not enough meat



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    I'm not going to be pin

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    Thanks for not begging

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    @‎ you’re not gonna get hate if your doing it like that you have to trash talk about HRchartsrs and lie about and thats how to get hate

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    *H !*

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    Yeah probably

  7. Jayden Rucker

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    Karen: eats sandwich Karen: I want a refund Milad: You ate your sandwich Karen: I WILL SUE YOU!! Me: 😂😂 *records*

  8. Melanie

    MelaniePrije dan

    I think theres too much meat too little cheese xD

  9. xtsmobile

    xtsmobilePrije 2 dana

    In my opinion subway puts a lot of meat for the standard and theres not enough cheese

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    I’m not going to be pin


    OFFICIAL EPrije 3 dana

    Where she at in the comments??

  12. M

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    I usually don’t like super nice/friendly people but Milad is amazing!

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    “Don’t tell my parents that” Them watching this video: 👁👄👁

  14. BuDz Manson

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    I'm going to start a channel about milads best moments. Seriously subway should sponsor this man . I've been going to su way everyday this week because of Milad.

  15. Carl Jordan

    Carl JordanPrije 6 dana

    The problem is the locations of subway and what I mean is if I order double meat they give me the same amount but spread it out and that's why it's a waste of money so now let's say I go to another subway 10 mins away ,it looks like everything has been sitting their since they opened

  16. RVW

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    am I the only one that thinks there is a lot of meat on the subs??

  17. Abby

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    Why is this oddly satisfying

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    That miss noooooooooooo

  20. TheJustice_RocksYT

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    “Don’t quote me on that.” Okay I didn’t.

  21. Mark R

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    I've had stores try to short me on my Pepperoni's and salamis. Those thieving stores make me mad. I COUNT as your putting them on my sandwich.

  22. juan penport

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    That description is why I love Milad lmaoo

  23. GamesCrazy Andy

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    When you tossed the cucumber you missed the container lmfao

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  25. PiggyFN

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    Yeah I already said in another vid like you put so much fucking meat on there sandwiches

  26. carlazplayz

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    Tbh I don't like the sandwich to be full of meat

  27. Pascal Kargut

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    Not enough meat THATS WHAT SHE SAID

  28. Random things

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    Me and my dad were going to get subway so he called they said "we don't have bread" and I was like what

  29. Plastiquinone QB

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    So I see double meat tuna salads, no? 2:12 Salads get a six inch portion of meat so

  30. シHunter88playzx

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  31. Araf Hamid

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    2:20 His parents: Milad your fired!

  32. Samuel King

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    Where is your store? I will come one day if I get out of Australia

  33. ClerZz IMO

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    Trust me Milad, you put plenty of meat on your subway's. Anyone who complains is well... slightly high.

  34. Mindy Hiers

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    One of my best friends used to work at subway and I called her a "Sandwich making goddess" so if she gets that, you can have your Sandwich artist!

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    That’s what she said

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    I loooove you

  37. Ellisons videos

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  38. Dan Jay

    Dan JayPrije 9 dana

    Og turkey so good!

  39. Charles Thrailkill

    Charles ThrailkillPrije 9 dana

    15 bucks on the chicken, man yall are killing 😂

  40. Ingrimmsch2908

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  41. Ryuhardt

    RyuhardtPrije 9 dana

    I agree that not everyone's the same, but if you put the same amout of meat you show on your videos on EVERY sandwich you make... man, whoever's saying it's not enough is crazy

  42. Jeremy Rafuse

    Jeremy RafusePrije 9 dana

    Not sure why people go to these places, expecting to be treated like royalty and that Subway is this fucking Gucci meal 😂😂 it's made by a high school student who just got high out back before their shift started and all they wants to do is get back home and veg out.

