ...hes The New Emporer Tom Aspinall

  13. Lithuania Denmar

    Lithuania DenmarPrije 4 mjeseci

    Till look like the Girl in the relationship

  14. Lithuania Denmar

    Lithuania DenmarPrije 5 mjeseci

    Idk why but darren has a feminine Vibe about him

  15. Geo The Uncle

    Geo The UnclePrije 6 mjeseci

    0:00 Haër

  16. TheHarrip

    TheHarripPrije 8 mjeseci

    New UK 🇬🇧 UFC champ in the making...

  17. Lithuania Denmar

    Lithuania DenmarPrije 11 mjeseci

    Till is feminine as fuck

  18. GeekyZombie

    GeekyZombiePrije godine

    I need MUCH more Tom in my MMA life. What a real beast. I really hope he is well enough prepared and extremely successful in future UFC battles.

  19. Lithuania Denmar

    Lithuania DenmarPrije godine

    0:07 till is a gaylord

  20. Alex Deacon

    Alex DeaconPrije godine

    What's the song around 4:05 called?

  21. 6 shufshuf

    6 shufshufPrije godine

    I think Till is feminine

  22. nisse stubin

    nisse stubinPrije godine

    Darren till is almost as big as tom aspinall

  23. Jon Snow

    Jon SnowPrije godine


  24. Theclaw Yaww

    Theclaw YawwPrije godine

    Till v Adesanya would make me a creamy boy

  25. Mason Curtis

    Mason CurtisPrije godine

    Till I’m Rooting for you dawg!!!😤

  26. Kareemjok Hi

    Kareemjok HiPrije godine

    Darren till is not just a hype mark my word ... He will be a world champion

  27. frisco

    friscoPrije godine

    tom seems like a decent lad props to you big fella and goodluck tonight

  28. MMA RiffRaff

    MMA RiffRaffPrije godine

    Till needs to work on his jiu-jitsu and I think he would be a much better fighter...he seems to only ever spar...needs to get more well-rounded, but he's still young. He ain't that big for a MW so it's gonna be a huge win for him if he beats Gastelum. Good to the man

  29. Tyler Durden

    Tyler DurdenPrije godine

    A fattyboy and a cocaineboy trying to train....depressing

  30. RTR Productions

    RTR ProductionsPrije 15 dana


  31. Joe Howard

    Joe HowardPrije godine

    I just wish till would use a different approach to training - train smart, not hard. More people should take notes from GSP's career

  32. AWN 1

    AWN 1Prije godine

    Funny how that heavyweight doesnt dwarf welterweight till at all.

  33. gigi

    gigiPrije godine

    0:03 when your crush says hello but you don't let yourself catch feelings

  34. Gabriel Tribuzy

    Gabriel TribuzyPrije godine

    I love Darren Till and his style but I really think he chose a really hard fight for himself and can’t see him winning against Gastelum

  35. Eddie Money

    Eddie MoneyPrije 21 dan

    Gabriel you must be really fucking stupid. Lmao.

  36. Some Duck Guy

    Some Duck GuyPrije 5 mjeseci


  37. Andy

    AndyPrije godine

    Till is one of my favorite strikers no matter. guy down to earth

  38. pied piper

    pied piperPrije godine

    this is what burnout looks like, this is how the enjoyment is taken out the sport

  39. Lesnar Lesnar

    Lesnar LesnarPrije godine

    What you mean?

  40. E Jaganjac

    E JaganjacPrije godine

    Holy shit, Till will eventually move to LHW and then HW. He's fucking massive

  41. 이규현

    이규현Prije godine

    Good training

  42. Jason CoHrAn

    Jason CoHrAnPrije godine

    Darren, he is going to HAVE to keep his hands up or end up like Luke Rockhold. Luke is amazing and many coaches still say he has the best skill set they have ever seen, (Henry Hooft just said it before his last fight) but he refuses to keep his left hand up and now he's been drinking food through a straw and will retire early because of it. That hands down style against KG will get you slept so fast and I don't want to see it happen. UFC blew Darren up too fast out of greed and noware going to put him in there with a monster striker like Kevin in his first fight moving up a weight class AND after a vicious KO. They are literally trying to squeeze what the can out of Darren while they can because he's still popular, but if he doesn't keep his hands glued to his face he will get KO'd. Adesanya almost got KO'd by him twice. This entire camp should be just about Darren keeping his hands up.

