UFC Fighters Reveal Their MMA GOAT

Justin Gaethje, Sean O'Malley, Carlos Condit, Michael Chandler, Khaos Williams, Max Holloway, and Henry Cejudo spoke to Helen Yee about who they think is their MMA GOAT.

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  1. Arnold B

    Arnold BPrije 8 dana

    Fedor, no one has his accomplishments - undefeated in 10 years as a small heavyweight - won 2 tournaments - fought under both UFC and Pride rules - beat every heavyweight in his era - changed the game with his ground and pound - never had a controversial decision win - no steroids

  2. K A

    K APrije 9 dana

    Of course the black guy says Jon Jones 😅😂

  3. Sultan Ali

    Sultan AliPrije 9 dana

    I will go with what Henry said for first 20 second

  4. James Waugh

    James WaughPrije 10 dana

    Khabib smashed everyone PERIOD! GSP has loses and was KO'd before. Had a great career but not perfect. Jon Jones had too many close calls that were given to him and some think he should of lost. My opinion anyway.

  5. Cannabis Use Only

    Cannabis Use OnlyPrije 11 dana

    interesting nod for Werdum at the end lol I wanna know his reasoning

  6. Cannabis Use Only

    Cannabis Use OnlyPrije 11 dana

    3:30 Max stays answering any question like he's doing a fight interview lol

  7. Erthallan

    ErthallanPrije 11 dana

    they talking abt ufc goats and not mma goats in here tho

  8. Cody P

    Cody PPrije 11 dana

    Fedor and khabib

  9. happyapocalypse

    happyapocalypsePrije 13 dana

    Fedor Emelianenko would in his prime would smash this "goats".

  10. Peter Thiessen

    Peter ThiessenPrije 13 dana

    Jones should be banned from the sport, for being a druggie

  11. Isaac Butler

    Isaac ButlerPrije 13 dana

    GSP, Silva, Jones,Mighty Mouse, Khabib

  12. Neutron State MMA

    Neutron State MMAPrije 13 dana

    Man....I wish Chandler talks less. Gracie, GSP, Bones, Amanda & Khabib are GOAT, no doubt!

  13. Azzam P.S

    Azzam P.SPrije 13 dana

    No chael?? These pros must have forgot the one who was undisputed and undefeated. 17 wins by murder

  14. Mike Bird

    Mike BirdPrije 14 dana

    Mighty Mouse only mentioned once?!?!

  15. REX YZ

    REX YZPrije 14 dana

    There is no goat there are many excuses and factors to bring into consideration and people hates on some fighters and will never admitt anything lmao the goat is whoever your bias is and stop acting neutral hypocrites

  16. Pale Amigo

    Pale AmigoPrije 14 dana

    Islam Makhachev!👍

  17. saransh verma

    saransh vermaPrije 16 dana

    Gsp❤️ is the goat miss lee😉

  18. AP2brolic

    AP2brolicPrije 16 dana

    Could put Fedor up there too

  19. Daniel Caskey

    Daniel CaskeyPrije 17 dana

    Hasbulla, Khabib, GSP, Jon Jones, Anderson Silva

  20. Turbo The Esky

    Turbo The EskyPrije 17 dana

    Stipe miocic

  21. Rayan Malanski

    Rayan MalanskiPrije 17 dana

    The greatest list is the Henry's list

  22. Rayan Malanski

    Rayan MalanskiPrije 17 dana

    People forget how good was Anderson Silva, guy was in a god level

  23. S Dresden

    S DresdenPrije 18 dana

    It's a draw between Silva, Valentina, Jones and GSP.

