Race Highlights | 2021 Spanish Grand Prix

A captivating start \u0026 a fight to the end - but who came out on top in Barcelona?

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  1. Quentinou

    QuentinouPrije 10 dana

    Boring gp

  2. David Brazier

    David BrazierPrije 11 dana

    Remind me again how did yuki come out of the race again?

  3. Wiwik Arani

    Wiwik AraniPrije 11 dana

    Goo honda

  4. Immy Tayy

    Immy TayyPrije 11 dana

    It was absolutely BRILLIANT!

  5. Zara Taufiq

    Zara TaufiqPrije 12 dana

    Go Lewis Hamilton

  6. Despond

    DespondPrije 13 dana

    Why is every F1 video unavailable atm?

  7. Chance O'Neil

    Chance O'NeilPrije 15 dana

    What is the worst part of F1? I vote for "team orders". What else is suspect about this particular sport?

  8. chaitanya reddy

    chaitanya reddyPrije 16 dana

    It's not that the red Bull doesn't have the same race pace as merc, rather ver doesn't have the same race pace as Hamilton

  9. Sahil panjwani

    Sahil panjwaniPrije 18 dana

    I think the driver of the day for that race is bottas Because he was there alongside Hamilton , hamilton was able to pit for the second time knowing that verstappen can't do the same as he would come behind bottas Only if Perez was closer to / inside Hamilton's pit window would this race have been different to what we saw and hamilton would have been forced to stay on the 1 stop race

  10. Ali Kandemir

    Ali KandemirPrije 18 dana

    Hamilton starts and wins

  11. Ali Kandemir

    Ali KandemirPrije 18 dana


  12. Cooper S

    Cooper SPrije 19 dana

    I'm not a big Lewis guy, but boy; watching him bury Max is so satisfying.

  13. Captin Curt

    Captin CurtPrije 20 dana

    Snsnhhzhjsjj as he as haha I Shah

  14. tyrant fox

    tyrant foxPrije 20 dana

    Lewis is GOAT

  15. ธีรวุฒิ จินดามณี

    ธีรวุฒิ จินดามณีPrije 21 dan


  16. 4Heed Indeed

    4Heed IndeedPrije 21 dan

    loving the rival between redbull and mercedes

  17. Alvin Pratama

    Alvin PratamaPrije 22 dana

    Japanese cars are not just any car

  18. Beulah Taunya

    Beulah TaunyaPrije 22 dana

    The guarded fear ectrodactyly support because room intialy pretend failing a disgusting wool. fine, abaft queen


    BILLION GPrije 23 dana

    Trouble is u can pass Hamilton but can you keep him behind that's the thing mate!

  20. Lu Prime

    Lu PrimePrije 23 dana

    The dynamics of Mercedes is going to be this way this year and the one that comes, they will manage the advantage they have in the engines in the races, so that the superiority does not look so great, so that F1 does not change engines as soon as possible. bone is going to tease everyone. This F1 is a scam

  21. gigas81

    gigas81Prije 24 dana

    Bottas just wanted to keep Hamilton honest. No easy overtakes. :P

  22. Jimi Kuusipalo

    Jimi KuusipaloPrije 24 dana


  23. Benyamin Yamin

    Benyamin YaminPrije 24 dana


  24. Nostalgia Corner

    Nostalgia CornerPrije 27 dana

    Hamilton is GOAT

  25. Lucas 013

    Lucas 013Prije 27 dana

    F1 2020 gameplay

  26. Cyril Abiteboul /Dilan

    Cyril Abiteboul /DilanPrije 27 dana

    0:22 Alright,So Safety Car is in P20 and will also be racing as you can see from the back

  27. Joanna

    JoannaPrije 27 dana

    To make things interesting, I focus on the race and points table after HAM-VER-BOT. It's a fresh season there and Lando and his buddies are rockin'.

  28. Mimma Calletti

    Mimma CallettiPrije 28 dana


  29. Darren Sawmy

    Darren SawmyPrije 28 dana

    well Redbull should have responded with their set of new soft tires if they wanted to win! as soon as Hamilton get his second stop they should have change into his new set of softs….he would have been way faster than Hamilton!!


