Michael Chandler reacts to Charles Oliveira defeat: "I will be UFC champion by the end of my career"

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  1. Dhia Djobbi

    Dhia DjobbiPrije 27 dana

    GLASS jaw

  2. Thomas .M

    Thomas .MPrije 28 dana

    Michael "I should've zigged when I zagged" Chandler...lol

  3. The Geekazoid

    The GeekazoidPrije mjesec

    I want this guy to be champion... I like him in this weight class after Connor of course

  4. Barney Rubble

    Barney RubblePrije mjesec

    You got a fan here

  5. Clifford James

    Clifford JamesPrije mjesec

    Chandler needs to improve his defense.

  6. Eeeeld '

    Eeeeld 'Prije mjesec

    I think the water was old..

  7. Avitar Magnus

    Avitar MagnusPrije mjesec

    Michael you were winning 100% and got caught with an odd shot!! very sad but loss with grace is OK!!! next time lay on him elbows don't stand and wait!!! you gave him that chance and he got up!!! NEVER AGAIN!!! Keep it going!!!! gaeji next

  8. Henrique Francisco

    Henrique FranciscoPrije mjesec

    I like how he handled this interview apart from the time he said, "i let him take my bacK". mmmm, guy, Oliveira is an opportunity hunter, he saw he took it. And with that much time on the clock, no one wants amor would let oliveira take their back.

  9. Marge Ebiya

    Marge EbiyaPrije mjesec

    Man huge respect 💪💯 for him he will definitely become champion one day❣️🇮🇳🇮🇳 from india

  10. Tyler Durden

    Tyler DurdenPrije mjesec

    It’s no big deal, he just zigged when he should have zagged

  11. Dontblink29

    Dontblink29Prije mjesec

    If you can't beat #3 in the first round....... You won't be champ. Sorry bud start calling Rough and Roudy and you could be champ.

  12. Will Martin

    Will MartinPrije mjesec

    Gotta love this guy 👌

  13. pay bas la Haye

    pay bas la HayePrije mjesec

    Lets bring The Eagle back for Oliveira to take the crawl down.

  14. AT87

    AT87Prije mjesec

    the tears in this comment section lol, hmm, delicious...

  15. Brandon Kusaba

    Brandon KusabaPrije mjesec

    Ear is a bit swollen too my guy not just the eye haha

  16. Jason Roy

    Jason RoyPrije mjesec

    He won't be Champ in UFC. Ever.

  17. Armands

    ArmandsPrije mjesec

    Michael every 20 seconds- Ummm :D

  18. Daily London

    Daily LondonPrije mjesec

    Islam Makhachev vs Michael Chandler or Justin Gaethje let's gooooo

  19. TheOicyu812

    TheOicyu812Prije mjesec

    I might be wrong about this, . . . . but I think he zigged when he should have zagged.

  20. Shaquando Biggums

    Shaquando BiggumsPrije mjesec

    Conor beats him easy

  21. Billy Zar Jr.

    Billy Zar Jr.Prije mjesec

    Michael "um" Chandler

  22. Auto & Tirezzz

    Auto & TirezzzPrije mjesec

    So quickly has become one of my favorite fighters

  23. Long Term

    Long TermPrije mjesec

    All I want chandler to go do is take the L congratulate the new champ and move forward he keeps talking I will be the champ just take the L any fighter could say would of could of should of don’t matter the end result is an L on your resume

  24. Joey R

    Joey RPrije mjesec

    Has left ear 😱😱😱😱😱

  25. Jimmy Tee Rex

    Jimmy Tee RexPrije mjesec

    Chandler is the definition of a man but at 36 he needs to call it a night.

  26. Free Mind.D

    Free Mind.DPrije mjesec

    I have no doubt about that, he was so close

  27. Beholder505

    Beholder505Prije mjesec

    Damn, that ear looks like it's ready to squirt!

