Tom Aspinall: Andrei Arlovski 'just another guy' inside the cage | UFC Fight Night 185

Tom Aspinall speaks to the media post-fight after his second-round submission win over Andrei Arlovski at UFC Fight Night 185 in Las Vegas.
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  1. Shaun Reason

    Shaun ReasonPrije mjesec

    All good

  2. carl kershaw

    carl kershawPrije mjesec

    That’s what a naturally big guy can do not some bloated steroid brawler he’s going to be very popular very soon

  3. jaswingnut

    jaswingnutPrije mjesec

    How could anybody miss that chin?

  4. Ansel Hansen

    Ansel HansenPrije mjesec

    Tom "The Gentleman" Aspinall

  5. H H

    H HPrije mjesec

    Does anyone know when Anthony crolla jumped on the juice?

  6. Lee Matthews

    Lee MatthewsPrije mjesec

    He has fast hands for a big guy.

  7. Jack

    JackPrije mjesec

    Frank Mir Jr: Andre Arlovski “just another guy” inside the cage

  8. Brian Sheeran

    Brian SheeranPrije mjesec

    I am proud to say that I have trained in Aspinall BJJ. Andy, Joe and Tom. All top guys with amazing abilities yet humble attitudes. True Martial Artists. Tom's success doesn't surprise me in the slightest. He's worked for it. He deserves it. He deserves, and will get, a lot more. Dana White. You're an excellent businessman. Put your hand in your pocket so that Tom can promote your brand. It's a win win.

  9. Rachel Smith

    Rachel SmithPrije mjesec

    Tom aspinall is going to the top. So slick and with that black belt in his back pocket for a rainy day the kid has skills and for a heavyweight in mma he's about 7/8 year of his prime

  10. Jackie Treehorn

    Jackie TreehornPrije mjesec

    Andre gave a great performance and seemed a genuine danger. Great fight and both absolute warriors.

  11. JBOM9000

    JBOM9000Prije mjesec

    this guy is really unlikable

  12. LeedsCity

    LeedsCityPrije mjesec

    He's gonna be a big star

  13. Pitch fader

    Pitch faderPrije mjesec

    Good game, good game

  14. Shane Jupp

    Shane JuppPrije mjesec

    Andrei is 104

  15. And The Salt Spreads

    And The Salt SpreadsPrije mjesec

    this guy's got a bright future ahead of him!

  16. Spurfect81

    Spurfect81Prije mjesec

    I think the next step is a fight against someone like Dos Santos or Overeem to get him into that top 10.


    NEXUS ANDROIDPrije mjesec

    Cool dude! Go England!

  18. kev doran

    kev doranPrije mjesec

    Imagine him at light heavyweight, Jan wouldn’t want to.

  19. Paul Blackman

    Paul BlackmanPrije mjesec

    Arlovski has had about 50 fights. Against the best in the world. But somehow suffers a soft tap out. And didn't even try to defend the choke? Against a newbie. It doesn't make sense?

  20. Awen Times

    Awen TimesPrije mjesec

    Aspinall vs Tybura would be an interesting fight. My bet is that fight will take place at the end of the year.

  21. Daniel Gonzalez

    Daniel GonzalezPrije mjesec

    America loves guys like this!!! Huge fan!!

  22. SL BurnsM

    SL BurnsMPrije mjesec

    Fan of Aspinall, proper English lad

  23. Mark Chamberlain

    Mark ChamberlainPrije mjesec

    Keep an eye on that brit for sure mind

  24. danthemanwhocancan

    danthemanwhocancanPrije mjesec

    V For Vendetta

  25. Howling Mad Murdock

    Howling Mad MurdockPrije mjesec

    Speaks very well, a natural in front of the camera. One to watch.

  26. Keifer McKinnon

    Keifer McKinnonPrije mjesec

    This interview was nearly as classy as his actual fight. This guy is going places!

