Sean Strickland had 'no chance' against Kamaru Usman, critiques Gerald Meerschaert, arrest stories

Sean Strickland (20-3) rose to prominence as a top welterweight prospect in the UFC. At UFC Vegas 12 on Oct. 31, Sean returns after a two-year layoff due to a motorcycle accident. In doing so, he'll be back up at 185-pounds as he takes on Jack Marshman.

We discussed his recovery from the accident, some stories from a matter of days ago to 10 years ago, his loss to Kamaru Usman, and much, much more!

0:00 - Start
1:59 - Feeling of getting to fight again / moving to middleweight
3:23 - Dealing with the fear of losing
5:02 - Reflecting on losses to Kamaru Usman and Elizeu Zaleski Dos Santos
8:29 - Training in multiple different gyms
10:52 - The difficulty of not being able to be active during injury after accident
12:16 - Story that led to him fighting
18:18 - Getting into fight with friend and fellow fighter, Chris Curtis
20:51 - The motorcycle accident and recovery
25:28 - Next fight with Marshman
26:36 - Gerald Meerschaert looking "like a bitch" vs. Khamzat Chimaev
31:22 - If opponent change from Wellington Turman to Marshman impacted preparation

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  1. Lawrence Strickland

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    Good stuff

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    Strickland is as real as it gets

  3. Lawrence Strickland

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    You should do a call again after this fight

  4. Michael Kreger

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    Great interview.

  5. Drake Riggs

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    Thanks! Glad you liked it.

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    Strickland is hilarious. I fucking love that guy

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    Dude is honest and hilarious