McGregor vs. Aldo | Best Moments

Best moments featuring Conor McGregor \u0026 José Aldo in UFC 194


  1. T Corp

    T CorpPrije 12 minuta

    Touch butt

  2. Nyseen Hunter

    Nyseen HunterPrije 4 sati

    Funny how jose said the first push he threw was a ko but conor did that lol

  3. President Camacho

    President CamachoPrije 6 sati

    36:35 *body double* he even gets nervous and stutters/misspeaks lol still fooled most people tho

  4. Austin Kilgore

    Austin KilgorePrije 12 sati

    1:35 Probably one of my favorite lines from Conor lol.

  5. Den M

    Den MPrije 13 sati

    WTF is with Conor's body double? For what?

  6. herohunter81

    herohunter81Prije dan


  7. Matt Austin

    Matt AustinPrije dan

    Cracked like an egg

  8. Organic Juice

    Organic JuicePrije dan

    36:00 connor doesnt look healthy at all . He looks like a skeleton

  9. chris Hansen

    chris HansenPrije dan

    Jose said he looks like shaggy , only said that cause he's white . Jose racist that's cool . One of the weakest insults ever . Shaggy was tall and had long hair . McGregor isn't tall and his hair is short sooo?

  10. Richard Hulse

    Richard HulsePrije dan

    Fw Conor just hits different

  11. kimo

    kimoPrije dan

    43:10 the absolute truth

  12. Horked

    HorkedPrije dan

    "Yep, eagle eyes! I can see everything. Before somebody even thinks about doing their move. I already see it comming." loled after the event

  13. Tomas Traveria

    Tomas TraveriaPrije dan

    what a movie

  14. rathindra kumar. sinha.

    rathindra kumar. sinha.Prije dan

    One should know his or her limit.

  15. Don Dada

    Don DadaPrije dan

    I like that Ryan Hall Cameo @ 31:03

  16. nev billett

    nev billettPrije 2 dana

    Connor loves Brazil and punching Flooredhim Mayweather's hands with his face

  17. ธัญวรัตน์ ธาราดล

    ธัญวรัตน์ ธาราดลPrije 2 dana


  18. ธัญวรัตน์ ธาราดล

    ธัญวรัตน์ ธาราดลPrije 2 dana


  19. Short Experiments

    Short ExperimentsPrije 2 dana

    He is a Real Actor

  20. Short Experiments

    Short ExperimentsPrije 2 dana

    he has fighting style

  21. wolfofrhodeisland X

    wolfofrhodeisland XPrije 2 dana

    Talkin trash or not Connor knocked his broken english ass out bottom line!!

  22. c88.rex

    c88.rexPrije 2 dana

    36:35 doesnt look like connor at all, way too skinny

  23. Jasko Prckovic

    Jasko PrckovicPrije 2 dana

    This was McGregor who i fucking loved, i miss this McGregor

  24. Jimmy Cline

    Jimmy ClinePrije 3 dana

    :54 LOL Conor looks like a trophy horse walking by! He’s a funny guy!

  25. Varo Slemany

    Varo SlemanyPrije 3 dana


  26. Para Akula

    Para AkulaPrije 5 dana

    16:13 historical

  27. The Eagle

    The EaglePrije 6 dana

    27:20 *nice AK on the table!!*

  28. jasmyne contours

    jasmyne contoursPrije 6 dana

    McG was mean and disrespectful as hell...I almost feel bad. Sorry for all the estrogen.

  29. Craig Says

    Craig SaysPrije 6 dana

    "You Brazilian bitch - you'll do nothing!" LOL!!!!

  30. Matthew Garza

    Matthew GarzaPrije 7 dana

    7:00 “say goodbye” 😂😂😂

  31. alliezz1

    alliezz1Prije 7 dana

    no north or south american or asian or african one can ever beat a european one. no chance at all!

  32. Sam Roberts

    Sam RobertsPrije 7 dana

    Connor throwing up the free mason symbol.....he sold his soal

  33. JR

    JRPrije 7 dana

    Would you sell your soul to be a disrespectful trash talking personality so you and your family can not have to really work for generations living off of millions of dollars?

  34. Amar G

    Amar GPrije 9 dana

    Champ...,champ . Khabib should go for 170 or 145......just to match Conor resume.

  35. Amar G

    Amar GPrije 9 dana

    Aldo : scratch Conor

  36. Rocky Quinn

    Rocky QuinnPrije 9 dana

    Conor is a goober i love the guy

  37. YaboyWaffles

    YaboyWafflesPrije 9 dana

    well.... it was certainly a flawless victory...

