Shaquille O'Neal flirts with Megan Olivi


  1. Frank ###

    Frank ###Prije mjesec

    Shaq beats everyone in the UFC without any training.

  2. The Expert

    The ExpertPrije mjesec

    She can almost ....nevermind

  3. Su Zo

    Su ZoPrije mjesec

    just imagine 😂

  4. Midwestrebel 2

    Midwestrebel 2Prije mjesec

    Clean up on isle Megan " caution wet floors 😎💦

  5. Derp Derp

    Derp DerpPrije mjesec

    And after that night, she never looked at a Pringle’s can the same again.

  6. Brandon Sierra

    Brandon SierraPrije mjesec

    Shaq “tries” to flirt with Megan olivi

  7. redsox789

    redsox789Prije mjesec

    that's what she said

  8. Parabalani

    ParabalaniPrije mjesec

    He ruined it by admitting that it's a pick up line...

  9. Drako Yamazaki

    Drako YamazakiPrije mjesec

    She will be talking to the other head all the time

  10. Joe Stroud

    Joe StroudPrije mjesec

    Her husband is like half of his size lmao

  11. DatboiDave

    DatboiDavePrije mjesec

    Jesus loves you all repent and give your life to Jesus

  12. The Truth Reigns

    The Truth ReignsPrije mjesec

    I don't have to say anything you already know what i mean😏

  13. Elvis Ngetich

    Elvis NgetichPrije mjesec

    Shaq wanted to say something nasty but then he remembered the mee too mov't

  14. Divine Terror

    Divine TerrorPrije mjesec

    Imagine if..

  15. Rissal S

    Rissal SPrije mjesec

    Here comes hiv

  16. Michael Kamm

    Michael KammPrije mjesec

    One of the best Clips i ve Seen here

  17. UncleBens

    UncleBensPrije mjesec

    Uh oh look out benevidez gonna grab a ladder n slap u up shaq

  18. Mohammad Bilal

    Mohammad BilalPrije mjesec

    in ufc he looks like a stretched up Derrick lewis

  19. tcochavo

    tcochavoPrije mjesec

    Ah no your not gonna take that where you at Joe go getem son

  20. LooN Jake

    LooN JakePrije mjesec

    That’s like tryna fit a Boeing 747 into a doughnut

  21. Keifer Newberry

    Keifer NewberryPrije mjesec

    What was the last thing he said?

  22. King

    KingPrije mjesec

    Should of said even my 3rd leg is taller than you

  23. Hippityhoppity Get off my property

    Hippityhoppity Get off my propertyPrije mjesec

    Shaq was up to wadlow’s shoulder. And she isn’t even up to shaq’s.

  24. Konami Code

    Konami CodePrije mjesec

    It took about 1.5 seconds for the questions to reach Shaq's ear and since the speed of sound is 343 m / s, Shaq is about 515m taller than Megan

  25. Jarred Jay

    Jarred JayPrije mjesec

    Have you ever tried plugging a Headphone Jack into a charger input of a cellphone?

  26. ProspectNY11211

    ProspectNY11211Prije mjesec

    She's the size of his jimmy

  27. Ebvardh Boss

    Ebvardh BossPrije mjesec

    *picture of hamster eating a banana*

  28. good XD

    good XDPrije mjesec

    She knows she want some of that🤣

  29. Progressive news

    Progressive newsPrije mjesec

    Joe Benavides would reck his shit

  30. QuabmasM

    QuabmasMPrije mjesec

    Dont do it man, your short sons will resent you for choosing her & your tall daughters will resent her for choosing you.

  31. Bruce Michael

    Bruce MichaelPrije mjesec

    I don’t think she was into him.

  32. LEL0UP

    LEL0UPPrije mjesec

    If he's twice her size, doesn't that mean he will split her in half?

  33. C

    CPrije mjesec

    If a current player did this they would be sued and canceled for sexual harassment.

  34. Mason Carter

    Mason CarterPrije mjesec

    Megan thinking can a space shuttle fit through a door way.