  43. Risk

    RiskPrije 9 dana

    Sandwich artist ? Are you ok in the head

  44. MegaTime01

    MegaTime01Prije 10 dana

    Bring back for a speech bring back roast beef bring back roast beef bring back for a speech

  45. Awesome 9innings

    Awesome 9inningsPrije 10 dana

    “Not enough meat” *Looks at thumbnail

  46. Robb Stark

    Robb StarkPrije 10 dana

    Our subway is like 5 bucks for extra meat

  47. Franciscojmr2001

    Franciscojmr2001Prije 10 dana

    Bro I literally watch ur videos while I'm working (since I'm working from home) and bro I love ur videos, i work for Verizon but I currently don't live in the US, i really want to go there for many many reasons and one of those is going to ur Subway HAHAHAHA

  48. Bobby K. Fauna

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    That’s what she said

  49. Volrathy

    VolrathyPrije 10 dana

    white bread double meatball double bacon extra cheese lightly toasted - 6grams of fat or less

  50. Alton Link

    Alton LinkPrije 10 dana

    Did you just put 6 olives on that sandwich

  51. Anuke Grey

    Anuke GreyPrije 10 dana

    That first sandwich he made looks super Good.

  52. Anuke Grey

    Anuke GreyPrije 10 dana

    That water he left on the counter, Hurt my soul. I wish I could reach through the screen and wipe the extra water off.

  53. heccal93

    heccal93Prije 11 dana

    That first sub he made looked freakin perfect 🤌

  54. Star The Sylveon

    Star The SylveonPrije 11 dana

    I really wanted to try subway it looks so good and I love watching your videos when I come home from school

  55. JK - 07RB 757136 Queen Elizabeth Sr PS

    JK - 07RB 757136 Queen Elizabeth Sr PSPrije 11 dana

    you should put the recipes for the snadwiches you make in the comments cause im kinda new to subway and those sandwiches look bussin and i dont know what to put on mine btw dont have to

  56. Bread

    BreadPrije 11 dana

    1:07 we are witnessing a huge part of history

  57. lordkonee172

    lordkonee172Prije 11 dana

    Subway needs tzakii sauce

  58. Ultralord Fun

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  59. Tim0tree

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    I got a subway ad on this video

  60. Crypto Ferns

    Crypto FernsPrije 11 dana

    That’s what she said

  61. J

    JPrije 11 dana

    Little meat???? You guys get double the normal sandwich... xD

  62. Henry Hahn

    Henry HahnPrije 11 dana

    I was here for the sandwich

  63. hugo tortoise

    hugo tortoisePrije 12 dana

    More meat than taco bell

  64. sooner1125

    sooner1125Prije 12 dana

    Milad is the boss. I ate at my subway for the first time in years because of your videos. Chicken and steak with chipotle slaps!!

  65. Milad Mirg

    Milad MirgPrije 12 dana

    Good stuff

  66. Danielle Anderson

    Danielle AndersonPrije 12 dana

    If some people say the meat isn't enough and others say it's too much, that probably means it's the right amount of meat to default to.

  67. Alex Hutchins

    Alex HutchinsPrije 12 dana

    You know i have people forget to charge for the avacado or the extra meat. And i always say something. Most of the time they just give it to me free after words. And most of the time i pay the difference to the charity the store is offering. I went in expecting to pay so much money. Even if its a bit cheaper im cool with that. Let the charities of the world take it. Once i bought 3 steaks and they charged me for 1 steak. So i spent like 14 dollars on a steak. I tried telling the lady and she said its fine. Spent 14$ on a steak and like 30 on a charity that day. Thought it was fucking hilarious!

  68. Gilameir-4

    Gilameir-4Prije 12 dana

    That sandwich you made was LOADED

  69. Rafael Rodrigues Gimeno

    Rafael Rodrigues GimenoPrije 12 dana

    ok not gonna lie that first sandwitch he did got my mouth dripping

  70. Prithul Baveja

    Prithul BavejaPrije 12 dana

    Im a vegetarian

  71. Pedro Perny

    Pedro PernyPrije 12 dana

    Watching Milad, advantages and disadvantages: Advantages: Good videos Disadvantages: I'm hungry now

  72. forbiddenbud1226

    forbiddenbud1226Prije 12 dana

    You right I done watched you many of your videos to not be subscribed😂

  73. Sydney Kaseler

    Sydney KaselerPrije 12 dana

    Wonder if Milad’s parents are watching this right now

  74. CDE

    CDEPrije 12 dana

    Imagine his parents are watching

  75. nisha santhumayor

    nisha santhumayorPrije 13 dana

    Then you should try subway in India.. only 3-4 slices of meat (only 1 type) in a footlong..meat overlap here, naah! U want meat on every bite, u better take bigger bites. Alll subways feel like veg here cos of meat to veg ratio.. except meatball and tuna..