  38. Nick Pappas

    Nick PappasPrije 9 dana

    Imagine if Conor lost he’d look like such a clown

  39. Jonathan

    JonathanPrije 9 dana

    41:38 unconscious Aldo eats a knee from Big John

  40. L

    LPrije 16 dana

    ‘in the manner I beat him, there will no need for a rematch’ he was just so correct

  41. Manny Andrr

    Manny AndrrPrije 18 dana

    21:10 wow just wow .. Literally how the fight went smh

  42. Ge Ivan

    Ge IvanPrije 19 dana

    4:33 : "Oww Fook" 😂😂😂

  43. Luntinkhup Haokip

    Luntinkhup HaokipPrije 21 dan

    28:45 the touchbutt with that dork in the park the ponytail

  44. V bulldog

    V bulldogPrije 21 dan

    The manner I beat him they will be no need for a rematch. This Conner knew and visualized everything by. When he’s focused he’s a scary man

  45. Quantum Leap

    Quantum LeapPrije 21 dan

    15:21 damn he predicted the future

  46. salty carrot

    salty carrotPrije 22 dana

    Man I think it's so funny that he doesn't know English and conor talking to him like he does the way he says give me that and he just looks at him so lost

  47. Maxson M

    Maxson MPrije 22 dana

    McGregor intimidated Aldo and Aldo was not comfortable.

  48. Cash Cody

    Cash CodyPrije 22 dana

    Connor -" If this was a different time I would invade his villa on horse back and kill anyone that wasn't fit to work" Literally Everyone - 😳 what the fuuuuuuck



    CONOR MCGREGOR is the full package of fun in this brutal sports we ALL CALLED MMA UFC....

  50. Hamza Shahab

    Hamza ShahabPrije 22 dana

    *the only thing I see when I look at him is shaggy from scooby doo*

  51. Mr Se7enGD

    Mr Se7enGDPrije 22 dana

    Poor Jose u have nothing when u meet the king conor

  52. Hashtag EV

    Hashtag EVPrije 23 dana

    This was a sick night I had only watched him in one fight before this and thought he was cool. After this I became a huge fan.

  53. James H

    James HPrije 23 dana

    i remember staying uplate to watch the fight fell asleep right when it satrted little did i now it was already over

  54. Don Thampy

    Don ThampyPrije 23 dana

    psychological torture should be banned from ufc

  55. William Schweinheim

    William SchweinheimPrije 23 dana

    Such a sick video, so well put together.

  56. Murad Pitsayev

    Murad PitsayevPrije 23 dana

    17:16 typical native Irish in a nutshell

  57. Drew Earthling

    Drew EarthlingPrije 23 dana

    Aldo - "The first strike he lands will put Connor in a coffin." The first strike Connor landed had Aldo riding a Unicorn through the hills of Fruityland.

  58. Jo Nathan

    Jo NathanPrije 23 dana

    Conor is a fucking comedian. Everything he says is just so hilarious. And his timing is just as good as inside the octagon.

  59. equinox balanced

    equinox balancedPrije 23 dana

    The ufc and Connor Played a game on him they toyed with him and just before the fight he is in a pls where everybody hates him and is on edge it’s a Beautiful place the brain but can be played like a violin


    STANLEY YELNATSPrije 24 dana

    Yet Robbie Vs Rory only made like 26k each

  61. oogabooga

    oogaboogaPrije 24 dana

    to me, this was the most disappointing ufc fight id ever seen. i really wanted to watch these dudes go to war


    ERICK RBDPrije 24 dana

    Aldo :(

  63. Apotheosis of the last Sentinels

    Apotheosis of the last SentinelsPrije 24 dana

    Rewatching this, I realized that Aldo was absolutely right. It was a flawless victory.

  64. majikjuggalo

    majikjuggaloPrije 24 dana

    9:40 Aweeee Dana pretending that Connor showed him an arm drag for the first time so it doesn’t hurt his ego.

  65. matthew tonna

    matthew tonnaPrije 24 dana

    What a boring fight lol

  66. Weißbrot

    WeißbrotPrije 25 dana

    1:58 - 2:07 hahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  67. Peaceful Guy MMA

    Peaceful Guy MMAPrije 25 dana

    I hope Conor will smack Poirier in the triology fight

  68. Ron P

    Ron PPrije 25 dana

    Conor was Conor but Aldo was way more arrogant.

  69. Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Maximus Decimus MeridiusPrije 25 dana

    Ariel helwani the usual hard-hitting insightful questions?? LOL hilarious.

  70. Christopher Hicks

    Christopher HicksPrije 25 dana

    Their are others who did it 8 and 12 sec, how the fuck is he the fasted ko in the world?????

  71. Henry Chinaski

    Henry ChinaskiPrije 25 dana

    Fastest KO in a title fight . Do you even listen ?

  72. TheFReeFRiesss

    TheFReeFRiesssPrije 25 dana

    No lie, I thought that was Obi Wan in the thumbnail....

