the largest tip i've ever gotten

Tito, you're the man.

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Hi, I'm Milad,

If you're new, I basically make sandwiches and tell stories from my time at Subway on the internet. Get cozy, and enjoy this episode! :)

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  1. Santiago228

    Santiago228Prije 6 sati

    I want a meatball subway but here in my country is difficult to see.

  2. Random stuff we do

    Random stuff we doPrije 2 dana

    Plot twist:That was Mrbeast’s grandfather

  3. ㅤ

    Prije 2 dana

    Where's your subway at?😂

  4. Cristina M. A.

    Cristina M. A.Prije 2 dana

    I'm scared of going to the US because of tipping... And guns and expensive healthcare But I mean, the country is beautiful, gotta go back

  5. Mdominic

    MdominicPrije 3 dana

    I got a huge tip but not the money kind of tip

  6. PsyQoBoy

    PsyQoBoyPrije 5 dana

    You guys are lucky, where I live we're not allowed to receive tips.

  7. The Gaming Dude

    The Gaming DudePrije 5 dana

    Is your SUBWAY always Busy

  8. victor moore

    victor moorePrije 6 dana

    Your content makes my day

  9. Mr. E

    Mr. EPrije 6 dana

    I also remember the nice guy in the alleyway who let me try his nose candy and he drives me to school he even let me sit on his lap he is so cool

  10. That one weeb everyone hates :D

    That one weeb everyone hates :DPrije 7 dana

    I love ur content and now i might go to subway for the first time😌

  11. Nathan0536

    Nathan0536Prije 7 dana

    Sus Milad 😳

  12. Shreyas Ashtamkar

    Shreyas AshtamkarPrije 8 dana

    1:13 "And to this day, this is the highest tip I've ever got" someone please call Mr. Beast, this man really deserves it. Really interesting stories, really well framed, confident language, and mind-soothing view of subway sandwiches being made. The only thing you need to cool down anger, pain or even tierdness. Man, your videos work better than those anti-depressant pills 😌.

  13. Rust __

    Rust __Prije 9 dana

    I actually used to work at McDonald's and we weren't allowed to keep tips it would go to the manager and we wouldn't see anything back from it.

  14. Jonathan Ortiz

    Jonathan OrtizPrije 10 dana

    He was on Edd lol

  15. Joy L

    Joy LPrije 11 dana

    Who the hell is Tito?

  16. Joy L

    Joy LPrije 11 dana


  17. McBitchification

    McBitchificationPrije 11 dana

    Yo, Milad: No worker looks at 50 cent tips with a thank you on their face. Ever. Now what I think your intentions are here would be everyone leaves 50 cents so that by the end of the night there is a decent amount of tipage. However, if that's the case, the company themselves should be paying a living wage. So these shenanigans can just be skipped. Cuz, you know, business.

  18. Emma Keller

    Emma KellerPrije 12 dana

    I usually try to put whatever change I get (coins when using cash, sometimes a dollar bill if I get one) in the tip jar. This is def a good reminder to just be a good person.

  19. Khaliyah lucas

    Khaliyah lucasPrije 12 dana

    What subway you work at I want to go there(:

  20. RileyBoiNZ Vlogs

    RileyBoiNZ VlogsPrije 13 dana

    tito come outside we got some french fries

  21. Ultralord Fun

    Ultralord FunPrije 14 dana


  22. Ultralord Fun

    Ultralord FunPrije 14 dana


  23. Samuel Lagace

    Samuel LagacePrije 14 dana

    I have to disagree about tipping a fast food workers. Not because they don't work hard but because tipping in general is a terrible terrible thing that's crawled into way too many parts of society. It used to be voluntary but now is expected. The less it spreads the better. Eventually you'll be expected to tip the person at a call center that you called for help with your banking or something. Instead of tipping we should simply show kindness to the employee, be patient and nice to them, and employees should be allowed to be jerks to customers that are jerks.

  24. Thomas White

    Thomas WhitePrije 14 dana

    Milad being in the UK I can’t tip you but I sleep safe knowing my sub is all yours, and maybe, maybe, one day I can tick the bucket list and make your sub mine.

  25. dollars21

    dollars21Prije 15 dana

    My largest tip was 10 inches

  26. Hugo Lockhart

    Hugo LockhartPrije 16 dana

    These are Brilliant!. Loved the be happy song bit!

  27. Bianca Lambarena

    Bianca LambarenaPrije 16 dana

    Sorry can’t try to beat tido your far 😂

  28. atthallah nadhif

    atthallah nadhifPrije 17 dana

    u know what? in my country we never give tip to the employee, because we know each of us had to worked really hard to make someone happy or satisfied and it's just your job you know. we probably just compliment the employee maybe saying "you are so kind, how's your day?" or "thank you, this looks delicious". that's it. is that rude XD?

  29. Peaceful

    PeacefulPrije 17 dana

    Watching while eating a Italian bmt sub lol

  30. Mr_K3vin R

    Mr_K3vin RPrije 18 dana

    Loved the video. I don’t tip for fast food. I am not cheap either. I am sorry amigo!