  28. Shawn Kliewer

    Shawn KliewerPrije mjesec

    You got not Chance. It's about a paycheck but you'll never be the real champ. Your good but not that good

  29. Serge García

    Serge GarcíaPrije mjesec

    You will get it champ youre the Man, LETS GO

  30. Fred Brown

    Fred BrownPrije mjesec

    I've been a big fan of Chandler since he was champion in bellator and even after this loss i still am.. congratulations to the new champ Charles 🏆 👏 💪 🙌 👍 💙

  31. John Keneth

    John KenethPrije mjesec

    Chandler definitely belongs in the lightweight division in the UFC. And he is a great professional and good worker. That was such an awesome fight.

  32. james strong

    james strongPrije mjesec

    ok.... I love chandler.. he won that fight... but is no one going to mention his ear that looks like a butthole? am I really the only one?

  33. msear

    msearPrije mjesec

    Michael Chandler would've been the UFC Champion already in Rd1 if the referee was Herb Dean. This was probably his only chance unfortunately.

  34. Adventurer Castle

    Adventurer CastlePrije mjesec

    Skill wise, I think he can be a champion. But sadly, Dustin or Connor, Justin, and the possiblity of Khabib returning will impede him in getting a title shot within a year.

  35. Brandon Donnelly

    Brandon DonnellyPrije mjesec

    Look at that cauliflower!!

  36. Andhi Brotoseno

    Andhi BrotosenoPrije mjesec

    This man is a glassjaw, will loose again by ko

  37. Tyler DeGrange

    Tyler DeGrangePrije mjesec

    That slam was very necessary! His back will hurt tomorrow.

  38. Paul Ludwig

    Paul LudwigPrije mjesec

    Hats off M C ... True Champ..shit happens as we all know , when u throw hands, shit happens

  39. Darwin Cardenas

    Darwin CardenasPrije mjesec

    Should've been Poirier vs Oliveira and Gaethje vs Chandler, really.

  40. Entrepreneur Extraordinaire

    Entrepreneur ExtraordinairePrije mjesec

    His over confidence killed him!

  41. Chris D

    Chris DPrije mjesec

    Who beats chandler ?🤷‍♂️ other than Olivera obviously

  42. Slobro

    SlobroPrije mjesec

    He should fight Justin gaethje

  43. Ale D'Agaro

    Ale D'AgaroPrije mjesec


  44. MR POOL ☑️

    MR POOL ☑️Prije mjesec

    You Inspire a lot of people with your Chin man 🥴 What do you and your team call that Chin?? Nobody hasn’t ever been in that position your very bless, One Debut match and next for Title shots!! I mean check UFC history nobody has ever been that fast for Title match and you got stunted with one single punch from a grapple!!!! Lemme tell you something Justin,Poirier 'n' Conor hit way harder than Charles. Go back where you came from your the champ there not in UFC here people hit hard and have solid Chin. Not just like yours. I’m mad because I lost $3k on MR.CHIN


    YUSHUA ELIASPrije mjesec

    He wont be hes got shit gas tank like conor

  46. jacey marshall

    jacey marshallPrije mjesec

    got other ben here boys hahaha

  47. slayerBO2EPC

    slayerBO2EPCPrije mjesec

    Chandler taking it like a man, could've had it in the first, props to Charles overcoming serious adversity, the lightweight division is lit

  48. Hakimi Kimi

    Hakimi KimiPrije mjesec

    Noob ahahah

  49. Model T100

    Model T100Prije mjesec

    Chandler definitely deserve respect

  50. Gary Maxfield

    Gary MaxfieldPrije mjesec

    You deserve to lose after shooting your big mouth off with no respect of all the guys in your devision.You should of stayed where you were with all the other sub man fighters.You would have been excepted way better by being humble.Never good by being an asshole.

  51. Tylor Wortman

    Tylor WortmanPrije mjesec

    Michael “I zigged when I shoulda zagged” chandler

  52. otter7467

    otter7467Prije mjesec

    I just can't get behind Chandler. Not sure if it's the wheaties box slogans or maybe just the general milk-toast personality, but Chandler just irritates me. Really glad to see Oliveira get the belt.

