Khamzat Chimaev down for Nick Diaz UFC return fight

UFC welterweight Khamzat Chimaev talks to MMA Junkie's John Morgan about his road back to the octagon, interest in a fight with Nick Diaz, Kamaru Usman’s performance at UFC 261 and more.

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  1. Casey Reyes

    Casey ReyesPrije 2 dana

    You are doing well and enjoy your life hurry back

  2. World Era Comics Official

    World Era Comics OfficialPrije 3 dana

    People over here in the states think it’s sweet

  3. Luis Montes de Oca

    Luis Montes de OcaPrije 5 dana

    I grew up in the war brother🥶

  4. Luke LeMire

    Luke LeMirePrije 7 dana

    “Kumshot Chimaev” - Colby Covington

  5. PitsPenguins87

    PitsPenguins87Prije 9 dana

    I love how there's no fake character whatsoever with Khamzat. He's just simple and to the point. He genuinely loves fighting and and wants to slay everyone he can get his hands on.

  6. miguel vargas

    miguel vargasPrije 11 dana

    This interview had me subscribe. No doubt best interview with a true warrior!

  7. Vox populi Vox Dei

    Vox populi Vox DeiPrije 11 dana

    The moment khazmat said he spit blood I thought it's over

  8. Micheal Adderley

    Micheal AdderleyPrije 17 dana

    Man loves to smesh people and get paid for it in the ring and not bothered who

  9. Dr Mughal

    Dr MughalPrije 24 dana

    I am very much touch feelings about khamzat.khamzat is the medal weight champion 2021 inshallah he is more more then better Usman.khamzat I am your real Brother belong to pakistan

  10. Alejandro Perkadel

    Alejandro PerkadelPrije 25 dana

    still sick from covid I see, hope he gets better

  11. shinglai jr

    shinglai jrPrije 26 dana

    The want who fought in fight Masvidal??? Nah Nah he is a bullshit guy...

  12. Citizen Mike

    Citizen MikePrije 29 dana

    Dude on the left looks like people from Wall-e

  13. Dino Sajudin

    Dino SajudinPrije mjesec


  14. Md Asif Hasan

    Md Asif HasanPrije mjesec

    we will not get same Khamzat ..... if he return

  15. KB 999

    KB 999Prije mjesec

    The world is really wondering about that beard. It looks fake. Superglued on.

  16. Avalanche

    AvalanchePrije mjesec

    2:44 🤣🔥

  17. Moses Agabon

    Moses AgabonPrije mjesec


  18. Ghulam zakeria Ahmadi

    Ghulam zakeria AhmadiPrije mjesec

    I fought all my life but never got money , now I fight and smash people and get money

  19. AJ

    AJPrije mjesec

    khamzat is legit af

  20. Fatih Sultan

    Fatih SultanPrije mjesec

    Alright who has the first question

  21. Joshua Ziccarelli

    Joshua ZiccarelliPrije mjesec

    He won't me 300 meershat I picked the round an ko

  22. Niko Niko

    Niko NikoPrije mjesec

    Only Kamara Usman can do something. Khamzat future champ for sure

  23. Niko Niko

    Niko NikoPrije mjesec

    0:10 Khamzat saying I feel Hungry. The reaction of the first question guy...Is like I feel Hungry all the time 😄😄😄

  24. b vs d

    b vs dPrije mjesec

    These Momma's boys like this guy and khabib are absolute monsters

  25. soso tonso

    soso tonsoPrije mjesec

    Hi dear brother wishing you happy Ramadan and happy Hari Raya to you will see you to fight coming AUG ok god bless you! From Singapore!!!

  26. Crayzee. Ingrayzee

    Crayzee. IngrayzeePrije mjesec


  27. Francis Ngannou

    Francis NgannouPrije mjesec

    Chimaev vs vicente luque UFC 264. Wanna see it happen.


    BAD SUBELOPrije mjesec

    Alhamdulilah brooo🙏👐🌎🙏❤

  29. mad zak

    mad zakPrije mjesec

    That guy is interesting ❤️❤️❤️

  30. Muslim Makhachev

    Muslim MakhachevPrije mjesec

    Opponent must bcareful khamzat right hand can sleep a bull

  31. Cor Ummels

    Cor UmmelsPrije mjesec

    Khamzat would take on Ngannou if asked.

  32. Brian Questa

    Brian QuestaPrije mjesec

    It will be interesting to see him perform again. I know of a lot of people with long covid who have a hard time exerting themselves. I hope the COVID is gone from him and it hasn't affected his long term stamina,.

  33. Hell Bent

    Hell BentPrije mjesec

    Nick diaz doesn’t wanna fight this chump, khamzat Would benefit greatly from fighting Nick , but nick wouldn’t benefit anything from fighting him . Nick is a legend , now a fight like nick diaz vs masvidal sounds nice because masvidal was talking shit .

