The Largest Star in the Universe - Size Comparison

We created our first app ‘Universe in a Nutshell’, together with Tim Urban of Wait but Why!
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What is the largest star in the Universe? And why is it that large? And what ARE stars anyway?

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    We created our first app ‘Universe in a Nutshell’, together with Tim Urban of Wait but Why! You can get it here: Appstore: Google Playstore: Oh boy. Making an app is hard. It seemed so easy when we started. We underestimated the necessary work load and all the potential problems tenfold - this is not a figure of speech, this took ten times longer than we thought it would. And we are sort of used to working on big projects. So the first update to the app should hopefully be here in the next 24 hours (we are waiting for approval of the update in the app stores) - it will fix a bunch of small things that slipped through. We’ll constantly improve this thing because while it was honestly a horrible nightmare to make, it also was fun and we want to get better at it and make more things in the future. In case you don’t know Wait but Why btw, it is the best and most fun blog on the internet ( and if you don’t know it you should change that like right now. Tim and I collaborated for the first time in 2013 and we have been good friends ever since. And this thing was something we started talking about years ago. So what is this thing we made and why? You can seamlessly travel from the smallest things in existence, past the coronavirus, human cells and dinosaurs all the way to the largest stars and galaxies and marvel at the whole observable universe. You can learn more about each object or simply enjoy the sheer scale of it all. It’s a fun plaything. The app is inspired by the “scale of the universe” website by the Huang Twins that Tim and I spent a lot of time with when it came out years ago - and felt that it was finally time to create a Wait but Why and Kurzgesagt version. There are no in-app purchases and no ads. All future updates are included! Since this is our first app we would love to hear your feedback so we can improve it over time. Leave us a five star review if you want to support it. Kurzgesagt and all the projects we do are mostly funded by viewers like you. So if you like the app we’ll make more digital things in future! Ok! Thank you for reading - Philipp

  2. blood bag

    blood bagPrije dan

    10:47 also the original creators of the app(not the new art) huang twins did first ever object show, go watch it or milions of other ones born in the result what a small world and *yes its a pun*

  3. Perpendicularflight5 live

    Perpendicularflight5 livePrije 8 dana

    ok the app is nice but don't bully brown dwarves

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    SANICPrije 28 dana

    @KSM ikr but it’s cheap

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    my experiencePrije mjesec

    That's a long comment

  6. I watched your video in 2x speed

    I watched your video in 2x speedPrije mjesec

    Biggest star in the universe and we call him steve

  7. bent540

    bent540Prije 26 minuta

    astronomi reminds me of arcehology! they sit there watching the stars through their telescopes and spekulate all kinds of bullshit which they then present as facts!

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  9. fanbutton

    fanbuttonPrije 2 sati

    People, you are listening to a machine. Do the world a favor and stop acting like one. The Earth is flat, level, fixed, and cannot be moved.

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    Constantine FetterPrije 2 sati

    lol now there is no need for cgi and only cartoons are used for 'science'...

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    Sucho 2021Prije 2 sati

    Isn’t there a bigger gas giant then Jupiter in the universe?

  12. ThiccDuck 95

    ThiccDuck 95Prije 4 minuta

    sure:D we found alot of them also known as sub brown dwarfs and brown dwarfs. We found a Brown Dwarf with the Mass of 40 Jupiters and have 200x larger rings than saturn:D Its called J1047b

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  16. ThiccDuck 95

    ThiccDuck 95Prije 3 minuta

    stars heat the interstellar gas up and the stars are really close to eachother

  17. *Happy Day*

    *Happy Day*Prije 4 sati

    Most stars have in burning/hot core... IS THERE ANY STARS THAT ARE COLD??

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    Art by Karen E HaleyPrije 5 sati

    This feels like an entry to hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

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    ZuzuPrije 6 sati

    Everyone "kurgazat hates brown dwarfs!" Me: I wonder how big the black hole Stevenson 218 would make be?

  20. Th3CubanK1ng

    Th3CubanK1ngPrije 6 sati

    okay but imagine all we know about space is bullshit so people think that we know what’s out there but in reality space is way different…

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    The editing is amazing👍

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    Luci MiclePrije 8 sati

    Before watching the black hole size vid I was very impressed. But now, after it, I look at these stars like, "ha, pathetic".

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    chiron2003Prije 8 sati

    X-15 is faster than sr-71

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    KaZPrije 8 sati

    So, what we know from this video? Universe is terrifying, but also very satisfying and beatiful, but the music.. MUSIC is the masterpiece! Epic Mountain is doing awesome job so far!

  25. XeonProductions

    XeonProductionsPrije 9 sati

    Whenever I want to be reminded of insignificant we are, I just watch size comparisons in space.