  43. Isaiah Diaz

    Isaiah DiazPrije godine

    That’s his style tho man that’s why he’s so quick I think he just needs to keep his right hand on his face just like Paulo Costa does

  44. Jason Perry

    Jason PerryPrije godine

    Doesn't look like he's working on keeping his guard up and his chin tucked yet... The Mexican refrigerator is gonna knock him out

  45. Harvey Smith

    Harvey SmithPrije mjesec


  46. j dogg

    j doggPrije godine

    They look almost the same size😱😱😱😱

  47. Mitch Mac

    Mitch MacPrije godine


  48. Scrub_FGC

    Scrub_FGCPrije godine

    Physically speaking Till is fucking specimen

  49. marks man

    marks manPrije godine

    This English bum shows off his work at the gym , beats his gym buddy and then gets knocked the fuck out at the fight. What a hype train. Trust me he loses to kelvin

  50. John Wick

    John WickPrije godine

    Darren talks like every other Cliche wanna be Scouser that thinks he can fight Fake respect fake fake fake

  51. Hassan Waleed

    Hassan WaleedPrije godine

    Kelvin gonna KO him cold. Got dropped by woodley, KOed cold by masvidal and will get KOed cold by kelvin. What a waste of a career

  52. That Indian Dude

    That Indian DudePrije godine

    Kelvins hand speed is great. Will he atest for till for sure

  53. AS Red eye

    AS Red eyePrije godine

    Darren is a tough guy but he spar hard a lot. Use all your energy in the cage

  54. bazza m8

    bazza m8Prije godine

    @TOO GOOD 😂

  55. AS Red eye

    AS Red eyePrije godine

    @TOO GOOD if you're in love with brain damage then go for it.

  56. 73kimura

    73kimuraPrije godine

    @TOO GOOD not really if you consider other great fighters´ approach to sparring. people have gotten smarter about wear and tear and also brain trauma

  57. TOO GOOD

    TOO GOODPrije godine

    What a bizarrely dumb comment.

  58. Alex Close

    Alex ClosePrije godine

    Met Till at an MTK show last week, great guy. Wish them both the best!

  59. The Godfather

    The GodfatherPrije godine

    Respect Lads

  60. Tin Man

    Tin ManPrije godine

    Till is like Uriah Hall. Lots of talent, but terrible execution. Hope he finds his groove.

  61. 73kimura

    73kimuraPrije godine

    @Zamar B he has had a much longer stint in the organisation than till will probably end up having. Mark my words

  62. Zamar B

    Zamar BPrije godine

    Tin Man Hall isn’t even close to Till


    XXX GAMESPrije godine

    Alot of people have talent

  64. Chevi The Great

    Chevi The GreatPrije godine

    What he really needs to do is apologize to his daughter for saying he doesn't give a fuck about her only fighting, then he might be able to become a complete warrior

  65. just chill.

    just chill.Prije godine

    U do anything just in 1st round he will ko u🖕🖕🖕

  66. Robert Guillemette

    Robert GuillemettePrije godine

    gastelum will murder him

  67. Harvey Smith

    Harvey SmithPrije mjesec


  68. Edu Luis

    Edu LuisPrije godine

    Ven a Tenerife a volver a liarla pedazo de borracho ...gracias Jorge masvidal x patearle el culo a este guiri

  69. Papi Chulo

    Papi ChuloPrije godine

    “We whecck haddd” Daren till

  70. lash gamesHD

    lash gamesHDPrije godine

    Hahahahah perfect spelling I read it in his accent hahahaha

  71. Aye P Weakly

    Aye P WeaklyPrije godine

    Thumbnail caught my eye I thought Jorge Masvidal went to your gym 😁

  72. Aye P Weakly

    Aye P WeaklyPrije godine

    @s b 🖕😁🖕

  73. jeromes lost

    jeromes lostPrije godine

    Heavyweight?? Guy was looks like a small light heavyweight

  74. Scrub_FGC

    Scrub_FGCPrije godine

    @James lol one was too big for his weight class. The other looks to small for his.

  75. James

    JamesPrije godine

    I thought the same

  76. Daniel Hernandez

    Daniel HernandezPrije godine

    That chin is gonna be nice and tender for when Gastelum cracks it 💀

  77. Harvey Smith

    Harvey SmithPrije mjesec

    How did that go?