  31. Richard Jordan

    Richard JordanPrije 19 dana

    The second apparatus shortly separate because pail consistently stain forenenst a fluttering jump. available, fallacious buffet

  32. Ziyan Jahagirdar

    Ziyan JahagirdarPrije 26 dana

    Mr beast : 10 Mc flurries 10 band 10 rolls and 10 what not

  33. Caleb Williams

    Caleb WilliamsPrije 28 dana

    I’m gonna give him the biggest tip: never eat yellow snow, you’ve been warned…

  34. eritan alves de oliveira

    eritan alves de oliveiraPrije 28 dana

    The hapless lasagna roughly spare because flare logistically arrest out a young random. brief, happy maple

  35. StxrmzRifleX

    StxrmzRifleXPrije mjesec

    Everyone: focusing on what Milad is saying Me: thats a really oily ham/salami

  36. TikTok Unlimited

    TikTok UnlimitedPrije mjesec

    Sometimes I don't want to be happy-nah I'm kidding I swear your the most awesome person I've ever met. Thank you for being so wholesome

  37. Dunno Why But Ok

    Dunno Why But OkPrije mjesec

    I bet I'm one of the only people that searched for this video lol

  38. Ninjamanco

    NinjamancoPrije mjesec

    Who is this Tito?

  39. AltAccount

    AltAccountPrije mjesec

    tips should actually be given before the food is made. It is To Insure Promptitude.

  40. king of games

    king of gamesPrije mjesec

    Y'all:oh cool story bro Me: why put cheese in that sandwich with so many other things like how am I gonna taste that so much lettuce

  41. Elise Erickson

    Elise EricksonPrije mjesec

    And as a fast food worker, we can tell who's going to tip and who isn't. Millennials will always slide you a few dollars, but the people that get the biggest orders never do.

  42. Merlot

    MerlotPrije mjesec

    "I'm eployeed" He doesn't get paid. He works for free.

  43. Isaak The Gamer

    Isaak The GamerPrije mjesec

    He gets paid by tips so be generous

  44. Gaming Tv Tv

    Gaming Tv TvPrije mjesec

    In Denmark you cant even tip...

  45. JC

    JCPrije mjesec

    Dude. I go to fast food restaurants for the soul purpose of not tipping. If I wanted to tip I'll go to a nice restaurant and have a nice meal served to me. Just my opinion.

  46. Jashvi patel

    Jashvi patelPrije mjesec

    i love how he dang be happy

  47. Gemolish

    GemolishPrije mjesec

    no one tips here in nz. no employ even thinks about tiping


    PLANETJMiXYPrije mjesec

    Bro I always tip at subway if I see somebody making sandwiches due to the nostalgic pain I feel


    PLANETJMiXYPrije mjesec

    When I worked at subway I got a $50 tip one time

  50. aoh2 connoisseur

    aoh2 connoisseurPrije mjesec

    Sir how can I get your subs lol

  51. Jasnoor Singh Toor

    Jasnoor Singh ToorPrije mjesec

    You got a long tip normal people get the biggest


    ABISHEK DASPrije mjesec

    Mr Beast: Hold my beer

  53. Pacificbluegamer Yteddy

    Pacificbluegamer YteddyPrije mjesec

    Road to 2 mill

  54. Ghosted

    GhostedPrije mjesec

    If Tito is out there... I hope u have the best life and that your socks stay dry and that the other side of your pillow is cold

  55. sam n

    sam nPrije mjesec

    Somebody is not a Karen if they come in, order a lot of food and don’t tip. A Karen is when they r racist and asking for the manager and throwing a big fit

  56. Field Agent Golf

    Field Agent GolfPrije mjesec

    Damn 100 dollar tip? That’s more than what Davis and Droz pays me after I successfully defended all the attacks on the harvester after being rushed by 100 Titans I should see if the 6-4 needs me.

  57. Spunkymunky

    SpunkymunkyPrije mjesec

    I don't think you're allowed to get tips at McDonald's. I've never seen a tip jar.

  58. Mr.Mister

    Mr.MisterPrije mjesec

    Why is tipping such a big deal in America? You are paid to make sandwiches for customers so why should they give you more money for something you are paid to do?

  59. Focused Studying

    Focused StudyingPrije mjesec

    Their workers don't get the benefits and protection our workers get. If you don't tip them a lot of the time they don't have enough pay from their boss alone. So basically it's kind of a fucked up situation there.

  60. KarvaVarvaz

    KarvaVarvazPrije mjesec

    That title kinda sus

  61. c0nfused uzyy

    c0nfused uzyyPrije mjesec

    I guessed it lmfaooooo

  62. Arsh Malik

    Arsh MalikPrije mjesec

    Watching this in Ramadan while fasting 🥲

  63. Bleron F

    Bleron FPrije mjesec

    me too lmao rip

  64. Peter Karunratne (Warriorofeternaldark127)

    Peter Karunratne (Warriorofeternaldark127)Prije mjesec

    In the Uk, we don't really have a tipping culture you are pretty much told that you earn a wage and to be grateful for it. In the last, five or so years tips have been added automatically to bills in restaurants but can be removed by the customer at their wishes other than that you will not find other examples of establishments that have tips.

