Novak Djokovic: 2021 Roland Garros Final Win Interview

Description: Novak Djokovic (SER) gives a speech following his final win at Roland Garros 2021.


  1. UchihABitachi

    UchihABitachiPrije 10 dana

    Can someone explain to me how Djokovic won Roland Garros against Tsitsipas 2 sets down? It looked like Tsitsipas had the bigger shots in this final. Better serve, bigger strokes, better net game.

  2. Bcdf 1930

    Bcdf 1930Prije 15 dana

    Djokovic has the same humility as Federer...That is why they both are so relatable and shines so much....

  3. wuoi zuiu

    wuoi zuiuPrije mjesec

    Djokovich will pass Federer and Nadal in the titles of the grand slams soon, maybe in this year.

  4. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnonPrije mjesec

    Djokovic is the most mentally tough athlete in history. Even Muhammad Ali was not as mentally tough as he was

  5. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiPrije mjesec

    Glad for you, Novak!! But please, Stefanos, JUST SMILE. That's your first grand slam final, geez, smile my boy, don't put this face. You're only 22....

  6. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosaPrije mjesec

    The more they cheer for his opponents the more I love him 😍 Novak is the GOAT !!!

  7. Timi B

    Timi BPrije mjesec

    why do they always cut the whole footage?

  8. wuoi zuiu

    wuoi zuiuPrije mjesec

    Fenómeno ejemplo de dignidad y vergüenza deportiva cosas que por Colombia no se ven

  9. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooiPrije mjesec

    Djokovic is the most mentally tough athlete in history. Even Muhammad Ali was not as mentally tough as he was

  10. qopoy dnon

    qopoy dnonPrije mjesec

    NATO BOMBS !!!!

  11. hj

    hjPrije mjesec

    ✨🏆🥇 It's a nice gesture and good that tennis players are so kind to each other (and especially to the runner up) after such a match but in all honesty, I don't think it's a good thing saying stuff like 'I believe you are going to win many grand slams in the future'. It might just create unnecessary stress and fear for that player (in this case tsitsipas) because then there is more expectation for that player to live up to. The spontanious and lighthearted post match interview and speeches are gone in my opinion and everyone is just saying the same political correct stuff just because everybody else is doing it. It's not a bad thing that you address and admire the accomplishments of your opponent, but it does get a little boring and old now What do you guys think? Am I being too dramatic here or do you agree?

  12. hj

    hjPrije mjesec

    @hoiy vinosa This comment doesn't make much sense but thanks

  13. hoiy vinosa

    hoiy vinosaPrije mjesec

    I'm amazed how strong this stage is for not collapsing from weight of Novak's massive balls.

  14. miko foin

    miko foinPrije mjesec

    Nole is as great as one of his best friends Nurmagomedov. A champion in all hearts ! God bless Serbia !

  15. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboiPrije mjesec

    Well, I went to the toilets in order to [XXXXXXXXXX] and when I came back, ...

  16. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cosePrije mjesec

    A very powerful video

  17. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooiPrije mjesec

    Stefanos will be a one hit wonder if he keeps acting like a child

  18. dean b

    dean bPrije mjesec

    This is what a king looks like

  19. Whgu ybnm

    Whgu ybnmPrije mjesec

    being called a Joker is obviously lucky ...for both Djokovic and Nikola Jokic :)

  20. lior yunfh

    lior yunfhPrije mjesec

    Nole is as great as one of his best friends Nurmagomedov. A champion in all hearts ! God bless Serbia !

  21. miko foin

    miko foinPrije mjesec

    As a french ..Djokovic = GOAT. Congratulations and thank you merci champion !

  22. Human Being 1st

    Human Being 1stPrije mjesec

    Absolutely embarrassing that a man of his ignorance is the winner. Purely embarrassing. He might say humble things on the court, but he and his family's ignorant & selfish tactics off court have proven that this is such an act. Anyone who considers him to be their idol should be wary, he might be a good player and have a good set of skills but he's a god awful human being!!

  23. abbsnn cose

    abbsnn cosePrije mjesec

    Happy every day

  24. Davor Rmus

    Davor RmusPrije mjesec

    Unbreakable, untouchable, undestroyable Novak Djokovic. Proud to be SERB.