  53. Robby Podobinski

    Robby PodobinskiPrije mjesec

    He was so close

  54. ROB K

    ROB KPrije mjesec

    No doubt Chandler will get the belt in a couple of fights I believe as this is the reason why the UFC brought him into the UFC as we all know he's a world class fighter and the way he handled his loss just shows what kind of man he is respect

  55. Wick John

    Wick JohnPrije mjesec


  56. James Schmedel

    James SchmedelPrije mjesec

    That was NOT the performance that demonstrates all the TALK about him believing that he could even hang with KHABIB! Sorry...🤔🤨

  57. viorel neag

    viorel neagPrije mjesec

    Acum nu mai ești tare-n canta!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

  58. Chris1LFC

    Chris1LFCPrije mjesec

    Justin, Dustin and Connor all KO this guy..

  59. Snakebite

    SnakebitePrije mjesec

    Nobody said it was going to be easy. Keep grinding!

  60. Gregory Campbell

    Gregory CampbellPrije mjesec

    All class.

  61. Mohammed Amahrech

    Mohammed AmahrechPrije mjesec

    29 and Chandler.

  62. Poop mCgoop

    Poop mCgoopPrije mjesec

    Something tells me he zigged when he should’ve zagged

  63. King_Gunga

    King_GungaPrije mjesec

    New mythical fight. Zag Chandler

  64. Rex Hifo

    Rex HifoPrije mjesec

    Haha funny hs more humble now after talking about he could beat conor Dustin khabib etc hahahaha

  65. Trevor

    TrevorPrije mjesec

    Super exciting fight, neither played chicken and both went for it. True champions.

  66. PHD IN

    PHD INPrije mjesec

    The amount of class this man had with how he dealt with his losses reminded me of Jorge Masvidal and thus, has earned another fan especially when we see and can compare how other champs dealt with their losses ie Zhang Weili. Too much booing? C’mon.

  67. Brotherw0lf

    Brotherw0lfPrije mjesec

    Rough seeing chandler take a loss but after 1 fight in the ufc we all know he didn’t deserve to fight for the title. The UFC is a legitimate next level competition.

  68. Tekato Anime YT

    Tekato Anime YTPrije mjesec

    Chandler fanbois? Look at his ears.😂

  69. MMA Memes of the Week

    MMA Memes of the WeekPrije mjesec

    Class act! He's gonna get the belt. He's got a good interview on Theo Von's podcast, it's more of him outside of the fight game.

  70. james cameron

    james cameronPrije mjesec

    Hopefully chandler understands now that this isn't bummator.

  71. Raymond Causey

    Raymond CauseyPrije mjesec

    Damn I respect chandler upmost now!!! Hes really acted the part for every part! Hes a true fighter and great guy!💯🙏🏻🙌🏻

  72. SRJ

    SRJPrije mjesec

    This guy looks like he has been through the wars. I hope he does what he says he will

  73. Richard Davies

    Richard DaviesPrije mjesec

    Whats with MMA fighter's talking about being dad's constantly? I don't remember another athlete from any sport talking about it

  74. Metro Atl Matt

    Metro Atl MattPrije mjesec

    True pro right here! That left ear though, damn!

  75. TheTbet

    TheTbetPrije mjesec

    Nice attitude in this new fighters ufc roaster after that Conor trashy era

  76. Luke Wilkins

    Luke WilkinsPrije mjesec

    "i can hang with the best grappler on the planet" lol imagine if khabib ever gets a hold of him...

  77. sam chami

    sam chamiPrije mjesec

    I love this guy, Can’t wait to see his next fight

  78. Jazzbuh

    JazzbuhPrije mjesec

    Everyone saying Chandler didn’t deserve a title shot are trippin balls. Dude definitely deserved to be in there. We can sit here and say all the things that coulda/shoulda done to get that W, but we’re not in there. I’m sure he’s the one most disappointed in himself. He did what he thought was right at that time and amazed us at moments when we thought he was done like when he gave up his back. What a rollercoaster it was for the fans to witness this battle. Oliveira has got to have one of the best stories and I couldn’t be happier for him. I just hope he can hold on it the belt in the most stacked division.