  27. dan freeman

    dan freemanPrije mjesec

    In the thumbnail he looked like a Mii

  28. martin springer

    martin springerPrije mjesec

    Tom continue doing what your doing mate you've got something which will serve you well talent:) you train not far from were I live god bless m8 your guna do well ;)

  29. Henry Burton

    Henry BurtonPrije mjesec

    I love this guy. None of the lying to sound better. I hate fighters (bullshitters) like Conor and Chael

  30. Reuben Caddick

    Reuben CaddickPrije mjesec

    His enthusiasm reminds me of the young Tyson Fury around 2012 ish

  31. David

    DavidPrije mjesec

    He serves his five knuckle sandwiches on thick slices of le pain

  32. Jake Bradshaw

    Jake BradshawPrije mjesec

    British Houston Jones

  33. Coach Brian

    Coach BrianPrije mjesec

    I now know his name. Good, clean fight (much respect to Andrei) and great opportunity for an up and coming fighter

  34. Adam Simmons

    Adam SimmonsPrije mjesec

    Really Humble too, Can't wait to see what he does in his next fight :)

  35. Phil Mitchell

    Phil MitchellPrije mjesec

    He's like a modern day musketeer

  36. BigboyDownStairs

    BigboyDownStairsPrije mjesec


  37. Dayal A

    Dayal APrije mjesec

    Seems like a very friendly, down-to-earth, likeable chap - and he's a good fighter - (I hope he got the bonus)

  38. Paul Feery

    Paul FeeryPrije mjesec

    Cool dude! Excited to see him climb the ranks.

  39. Enter the noid

    Enter the noidPrije mjesec

    Tom should fight Augusto Sakai or JDS

  40. benjamin franklin

    benjamin franklinPrije mjesec

    he reminds me of dabura 🤣 lmfaooo

  41. Jonathon Canning

    Jonathon CanningPrije mjesec

    Very humble guy , really like his attitude.

  42. rick Hunt

    rick HuntPrije mjesec

    Andrea should have retired 3 years ago , he’s become a punch bag now

  43. Jacob

    JacobPrije mjesec

    Aspinall vs Derek Lewis. Make it happen Dana!

  44. Tom

    TomPrije mjesec

    What happens when he faces Ngannou? He looks like a completely different weight class

  45. martin

    martinPrije mjesec

    More comments about the guy's face than how impressive the lads fight was and how sound he comes across. Bunch of virgins!

  46. W S

    W SPrije mjesec

    Great submission win, seems like a humble guy. Fast hands and footwork with a good ground game, going to be a heavyweight contender for sure!

  47. Alan Ros

    Alan RosPrije mjesec

    Why does he have two sets of eyebrows though?!🤷‍♂️😂

  48. Carl 0

    Carl 0Prije mjesec

    New fan of this guy, refreshing and exciting to have a promising English heavyweight in the division. He moves so well for a big lad

  49. Thomas Hassall

    Thomas HassallPrije mjesec


  50. Sabrina Wadey

    Sabrina WadeyPrije mjesec

    Any weight nice for England we got boxing now let's take mma

  51. Dave C

    Dave CPrije mjesec

    This will be champion one day keep on working Tom you’ll get there m8

  52. Ben Duffy

    Ben DuffyPrije mjesec

    What a guy this fella is, Tyson Fury had Tom as a sparring partner years ago so that says something about Toms ability

  53. Billy Big Balls

    Billy Big BallsPrije mjesec

    @Jim Williams Ben the liar Duffy

  54. Jim Williams

    Jim WilliamsPrije mjesec

    Misleading. Tom turned pro as a boxer and had Peter Fury as his trainer. Peter trains and has trained lots of heavyweights. He wasn't specifically sought out by Tyson for sparring. Also even if he was, Tyson needs bodies. He's used Walt Harris for sparring too.

  55. Billy Big Balls

    Billy Big BallsPrije mjesec

    Ben I love Tyson Fury Duffy Go get a room with Fury

  56. André Nascimento

    André NascimentoPrije mjesec

    Dana, pay this man!

  57. M11W

    M11WPrije mjesec

    this guys is fun to watch Tom is a new fighter I'm interested in

  58. Patrick Tansey

    Patrick TanseyPrije mjesec

    This guy is going to be a big star 👊👊👊👊

  59. 100 %

    100 %Prije mjesec

    Overeem vs Aspinall fight to make.