  25. Whgu ybnm

    Whgu ybnmPrije mjesec

    Courier ( of course Jim can also speak French), he sent his regards and encouragement to Stefanos in English. And finished interview in French for the crowds.

  26. Foucault Pascal

    Foucault PascalPrije mjesec

    Énorme champion 🏆🏆🥳🥳

  27. Costa Athanasiou

    Costa AthanasiouPrije mjesec


  28. EWV

    EWVPrije mjesec

    He is a GOAT on drugs... sorry but he was so tired in the second set... no meditation in this world give you superman powers in 5 minutes...

  29. Slavica Markovic

    Slavica MarkovicPrije mjesec


  30. Octavio Echeverry

    Octavio EcheverryPrije mjesec

    Fenómeno ejemplo de dignidad y vergüenza deportiva cosas que por Colombia no se ven

  31. Steva Krkota

    Steva KrkotaPrije mjesec


  32. Giuseppe SALVAGGIO - Traduisons des chansons

    Giuseppe SALVAGGIO - Traduisons des chansonsPrije mjesec

    Well, I went to the toilets in order to [XXXXXXXXXX] and when I came back, ...

  33. Marko Mihajlovic

    Marko MihajlovicPrije mjesec

    I'm amazed how strong this stage is for not collapsing from weight of Novak's massive balls.

  34. Pushya A Gautama

    Pushya A GautamaPrije mjesec

    What A Champion! Nothing else to be said. #GOAT

  35. Ali Yahya

    Ali YahyaPrije mjesec

    Stefanos will be a one hit wonder if he keeps acting like a child

  36. Isagani Prado

    Isagani PradoPrije mjesec

    Most of all Stefanos...learn to be humble just like Novak! Nole transformed into the best tennis player but still remaims humble... I think Medbedev knows that!

  37. Марко

    МаркоPrije mjesec

    Понос српског народа ❤️

  38. Samo Lo

    Samo LoPrije mjesec

    As a french ..Djokovic = GOAT. Congratulations and thank you merci champion !

  39. Lucius Sulla

    Lucius SullaPrije mjesec

    GOAT. No doubt. My favorite is always going to be RAFA.

  40. Kin XXX

    Kin XXXPrije mjesec

    Novak is very polite, Marion started by asking questions in French.....He made the introduction in French, and switched immediately in English as he was talking about Borg and Courier ( of course Jim can also speak French), he sent his regards and encouragement to Stefanos in English. And finished interview in French for the crowds.

  41. Bio Kvantni Generator

    Bio Kvantni GeneratorPrije mjesec

    bravo Nole legendo

  42. Gordana Matijasevic

    Gordana MatijasevicPrije mjesec



    GORAN MARKOVICPrije mjesec

    Браво Новаче!!!!

  44. levioter

    levioterPrije mjesec

    Novak is such a classy and courteous player… congratulations to your achievements, we’re waiting for your 28-29 slams !! You’ve made HISTORY 🤩

  45. Chris Maginess

    Chris MaginessPrije mjesec

    Well done Novak. He's finally won it,having come runner-up to Nadal. Unlucky Tsitsipas he played some great tennis.

  46. Georgette Berho

    Georgette BerhoPrije mjesec

    Bravo novak

  47. Manolis

    ManolisPrije mjesec

    Novak la classe à l'état pur... Stefanos un futur numéro 1👍

  48. milka jovic

    milka jovicPrije mjesec


  49. Essio Fuzulu

    Essio FuzuluPrije mjesec

    respect to you.... proper thug life

  50. Slobodan Krdzavac

    Slobodan KrdzavacPrije mjesec

    Nole Nepobediv Neumoran Champions und der best der Welt grüß aus BRD

  51. Doug Smith

    Doug SmithPrije mjesec

    I’m a gigantic Fed Fan, but man Nole is so humble and shows so much class, Respect. Honestly we should not divide ourselves among the big 3. We should just recognize that these amazing players are playing in the same era, and how amazing that is. Appreciate it now guys, because these moments will never come back.