  34. Elvis “Olustarn” Sumic

    Elvis “Olustarn” SumicPrije mjesec

    Seven seven kilos 😳

  35. Blunktor

    BlunktorPrije mjesec

    9:52 When he not understand is this his answer lmao 😂

  36. MrSxesamuel

    MrSxesamuelPrije mjesec

    No ones talking about how Megan Anderson never responded to getting KO’d by Amanda

  37. Rusty

    RustyPrije mjesec

    is it just me or does Khamzat sound a bit like Bane?

  38. Jiggy'sGelato

    Jiggy'sGelatoPrije mjesec

    Khamzat pre-covid: *I'll smesh everybody* Khamzat post-covid: *I'll kill everybody*

  39. Jason Kim

    Jason KimPrije mjesec


  40. Aws Garra

    Aws GarraPrije mjesec

    That piece of paper though 😤

  41. Aws Garra

    Aws GarraPrije mjesec

    One of my favourite fighters, if not my favourite.

  42. Thor Rpg

    Thor RpgPrije mjesec

    "i never scared about my life (he dont fear dying by Covid) i'm scared about what gonna do my mom and my family after me"......Khamzat Chimaev.

  43. Bloody Angel

    Bloody AngelPrije mjesec

    Khamzat Chimaev is my motivation for life. He is the best of the best, never give up

  44. AAA Cars

    AAA CarsPrije mjesec

    He loves to SMASH Somebody!! He has a great chance in being a champion! Looking forward to seeing him Smash it!! Let’s go! USA

  45. D Hunter

    D HunterPrije mjesec

    “Feel good brotha”😭😭😭

  46. Gerard Guitarist

    Gerard GuitaristPrije mjesec

    Nick Diaz has nothing to prove. He is a legend. I personally do not want to see him fight anymore. There is no point. Only $. And that may or may not be his primary motivation. At any rate, all that weed cannot be good for your cardiovascular performance. I love ND but his time in the octagon is another life.

  47. SJ Mayes

    SJ MayesPrije mjesec

    Humpty Dumpty interviewing the Big Bad Wolf

  48. Aman Farooqui

    Aman FarooquiPrije mjesec

    Isn't it seems like he is wearing the mask on the chin the way his beard has shaped... 😂

  49. MrZee2014

    MrZee2014Prije mjesec

    What did he said at 13:06 Chechen gangsta or ?

  50. MrZee2014

    MrZee2014Prije mjesec

    @T S Thanks 👍

  51. T S

    T SPrije mjesec

    Stockton gangster

  52. MrZee2014

    MrZee2014Prije mjesec

    Hamzat vs Masvidal is also a great Gangsta fight to watch 😎 Colby or Leon edwards vs Hamza also will be 🔥

  53. cashlife

    cashlifePrije mjesec

    No one else for Usman

  54. Naz. Tanzeem

    Naz. TanzeemPrije mjesec

    I ready now i keel somebody not know who lol😎

  55. paul mow

    paul mowPrije mjesec

    Lmao there’s war going on in American streets as we speak Gangsters everywhere

  56. paul mow

    paul mowPrije mjesec

    John Morgan wears the same teal blue shirt to every event I see it in the crowd every time I swear to God

  57. Aasif 23110

    Aasif 23110Prije mjesec

    Khamzat is such a lazy throat ...

  58. Aasif 23110

    Aasif 23110Prije mjesec

    Khamzat is superstar before loosing to Leon Edward..... Hype Hype & Hype

  59. Fractal Space

    Fractal SpacePrije mjesec

    Those countries up and around Russia are dominating the UFC right now.

  60. Trevor Mcshane

    Trevor McshanePrije mjesec

    Would B bad ComeBack fight for Nick,,,

  61. Zero Cool

    Zero CoolPrije mjesec

    "For me, I'm a killer, I grew up killing people so when Chimaev says he is going to kill someone but he really just means 'fight them' this is bullshit for me brother. Maybe he is killer in this game, maybe that but for me when he say he killer, I say bullshit nobody is killer in UFC" - Ted Bundy

  62. Zero Cool

    Zero CoolPrije mjesec

    Pretty sure John is a lizard person, not 100% but like 97% or something

  63. Draven Huckleberry

    Draven HuckleberryPrije mjesec

    Nick is not going to fight you.

  64. Sami

    SamiPrije mjesec

    Come backup inchallah brother

  65. True LibertarianPt

    True LibertarianPtPrije mjesec

    Man the interviewer has such a funny face I cant take this seriously

  66. Joseph Kelley

    Joseph KelleyPrije mjesec

    Khamzat looking fresh. Ready.

  67. Jason Olinger

    Jason OlingerPrije mjesec

    "i've seen many things in my life, for me nobody's gangster"

  68. Dubcat

    DubcatPrije mjesec

    "I've seen many things in my life. For me nobody is gangster." This was accompanied by an emotionless killer stare.

  69. Toki Buroak

    Toki BuroakPrije mjesec

    Please, everyone knows Khamzat pulled out of the Leon fight because he knew he was going to get his ass kicked. Now he wants to fight a retired fighter who hasn't fought in years.