  76. Kaizer_Ian

    Kaizer_IanPrije 13 dana

    It's mad saying that's not enough meat. Here in Sweden the Subways I've been to usually give like half of what you put on.

  77. 01 Hitman

    01 HitmanPrije 13 dana

    Listen up You beautiful beautiful human beings Me: smiles after a decade

  78. GGuap1K

    GGuap1KPrije 13 dana

    u make subway look good tbh the one by the house do not look like this lol

  79. Denero Jenkins

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  80. Delamiro

    DelamiroPrije 13 dana

    You’re a sandwich artist, don’t let people tell you otherwise.

  81. Äłëx

    ÄłëxPrije 14 dana

    My mind read the title differently.

  82. Kyzer Soze

    Kyzer SozePrije 14 dana

    My god, I wish there was a subway place in Maldives. 😭😭😭

  83. Stephanie H

    Stephanie HPrije 14 dana

    Wait his parents own Subway😮😮😮😮

  84. Jay N

    Jay NPrije 14 dana

    I don't mind paying for extra meat, but they do charge a bit much for it. The profit margins on these ingredients is huge or they wouldn't make such huge profits already

  85. kekskiller 007

    kekskiller 007Prije 14 dana

    His parents seeing this rn: 😑

  86. ItzKaran2124 Free Fire

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    Not only did you get five likes you got 77k

  87. Joy L

    Joy LPrije 14 dana

    To be fair getting 6 slices of meat for 2 dollars while the exact same product, from an actual fridge, packaged is less than 2 dollars at the supermarket and you get double the number of slices. Fastfood places, restaurants etc. always massively overprice meats and drinks. There is no way you're gonna lose money for giving one lady some extra slices of meat. You're full of S buddy.

  88. Joan Mae Taotao

    Joan Mae TaotaoPrije 14 dana

    2:47 Ok then. (Since I've been watching you for almost 2 months now, multiple times a day).

  89. H ayley

    H ayleyPrije 14 dana

    I have a question where is your subway my family is thinking of ideas where to go on vacation and if I knew where your Subway is I could come

  90. Violet Temeyer

    Violet TemeyerPrije 15 dana

    It's the way he talks I love it.

  91. Ava MotoLife

    Ava MotoLifePrije 15 dana

    I'm on a binge and can't stop! Send help!😂😂

  92. Katherine Ehrhardt

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    I hope I get pinned

  93. sammy8244

    sammy8244Prije 15 dana

    You missed that cucumber throw! 😢

  94. MysticFlow

    MysticFlowPrije 15 dana

    2:50 he's lying. you can't unsub from the sub way. that's why it's called the sub way

  95. jjjonse

    jjjonsePrije 15 dana

    Every other video, I´ve watched before this one, I always thought, that you put a HUGE amount of meat.

  96. ninja frog

    ninja frogPrije 15 dana

    One time i went to swich chalet and got a cheeseburger and there was no patty so we went back and got free cheese cake


    MAMTA VERMAPrije 15 dana

    Ya In KFC they have a formula to give only 2 pieces of sauce when u order like for 10 people

  98. Michał

    MichałPrije 15 dana

    I want you to make me a sandwich.

  99. mohd numeyer

    mohd numeyerPrije 15 dana

    Could i ask what is the yellow and red like juice there?

  100. trojanjustin

    trojanjustinPrije 15 dana

    The best part of this is the slow-mo leftover toss.

  101. Kim Nielsen

    Kim NielsenPrije 16 dana

    Dude, i'm from Norway and the ammount of meat you guys put on that is like 3 times what they would give you here :D

  102. Donna q

    Donna qPrije 16 dana

    Sooo why are veggie sandwiches not that much cheaper if meat is the main expense

  103. Buff helpy

    Buff helpyPrije 16 dana

    Milad is a sandwich artist that paints my day

  104. Nicholas Thomas

    Nicholas ThomasPrije 16 dana

    What subway do you work at?

  105. VaughnVille Studios

    VaughnVille StudiosPrije 16 dana

    Instead of calling a Karen Karen call them “Deborah” A.k.a. a mega Karen

  106. Sarah Debacker

    Sarah DebackerPrije 16 dana

    I watched a few of your videos and you put sooooo much meat on your sandwiches. Like that portions of meat are enough to last me a month! :O