  24. John Benedict

    John BenedictPrije 18 dana

    Im amazed that everyone just ignores Jon Jones 2 failed drug tests. He may be the youngest champion but there is no doubt in my mind he was on the juice for a good portion of his career. Look at his most recent fights. He got the decision against Reyes and we all know it was a bad decision. He got the decision against Silva and I thought he lost that fight. Hes got 1 finish since coming back from suspension. He hurt his own legacy. If Barry Bonds don't get credit or recognition as the Home run king, Jon Jones should not be considered the GOAT

  25. akthar sahabaz

    akthar sahabazPrije 18 dana

    Khabib of course. Gsp lost 2 matches. And that guy jon is drugs so he didn't count. Khabib Is the goat

  26. cwilliams808

    cwilliams808Prije 19 dana

    The fact that nobody mentioned Fedor

  27. Thanos

    ThanosPrije 19 dana

    Stop the cap GSP is the greatest of all time including now. He would still smoke anyone at Light weight and Welterweight

  28. Boss Boss

    Boss BossPrije 19 dana

    Say whatever you want. But kinda hard to argue with a retired undefeated fighter. Khabib gotta be 1 man. Love him or hate him. What he achieved is unheard of today. Along the likes of Floyd, currently Fury, Rocky Marciano etc. And alot of people that trained with Khabib say he never fully showed of his skills. Thats kinda hard to argue against man in MMA or Combat sports. Especially when he hardly ever got tested either

  29. Adam Leslie

    Adam LesliePrije 20 dana

    Stephen Thomas and frank mir were my favorites

  30. Alonzo

    AlonzoPrije 20 dana

    Henry gotta come back

  31. Lor Sxott

    Lor SxottPrije 20 dana

    This is the only time I respect that midget

  32. N H

    N HPrije 22 dana

    Cejudo nailed it.

  33. Ashraf Hossain Rakib

    Ashraf Hossain RakibPrije 22 dana

    Jon jones failed drug test and also had some humilliation in defeats...its between Gsp and Khabib.

  34. Shakthi Aravind Ovisha

    Shakthi Aravind OvishaPrije 22 dana

    Khabib is a legend but he's not a GOAT! Most of his fighters he fought were below average. It gotta be Jones - GSP - Silva in that order!

  35. Lucas Salazar

    Lucas SalazarPrije 22 dana

    Mma goats I got Aldo and Cormier in there. If we're only talking ufc careers then I got gsp, demetrius and sliva

  36. Axel Veltri G.

    Axel Veltri G.Prije 23 dana

    GSP, Silva y Jones

  37. green circle

    green circlePrije 23 dana

    Honestly, Khabib is the most impressive one. Cormier, for me, is the best heavyweight/light heavyweight. The way he finished so many good names, being so smaller and older than many of them, after starting late in MMA and improving he's boxing to a top level when he's an olympic wrestler... It's much more impressive than a younger JJ with a couple of failed drug tests. And GSP is the most complete, I think. That's it. For me, Anderson Silva and JJ could be two of the best, if they hadn't had problems with steroids.

  38. Lukeisajet23

    Lukeisajet23Prije 24 dana

    Max Holloway is the GOAT

  39. John Fineout

    John FineoutPrije 24 dana

    I don’t think I heard conners name once

  40. Fr Bruh

    Fr BruhPrije 24 dana

    DJ, DC, GSP, JBJ, and Stipe, no doubt best 4 of all time

  41. Helt Fläng

    Helt FlängPrije 25 dana

    For me there is 3 i cant pick one. Fedor, GSP and Bones

  42. Sweden !

    Sweden !Prije 25 dana


  43. Albert Albert

    Albert AlbertPrije 25 dana

    Jon jones is the eye poking picogram GOAT. GSP is the GOAT that the Matts had for dinner. Khabib is the GOAT who slayed Conor myth.

  44. ShortFuseDynamite

    ShortFuseDynamitePrije 25 dana

    It was a good video, then Henry showed up.

  45. Eric M

    Eric MPrije 26 dana

    You have to defend the title multiple times to even be considered.

  46. Timothee “zaaynTutos” chalamet

    Timothee “zaaynTutos” chalametPrije 26 dana

    Khabib smash all

  47. Timothee “zaaynTutos” chalamet

    Timothee “zaaynTutos” chalametPrije 26 dana

    Khabib its the only goat invencible

  48. Hash Fahad

    Hash FahadPrije 26 dana

    Khabib is the lightweight goat that is 100% undeniable

  49. David

    DavidPrije 26 dana


  50. MrChelNacs

    MrChelNacsPrije 26 dana

    Aldo should be included

  51. MrChelNacs

    MrChelNacsPrije 26 dana

    Cejudo should not retire yet. He must prove more to people if he wants to include himself.