  52. Namashi :D

    Namashi :DPrije mjesec

    Un grand champion et un être humain humble et exemplaire. La lumière dans la société malade

  53. Sanjay Gupta

    Sanjay GuptaPrije mjesec

    novak is always class in speaking.

  54. Aadil Mir

    Aadil MirPrije mjesec

    Novak Djokovic. ❤️ Legend. Period.

  55. hanlet herman martinez peña

    hanlet herman martinez peñaPrije mjesec


  56. postzhwlxxspace l.a. tokyoMVSAYIKO

    postzhwlxxspace l.a. tokyoMVSAYIKOPrije mjesec

    the best ever greatest.happy bday with a delate .all the best you can win.

  57. General Shockwave Kingpin

    General Shockwave KingpinPrije mjesec

    Djokovic, one of the very greatest sportspersons, in history!

  58. General Shockwave Kingpin

    General Shockwave KingpinPrije mjesec

    Great Djokovic had a historic war with Nadal in the semis and a 5 set final with Tsitsipas! Djokovic, is unreal!

  59. 吉木早苗

    吉木早苗Prije mjesec


  60. Dargin Johnson

    Dargin JohnsonPrije mjesec

    Listen to your daddy boy.. you'll be better for it..


    DHRUVDEEP SINGHPrije mjesec

    I m die hearted fan of djokovic if god gives me a chance to meet u then I will say that to god now I my life motive is achieved ......really respect ...........luv u bro.....I watch your match constantly and praying the god plz win my player .....djoki that is lion

  62. Boban Graf Ristic

    Boban Graf RisticPrije mjesec

    "No'1e". mi te Volimo.

  63. Sandokan marijana

    Sandokan marijanaPrije mjesec


  64. Ankit Yadav

    Ankit YadavPrije mjesec

    True player spirit.

  65. Wiwong Lan

    Wiwong LanPrije mjesec

    Classic in the sand awesome in green and wonderful in another....

  66. Ljiljana Mcc

    Ljiljana MccPrije mjesec


  67. Aleksandar Radanovic

    Aleksandar RadanovicPrije mjesec

    INDISPUTABLE FACTS: - He is the only tennis player who won all GS at least twice - He is the only tennis player who won all masters (btw at least twice) - He is the guy with the most weeks as number one (btw in the strongest tennis era ever) - He is the guy with the most major trophies... And best is yet to come, make no mistake about it. He's coming for Margaret Court's 24 ;)

  68. Toto Silaban

    Toto SilabanPrije mjesec

    Real champion. Real Fighter. I am your big fan.

  69. Ružica Stević

    Ružica StevićPrije mjesec

    Bravo Nole! Sve cestitke!

  70. Maung Maung Myo Thwin

    Maung Maung Myo ThwinPrije mjesec


  71. Gloria Dela cruz

    Gloria Dela cruzPrije mjesec

    Stifanos is not happy, accept defeat gracefully, in time you’ll conquer it and you will reap your goal.

  72. Feugw twra

    Feugw twraPrije mjesec

    Greeks love and respect Djokovic a lot!

  73. Adarsh. S

    Adarsh. SPrije mjesec

    He is just awesome

  74. Lawrance Rajkumar

    Lawrance RajkumarPrije mjesec

    All the crowd supported tsitsipas to win its like Wimbledon final against federer but novak given big blow to tsitsipas no one expected with cool heart ❤ it shows he can achieve more in tennis sky is the limit for him love from india fan 💙👏👏👏👏👌👌👌👌🙏🙏🙏🙏

  75. Vijayaprabhu Jayachandran

    Vijayaprabhu JayachandranPrije mjesec

    Congrats to DJOKER by ending nadals 33 match streak and winning the RG trophy is something special. he has collected last 7 GS out of 11.That says his consistency and dominance. Fedex is class personified and Nadal is a fighter -nos dont matter for me if djoker goes past 25 titles. He plays equally well in all courts that is his biggest plus. happy to be witnessing this BIG3 in our lifetime. Younger generation should work consistenly for fitness and challenge for 5 setters. yesterday Tsitsipas was amazing and he lost because of him and no other.