    VIRAM SHAHPrije 28 dana

    Hamilton Deserves Rosberg Just One More Time

  31. Joanna

    JoannaPrije 27 dana

    0:21, Safety car be like, "Guys, please wait..."

  32. Walter Hunter

    Walter HunterPrije 28 dana

    I thought Bottas said he was mentally ready for the new season. 😂😂😂

  33. Kishan

    KishanPrije 28 dana

    Martin's reaction at 4:17 is just pure cringe !

  34. Aravind Kumar

    Aravind KumarPrije 28 dana

    F1 in three seconds It lights out and a way we go. Hamilton wins the ........ Round 3

  35. Emily An

    Emily AnPrije 28 dana

    The highlight for me was when Toto complained about Mazepin to the board. Can’t wait for him to say, “GET TO THE CHOPPAAAAA!!” 🤣🤣

  36. LeRoy Engelbrecht

    LeRoy EngelbrechtPrije 28 dana

    Living Legend💯

  37. Tute 1607

    Tute 1607Prije 29 dana

    You don't want to watch F1 anymore if you already know who will be the winner.

  38. Aaron Christie

    Aaron ChristiePrije 29 dana

    Hamilton is protected but you still can't deny his greatness yes we can talk about who hasn't got his car but why haven't they got his car.. Because there is no reason for anyone else to have it due to his success. And continued success at that

  39. Emily An

    Emily AnPrije 28 dana

    Who is the narrator ?

  40. Lucas Vallejos

    Lucas VallejosPrije 29 dana

    Fua la re vivís escubi



    Да, Мерседес - это вещь....

  42. Sem Lesh

    Sem LeshPrije mjesec

    Does some one know what is drive in sam mode ?

  43. M J

    M JPrije mjesec

    Se tutte le persone avessero la possibilità anche solo di iniziare coi kart(non sono spiccioli neanche lì) come fosse con il calcio(quindi anche realtà più povere) allora credetemi che a parte 3 o 4 degli attuali piloti (forse anche meno) non ci sarebbe nessuno,almeno io la penso cosi

  44. Just your average guy

    Just your average guyPrije mjesec

    You know Hamilton you could have your teammate take a W for once or you know someone else like oh I don’t know verstrapen

  45. HomelessLemur

    HomelessLemurPrije mjesec

    ohhhh who would have thought that hamilton wins AGAIN, and AGAiN after a stunning race from max but hes got plot armor...f1 realy got boring in the last 3 years...

  46. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomPrije mjesec

    0:21, Safety car be like, "Guys, please wait..."

  47. Itsmeyesisstupid

    ItsmeyesisstupidPrije mjesec

    Niran: sp-ai-n Aarva: pain

  48. bezelye seven ördek

    bezelye seven ördekPrije mjesec

    nedense türk yok hayır adamlar istanbulpark a gelince herkes gp takipçisi oluyor ya ondan dedim

  49. LA F!

    LA F!Prije mjesec

    Hamilton imparable

  50. Ptao Tom

    Ptao TomPrije mjesec

    j'adore me tripoter devant la f1 edit (non)

  51. Keith Sinclair

    Keith SinclairPrije mjesec

    Can't help but root for Honda as it's their last year in F1. Have owned couple Honda motorcycles & Honda car put on buddy club coilovers, mugan racing brace, beefed up rear sway bar, spoon exhaust, short shifter stick for 5 speed manual. F1 won't be the same without Honda.

  52. Edilson Batista

    Edilson BatistaPrije mjesec

    Bom dia Sr. Lewis Hamilton por favor gostaria de reformar e turbinar meu Polo Hatch 2009, que Deus abençoe a vc Lewis, desde já agradeço pela sua atenção, muito obrigado, aguardo retorno.