  78. Jay Peters

    Jay PetersPrije godine

    Till needs to put that chin down STIIIIIILLLLL

  79. MuMu124

    MuMu124Prije godine

    Till is humongous How did he ever make 170

  80. Sou heib

    Sou heibPrije godine

    @Oreo Carlton woodley did 200 lbs too

  81. Oreo Carlton

    Oreo CarltonPrije godine

    Cutbaby and still lost to Woodley

  82. Nick Levine

    Nick LevinePrije godine

    @yabukiMMA yeah thats usual to be 2 weight classes over at walking weight or off season

  83. yabukiMMA

    yabukiMMAPrije godine

    @Nick Levine yup in an interview he said he walks at 200 or over

  84. Nick Levine

    Nick LevinePrije godine

    Dude probally walks close to 200

  85. Christoffer Soderberg

    Christoffer SoderbergPrije godine

    Someone get Darren Till some shorts

  86. really real

    really realPrije godine

    I seen his fight where the guy broke his leg ouchhh

  87. CiganoBoxer

    CiganoBoxerPrije godine

    Darren Till has had the best teeth whitening done I’ve ever seen he permanently looks like he’s wearing a gumshield ! 😂

  88. CiganoBoxer

    CiganoBoxerPrije godine

    iAM_TeNKo wish I had a grill set like that ! 😁

  89. iAM_TeNKo

    iAM_TeNKoPrije godine

    He has veneers

  90. Daniel Lim

    Daniel LimPrije godine

    5:22 what prison rape actually looks like.

  91. SSmokin2010

    SSmokin2010Prije godine

    Close your eyes and you can hear Arnold striking the pads

  92. dark passenger

    dark passengerPrije godine

    Hahaah ther screaming like wankers Hilarious

  93. Jackie Adad

    Jackie AdadPrije godine

    Tom aspinall is a heavyweight and seeing darren standing next to him lol he really bulked up

  94. Asheru

    AsheruPrije godine

    Some fighters are just meant to be champions you can just see it in them

  95. salad fingers

    salad fingersPrije godine

    Tom's a beast hope he does well

  96. Jon

    JonPrije mjesec

    He certainly has!

  97. bino lay-og

    bino lay-ogPrije godine

    Preparing for brutal k.0.hahahahahaha

  98. Mark Brown

    Mark BrownPrije godine

    thats good buddy train hard while Kelvin is out traveling and getting fatter and fatter by the second

  99. Ryan

    RyanPrije godine

    Good luck fighting Gastelum buddy

  100. Jonny BLaze

    Jonny BLazePrije 2 mjeseci

    Didn't need luck he beat him with superior skills

  101. Jacob Ramsey

    Jacob RamseyPrije godine

    Darren “Heavyweight” Till

  102. Billy Jean

    Billy JeanPrije godine

    Should have fought a Derek Brunson before a Kelvin Gastelum

  103. Ethan Hale

    Ethan HalePrije godine

    Billy Jean yeah?

  104. Anil Balk

    Anil BalkPrije godine

    Dead Man words from his own mouth “if it is the 3rd loss.... so what” he’s just trying to fight and have a war

  105. lash gamesHD

    lash gamesHDPrije godine

    @jack greenway facts

  106. jack greenway

    jack greenwayPrije godine

    but that's what winners are made of ! TAKE A RISK sometimes it pays off sometimes it doesn't.

  107. Proud Indian

    Proud IndianPrije godine

    Good..but unfortunately he choose a wrong opponent....Gastelum is an animal.

  108. Ciaran Doherty

    Ciaran DohertyPrije mjesec

    @Proud Indian till battered him the only reason he didnt the finish was his own hesitance, kgs a fat welterweight