  60. mokodo _

    mokodo _Prije mjesec

    This guy looks like a cartoon drawing of a British person

  61. Luke Hatten

    Luke HattenPrije mjesec

    The heavyweight division is looking good

  62. Daniel Walker

    Daniel WalkerPrije mjesec

    Guys guess what... he’s British

  63. Daniel Walker

    Daniel WalkerPrije mjesec

    @cheesestring doesn’t change the fact that he’s still British 😂🤦‍♂️

  64. nitro10

    nitro10Prije mjesec

    @Daniel Walker the Scots Nd welsh don’t represent us and don’t like claiming British so why should we

  65. Daniel Walker

    Daniel WalkerPrije mjesec

    @nitro10 🤦‍♂️

  66. nitro10

    nitro10Prije mjesec


  67. Wunn Sen

    Wunn SenPrije mjesec

    Champ in the making! Moves like a welterweight, big win for my home town Salford.

  68. Rick Collingwood

    Rick CollingwoodPrije mjesec

    @Sonny Foxit’s practically the same thing they overlap. I don’t have his home address.

  69. Sonny Fox

    Sonny FoxPrije mjesec

    Isn’t he from Wigan

  70. Rick Collingwood

    Rick CollingwoodPrije mjesec

    And doesn’t sound from Salford at all 😂 speaking as a Salfordian.

  71. Rick Collingwood

    Rick CollingwoodPrije mjesec

    He’s from Atherton mate wiki has it wrong

  72. OG Jin Bling

    OG Jin BlingPrije mjesec

    Looks like a guy with a foot fetish

  73. Alexander Da Mota

    Alexander Da MotaPrije mjesec

    I didn't watch the first round properly, but Arlovski had his moments. Sucks how he didn't defend that RNC like that.

  74. Neil MacDonald

    Neil MacDonaldPrije mjesec

    great attitude, cool guy, promising fighter. Definitely rooting for this guy

  75. C WIlson

    C WIlsonPrije mjesec

    Looks like John fury

  76. Max -x

    Max -xPrije mjesec

    He looks weird

  77. Cantonese

    CantonesePrije mjesec

    Someone needs to tell Andre it’s time...

  78. Celtic Glasgow

    Celtic GlasgowPrije mjesec

    Go on ya big Maddy. Quality performance 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  79. Matt Smith

    Matt SmithPrije mjesec

    What a class act. I had alot of respect for him before this fight, but after this press conference I have so much more. Big up Tom.

  80. Thomas Hassall

    Thomas HassallPrije mjesec

    Yes 👍🏻🇬🇧😁

  81. Frost bite

    Frost bitePrije mjesec

    He looks more like a cartoon than a human being.

  82. Arshbir Janagal

    Arshbir JanagalPrije mjesec

    Which one of you fools called him "French Mir"

  83. Alina Hart

    Alina HartPrije mjesec

    Misleading headline- Aspinall was complete class act and actually was very complimentary of Andrei.

  84. Az92

    Az92Prije mjesec

    @Hector Kabir lol

  85. Hector Kabir

    Hector KabirPrije mjesec

    @Alberto Camdyn i will try it out right now. Looks promising.

  86. Thomas Hassall

    Thomas HassallPrije mjesec


  87. Benjamin Richard

    Benjamin RichardPrije mjesec

    that tackle was crazy. Blaydes should take notes!

  88. Jory Feldman

    Jory FeldmanPrije mjesec

    Blaydes got sent to the shadow realm

  89. Exorebell

    ExorebellPrije mjesec

    Give him Overrem

  90. Joe S

    Joe SPrije mjesec

    He needs a top hat and Monical w a cape.

  91. PJ1989

    PJ1989Prije mjesec

    Aspinall vs Daukaus or Boser gotta be next

  92. Anthony Hertlein

    Anthony HertleinPrije mjesec

    Boser just lost to Arlovski. If the matchmakers are smart they'll wait until Tom and Chris are higher in the rankings and get more development in the promotion to match them up. They could market both of them well separately for a while.