  53. Edilson Batista

    Edilson BatistaPrije mjesec

    Bom dia Sr Lewis Hamilton, por favor gostaria de reformar e turbinar meu Polo Hatch 2009, que Deus abençoe a vc Lewis, desde já agradeço pela sua atenção, muito obrigado, aguardo retorno

  54. Edilson Batista

    Edilson BatistaPrije mjesec

    Bom dia Sr. Leia Hamilton por favor gostaria de reformar e turbinar meu Polo Hatch 2009, que Deus abençoe a vcs todos aí na fórmula 01, desde já agradeço pela sua atenção muito obrigado, aguardo retorno.

  55. Pedro Setlik

    Pedro SetlikPrije mjesec

    Who is the narrator ?

  56. Ferdian Marito

    Ferdian MaritoPrije mjesec

    What are you doing vettel ?

  57. bowen voowy

    bowen voowyPrije mjesec

    between them.

  58. usha Venkatraman

    usha VenkatramanPrije mjesec

    Anyone please tell rules. Formula 1.please.🙏

  59. KL1N4C

    KL1N4CPrije mjesec

    Niki would be proud

  60. Savaş DOĞANER

    Savaş DOĞANERPrije mjesec

    Çocukken shumaher sürekli kazandığı için f1 den sıkılmıştım. Şimdi de sürekli hamilton kazandığı için sıkıldım 🤣

  61. Jean Quentin Urcun

    Jean Quentin UrcunPrije mjesec

    What is the name of the English voice ??

  62. bowen voowy

    bowen voowyPrije mjesec

    car effectively and give Max an advantage at least some of the time so this proves to be a real battle for the championship this year.

  63. Aykut Yazgan

    Aykut YazganPrije mjesec

    Hey friends children are dying in Philistin. America should be ruled by Original Americans.

  64. Live 4 Life

    Live 4 LifePrije mjesec

    F1 is so rigged & fake I’m so disgusted to watch it giving it up.

  65. Mert Girgin

    Mert GirginPrije mjesec

    Hamilton has it so easy it’s unbelievable

  66. Zhamot

    ZhamotPrije mjesec

    j'adore me tripoter devant la f1 edit (non)

  67. Cassie

    CassiePrije mjesec

    between them.

  68. Keisuke Takahasi

    Keisuke TakahasiPrije mjesec

    imo the move from max was overly aggressive on hamilton could have ended in damage or dnf

  69. Riccardo Bonacina

    Riccardo BonacinaPrije mjesec

    wow they really didn't care about charles' great overtake on bottas...

  70. Vipin Nath

    Vipin NathPrije mjesec

    Ruin all our days by ..it races like this F1!

  71. Ginger Kyriakos

    Ginger KyriakosPrije mjesec

    the highest highlight of this race was a Red Bull's flexible rear wing bending revelation:-) The Mercedes garage can start celebrating another constuctor's championship win and Lewis Hamilton 8th driver's championship title.

  72. Cassie

    CassiePrije mjesec

    Pierre!!!Pierre!!!Pierre!!! Yes!!!

  73. Reza Putra Fadillah

    Reza Putra FadillahPrije mjesec

    Great Job Lewis Hamilton 98 Victory In Formula 1 2 More Victory In Monaco And Canada

  74. Nicky Poundtown

    Nicky PoundtownPrije mjesec

    This commentator.....I dont believe he's that excited


    THE MEME GODPrije mjesec

    It’s coming back.... that feeling you get from watching intense racing.... the suspense of a close race. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt it watching F1

  76. Carleandro Pereira

    Carleandro PereiraPrije mjesec

    Alguém já imaginou o max verstapem em uma mercedes será mesmo que ele ficaria atrás do Hamilton

  77. Henry Whitworth

    Henry WhitworthPrije mjesec

    Hamilton knows he doesn't need to be very aggressive in defending his position at the beginning of the race. There's no point in risking anything right there because he knows his car can run the Red Bull down over the course of the entire race. The Merc is getting a lot more out of a set of tires. Max is doing everything he can in the situation. He's the real deal. But so is Hamilton. Obviously. He's a veteran at the top of his game and he knows how to use every advantage he's given. I hope Red Bull can keep developing their car effectively and give Max an advantage at least some of the time so this proves to be a real battle for the championship this year.

