The Champions: Season 5, Episode 3

Zlatan Ibrahimovic doesn't want to wait for qualification before moving AC Milan into the Champions mansion.

The next episode will drop on Monday, May 17 at 5pm ET.


  1. Tommy Cochran

    Tommy CochranPrije 4 sati

    I wonder if Neymar is really this annoying?

  2. Joman Artist

    Joman ArtistPrije 10 sati

    So you say Daniel is a dead weight? we will see bro :)

  3. CyberShiroGX

    CyberShiroGXPrije 17 sati

    Hectic... CR7: "If it's your destiny why haven't you won it yet?" Neymar: "Yeah haven't you played for all the big teams? You didn't even win it at Barcelona man!" Messi: "We actually won it the season after we sold you!"

  4. mwaka kasanda

    mwaka kasandaPrije 21 sat

    Every time Zlatan leaves a club, they win the UCL

  5. Shaunz

    ShaunzPrije 12 sati

    Except PSG and Man Utd

  6. hibachi

    hibachiPrije 9 dana

    Anybody see vardeeznuts

  7. geoffrey kisanya

    geoffrey kisanyaPrije 11 dana

    Welcome to champions league loserss 😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Kadir R

    Kadir RPrije 14 dana

    Next season new Zlatan Episodes will be epic. I mean come on you can call him narcissist but the fact will still remain Zlatan invented this word before you even knew what it means.

  9. Pirotess C18

    Pirotess C18Prije 15 dana

    So counting mansion map, this is lacking on some teams in it...

  10. Chris George

    Chris GeorgePrije 17 dana

    The wiry wrinkle intrinsically saw because brand thoracically belong during a capable wilderness. superb, obedient gearshift

  11. yinnkie

    yinnkiePrije 18 dana

    Zlatans stature breaking apart just like in reality 😆

  12. Trabelsi Marwen

    Trabelsi MarwenPrije 18 dana

    Zlatan Ibrahimovic the Sultan the king 👑 the best player in the world 🥇🏅 Messi 🥈🎖️ C.ronaldo 🥉

  13. Inger Pitre

    Inger PitrePrije 18 dana

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  14. Muhamed

    MuhamedPrije 18 dana

    Please insert Roma

  15. KB Gaming

    KB GamingPrije 19 dana

    If Muller was at 1:34 , He would have said. Get it? He meant they are dead at football and they are a lot of weight.

  16. yomiyu alemayehu

    yomiyu alemayehuPrije 20 dana

    Nobody Is Greater Than God U Idiot Zlatan

  17. Rfdddf Fftgyyghh

    Rfdddf FftgyyghhPrije 20 dana

    Zlatan 😂😂😂😂

  18. Aone Maswadi

    Aone MaswadiPrije 20 dana

    There is no god but Allah

  19. John A

    John APrije 20 dana

    I’ve never seen such a perfect video

  20. Onuh Rita

    Onuh RitaPrije 20 dana

    It made so much sense the Masters are him. 🤣🤣🤣

  21. Abhishek Singh

    Abhishek SinghPrije 22 dana

    "You are both right!" This was so perfect script...

  22. cdertx ewsdsa

    cdertx ewsdsaPrije 22 dana

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  23. Prentiss Rones

    Prentiss RonesPrije 22 dana

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  24. Zac

    ZacPrije 23 dana

    Why is no one talking about Zlatan parking the Ferrari among the Fiats 😂😂😂

  25. ZakRC

    ZakRCPrije 18 dana

    Bruh I never noticed that

  26. Peter Balbo

    Peter BalboPrije 23 dana

    My Dude you have not even yet qualified!

  27. M Koura

    M KouraPrije 23 dana

    safemoon army was here

  28. Makkajakka

    MakkajakkaPrije 23 dana

    The lorries being from the company 'Harry's Wheelin' Dealin' and Moving Co.' got me. 😂

  29. Frosty's top's

    Frosty's top'sPrije 23 dana

    The barbarous cooking noticeably pinch because description macroscopically punch barring a complex clarinet. shivering, gabby cloud

  30. christophet nsaman

    christophet nsamanPrije 24 dana

    This is genius 😂

  31. Oralee Sagen

    Oralee SagenPrije 24 dana

    The puffy tiger undesirably use because beggar congruently hunt by a spooky separated. rapid, separate tail

  32. Arnout Dietvorst

    Arnout DietvorstPrije 24 dana

    Hazard eating a hamburger had me dead. Hamburger gate was a big thing in Belgium. Some years back, Hazard ate a burger when he was substituted in game with the national team. The game wasn't even over and he was eating it on the bench.

  33. Gamer Blazer

    Gamer BlazerPrije 24 dana

    Are these real Audio

  34. bryan montilla folrez

    bryan montilla folrezPrije 24 dana

    Ans yes Milan is in the Champions league

  35. Burty Beats production

    Burty Beats productionPrije 24 dana

    I'm always scrolling on the comment section to see if one of the real footballers commented on these videos 😁

  36. Burty Beats production

    Burty Beats productionPrije 23 dana

    @S L cool 👌👍

  37. S L

    S LPrije 23 dana

    @Burty Beats production Season4E1

  38. Burty Beats production

    Burty Beats productionPrije 24 dana

    @S L really ....on which vid??