  93. Midnight

    MidnightPrije mjesec

    You want more money and the u.f.c is cutting fighters like raindrops, not going to happen, Aspinall, not for the forcible future. You can thank China for that.

  94. person1907

    person1907Prije mjesec

    Never fight a man with 4 eyebrows

  95. Matthew Whitham

    Matthew WhithamPrije mjesec

    Tom vs Chris Daukaus is the fight to make

  96. PJ1989

    PJ1989Prije mjesec

    @Ape f#@k that lol

  97. Ape

    ApePrije mjesec

    I agree that fight makes sense but HW is so thin, these two are clearly rising contenders, I'd much rather see them develop Daukus and Aspinall for another fight or two before forcing one to derail the other. Also, Aspinall/Oleinyk was a stylistic mismatch. Oleinyk is old and has no striking. Putting in a super sharp young laser-striker against an elderly grappler can be a bit meh.

  98. Matthew Whitham

    Matthew WhithamPrije mjesec

    Tom's going places

  99. jonah jones

    jonah jonesPrije mjesec

    Next ufc heavyweight, give him 3 more fights.

  100. jonah jones

    jonah jonesPrije mjesec

    @LEON casual and still pissing yellow

  101. LEON

    LEONPrije mjesec


  102. Mark Davis

    Mark DavisPrije mjesec

    Different class as always this man is so talented hope he can take his time!

  103. Nicola Maxwell

    Nicola MaxwellPrije mjesec

    Moves like a welterweight!👌

  104. OKay

    OKayPrije mjesec

    @cheesestring He's one of those guys who think bodybuilders have the most athletic physique

  105. cheesestring

    cheesestringPrije mjesec

    @Milky way People built like him are the toughest blokes out there, he’s not out of shape at all, I know many people who look like him who are very fit

  106. Milky way

    Milky wayPrije mjesec

    @OKay and u call me delusional, hilarious 😂😂😂 it actually is legit funny 🤣🤣🤣

  107. Milky way

    Milky wayPrije mjesec

    @OKay wait, so you actually think he's in good shape? I can't imagine how shitty you look then. The guy has no definition and has fat hanging over his body. Look at JDS, Stipe, Cyril Gate, Ngannou, even Arlovksi shape, even Volkov is in better shape and has less fat on his body, they all are in better shape then him, he's the same shape as Tanner Bosser.

  108. OKay

    OKayPrije mjesec

    @Milky way You're really delusional

  109. angry brit

    angry britPrije mjesec

    Well done wigan 👌

  110. Craig Moyle

    Craig MoylePrije mjesec

    @danthemanwhocancan take a look around cardiff mate I'm sure you will change your mind

  111. danthemanwhocancan

    danthemanwhocancanPrije mjesec

    Best looking girls in the World are from Wigan. Warrington and Runcorn too.

  112. Be Seeing You

    Be Seeing YouPrije mjesec

    @Craig Moyle I don't think I've seen a more humble fighter Than Tom, victory and defeat. So respectful to his opponents too. Doesn't get involved in trash talk. Just wants to be no.1 and feed his kids

  113. Craig Moyle

    Craig MoylePrije mjesec

    @Be Seeing You cool I spent a year in wigan as a teen my stepdad was from there I'm from south wales I liked wigan

  114. Be Seeing You

    Be Seeing YouPrije mjesec

    @Craig Moyle Atherton to be exact

  115. Josh Bridges

    Josh BridgesPrije mjesec

    He looks like frank mirs British cousin

  116. Pitch fader

    Pitch faderPrije mjesec

    Jimmy Hill's love child

  117. James Miles

    James MilesPrije mjesec

    Lol exactly what I thought,to be fair got a Frank Mir submission,

  118. D W

    D WPrije mjesec

    That's literally what I told my wife when we were watching :D

  119. Young Nasty

    Young NastyPrije mjesec

    Tom is dope but he moves his head to far back when people swing on him, he will get Ko’d soon sadly

  120. Spurfect81

    Spurfect81Prije mjesec

    It's similar to Till. Chin exposed.