  65. Botney J

    Botney JPrije mjesec

    lol tips im from the uk and workers actually get paid properly than tipped

  66. Nafis Mubashir

    Nafis MubashirPrije mjesec


  67. Anime-vibezzz!

    Anime-vibezzz!Prije mjesec

    Your content makes me hungry not happy........

  68. hadi manzar

    hadi manzarPrije mjesec

    Question : How many subways do u own

  69. Artist Grace

    Artist GracePrije mjesec

  70. Seasonized

    SeasonizedPrije mjesec

    This makes me feel calm

  71. Bug Catcher Jacky (Jacky Akuma)

    Bug Catcher Jacky (Jacky Akuma)Prije mjesec

    I tend to not tip people. Not because I don't want to but because I'm too shy to mention it, so I just give my money and stay quiet. If there's a tip jar on the other hand-

  72. beast_33

    beast_33Prije mjesec

    Do u get all the money from the tips

  73. Mathieu Hoen

    Mathieu HoenPrije mjesec

    When i play one of the videos i keep watching more its eally addictive

  74. wiuox

    wiuoxPrije mjesec

    I don’t know why maybe I’m just weird but watching your videos make me full I mean full full when I’m hungry I know where I have to be wachin 🧸🌯🍪

  75. Nexsus

    NexsusPrije mjesec

    After this video I'm sleeping Edit: I've been here for 2 hours watching your vids. I really need sleep now

  76. Nick Olivares

    Nick OlivaresPrije mjesec

    I literally always tip the left over change I'm given, say i give $12 for $11.47 I'll leave the 53 cents every single time unless the worker was so nasty to me then i leave a singular penny and i make sure they see me do it. Also whenever i get a large order i will leave minimum $2 for an order $30-$45 and I'll leave more like $5 for an order worth $50+. And for delivery drivers i tip a minimum of $3 and i always order Chinese food on Christmas Eve and give a $25 tip to the driver every single year.

  77. NobleNormie117

    NobleNormie117Prije mjesec


  78. Dylan Bryant

    Dylan BryantPrije mjesec

    he ripped the bread twice!

  79. Varun Nukala

    Varun NukalaPrije mjesec

    My mom always tips 10 dollar, no matter the cost.

  80. Clean Who

    Clean WhoPrije mjesec

    Title is sus

  81. shrey desai

    shrey desaiPrije mjesec

    Bro fastfood and retail is hectic Tip your service staff ...

  82. Rashmi Rai

    Rashmi RaiPrije mjesec


  83. idrxxm the commenter

    idrxxm the commenterPrije mjesec

    Watching this made me hungry

  84. s1nyx_

    s1nyx_Prije mjesec


  85. s1nyx_

    s1nyx_Prije mjesec



    COTTICA ELENAPrije mjesec

    Lmao where I live tipping isn't really a thing unless you're at a restaurant

  87. King Bhati FF🔥🔥

    King Bhati FF🔥🔥Prije mjesec

    Make me happy

  88. Raw HD

    Raw HDPrije mjesec

    I thought it was former UFC fighter Tito Ortiz

  89. Kylee Endsley

    Kylee EndsleyPrije mjesec

    Yes especially when they come 8 mins to close when everything is already put up and order 60 bucks worth of stuff or atleast be polite

  90. Dylan Koring

    Dylan KoringPrije mjesec

    Hi love the vids

  91. Rashida Al harazi

    Rashida Al haraziPrije mjesec

    Who doesn't love milad He's the best

  92. Melon Lord

    Melon LordPrije mjesec

    bUt sOmEtiMes I dOnT wAnNA bE hAp- *NAH IM JUST KIDDING*

  93. Billie Bonkan

    Billie BonkanPrije mjesec

    That’s so nice 💖💖

  94. Bryan Robertson

    Bryan RobertsonPrije mjesec


  95. Bryan Robertson

    Bryan RobertsonPrije mjesec


  96. Schrödinger's Cat

    Schrödinger's CatPrije mjesec

    just wait till Mr.Beast visits!

  97. MattRobloxYT

    MattRobloxYTPrije mjesec

    Nice video

  98. Caleb Volante

    Caleb VolantePrije mjesec

    I am find you subway and give u the biggest tip

  99. Anime Playz

    Anime PlayzPrije mjesec

    U talking about Tito from sml or a different tito I dont know about

  100. SG Vlogs

    SG VlogsPrije mjesec

    `where is tito!!!

  101. Geoshf Schneider

    Geoshf SchneiderPrije mjesec

    But sometimes I don’t wanna be happy.... I’m kidding I’m kidding!🤣

  102. ParanoidYT

    ParanoidYTPrije mjesec

    the whole tipping thing I don't think u can get annoyed if they don't tip u obviously its nice if they do but lets be honest ur ripping them off in the first place, every fast food place gets stuff so much cheaper than they sell it for clearly or they wouldn't be open no tips should be needed.

  103. Rosemary Savukinas

    Rosemary SavukinasPrije mjesec

    If I could tip him I would tip all I had

  104. Albi Idrizi

    Albi IdriziPrije mjesec

    Is he talking about Tito Ortiz 🤔🤔🤔