  35. 1 Minute Video Highlights

    1 Minute Video HighlightsPrije mjesec

    Joseph is like man I can't catch a break


    HEMI POWERPrije mjesec

    It won’t hurt will do it slowly 😂

  37. HayatoRPG

    HayatoRPGPrije mjesec

    Joseph Benavidez has entered the chat

  38. Saab_lyfe190

    Saab_lyfe190Prije mjesec

    He's flirtin with the cameraman for sure!

  39. snickle snockle

    snickle snocklePrije mjesec

    Imagine him flirting with a 4'10" asian woman

  40. Amanti del Crime

    Amanti del CrimePrije mjesec

    Like put a wriustel in the eye of a sewing needle

  41. Kiroppi

    KiroppiPrije mjesec

    *insert pink train GIF*

  42. CJ -NYC

    CJ -NYCPrije mjesec

    Saw Shaq at CVS , the counter was up to his knees and he was cool as hell.

  43. Adam Shiek

    Adam ShiekPrije mjesec

    The last 2 seconds of the video you can hear in her voice she is already ready for what's going to happen. Poor girl didt walk for 2 weeks

  44. Cujo

    CujoPrije mjesec

    Shaq better watch out. She's married to a professional fighter. 😮

  45. TooManyChoices1

    TooManyChoices1Prije mjesec

    You know the saying... “Once you go Shaq, you never walk the same again...” 🥴🧐😒 Shaq could bench press her with his tongue 🥴😏...

  46. Z Three Two

    Z Three TwoPrije mjesec

    An alternate universe where edp picks up his cupcake.

  47. Rob Beveridge

    Rob BeveridgePrije mjesec

    She would be halfed again

  48. Gmpro Gaming (Gmpro423)

    Gmpro Gaming (Gmpro423)Prije mjesec

    I now know what the next episode of Blacked is going to be 😉😉

  49. LMNTS

    LMNTSPrije mjesec

    😂 My man.

  50. Leg3ndKilla687

    Leg3ndKilla687Prije mjesec

    He was talking to me

  51. Ryan D

    Ryan DPrije mjesec

    It's her MO.

  52. drew Arguello

    drew ArguelloPrije mjesec

    Why he remind me of Derrick Lewis lol

  53. Andrey Vtr

    Andrey VtrPrije mjesec

    she can be his propeller

  54. Bryan Vincent

    Bryan VincentPrije mjesec

    She looks like a child next to him. Like a 6, or 7 yr old.

  55. Pratham Lohia

    Pratham LohiaPrije mjesec

    Shaq must have been that tall at the age of 9 😂😂

  56. Henry Obichere

    Henry ObicherePrije mjesec

    Look closely, he coundn't see her but heard her voice!

  57. Nemesis T-Type

    Nemesis T-TypePrije mjesec

    Joseph Benavidez vs Shaquille O'Neal for Megan Olivi's chastity belt. Do it Uncle Dana!!!

  58. TTIG

    TTIGPrije mjesec

    Shaq and Derrick Lewis are the same person

  59. Jessy Lapointe

    Jessy LapointePrije mjesec


  60. Dean Goddard

    Dean GoddardPrije mjesec

    State of him 🙈

  61. Pol Escalante

    Pol EscalantePrije mjesec

    What the camera couldn't get was Benavidez desperately chewing on Shaquille's ankle

  62. Stephen Kocoski

    Stephen KocoskiPrije mjesec

    Shak does shits bigger than her. And benavidez. Combined.