  121. Somerled

    SomerledPrije mjesec

    @Thomas Yates I'd normally have the same reaction to armchair critics in this case it's a good shout. His coaches said the same.

  122. Paul Mckernan

    Paul MckernanPrije mjesec

    Correct, he got caught coming in twice in the first, his coach told him to lower his chin between rounds but he still had his chin in the air in the second. Will get clipped at this level 100%. Big fan of Tom though I hope he can correct this and go all the way.

  123. Thomas Yates

    Thomas YatesPrije mjesec

    Stfu you bums!

  124. Somerled

    SomerledPrije mjesec

    ​@The Best Show - News, Kratom & Politics Think you mean Todorovic, but yeah it worked for him until the opponent adjusted and KO'd him because it.

  125. Bradley Woods

    Bradley WoodsPrije mjesec

    Go on Tom 👊💥

  126. rice

    ricePrije mjesec

    yeah right bragging check your age diff. fight some1 w/in your age bracket.

  127. rice

    ricePrije mjesec

    @HelmHammerhand but not the same a young andrei, it is shameful for a young guy bragging his win over a 43 y/o man.

  128. rice

    ricePrije mjesec

    @Shane Parkinson he may have won his last 3 fights but it was not the same the younger andrei and he is 43. when you reach your 40's each year is different, more so when you reach 50. for a younger fighter bragging defeating an older guy in their 40's is a shame.

  129. Shane Parkinson

    Shane ParkinsonPrije mjesec

    Hes just KOd 2 32 years old in his last 2 fights

  130. HelmHammerhand

    HelmHammerhandPrije mjesec

    Not his fight they offered him they fight. Arlovski was on a 3 fight win streak before this

  131. Veelow mUy mAlo

    Veelow mUy mAloPrije mjesec

    He needs a little hands on with Glover Teixeira

  132. PVM v

    PVM vPrije mjesec

    Bro he fights at light heavyweight?

  133. TheHarrip

    TheHarripPrije mjesec

    Get in lad. Onward....

  134. Reid Hunter

    Reid HunterPrije mjesec

    Damn baba booey

  135. Damian

    DamianPrije mjesec

    has anyone ever told him he's got that iconic Anonymous face

  136. Thomas Hassall

    Thomas HassallPrije mjesec

    Plot twist...he’s actually Q

  137. Aiden Parry

    Aiden ParryPrije mjesec

    @Kacper Pulinski you know your history sir

  138. Pure Violins meng

    Pure Violins mengPrije mjesec

    >anonymous face Bros, is this /heems/ savior?

  139. Kacper Pulinski

    Kacper PulinskiPrije mjesec

    "anonymous face" lol you mean guy fawkes

  140. Damian

    DamianPrije mjesec

    ​@Fascinating Facts Can't argue with that, and Aspinall would be the alpha version

  141. Aaron Studley

    Aaron StudleyPrije mjesec

    Haha he beat a guy 15 years older then him. Lol give me a break

  142. Baz Wax

    Baz WaxPrije mjesec

    @jamus mccullough well said Jamsey boy 👌🏻

  143. Arthur Meek

    Arthur MeekPrije mjesec

    Not just some random guy 15 yrs older 🙄🙄

  144. Baz Wax

    Baz WaxPrije mjesec

    Another faceless casual.

  145. scouseman thinks

    scouseman thinksPrije mjesec

    Much better than getting beat by a guy 15 years older than him haha.

  146. Jesse Richards

    Jesse RichardsPrije mjesec

    Hes the second man in mma history to submit arlovski.

  147. Doggy Style

    Doggy StylePrije mjesec

    Yeah...Arlovsky is like 50 years old?

  148. James Miles

    James MilesPrije mjesec

    @Doggy Style think your kind of missing the point !!!,arlovski is a legend former champion been in there with everyone !!!,yes might be old and past it,but for a upcoming young fighter that’s a great win under he’s belt,showed boxing skills and submitted a legend,big name on he’s record job done,

  149. Doggy Style

    Doggy StylePrije mjesec

    @d j ummm...if that's what you want to believe and it makes you feel better about yourself...then sure!