  79. Maximus Decimus Meridius

    Maximus Decimus MeridiusPrije mjesec

    Michael "Zig not zag" Chandler

  80. hafis yusuf

    hafis yusufPrije mjesec

    He knows he has to be be humble to make fans pity him.but really he needs to go true the ranks.there are killers he has to fight.maybe he should start with Tony then work is way up.

  81. P. Brown

    P. BrownPrije mjesec

    Chandler will be champion. This was just a small setback.

  82. Helix Nebula

    Helix NebulaPrije mjesec

    Class act

  83. Jack Straw

    Jack StrawPrije mjesec

    I didn't c the fight. Did Chandler zig when he should have zagged? The whole fight aint been posted yet. 😉

  84. MrBlick76

    MrBlick76Prije mjesec

    Chandler has been incredibly humble and well spoken from the start. Anyone who talks smack about mike needs to fk off. Mad Respect to those that show respect. He will be a great ufc champ one day 🙌 🙏

  85. S Czarnecki

    S CzarneckiPrije mjesec

    Win or lose this guy is exciting in his fights. He charges forward and even on the ground takes risks and keeps the action going.

  86. Navin Vijay

    Navin VijayPrije mjesec

    He will come back! Chandler will come back!!

  87. Sideways23

    Sideways23Prije mjesec

    I could watch Derrick Lewis all day 😂😂

  88. Michael Young-Lorenzo

    Michael Young-LorenzoPrije mjesec

    I've never seen a guy take a loss so well before in my life.

  89. Mark O

    Mark OPrije mjesec

    Drop weight, don't be a Frankie Edgar.

  90. 9Ether MediaGroup (Mike Larry)

    9Ether MediaGroup (Mike Larry)Prije mjesec

    What a class act. This man deserves all the respect. A fresh of breath air in the UFC. Though he did not win the belt, he is clearly a contender to keep an eye on. That fight could have gone either way if it wasn't for the stoppage. Both men held their own, Charles just stepped on the gas when he saw the chance. Chandler will be back and probably more scary now that he has a loss. Nothing like a fighter who feels he has something to prove. Let's go ! 💪🏿

  91. ethan haigh

    ethan haighPrije mjesec

    Mcgreger vs Dustin winner fights Olivera

  92. M&M 0412

    M&M 0412Prije mjesec

    “I let him take my back” right ok, you let CHARLES OLIVEIRA take your back on purpose 🧐

  93. damircroat mastoo

    damircroat mastooPrije mjesec

    👂I don't understand what he meant, that he's going to win the UFC title in the second fight in the organization. I've been saying all along that he didn't deserve this place, and again I say Chandler will never be a UFC champion. He's a failed fighter in Bellator and thinks he's going to make it in UFC😂👂. Now put him in 9th place on the leaderboard in the division and let him fight his way to the top. "BEAT ME IF YOU CAN" ,,, LOL,.BYE-BYE 🦅

  94. Zach E

    Zach EPrije mjesec

    I won’t lie I didn’t know much about chandler but he seems like a class act and a real genuine guy. Hope he gets another shot

  95. Psychedelic Jack

    Psychedelic JackPrije mjesec

    He ain’t getting fuking nutting, no ones beating oliveira for a long time.

  96. God'soldier Standingby

    God'soldier StandingbyPrije mjesec

    "I'll see you at the top!, eventually"

  97. Josh Norton

    Josh NortonPrije mjesec

    He likes to let guys take hos back haha love chandler better fight next time brother

  98. Sid

    SidPrije mjesec

    He is lucky he had beaten hooker who was clearly in a jet leg that night . I don't think Chandler can handle Gaethji, porier , Derush and Makhachev .They will all go past him by second round.

  99. Marschall

    MarschallPrije mjesec

    5 sec more in round one and Chandler would won

  100. robert morse

    robert morsePrije mjesec

    Micheal is a world class athlete and took that loss like a real man! So much respect for that!