Sean Strickland fought 'like a coward' in decision win | UFC on ESPN 23 interview

Sean Strickland spoke to MMA Junkie and other media after his UFC on ESPN 23 unanimous decision win over Krzysztof Jotko in Las Vegas.

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  1. I know I look dumb when I say this but

    I know I look dumb when I say this butPrije mjesec

    I expected more from him, but overall fine performance

  2. Amanda Jones

    Amanda JonesPrije mjesec

    I am attracted to Sean.

  3. Dmitri Bk

    Dmitri BkPrije mjesec

    Respect for being genuine. I hope more people were this genuine and upfront. Most ppl are afraid to be themselves, cuz others are quick to judge. Props to him, for being him.

  4. Tony Morro

    Tony MorroPrije mjesec

    Sean you need to come buy some parts for your Harley.

  5. Evan Ward

    Evan WardPrije mjesec

    Sean was good hosting Cash Cab

  6. Mainstream MOP

    Mainstream MOPPrije mjesec

    Don't sleep on that guy. He's a problem for anybody lol

  7. Fauny

    FaunyPrije mjesec

    I never thought this man would be this cool. First time seeing him around.

  8. M Ghafori

    M GhaforiPrije mjesec

    lol Bisping 2.0

  9. technodromen

    technodromenPrije mjesec

    got damn i love the ufc roster is so good atm. specifically the personalities. this man is solid gold. so much fun and as real as it gets. love it!

  10. Madmartigan

    MadmartiganPrije mjesec

    This guy's fun to watch, brings it every time.

  11. nathaniel nizard

    nathaniel nizardPrije mjesec

    The dude has a nice personality, way less savage than most people interviewed here, very lucid and full of wits

  12. Neil Donnelly

    Neil DonnellyPrije mjesec

    I love Sean so much!!! Great fighter, better personality!!!

  13. Raymond Cuff

    Raymond CuffPrije mjesec

    He’s a great person, seems like a guy i would like to sit and have a few pints 🍻👍

  14. Isak Dahl

    Isak DahlPrije mjesec

    If Stipe and Bisping had a baby

  15. Maxim Dinov

    Maxim DinovPrije mjesec

    Hahahhaa good one! 😅🤣

  16. Sunil Anand

    Sunil AnandPrije mjesec



    SONAM FITNESSPrije mjesec

    Great guy. Really happy for him.

  18. Liianpienetluistimet

    LiianpienetluistimetPrije mjesec

    What a good dude so glad i watched this card and that Jiri fight jesus whata banger

  19. Mark Davis

    Mark DavisPrije mjesec

    This guy is comedy gold man Speaks his mind and always there for the fight! Top man!

  20. ben webber

    ben webberPrije mjesec

    Great answers!

  21. Evan Odum

    Evan OdumPrije mjesec

    Dan Henderson and Stipes love child

  22. JG

    JGPrije mjesec

    This man is the type of dude to take a cigarette break on cardio days. What an animal.

  23. Hidden Harvest Grow Lights

    Hidden Harvest Grow LightsPrije mjesec

    @Zen Toaster truth

  24. Zen Toaster

    Zen ToasterPrije mjesec

    Top tier comment.

  25. Hidden Harvest Grow Lights

    Hidden Harvest Grow LightsPrije mjesec


  26. 6ixObaid

    6ixObaidPrije mjesec

    Real dude right here

  27. Andrey Pacik

    Andrey PacikPrije mjesec

    stipe vibe

  28. BigBad KittenPerson

    BigBad KittenPersonPrije mjesec

    I had the same thought. Very strong Stipe vibes.

  29. GutturalReef

    GutturalReefPrije mjesec

    Stipe's lil' brother?

  30. Sneaker Hustle

    Sneaker HustlePrije mjesec

    What a savage

  31. Sean Berry

    Sean BerryPrije mjesec

    If you fear failure you’ll never succeed got it

  32. Joey Cruz

    Joey CruzPrije mjesec

    Being way to hard on himself but that's just how it is. People can be much harder on themselves sometimes.