  76. Душан Силни

    Душан СилниPrije mjesec

    He is saint in every aspect of life. Our great GOATković. Srbija te voli kralju!

  77. N

    NPrije mjesec

    being called a Joker is obviously lucky ...for both Djokovic and Nikola Jokic :)

  78. Tullio Gerlo

    Tullio GerloPrije mjesec

    Very impressive his mental power. In difficult moments he is able to get out the best inside

  79. rigadritto

    rigadrittoPrije mjesec

    grande Nole, l'Italia ti ama, sei uno di noi 👍

  80. Balázs Tóth

    Balázs TóthPrije mjesec

    It is time to take doping tests seriously in tennis too. Tsitsipas suggests doping between 2nd and 3rd

  81. Spartak Razakh

    Spartak RazakhPrije mjesec

    Novak's most dangerous opponent in this G.O.A.T. race is Roger Federer who is still able to make it big both at SW19 and USO.

  82. Karthikeyan S

    Karthikeyan SPrije mjesec

    He should have won more than 2 FO titles. Got so close in SF in 2013, and been victim of one of Wawrinka's best match in 2015. Whatever it is, he will never give it up.. Nole ♥️

  83. clift moulton

    clift moultonPrije mjesec

    Tennis is a sport of respect Novak shows great humility

  84. El Greko

    El GrekoPrije mjesec

    Respect nole

  85. azemina samardzic

    azemina samardzicPrije mjesec

    Bravoo Nole, are the best of best tenis player ever🥰🥰🥰❤❤🎾🎾🎾🎾🍾🍾🍾🍾good luck to the next maches..amazing,pozitive,best...yeees..Nole the world🍾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾❤🥰

  86. angel joly

    angel jolyPrije mjesec

    The straight pressure equally undress because hardhat concretely tickle underneath a elfin ant. thirsty, used tower


    HELLASSS SSPrije mjesec

    Σε αγαπάμε αδερφέ Τζόκοβιτς......είσαι αδερφός Σέρβος...να είσαι καλά 🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇬🇷🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🎾🎾

  88. Akash Sejpal

    Akash SejpalPrije mjesec

    Definitely feel for Tsitsipas he was close to win his 1st slam...

  89. Milan Zivkovic

    Milan ZivkovicPrije mjesec

    Nole will win 23 Grand Slams

  90. A Bordoloi

    A BordoloiPrije mjesec

    Joel Drucker said it as it is - surprises aren't a bad thing. Records set and records broken (rackets too) aren't a bad thing either. Rod Laver has company and Nadal has at last been generous after 13 years for the first time. Novak and his fans deserve the glory, the celebration for an entire lifetime. A Roger fan reminds that Novak was hasty in suggesting a three setter in Grand Slams and is convinced that the 19th title wouldn't be Novak's had it not been for five sets. On more than one occasion in this elusive French Open. Long live five sets in Grand Slams. For no fault of theirs and for unknown reasons, Roger and Rafa continue to remain beloveds of tennis but no one can deny Novak what he has amassed over time. May Roger shine on grass. His mastery and elegance is beyond records. As for Nadal, he experiences peace that passeth all understanding in the face of loss and glory. Rudyard Kipling's iconic illumination 'IF' springs to mind. Tennis reigns supreme. ❤️🙏

  91. Frankie Comia

    Frankie ComiaPrije mjesec

    ATP should no longer include the runner-up in the trophy presentation. It just doesn't feel right requiring the runner-up to stand in there the whole time while still dealing with the agony of defeat and seeing the Champion lift the trophy right in front of him. Worse, the runner-up are even asked to do a speech.

  92. Frankie Comia

    Frankie ComiaPrije mjesec

    @sunbeam I bet you’ve never been involved in competitive sports.

  93. sunbeam

    sunbeamPrije mjesec

    Not to hurt their feelings, eh? Change rules for those snowflakes??? How about giving them a binky? Ridiculous is understatement. Hope you were kidding.