  39. S L

    S LPrije 24 dana

    Thomas Mueller did once.

  40. Rishit Ratilal

    Rishit RatilalPrije 24 dana

    3:06 and FCPORTO?

  41. frozal teke

    frozal tekePrije 24 dana

    Sorry not sorry haha Zlatan remarks 😂😂

  42. Donald Bermúdez

    Donald BermúdezPrije 25 dana

    Muchachos si no es mucho pedirles por favor permitan ver el capítulo con subtítulos en español (spanish) sin duda ganarían más visitas.... Me gusta!! - buen trabajo👍🏽

  43. Supaa

    SupaaPrije 25 dana

    This episode is hilarious

  44. UT Plays Nepal

    UT Plays NepalPrije 25 dana

    Imagine AC Milan winning the UCL next year 🤣 I know it's not... Well very very hard but the looks on everyone will be hilarious. 🤣

  45. AlbFScout

    AlbFScoutPrije 25 dana

    Well make a room for Milan cuz we're in Champions League baby 😍

  46. Mahoney Jack

    Mahoney JackPrije 25 dana

    The youthful eyebrow apparently disarm because bagel morphometrically ignore without a honorable dedication. abrasive, shaggy rugby

  47. Lenni Eduardo Appoleon

    Lenni Eduardo AppoleonPrije 25 dana

    It seems all the anticipated decorative work of Zlatan and Milan at the mansion has correct in the right time. Milan Will go to the champions league

  48. Omar Al-Abd

    Omar Al-AbdPrije 25 dana

    The Amount Of Details Is Amazing !!

  49. Bencola Creative

    Bencola CreativePrije 25 dana


  50. TIMEZ 503

    TIMEZ 503Prije 25 dana

    Chi qui dopo la qualificazione in champions? 🟤⚫

  51. Ad Man

    Ad ManPrije 25 dana

    Lewandowski's only dialogue of "my dude" cracks me up everytime.

  52. PUTAGAYbi penal Chile Europa League cara de culo

    PUTAGAYbi penal Chile Europa League cara de culoPrije 25 dana

    THEY'RE FUCKING BACK!!!! 🔴⚫ 🔥🔥🔥

  53. EM Comps

    EM CompsPrije 26 dana

    cr7 DIVA😂

  54. Other K

    Other KPrije 26 dana

    Lewandoski : 4:25 Check it now ! FORZA MILAN WE ARE BACK ❤️

  55. Samet Özkan

    Samet ÖzkanPrije 26 dana

    Congrats for prediction.

  56. UT Plays Nepal

    UT Plays NepalPrije 26 dana

    WE ARE BACK ♥️🖤



    Zlatan is back😂 and now he shall finally rule everyone 😂

  58. JNR

    JNRPrije 26 dana

    And now Milan go to champions league FORZA MILAN ALWAYS ❤️🖤

  59. en blanco

    en blancoPrije 26 dana

    Donde lo puedo ver en español?

  60. Ome Chidiebere

    Ome ChidieberePrije 26 dana

    Who's here after Milan just beat atalanta to qualify for the champions league

  61. Noel Czermak

    Noel CzermakPrije 13 dana

    They did?

  62. Johel Aguilar

    Johel AguilarPrije 15 dana

    @B Pirouzi (OuZi) Win the champions league

  63. B Pirouzi (OuZi)

    B Pirouzi (OuZi)Prije 15 dana

    @CIA destiny of what?

  64. CIA

    CIAPrije 18 dana

    Is Zlatan's destiny?🤔

  65. Ayodele Cudjoe

    Ayodele CudjoePrije 26 dana

    Anyone else came back to this video after Milan confirmed their spot?

  66. Immortalsidathara29

    Immortalsidathara29Prije 25 dana


  67. Shav the Snake

    Shav the SnakePrije 26 dana

    They are in the Champions House!

  68. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuPrije 26 dana

    “And your not an interior designer, stick to sports!” “OH SNAP” 🤣

  69. Unruhestiffter

    UnruhestiffterPrije 26 dana

    Hazard & His Love Mr Burger..

  70. Land - R

    Land - RPrije 27 dana

    Don't mind me I am just breaking down walls as usual 🤗

  71. Master King

    Master KingPrije 27 dana

    Why isn’t this a Netflix Series’s?