  52. Ron Buil

    Ron BuilPrije 27 dana

    of course O'Malley, the young kid, picks the new guys lmao

  53. Tariq Shaikh

    Tariq ShaikhPrije 27 dana

    Khabib is GOAT end of discussion

  54. Nacer Ouafa

    Nacer OuafaPrije 27 dana

    They all thinking Khabib Nurmagomedov But they gotta stay salty..

  55. Aathi MS

    Aathi MSPrije 27 dana

    Nobody: Condit : chu chu chu

  56. SilverMustang920

    SilverMustang920Prije 27 dana

    How could you even compare someone who has not only been undefeated but also untouched, never blead, in such a BRUTAL SPORT where sometimes even a lucky wild swinging punch by the opponent could knock you out in seconds???? plus how could you call someone a goat in this sport who's been officially tested positive for illegal substances and performance enhancing drugs and who's been defeated!? Khabib Nermogamedov is officially retired now, he is THE GOAT. Period.

  57. Jay “The Golden Boy” Luis

    Jay “The Golden Boy” LuisPrije 27 dana

    My Top 10 MMA GOATS.. 1. Anderson Silva 2. GSP 3. Demetrius Johnson 4. Jon Jones 5. Jose Aldo 6. Stipe Miocic 7. DC 8. Fedor 9. Dominick Cruz 10. Khabib

  58. Lazlo Holt

    Lazlo HoltPrije 27 dana

    What the hell did Cejudo even say? I'm not a part of GOAT mountain, but i'm #1 on GOAT mountain? Ah, to be a proverbial fly on the wall inside that guy's head

  59. Mounir B

    Mounir BPrije 27 dana

    GOAT = Khabib

  60. Daniel Bazaldua

    Daniel BazalduaPrije 27 dana

    No one would say anderson ?

  61. LK Gaming Reviews

    LK Gaming ReviewsPrije 27 dana

    Khabib had to move up for me, slight wieght bully, would of liked to see him go up in weight

  62. Vjeko 1981

    Vjeko 1981Prije 28 dana

    Chandler is spot on,ped abusers shouldn't never be considered as goats.Gaethje also has good points,but i can't believe he didn't mention Fedor Emelianenko.Gracie isn't even close to what Fedor achieved in his career.

  63. Anthony Gonzalez

    Anthony GonzalezPrije 28 dana

    I say the best way to go about GOATS, is by weight divisions

  64. Zach Bonebrake

    Zach BonebrakePrije 28 dana

    The Spider.

  65. kurt6447

    kurt6447Prije 28 dana

    It's cool that Max said Amanda. Most people (including me) forget about the women when we are talking goats for some reason.

  66. Pierre Etchebarne

    Pierre EtchebarnePrije 28 dana

    Really, no one's going to name Fedor Emelianenko ? It's not even a debate who the GOAT is ...

  67. BAD CP

    BAD CPPrije 28 dana

    Fedor, period. Nobody like him.

  68. Robert Mills

    Robert MillsPrije 28 dana

    Fail a drugs test you’re no longer eligible.

  69. Robert Mills

    Robert MillsPrije 28 dana

    Chandler has it spot on for me.

  70. Therapyy Tree

    Therapyy TreePrije 28 dana

    I love how Chandler wasn't no bitch and said straight up if you failed a drug test I don't fuck with you lol my guy!!

  71. dougolsen

    dougolsenPrije 28 dana

    Damn - they did Fedor like that?!?!

  72. Onno Quinten

    Onno QuintenPrije 28 dana


  73. pohmakas33

    pohmakas33Prije 29 dana

    Chandler cant just give a one worded response, why does every fucking answer have to be a long boring story.