  78. Bonhor-บุญหอ channel

    Bonhor-บุญหอ channelPrije mjesec


  79. Panashe

    PanashePrije mjesec

    How can toto be telling race control what to do

  80. Gabe L

    Gabe LPrije mjesec

    are these things fast?

  81. L Garza

    L GarzaPrije mjesec

    I watch the first 2 laps...and then watch highlights on youtube for ending...its always Hamilton winning...BORING...

  82. hen ko

    hen koPrije mjesec

    You know when Sainz passed Lando he probably said something nice like ' thank you Lando '

  83. bowen voowy

    bowen voowyPrije mjesec

    Finally, Ferrari strategy works pretty well.

  84. Lee Hutchinson

    Lee HutchinsonPrije mjesec

    Sebastian needed to get p7 in the points

  85. Dark Knight

    Dark KnightPrije mjesec

    Roses are red, Violets are blue, HAM VER BOT is inevitable but what can we do?

  86. Alif Teguh

    Alif TeguhPrije mjesec

    formula hamilton

  87. hen ko

    hen koPrije mjesec

    redbull should on safty time come change with 1 soft adn for 26 last use medium

  88. The formula 1,2,3 and e man.

    The formula 1,2,3 and e man.Prije mjesec

    Pierre!!!Pierre!!!Pierre!!! Yes!!!

  89. madi k

    madi kPrije mjesec

    Bottas no respect for all his career!! He is just ballboy... so disappointing about Max! It's hard to fight against champion and his ballboy

  90. Alex B

    Alex BPrije mjesec

    After Gasly, Albon and now Perez, I miss Ricciardo at Red Bull.

  91. Lian Summer

    Lian SummerPrije mjesec

    Maldita sea, se volvió a repetir lo de Hungría. Se nota que ni aprendieron nada los redbullianos. Saludos Desde Panamá.

  92. jonathan apa

    jonathan apaPrije mjesec

    Make fo phillipine crude exchange apa.

  93. jonathan apa

    jonathan apaPrije mjesec

    Apa racw shcedule

  94. Ute Widjaya

    Ute WidjayaPrije mjesec

    at Indycar already 5 drivers from 4 different teams have won. in F1 only 2 drivers, only Hamilton and Verstappen from 2 different teams. F1 is ridiculous to me ... BORING!!

  95. Veronica S

    Veronica SPrije mjesec

    Max could run but he can't hide.

  96. Chill Nation

    Chill NationPrije mjesec

    Lewis Hamilton is great! Way to go *Hamilton > 44* The Mercedes team is great, hats off to you 👦 Bottas? Bottas didn't support Lewis by not honoring the flag, the Anthem Hamilton stood under on the podium. Y'all go watch it. Go watch *Bottas stance!* He changed his posture after the *British Anthem was over respecting the other Anthem. *You're a sore loser Bottas!!*

  97. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maajPrije mjesec

    Finally, Ferrari strategy works pretty well.



    Hallolur world

  99. Oliver Hodgkins

    Oliver HodgkinsPrije mjesec

    The commentator’s voice is so overrated

  100. jc23aircraftchannel

    jc23aircraftchannelPrije mjesec

    "they can't win till he quit" lol

  101. Frederick Ngwenya

    Frederick NgwenyaPrije mjesec

    Mercedes knows how to do it Pole position & Winning The rest is absolutely immaterial Lots of love from South Africa

  102. vinasu maaj

    vinasu maajPrije mjesec

    Lol the guy was put in a place where he win the race without his life or lose it with his life remaining

  103. Rebel Bon

    Rebel BonPrije mjesec

    redbull should on safty time come change with 1 soft adn for 26 last use medium

  104. Nicolas sSEMINARIO CHANG

    Nicolas sSEMINARIO CHANGPrije mjesec

    😭 turkey is cancelled and in the gp day it is my birthday

  105. Vittorio

    VittorioPrije mjesec

    Hungary 2019 2.0

  106. Rick James

    Rick JamesPrije mjesec

    Mercedes: uno

  107. Siti Afiqah

    Siti AfiqahPrije mjesec

    Shy Fri jfyj😆