  33. Anon Imus

    Anon ImusPrije mjesec

    That’s how winners win

  34. mr.tbaggin urmom

    mr.tbaggin urmomPrije mjesec

    Atleast he didnt get dominic Reyes'zd tonight. 😱

  35. Rngnd1314

    Rngnd1314Prije mjesec

    spinning elbows are deadly.

  36. Luis Valdez

    Luis ValdezPrije mjesec


  37. Bo mal patriote

    Bo mal patriotePrije mjesec

    I love this guy!

  38. Jay Eff

    Jay EffPrije mjesec

    One of the few BMFs in the sport. He's one of the best boxers in the UFC, super entertaining and real as it gets. I will never miss a Strickland fight ever.

  39. Donald Rockett

    Donald RockettPrije mjesec

    @Somerled “Somerled” he has great vision. I do agree against an unorthodox strike or idk a out of nowhere spinning wheel kick, it could get him in trouble lol

  40. Somerled “Somerled”

    Somerled “Somerled”Prije mjesec

    @Donald Rockett Yeah his lean-back, hands posted out defence worked pretty well last night. Definitely better to slide out the way than shelling up in small gloves most of the time

  41. Donald Rockett

    Donald RockettPrije mjesec

    @Jay Eff he was barely touched in this fight. He perfectly parried so many of those looping shots and rolled perfectly with straight shots. If people watch very closely, he was barely touched. It was perfect boxing defense in 4 oz. Gloves as opposed to 10 or 8 ounce gloves.

  42. Jay Eff

    Jay EffPrije mjesec

    @6ixObaid When I was a (terrible) amateur kickboxer I wanted to have a style like that so bad lmao. Dude just walks his opponent down like he's on a stroll and throws punches like darts at a dartboard.

  43. 6ixObaid

    6ixObaidPrije mjesec

    @Jay Eff really? I'll never miss his fights due to his realness and me bein a fan def not his style.

  44. Kane Lomasney

    Kane LomasneyPrije mjesec

    How anyone can dislike this guy I’ll never understand

  45. lowlowseesee

    lowlowseeseePrije mjesec

    @User not found right? also for me its like there are millions of us watching. OF COURSE there are going to be people that dont like someone hahahaha. I see why people like this guy. To me he comes off like a arrogant meat head. he may grow on me but so far he just seems like a typical douche. these are the type of white guys that become cops and just bully people hahaha.

  46. Rngnd1314

    Rngnd1314Prije mjesec

    @ven om hes got a good record in ufc.

  47. Anon Imus

    Anon ImusPrije mjesec

    @User not found what does that mean in this context?

  48. ven om

    ven omPrije mjesec

    Guy is cringe af

  49. User not found

    User not foundPrije mjesec

    Pretty easily actually. Hes a try- hard.

  50. Dylan Carter

    Dylan CarterPrije mjesec

    Holland vs sean would be the funniest fight in ufc history

  51. Callum Dryden

    Callum DrydenPrije mjesec

    @Derek Castles Lawyer Mike Hunt thats what i mean if strickland gets it to the ground then hes won but i feel big mouth has the on fret advantage imi but it is mixed martialarts not just kick boxing.

  52. Derek Castles Lawyer Mike Hunt

    Derek Castles Lawyer Mike HuntPrije mjesec

    @Callum Dryden Na dude Strickland is way too well rounded and Holland isn't

  53. Callum Dryden

    Callum DrydenPrije mjesec

    If it happens i got kevin by tko he wobbled vettori in their exchanges unless he just gets randomly took doen a bunch lol then kevin loses.

  54. C Blackmore

    C BlackmorePrije mjesec

    Waffle fight of the century more talking then punches

  55. Brett Larkin

    Brett LarkinPrije mjesec

    Sean vs Julian Marquez would be good to