  94. jim le reveilleur

    jim le reveilleurPrije mjesec

    he can thank his medical staff and the dopage control autorities who let him dope in quarters , semies, and this final

  95. MufLjuz MufLjuz

    MufLjuz MufLjuzPrije mjesec


  96. Z Z

    Z ZPrije mjesec

    Had the media been fair to Novak, he wouldn’t have had this great mental toughness. The more media smear him, the tougher he becomes.

  97. Shravan Kumar

    Shravan KumarPrije mjesec

    Privileged to be your fan

  98. Kohila Sid

    Kohila SidPrije mjesec

    Without Doubt he is an Untouchable Goat.....✌

  99. 임평화

    임평화Prije mjesec

    Novak is legend. He understand how lose the grand slam.

  100. Alvaro Aranda

    Alvaro ArandaPrije mjesec

    Novak what a great gentleman, respect

  101. John Hung

    John HungPrije mjesec

    A true GOAT carries himself on and off the court with grace and humility. No doubt he's a better player than Fed and Nadal (I won't even argue with that whatsoever), but from a historical viewpoint - everyone will say Fed or Nadal was GOAT

  102. Council

    CouncilPrije mjesec

    What is the dream of a child or young people when they want to earn. If you have to win for more then 13 time and you have capbale plz play it for free. Dont demand even a single doller or euro. Plz set a good example for your juniors too. Why do you peole need so much of wealth. How can you people be so happy when others are still suffering. Humens must limit their desires for materials plz go from here.this is not a achievements Edison's bulb shined the whole world in darkness. Galileos knowledge and Copernicus paved way to launch a sattilite in space The first Hydro electricity made was a biggest achievements for the people. Round the globe. you have you achieved for yourself. Not for the people. You can do one greatest thing limit. Teach the happiness of limits in life to your juniors too when they enter the court.Because unlimit is always danger.

  103. Milan Nikolic

    Milan NikolicPrije mjesec

    Jedan je Nole... 🇷🇸🇷🇸🇷🇸🥇

  104. ggswindow

    ggswindowPrije mjesec

    I really wanted rafa to win this one. And he had, at least not one, but 2 or 3 opportunities to win the AO, and be the first on the open era, not only to win twice, but even three times each slam. Unfortunately, at the end, anxiety takes the best of him. And has not been able to rise to the occasion. But, hats off to Nole. He's proven time & time again, he has what it takes. He changed his diet when that was not working, he improved on every department that there is to become better with time, instead of the opposite. He might be -afterwards, the real GOAT

  105. Happy Mind

    Happy MindPrije mjesec

    Now nobody should hesitate to state that Djoko is the best of the G- Three, he is the GOAT. He has potential to win many more Grand Slams and overshadow the records of Fed &Rafa. A REAL GIFTED PLAYER THE NOLE


    OUTBREAK GAMINGPrije mjesec

    Nole ain't Nole if he does not play for 5 hours and breaks his opponent apart lol

  107. Sai Nellore

    Sai NellorePrije mjesec

    Novak is the best... best human first. He's the undisputed King of Tennis and will remain so forever because I don't foresee anyone who can match his mindset and the flawless game he possesses. Here he is, just showed the supremely talented Stefanos how to step up when down 0-2 to win the Championship match and still stays humble and offers such positive and comforting words to Tsitsipas. I'm more in awe of Novak the man, than Djokovic the machine. 🙏

  108. Ashwin Naik

    Ashwin NaikPrije mjesec

    1.Only make player to win Won major slam twice 2. Also only make later To win masters 1000 twice.. Fedal haven't even won once 3. Most weeks as world no1 324 weeks and still counting. 4.Djokovic now leads Nadal head to head 30-28 5.Djokovic leads Federer 27-23 head to head

  109. alo hallo

    alo halloPrije mjesec

    As someone said, best sportsman ever..beat oponents mentality and physically, and then crowd..we are proud of Nole..he survived Nato bombs and determined in a way he will beat them all in arena..this is his revenge ...

  110. K G

    K GPrije mjesec

    He's still 0-2 vs. Kyrgios.

  111. Jagdeep Brar

    Jagdeep BrarPrije mjesec

    Mental strength is a key to success

  112. Jagdeep Brar

    Jagdeep BrarPrije mjesec

    Habit of winning usually headache for others