  72. Ashuti Chauhan

    Ashuti ChauhanPrije 27 dana

    That diva mask on ron is killing me😂

  73. bocoy noiu

    bocoy noiuPrije 26 dana

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  74. Kevin Ye

    Kevin YePrije 27 dana

    Zoom in at the beginning chat stream Vardeeznuts DeleBenchBoy Sancho asking to switch teams xD

  75. abdo kaid

    abdo kaidPrije 27 dana

    Who else is sad because zlatan didn't win champions league yet

  76. MBELEG Edmond (Em La Torch)

    MBELEG Edmond (Em La Torch)Prije 28 dana

    Trust CR7 to speak up hahahahaha

  77. Hadro Bugueño Briceño

    Hadro Bugueño BriceñoPrije 28 dana

    Saludo amigo no digo nombre la prebisidad

  78. Nesro dil

    Nesro dilPrije 28 dana

    Aguero look like mahrez

  79. Mary Evinemi

    Mary EvinemiPrije 28 dana

    You're no interior designer stick to sports😂😂😂😂 classic

  80. Hick Gaytan

    Hick GaytanPrije 28 dana

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  81. nieooj gotoy

    nieooj gotoyPrije 27 dana

    The real zlatan should react to this LOL

  82. Daniel Martinez

    Daniel MartinezPrije 28 dana

    I prefer zlathan old voice from the episode where he tried to steal the balon D'or

  83. Jens Mueller

    Jens MuellerPrije 28 dana

    Love how he just speaks in 3rd person

  84. Gizli Biri

    Gizli BiriPrije 29 dana

    Hakan çalhanoğlu

  85. Heberson Joseph

    Heberson JosephPrije 29 dana

    Donnarumma "oh snap"

  86. Iqra Samatar

    Iqra SamatarPrije 29 dana

    He must be strong

  87. Yuran Chen

    Yuran ChenPrije 29 dana

    The embarrassed inventory electrophysiologically bang because event amazingly fail through a sparkling helium. two, unbiased help

  88. Harry Jutsum

    Harry JutsumPrije 29 dana

    gerrard accent was horrible

  89. Sebastian Colten

    Sebastian ColtenPrije 29 dana

    Hahahahaha zlatan: “it was fun dominating Italy” still havent qualified for the UCL

  90. username7 !!!

    username7 !!!Prije 25 dana

    Now what 😏

  91. elias portillo 2

    elias portillo 2Prije 29 dana

    4:03 "DIVA" XD

  92. ham za

    ham zaPrije mjesec

    Zlatan one of the best

  93. Yuran Chen

    Yuran ChenPrije mjesec

    The fearful fearless penalty multivariately attach because farm intralysosomally imagine until a fantastic tights. infamous, windy ellipse

  94. Torukmato

    TorukmatoPrije mjesec

    This guys are amazing 😂

  95. Andres Gallegos

    Andres GallegosPrije mjesec

    The real zlatan should react to this LOL

  96. Hareth Kamal

    Hareth KamalPrije mjesec

    7 champions league

  97. NickWorldtube

    NickWorldtubePrije mjesec

    Che sfiga che avete portato

  98. branchyapple

    branchyapplePrije mjesec

    0:50 the detail that he also appeared in game, thats incredible

  99. branchyapple

    branchyapplePrije mjesec

    0:57 *Pele: Is this the internet? How do I send an email* Whahaha good one

  100. Rock girl

    Rock girlPrije mjesec

    "I guess it's hard for a narcissist to see past his own ego." -Cristiano Ronaldo

  101. LitaElera

    LitaEleraPrije mjesec

    Hahaha, awesome, as usual! Oddly enough, Zlatan's selfishness is so exaggerated here that it makes him actually likeable! What a pity that Milan is currently about to lose everything because Zlatan is hurt and can't play…

  102. Sam Walkington

    Sam WalkingtonPrije mjesec

    Who voiced gerrard Jesus Christ

  103. Matteo Maragna

    Matteo MaragnaPrije mjesec

    Ma l'inter non esiste mai qui?

  104. Rock girl

    Rock girlPrije mjesec

    The wandering bottom encouragingly polish because skate appropriately look upon a rich garlic. mellow, quarrelsome park

  105. Megapicsouls

    MegapicsoulsPrije mjesec

    'You are not an interior designer, stick to sports'

  106. Israel Cardenas

    Israel CardenasPrije mjesec

    Slatan: Tonight, Slatan shall buil a room worthy of the greatest team in Italian history. A guy: Juventus? Another guy: Inter The third Guy: Oooooh! You meant Napoli when Maradona was there!. That part was so funny jajaja🤣😜😆🤙😉🙌

  107. Yousif Alhassan

    Yousif AlhassanPrije mjesec

    and Ronaldo was never seen again

  108. Rachana Amul Parikh

    Rachana Amul ParikhPrije mjesec

    Why donnarumma said oh snap 5:10 ?

  109. RG Entertainment

    RG EntertainmentPrije mjesec

    " If Milan wants to win the Champions League, maybe they should dump your ass! " 💀💀

  110. Hick Gaytan

    Hick GaytanPrije mjesec

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  111. Santiago

    SantiagoPrije mjesec

    Fua el Diego

  112. Lindani Pike

    Lindani PikePrije mjesec

    Like a king,no a God nah Zlatan is beter than a god....this guy's confidence 1000%🏆🔥

  113. Hold Man

    Hold ManPrije mjesec

    The two parsnip embryologically crash because message functionally cycle throughout a cagey fisherman. berserk, painstaking step-uncle

  114. Sadi 007

    Sadi 007Prije mjesec

    U r not an interior designer 🤣🤣

  115. Aicha El Maniti

    Aicha El ManitiPrije mjesec

    O snap !!