Måneskin (Italy Eurovision 2021) “I Wanna Be Your Slave” & “Zitti E Buoni” | Wiwi Jam at Home

Måneskin - Italy's Eurovision 2021 act - perform their original song “I Wanna Be Your Slave” and the Sanremo version of “Zitti E Buoni” during the Wiwi Jam at Home concert.

Read the lyrics to "I Wanna Be Your Slave": wiwibloggs.com/2021/06/19/i-w...

You can watch the entire three-hour wiwibloggs concert here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TLgp...

In case you missed it, here’s our interview with Måneskin following their first rehearsal at Eurovision 2021: hrcharts.info/white/video/md2jpJej213Mk6c

I Wanna Be Your Slave lyrics - Måneskin

I wanna be your slave
I wanna be your master
I wanna make your heart beat
Run like rollercoasters
I wanna be a good boy
I wanna be a gangster
'Cause you can be the beauty
And I could be the monster
I love you since this morning
Not just for aesthetic
I wanna touch your body
So fucking electric
I know you scared of me
You said that I'm too eccentric
I'm crying all my tears
And that's fucking pathetic
I wanna make you hungry
Then I wanna feed ya
I wanna paint your face
Like you're my Mona Lisa
I wanna be a champion
I wanna be a loser
I'll even be a clown
Cause I just wanna amuse ya
I wanna be your sex toy
I wanna be your teacher
I wanna be your sin
I wanna be a preacher
I wanna make you love me
Then I wanna leave ya
'Cause baby I'm your David
And you're my Goliath
Mhm, ah-ha
Because I'm the devil
Who's searching for redemption
And I'm a lawyer
Who's searching for redemption
And I'm a killer
Who's searching for redemption
I'm a motherf*cking monster
Who's searching for redemption
And I'm a bad guy
Who's searching for redemption
And I'm a blonde girl
Who's searching for redemption
I'm a freak that
Is searching for redemption
I'm a motherf*cking monster
Who's searching for redemption
I wanna be your slave
I wanna be your master
I wanna make your heart beat
Run like rollercoasters
I wanna be a good boy
I wanna be a gangster
Cause you can be the beauty
And I could be the monster
I wanna make you quiet
I wanna make you nervous
I wanna set you free
But I'm too fucking jealous
I wanna pull your strings
Like you're my telecaster
And if you want to use me I could be your puppet
'Cause I'm the devil
Who's searching for redemption
And I'm a lawyer
Who's searching for redemption
And I'm a killer
Who's searching for redemption
I'm a motherf*cking monster
Who's searching for redemption
I wanna be your slave
I wanna be your master

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    You can watch our entire 2.5-hour Wiwi Jam concert here: hrcharts.info/white/video/Y7eAmtLaxHyW3c0

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