  63. casey jones

    casey jonesPrije mjesec

    Joe b not going to be happy lol

  64. Seetsa Molapo

    Seetsa MolapoPrije mjesec

    I worry for Meghan's husband 😂


    PLAY STATIONPrije mjesec


  66. sebastian homister

    sebastian homisterPrije mjesec

    She wants to climb that tree ;D

  67. Nick Rolando

    Nick RolandoPrije mjesec

    Bro you talking in one whole and out the other like they roast the piggy's on cartoons except substitute the apple in the mouth for a golden wrapper. 😂

  68. Salty towers

    Salty towersPrije mjesec


  69. Rajiv Ranjan Sinha

    Rajiv Ranjan SinhaPrije mjesec

    he won't even fir in her😂

  70. Oy 10

    Oy 10Prije mjesec

    He's f now Probably lose his job over this Femanist nazi will get him

  71. Dark Star King

    Dark Star KingPrije mjesec

    Shaq makes Megan look like her husband.

  72. truth teller

    truth tellerPrije mjesec

    he would need 3-4 megs man

  73. 3farson21

    3farson21Prije mjesec

    Joseph Benevidez doesnt want that smoke

  74. TwohandLagoon006

    TwohandLagoon006Prije mjesec

    Quille O'neal

  75. Cesar Fadul

    Cesar FadulPrije mjesec

    Joey B hits Shaq with an Omaplata

  76. Zeroxisno1

    Zeroxisno1Prije mjesec

    Would be like fooking a dwarf. Fooking amazing. lmao

  77. ZSTRODE.

    ZSTRODE.Prije mjesec

    I swear there is always "tony is the type of guy" in every comment section 🤣🤣👌

  78. True Vibration

    True VibrationPrije mjesec


  79. Diego Osorio

    Diego OsorioPrije mjesec

    Blacked 🌚

  80. squattoilet

    squattoiletPrije mjesec

    Earlier in the day Megan found a lamp, rubbed it and wished to meet a guy who was the opposite of Joseph B in every conceivable way possible.

  81. MisterMaster4life

    MisterMaster4lifePrije mjesec

    Everybody is thinking the exact same thing....those who denie.... lie. Or are gay... It would take an extraordinary bit of stretching to make this work....if it fits at all....

  82. CT Drums

    CT DrumsPrije mjesec

    don't forget what kobe said about shack

  83. jay

    jayPrije mjesec

    She's a fleshlight for him

  84. adam hurst

    adam hurstPrije mjesec

    Damn more game than Milton Bradley

  85. Sye :

    Sye :Prije mjesec

    We all know the meme that instantly comes to mind when we see this.

  86. JoeJet

    JoeJetPrije mjesec

    Only clip ever where Shaq Cringe haha (click)

  87. Karim Loberg

    Karim LobergPrije mjesec

    My mind is dirty.

  88. Antonio Erup

    Antonio ErupPrije mjesec

    Shaq vs Benavidez for Megan's love

  89. A-Q

    A-QPrije mjesec

    She moaned after he said it

  90. Semgo

    SemgoPrije mjesec


  91. Niklas Zimmermann

    Niklas ZimmermannPrije mjesec

    I sense absolutely no flirt in here.

  92. Kevin Hernandez

    Kevin HernandezPrije mjesec

    Bro shaq has no game 😂😂

  93. Muhammad Faizul Hashim

    Muhammad Faizul HashimPrije mjesec

    Breaking news: Benavidez has tapped out and has left the building.

  94. Daniel

    DanielPrije mjesec

    Joe gonna punch this dude's knee cap

  95. hogi99

    hogi99Prije mjesec

    Shaq is smooth as Detroit asphalt after at harsh winter. 🤔

  96. Groovus

    GroovusPrije mjesec

    I love this video of Shaq and his daughter

  97. Random Crap

    Random CrapPrije mjesec

    I would pay to watch it

  98. Shamshiri

    ShamshiriPrije mjesec

    *Interviewer* : hi Shaquil- *Shaq* : U R ATTRACTIVE (ballers don’t need game boiiiiii) 😆

  99. Nad Sham

    Nad ShamPrije mjesec

    That’s like an iPhone 4 charger trying to fit into an iPhone 12.

  100. Dean C

    Dean CPrije mjesec

    Good thing Shaq didnt pull up in a buick. It only fits for 2

  101. Michael Martinez

    Michael MartinezPrije mjesec

    He loves lil women