  109. Ciaran Doherty

    Ciaran DohertyPrije mjesec

    @Dan Addy lmao

  110. Jonny BLaze

    Jonny BLazePrije 2 mjeseci

    @Proud Indian Till outclassed him lol

  111. Proud Indian

    Proud IndianPrije 2 mjeseci

    @Dan Addy It wasn't a decisive Victory

  112. Dan Addy

    Dan AddyPrije 2 mjeseci

    This aged well

  113. Jon Correa

    Jon CorreaPrije godine

    Respect darren till . From las vegas.. keep fighting champ

  114. Deigo Patrick

    Deigo PatrickPrije godine

    if Darren till beats gastelum him vs adesanya would be dope

  115. Pink Guy

    Pink GuyPrije 2 mjeseci


  116. SrodrMMABet

    SrodrMMABetPrije 3 mjeseci

    Tom Aspinall vs Andrei Arlovski - interesting match-up, good test for Aspinall -Arlovski is a veteran, tough, very durable - Aspinall has been so dominant, has got so much power and athleticism that it is even tough to tell where his weaknesses are - question to be answered here is if Aspinall can manage his energy or if he will fade if he cant put Arlovski out - Aspinall is definitely the pick, but in terms of a bet I would like Arlovski in a live bet at +400 range or by decision at +500 range My channel for complete breakdown and my consistent and transparent strategy - 341% profit from July 2020 - all transparent and recorded, check it out

  117. GeekyZombie

    GeekyZombiePrije godine

    Deigo Patrick Facts. I think I’ll rewatch that fight now. It brought Darren down a few notches to reality and I can appreciate his honest and funny tweets about fighting now. It’s just like Justin Gaethje before his first UFC fight when he said he KNEW he would get knocked out and knocked about a few times (and Justin did) and he’s better for it...But I want Darren to get much better so he can give a proper shite kicking KO to Israel with no questions asked after, no controversies, no judges involved.

  118. Yung One

    Yung OnePrije godine

    @Fony Terguson Whittaker got knocked the fuck out. Izzy too good for them. Take this L bum lmao

  119. LIAM

    LIAMPrije godine

    @Fony Terguson hahahaha L

  120. gary smith

    gary smithPrije godine

    Easy get a shoffer

  121. Craig Popham

    Craig PophamPrije godine

    Brock lesnar moves pretty good for a lump???

  122. carlito571

    carlito571Prije godine

    Tills legs...huge man.Hopefully the step up in weight will help.There are some beasts about in that category tho.....keep them hands up.

  123. Jack Linford

    Jack LinfordPrije godine

    Till is overrated and Kelvin will knock him out

  124. Quincy M-e

    Quincy M-ePrije godine

    Why is till in his boxers

  125. Quincy M-e

    Quincy M-ePrije godine

    @cal t gaaaaaaaaaaaaaay

  126. Alysse Winston

    Alysse WinstonPrije godine

    It's a little fruity to be honest

  127. cal t

    cal tPrije godine

    Cos he don't fuckin caree

  128. Grimace

    GrimacePrije godine

    Till is a very powerful and good striker. Even in the Masvidal fight in round 1 he dropped him with a clean hard cross

  129. Fernando Gonzalez

    Fernando GonzalezPrije godine

    @Mark Masvidal hadn't fought in over a year man. Darren's biggest mistake was trying to force the ko especially against someone like Masvidal

  130. Mark

    MarkPrije godine

    King Carnage masvidal himself said he couldnt get his timing in round one. There was no domination from masvidal in round one. I know youre a fan of his but dont have to lie 😂🤦‍♂️

  131. C J

    C JPrije godine

    @King Carnage still a big deal to drop gamebred give this man the GODDAMN RESPECT HE DESERVES

  132. James

    JamesPrije godine

    A pair of beasts! Good on Till for bringing him through 👍🏻👊🏼

  133. Kenny Kenz

    Kenny KenzPrije godine

    Where's Tom from, he sounds like he's from Lancashire somewhere

  134. Guinness

    GuinnessPrije godine

    mr gwanson knew he was a pie eater

  135. Kenny Kenz

    Kenny KenzPrije godine

    @Guinness 🤣 yeh it is found out on another video

  136. Guinness

    GuinnessPrije godine

    Kenny Kenz sounds like Bolton maybe but looks like a pie eater tbh

  137. Guinness

    GuinnessPrije godine

    Kenny Kenz yeah somewhere near Manchester

  138. MacStoker

    MacStokerPrije godine

    EVEN TILLS STRIKING SCREAMS HAVE A SCOUSE ACCENT ;-) go on son, get that spirit back.

  139. rondo

    rondoPrije godine

    I open till can win this time.