  73. Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Maximus Decimus MeridiusPrije 25 dana

    I think the lights might have been a little bright for Jose??Plus dealing wit that young kid everyday without beating him senseless must've been tough?You can see how exhausting that was for him.

  74. Sasuke.7

    Sasuke.7Prije 25 dana

    Conor just has that 'it' factor hope he bounces back against dustin


    LOCK GUNSPrije 25 dana

    I look

  76. Harsh DG

    Harsh DGPrije 26 dana

    I lost it at 29:58

  77. Syamil Ayasy

    Syamil AyasyPrije 26 dana

    conor look like bily kimber

  78. Arnab Kar

    Arnab KarPrije 26 dana

    4:11 best one rofl XD

  79. David Jr

    David JrPrije 26 dana

    This is absolutely brutal to watch. As the video progresses, Aldo seems to break little by little until he finally shatters in the octagon.

  80. Mr X it all

    Mr X it allPrije 26 dana

    28:50 “playing touch butt with that dork in the park”

  81. Johnny Rhoday

    Johnny RhodayPrije 27 dana

    Did Conor psyche him out or was he just untouchable at that time? I’d have loved to have seen the Irish reaction to that K.O. That whole country exploded I bet. I feel bad for Jose at the same time. He’s a great fighter. Either way it was an awesome moment for The UFC. I love it. Larone is the shit as well.

  82. Ricky Spanish

    Ricky SpanishPrije 27 dana

    My poops getting excited.

  83. Bob Wire

    Bob WirePrije 28 dana

    Lame Moments

  84. Noahs__flood

    Noahs__floodPrije 28 dana

    Lol! This is right up there with trump vs jeb

  85. CowsInAGlass

    CowsInAGlassPrije 28 dana

    Aldo saying "flawless victory" gosh.. it really was 😂

  86. Marcus Gunter

    Marcus GunterPrije 28 dana

    King fighter. In his weight class

  87. benhurzz

    benhurzzPrije 28 dana

    6-700 people in the room “a lot more than tha” 😂😂😂

  88. Al Bundy

    Al BundyPrije 28 dana

    11:01 what happend to masvidal?

  89. Callum Reed

    Callum ReedPrije 28 dana

    8:05 walking in after a 6am sesh with the boys

  90. DAVID1737ÍØ

    DAVID1737ÍØPrije 28 dana

    what idiot

  91. JM

    JMPrije 28 dana


  92. my madness protects me

    my madness protects mePrije 28 dana

    Коннор конечно же талантище) растоптал Альдо до боя ещё) Накрутил бедолагу так, что тот забыл доспехи со шлемом накинуть))

  93. anshum Kathuria

    anshum KathuriaPrije 28 dana

    Conor's movement training was so beautiful

  94. Timur Zavidov

    Timur ZavidovPrije 29 dana

    Watching this makes it so cringy, knowing what happens in the end. Aldo has not just been decrowned, he was leveled with shit during that whole tour.

  95. Bostur //

    Bostur //Prije 29 dana

    6:57 lmaoo

  96. Sohan Karki

    Sohan KarkiPrije 29 dana

    Imagine aldo got bullied his whole life. He trains himself to become an undisputed champion for 10 yrs and stand up for himself against his bullies then , Conor just fucking bullies him, absolutely bullies him, takes his belt away , hahhahaha 😂😂

  97. Sohan Karki

    Sohan KarkiPrije 26 dana

    Peacefulbeet857 1. No one gets to correct grammar with a name thats from xbox live random name generator 2. Im typing from my mobile loser.

  98. Peacefulbeet857

    Peacefulbeet857Prije 26 dana

    @Sohan Karki 1. shutted isn’t a word and 2. Aldos still fighting mate.. get off your keyboard and get outside. Enjoy your life.

  99. Sohan Karki

    Sohan KarkiPrije 26 dana

    Peacefulbeet857 Just like how conor shutted aldo up ?

  100. Peacefulbeet857

    Peacefulbeet857Prije 26 dana

    Shut up

  101. Spinning Backfist

    Spinning BackfistPrije 29 dana

    Come fight night not only was Aldo tense but he was timid...

  102. Wiikstrom™

    Wiikstrom™Prije 29 dana

    so many people werent even watching lol. thats how fast it was

  103. Daniel Fouladi

    Daniel FouladiPrije 29 dana

    Dana white does not pay his fighters enough 🤦‍♂️

  104. Hyden Ray

    Hyden RayPrije 29 dana

    The grumpy stomach morphologically rub because panties nearly strengthen into a tested tower. apathetic, onerous croissant

  105. Moa Toshi

    Moa ToshiPrije 29 dana

    Dana was loving every moment of it.