  70. jason lynch

    jason lynchPrije mjesec

    Johnny morgs is the unsung main event on every card

  71. Tee Shark (TeeShark)

    Tee Shark (TeeShark)Prije mjesec

    Khamzat you are gonna be able to help your mother and family more than you know my brother. Get back in there and back to smacking people around. Have patience... you are gonna make millions soon enough.

  72. Bram farang Gang

    Bram farang GangPrije mjesec

    Thank goodness he's showing us his funny character 😅😅 great interview 👍🙏🏻❤️

  73. Luka Mesaric

    Luka MesaricPrije mjesec

    A fat obese reporter who has never fought a single round in his life pumping up a hype train of a supposedly unbeatable MW who is calling out a retired WW. Prove yourself first. Beat somebody top 20 at least. What is this becoming?

  74. spanky mcnugget

    spanky mcnuggetPrije mjesec

    I love this kid I don't blame Nick, Chimaev is an animal in his prime right now. Nick definitely needs a couple tune ups before he jumps into the deep end of the pool he hasn't faught in years. Give him Conor Mcgregor to smash on first then Masvidal then Chimaev. Right now I think Chimaev will run right threw Usman and Colby give Khamzat his title shot.

  75. SAHYAN

    SAHYANPrije mjesec

    Stockton slap 👋🏽 get ready

  76. Hannan Raja Ali

    Hannan Raja AliPrije mjesec

    A True Gangsta. Just wants to kill everybody...

  77. Pedro Pierre

    Pedro PierrePrije mjesec

    I imagine had he been healthy he’d be next in line for the Usman fight right about now.

  78. Angelo Andrikos

    Angelo AndrikosPrije mjesec


  79. Da I

    Da IPrije mjesec

    So khamzat is a puppet, and why does he go for the easy fights, Nick's old

  80. Sayhard Slayer

    Sayhard SlayerPrije mjesec

    Legacy and family.. good man.

  81. Michael Shannon

    Michael ShannonPrije mjesec

    This guys got the demeanor of havin seen too much too soon.

  82. Kenny Ross

    Kenny RossPrije mjesec

    I love this guys passion and enthusiasm for MMA.

  83. Merrill Sizemore 3:16

    Merrill Sizemore 3:16Prije mjesec

    I think Nick will surprise many people.

  84. love wrestling

    love wrestlingPrije mjesec

    Ha ha haaa 😎

  85. WEStealzPlaydoSnakes

    WEStealzPlaydoSnakesPrije mjesec

    Let's take bets now=usman retires before fighting khamzat.

  86. Jean Nickson Jean Baptiste

    Jean Nickson Jean BaptistePrije mjesec


  87. Jean Nickson Jean Baptiste

    Jean Nickson Jean BaptistePrije mjesec

    😅😅😅 this guy is a character. He is ready to kill somebody

  88. G.r Tshikuma Mac

    G.r Tshikuma MacPrije mjesec

    Who have the first question?

  89. Brady Graham

    Brady GrahamPrije mjesec

    am i the only one that cant stand john.

  90. Random guy

    Random guyPrije mjesec

    One of the best active fighter in UFC.. n I loved the interview brother u r funny.

  91. Marium Rajah

    Marium RajahPrije mjesec

    Lovely fella Love from the UK fans

  92. kgk80gak

    kgk80gakPrije mjesec

    It feels like his attitude matured a lot after the Covid-19 recovery. Before he was again funny/aggressive, but got to an annoying level sometimes to hurt his own image. Now, he obviously needs the publicity and the money, so he will say he is ready. But one cannot help but feel excited to see how hel'll do against the big dogs of UFC regardless of his condition.

  93. Mike

    MikePrije mjesec

    Who is this guy Khamzat Chimaev ? He is not even ranked. What has he done, I don't get it how does he get a shot with Nick Diaz? Someone anyone ? 🤪

  94. Mr Poindexter

    Mr PoindexterPrije mjesec

    9:40 best part 😂

  95. Zilma Lizmal

    Zilma LizmalPrije mjesec

    This guy is sooooo good he’s beyond 99,9% of fighters ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  96. 8rick1ane

    8rick1anePrije mjesec

    I like his Rolex.

  97. Chris Kellerman

    Chris KellermanPrije mjesec

    We wanna see Khamzat 💥

  98. Ara8icPo3try

    Ara8icPo3tryPrije mjesec

    Many people make fun of this interviewer, but I actually like him !

  99. rock dog

    rock dogPrije mjesec

    Khamzat is the real deal. He will be champion within 2-3 years. He may get beat a few times until then but he will get the belt.

  100. Rich e Rich

    Rich e RichPrije mjesec

    He looks like a real life Mortal Kombat character. The guy's not a hype train he's legit. One day he's gonna be Champ!

  101. Moises Jimenez

    Moises JimenezPrije mjesec

    I get all the family thing but I cant relate. To me, family is only important if they dont turn their back on you. Mothers do it, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins turn their backs on you all the time

  102. Blitzz F

    Blitzz FPrije mjesec