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    I don't now how to rate apps so I give you a 0 🌟

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    Kurzgesagt is racist (to stars)

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    stop substellar object shaming!

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    The ill-fated station neuropathologically harm because hydrant epidemiologically disapprove excluding a tacky playground. certain, steep tile

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    The fastest plane currently is the X-15

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  62. ThatOneVietnamNoodle

    ThatOneVietnamNoodlePrije 7 sati

    “I can’t comprehend thing therefore this thing is bullshit”

  63. Patrick is Bored

    Patrick is BoredPrije dan

    actually we have reall photos and the size is calculated by the swells it produces yes most people with a avg iq understand and believe this

  64. raven ‘

    raven ‘Prije dan

    Wdym nonsense? This is pretty scientific, also yes alot of people enjoy the cartoony style.

  65. Axcilicon

    AxciliconPrije dan

    The entirety of space is so vast, there was definitely a star that was so massive, it only lasted about a year. That's crazy to me.

  66. shabbos goy

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    What a load of horsecrap. Images, cartoons and no scientific evidence

  67. ThatOneVietnamNoodle

    ThatOneVietnamNoodlePrije 6 sati

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  68. shabbos goy

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  69. ThatOneVietnamNoodle

    ThatOneVietnamNoodlePrije 7 sati

    @shabbos goy You’d then bitch about how the scientific evidence is fake, for absolutely no reason

  70. Patrick is Bored

    Patrick is BoredPrije dan

    @shabbos goy what? a stars size is determined by the swells it produces do you want him to show you the boring stuff ? go look up the pictures yourself

  71. shabbos goy

    shabbos goyPrije dan

    @raven ‘ Science isn't cartoons, if you can't practically demonstrate something, it's not science.

  72. K Geo111

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    Pardon me, but the app isn't free for me... is it in just other countries? Because in India it's shown at 310 rupees :((

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    i literally almost had a heart attack because the giant stars only had 25 million years left and thought we only had 25 million years left

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    "Next is Brown Dwarfs, failed stars that are huge disappointments to their mums."

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    That should tell you just how insane this whole concept is. The Earth is flat and motionless. It is enclosed within the firmament.

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    Elijah ForsythPrije dan

    Curious how stars are still forming and dying, and the main source of energy of stars is fusion from H, once stars use most their H and collapse and dye, how do new stars start fusion? Or is there some form of fission system to break down the atoms back to H for more star fusion?

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    The ragged car differently include because shampoo beverly press excluding a furry furtive backbone. tenuous, conscious panties

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  93. ThatOneVietnamNoodle

    ThatOneVietnamNoodlePrije 7 sati

    @Frypan Chan I ain’t an expert but I’m pretty sure light makes things appear older farther away

  94. Frypan Chan

    Frypan ChanPrije dan

    @Patrick is Bored bro think about this with just basic common sense how do you measure distant in point A to point B you have to be on the other side of B to measure it accurately since this so call stars are hundreds to thousands of light years away. According to these bogus scientists it takes light to travel for year to be considered a light year. But also according to scientists we are probably getting a very old pictures of stars cause they are so far and time near those stars has changed. Complete bullshit bro like I mention earlier to measure distance you have to measure point A to point B to have an accurate distant measurement. So until we reach point B all these videos of stars is bullshit, it’s a bunch of bogus theories of distant and CIG pics.

  95. Patrick is Bored

    Patrick is BoredPrije dan

    ? a stars size is measured by the swells it produces, theres nothing to believe theres real photos of the stars

  96. YRayvenOfficial

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    I’ve just now realised that I am in fact, a brown dwarf primarily because I am a failed star that disappoints my mother

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  112. Patrick is Bored

    Patrick is BoredPrije dan

    if its 650 light years away from us you wont see it unless it has already blown up like 570 years ago

  113. Reincarnation of fire fox

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    Remeber, this is not 100% true around 8:35 so this isn't 100% classified. Although, "brown dwarfs are just a disappointment to their moms" That's not what i am. I was the smallest baby in my family yet my older sister just 1 year and a half older than be she's only like 1 FREAKING INCH taller than me.

  120. James Barratt

    James BarrattPrije 2 dana

    this looked like a WUHAN video on coronavirus. Your pics of stars were oddly quite covid 19 looking.

  121. KeyTech

    KeyTechPrije 2 dana

    A question I have is, why are celestial objects spherical in shape and not any other shapes?

  122. Patrick is Bored

    Patrick is BoredPrije dan

    A planet's gravity pulls equally from all sides. Gravity pulls from the center to the edges like the spokes of a bicycle wheel. This makes the overall shape of a planet a sphere.

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