  140. J Cas

    J CasPrije godine

    Nice bunch of lads. Not one of them had a cocky attitude. Loved how Till said “When I’m injured I won’t come to the gym, I just won’t disrespect the gym like that!” I’ll be supporting any of these guys in future fights

  141. Oreo Carlton

    Oreo CarltonPrije godine

    Example of how to train dumb

  142. Gabe S

    Gabe SPrije godine

    Till not cocky, good one mate. Till is a bully and he has been derailed from his hype train

  143. BertKreishcer’s FakeLaugh

    BertKreishcer’s FakeLaughPrije godine

    Scouse basted

  144. Monkey tennis Lee

    Monkey tennis LeePrije godine

    Illiterate bastard

  145. Oksana Gilroy

    Oksana GilroyPrije godine

    Till not much smaller than a heavy weight

  146. Jorge

    JorgePrije godine

    Yee, his muscular genetics are pretty sick 0

  147. Mitries P

    Mitries PPrije godine

    Beautiful i ysed to weight lift at the gym after boxing 2 years i see why you have to have brutal workouts. Fighting another human takes alot

  148. Grant Franchey

    Grant FrancheyPrije godine

    Yes he got ko’d by woodley and Masvidal, but best believe Till is still a monster. 🦍

  149. Kenpachi Zaraki

    Kenpachi ZarakiPrije godine

    When did Woodley knock him out? Back in 2024?

  150. STG-_-Annoying

    STG-_-AnnoyingPrije godine

    Grant Franchey not woodley

  151. grover lopez

    grover lopezPrije godine

    you can tell he’s not a complete fighter. from that knockout i don’t think he’s got a chin either. you can give and give but can you take and take and take and give some more?

  152. J fg

    J fgPrije godine

    whats the song at 2:00 ?

  153. IronReef77

    IronReef77Prije godine

    Even after his shortcomings in his last two fights,he still has the Spirit to grind. That's what's up!💪🥊💯

  154. IronReef77

    IronReef77Prije godine

    Really wish well for Till. I hope he makes all the improvements needed to excel and not get caught so often like he used to. He's a fighters fighter and we need more like him in the game

  155. I beat women

    I beat womenPrije godine

    Infamousbjj I’m saying😂

  156. Mikey Bernabe

    Mikey BernabePrije godine

    highview seeker his chin was depleted at 170. His body will adjust better at 185. That weight cut really did play a huge factor in his last two fights. He’s gonna be better than ever, I promise you that!

  157. Lackoffaith

    LackoffaithPrije godine

    @Hue Wong That right hand from Woodley landed on his neck not his chin rewatch it

  158. highview seeker

    highview seekerPrije godine

    @Hue Wong you can lose the best chin in the world with enough consistent hard sparring.

  159. Vipa

    VipaPrije godine

    highview seeker bisping got kod harder Thad till did and he had a good chin for another 5 or 10 years so don’t count him out just yet

  160. father of universe and galaxy i am the god

    father of universe and galaxy i am the godPrije godine

    still no wrestling gonna humiliate again

  161. father of universe and galaxy i am the god

    father of universe and galaxy i am the godPrije godine

    Daniel Williams not kalvin against others like souza, Romero

  162. EpicFleshTime

    EpicFleshTimePrije godine

    @Daniel Williams kelvin has good wrestling credentials

  163. Daniel Williams

    Daniel WilliamsPrije godine


  164. R M L

    R M LPrije godine


  165. Ryan Mcdermott

    Ryan McdermottPrije godine


  166. Ghost Becky

    Ghost BeckyPrije godine

    U know you getting that L AGAIN BUDDY

  167. Harvey Smith

    Harvey SmithPrije mjesec


  168. Aleksander Keca

    Aleksander KecaPrije godine

    We will see Becky with the good hair

  169. Uate M

    Uate MPrije godine


  170. FungusTooth

    FungusToothPrije godine

    Hope so

  171. Frank Smith

    Frank SmithPrije godine

    Who ever gets in the ring with Tom they, need to be well prepared for the fight of their lives. Tom is a gentleman out of the ring, his father and trainer is old school, you could not wish to meet two nicer people.

  172. spencer mariano

    spencer marianoPrije godine

    I demand more till footage

  173. Jon

    JonPrije mjesec

    Now i demand more aspinall footage

  174. Charlie

    CharliePrije godine

    Tacsense hahahahaha

  175. Alysse Winston

    Alysse WinstonPrije godine


  176. Austin

    AustinPrije godine

    Tacsense hahahaha u lame

  177. MacStoker

    MacStokerPrije godine


  178. breezy

    breezyPrije godine

    I thought Dillon danis move up to heavyweight