  150. d j

    d jPrije mjesec

    @Doggy Style meaning I shat all-over your point?

  151. Doggy Style

    Doggy StylePrije mjesec

    @d j kinda missed the point..but thanks for playing!

  152. d j

    d jPrije mjesec

    @Doggy Style The most humble interview and there's always one who has to be a whiney little bitch. Heavyweights always have a longer career. Good experience for a young fighter and thats that.

  153. Anto Free

    Anto FreePrije mjesec

    Looked pretty sharp in there I see him catching a few big shots in his career though.

  154. thomas jarman

    thomas jarmanPrije mjesec

    @Wew Lad yeah that's a good point. I will be following him closely from now on, He looks a real talent.

  155. Wew Lad

    Wew LadPrije mjesec

    @thomas jarman he said his intention was to make Arlovski look old and slow. I don't know much about his previous fights but I think he's smart enough to adjust fight on fight.

  156. thomas jarman

    thomas jarmanPrije mjesec

    yeah I agree. If Francis Ngannou catches you with one of those it's lights out

  157. Wew Lad

    Wew LadPrije mjesec

    agreed, but he's so focused on learning from others which you don't actually hear too much from other fighters strangely. the sky is the limit for Aspinall IMO, at 27 he could be a distant future champ.

  158. Anto Free

    Anto FreePrije mjesec

    @Shane Parkinson For sure good head on him it seems he's young and hungry hope he does well.

  159. dimetrik43

    dimetrik43Prije mjesec

    Him vs Daukaus next book it

  160. Wew Lad

    Wew LadPrije mjesec

    not how it works, you let the young guys beat the old guys. no point derailing 2 HW contenders.

  161. Somerled

    SomerledPrije mjesec

    Nah Daukaus is top 10 now and working towards contender status. Tom needs a top 20 next.

  162. T - Bone

    T - BonePrije mjesec

    If he wants experience the Beast is looking for a fight and he's got 34 professional fights. UFC let's do it

  163. Sonny Fox

    Sonny FoxPrije mjesec

    @Алексей Николаев that’ll be a tough one

  164. Алексей Николаев

    Алексей НиколаевPrije mjesec

    @Sonny Fox Derrick Lewis

  165. Trivette Kelekolio

    Trivette KelekolioPrije mjesec

    @Ciaran Lynch Doesn't even matter if it's a different weight class . He fought nobodies and is now getting a top 5 ranked opponent and then probably a title shot

  166. Ciaran Lynch

    Ciaran LynchPrije mjesec

    @Bo mal patriote he ain't a heavyweight

  167. Bo mal patriote

    Bo mal patriotePrije mjesec

    @Ciaran Lynch RatZat fought 3 nobodies.. Two divisions or not they are still nobodies with negative ufc records combined.. Only one fight at 170 against McKy who make his ufc debut and now 0-2.. Tom is 3-0 in ufc and just beat a former champion who was on back to back wins. So yeah, you can definitely go from out of the top 15 to fighting top 5 ranked opponent by beating an unranked opponent if you named Khamzat..

  168. Pro Fights Info

    Pro Fights InfoPrije mjesec

    His hand speed and the quickness with which he took the back and got the submission were all very impressive!

  169. lorenz

    lorenzPrije mjesec

    boys rmmeber hesh possesed by a demon iam right trustm y not fantasy it is!! reality! walt harris i s possesed hesh possesed jairzinho Rozenstrui kpossesed but lose tho ciryl gane heh will become stronger and champion the possesed fights so this names whati say. it is real trust me iam smart!...

  170. thesaymsia

    thesaymsiaPrije mjesec

    He trains w Tyson Fury fyi

  171. Bo mal patriote

    Bo mal patriotePrije mjesec

    Exactly! Especially for a HW! His hands speed, power and accuracy are amazing for a HW too.

  172. Khuram Nasir

    Khuram NasirPrije mjesec