  74. Cake Dog

    Cake DogPrije 29 dana

    You can't be goat if you juiced. GSP, Amanda, Khabib, Demetrius

  75. Govind S

    Govind SPrije 29 dana

    Really Sad to see people forgetting Demetrius Johnson. 😔

  76. royal decree for the church of muskology

    royal decree for the church of muskologyPrije 8 dana

    @Govind S he is also the size of a mouse, it's cute tbh. Like wnba

  77. Govind S

    Govind SPrije 8 dana

    @royal decree for the church of muskology Then everyone except Khabib has loss on their record and not to mention Jon Jones has failed more than one drug test. (Btw, I'm a big Khabib fan)

  78. royal decree for the church of muskology

    royal decree for the church of muskologyPrije 12 dana

    He lost in one fc

  79. Thomas Joseph

    Thomas JosephPrije 16 dana

    Cejudo mentioned him

  80. Manny Blackstar

    Manny BlackstarPrije 29 dana

    My fav is Helen Yee haaa

  81. Mateus

    MateusPrije 29 dana

    henry is just fax, the goat mountain is certainly these 4 guys

  82. adumb 135

    adumb 135Prije 29 dana

    idgaf what anyone says, piss hot = immediate disqualifcation of possible goat status

  83. High And Winning

    High And WinningPrije 29 dana

    Artem is the goat

  84. Arfhan Mughal

    Arfhan MughalPrije 29 dana


  85. Trojan Sasori

    Trojan SasoriPrije 29 dana

    Khabib in discussion is insane. 3 titles comparing with 13

  86. Engineers Lead The Way

    Engineers Lead The WayPrije 29 dana

    Khabib imo lb for lb

  87. westfalenstadion!

    westfalenstadion!Prije 29 dana

    GSP all the way!


    RICARDO LEITEPrije 29 dana

    The only one who mentioned Anderson Silva is Cejudo, impressive


    RICARDO LEITEPrije 29 dana

    Its not UFC fighters, its North American UFC fighters

  90. Grzesiu Sraka

    Grzesiu SrakaPrije 29 dana

    Gotta be GSP, Anderson Silva and Jon Jones. With Khabib and Fedor closing out top5. No discussion here.

  91. ZWH Productions

    ZWH ProductionsPrije mjesec

    Notice how Connors name never came up?

  92. khrystoferprince

    khrystoferprincePrije mjesec

    Cant still take off my eyes on those tid ol bitties

  93. Eduardo Eversman

    Eduardo EversmanPrije mjesec

    Demetrius Jhonson , gsp , Jon Jones My top 3

  94. Michael Cadile

    Michael CadilePrije mjesec

    I am the greatest goat

  95. Michael Cadile

    Michael CadilePrije mjesec

    I am the mma goat

  96. Gabriel Freire

    Gabriel FreirePrije mjesec

    Anderson “The Spider” Silva period

  97. Wick John

    Wick JohnPrije mjesec

    I was expecting henry cejudo to stand up and walk away afer interview dudes already standing

  98. Mohamed Essanhaji

    Mohamed EssanhajiPrije mjesec

    Even fighters mention Khabib but still some people tryna mix things like they know more than fighters themselves! GSP if not Khabib cuz Jon and Silva failed the drug test .. #easy

  99. Trips Nr1

    Trips Nr1Prije mjesec

    Mcgregor easily

  100. Mr Yassin

    Mr YassinPrije mjesec

    Jon Jones and khabib both ran through there division and fought the best of the best .. only diff is Jon Jones failed a drug test. Do the math

  101. Victor Rivera

    Victor RiveraPrije mjesec

    You killed it again Helen! 🔥🔥 Such a great video 🎥

  102. sal_music_man

    sal_music_manPrije mjesec

    Someone shut Cejudo up. Cringe as f***.

  103. ruffgook

    ruffgookPrije mjesec

    anderson silva, gsp, fedor. these are the goats

  104. Banana Patch

    Banana PatchPrije mjesec

    The Spider, in his prime...the GOAT.