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Måneskin - Beggin'
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Put your loving hand out, baby
'Cause I'm beggin'

I'm beggin', beggin' you
So put your loving hand out baby
I'm beggin', beggin' you
So put your loving hand out darlin'

Ridin' high, when I was king
I played it hard and fast, 'cause I had everything
I walked away, you want me then
But easy come and easy go
And it would end

So, any time I need ya, let me go
Yah, any time I feed you, get me? No
Any time I see you, let me know
But I planted that seed, just let me grow
I'm on my knees while I'm beggin'
'Cause I don't want to lose you
Hey yeah, ratatata

I'm beggin', beggin' you
And put your loving hand out baby
I'm beggin', beggin' you
And put your loving hand out darlin'

I need you to understand
Tried so hard to be your man
The kind of man you want in the end
Only then can I begin to live again

An empty shell
I used to be
The shadow of my life
Was hangin over me
A broken man
But I don't know
Won't even stand the devil's dance
To win my soul

What we doin'? What we chasin'?
What about 'em, why the basement?
Why we got good shit, don't embrace it?
Why the feel for the need to replace me?
You on a runway track from the good
I want to paint in the pictures any way we could, react
Like the heart in a trash where you should
You done gave it away, ya' had it till you took it back
But I keep walkin' on
Keep rockin' dawns
Keep walking forward
Now the court is yours
Keep browsin' halls
'Cause I don't wanna live in a broken home
Girl I'm beggin'

Mhh ye-e-e-ah
I'm beggin', beggin' you
So put your loving hand out baby
I'm beggin', beggin' you
So put your loving hand out darlin'

I'm fightin' hard
To hold my own
Just can't make it all alone
I'm holdin' on
I can't fall back
I'm just a con about to fade to black

I'm beggin', beggin' you
Put your loving hand out baby
I'm beggin', beggin' you
So put your loving hand out darlin'

I'm beggin', beggin' you
So put your loving hand out baby
I'm beggin', beggin' you
So put your loving hand out darlin'

I'm beggin', beggin' you
So put your loving hand out baby
I'm beggin', beggin' you
So put your loving hand out

Beggin Lyrics
Måneskin Beggin
Beggin Måneskin
Måneskin Beggin Lyrics
Beggin Måneskin Lyrics
Måneskin Lyrics


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