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Tobu - Cloud 9 (feat. Itro)
Gidexen - Ronin
Tobu - Life
80Fitz - Irrelevant
Clozee - Koto
Loop Genius - Do it again
Neovaii - Should've Started
Price Takis - Escape
Raven \u0026 Kreyn - Bubble

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  1. Kayden Kattar

    Kayden KattarPrije 3 dana

    I got 192

  2. Joshua Novoa

    Joshua NovoaPrije 5 dana

    8 wins.. eight wins. 400 loses. I love content

  3. Riz Tsa

    Riz TsaPrije 5 dana

    You are supit

  4. TrqkaFN

    TrqkaFNPrije 6 dana

    Who saw Erickson faint

  5. Spider Man

    Spider ManPrije 12 dana

    Coolest videos ever in my life


    EYAD ELNINJAPrije 12 dana

    Love you bro

  7. IEatToast

    IEatToastPrije 13 dana

    W2s:omg De bruyne Me:oh Tots rashford meh That’s just a joke Me:JOE GOMEZ UCL CARD LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LETTZ GGOOOOOOOFFOORRO

  8. IEatToast

    IEatToastPrije 13 dana

    My bro is a west ham fan so u lost a viewer No edit

  9. Rachel Prior

    Rachel PriorPrije 13 dana

    it you mou want me on the

  10. Riley Caithness-Green

    Riley Caithness-GreenPrije 16 dana

    It’s kimmich not kimic

  11. The FIFA Gamer

    The FIFA GamerPrije 18 dana

    Can you please stop talking about bad luck tots because some us can’t even get a 7.5k pack

  12. why

    whyPrije 17 dana

    Well do you spend thousands of dollars in packs.Well no so you have no right to complain when you get shit in your only 100k pack when he opens like 15 of them and gets shit

  13. The FIFA Gamer

    The FIFA GamerPrije 18 dana

    0:05 and have won it

  14. Shaugh

    ShaughPrije 19 dana

    Everybody dissin Harry for not uploading when they haven’t gone to his 2nd account

  15. ABAS husen

    ABAS husenPrije 20 dana

    pele cf

  16. umkalthom issac

    umkalthom issacPrije 20 dana


  17. Kai Anderson

    Kai AndersonPrije 20 dana

    Who’s here after Chelsea won the ucl?

  18. Lewis Mensah

    Lewis MensahPrije 20 dana

    0:00 who else is here after Chelsea won the champions league?

  19. Son Golan

    Son GolanPrije 20 dana

    Now Chelsea has won their second Champions League. Congratulation to every True Blues out there, especially Harry!

  20. swirlzy_

    swirlzy_Prije 20 dana

    As a man city fan, it was a close game. Chelsea deserved it

  21. DRK Gaming

    DRK GamingPrije 23 dana

    Is bale in Real Madrid now?? Look at 5 mins

  22. Gamer

    GamerPrije 27 dana

    This is cringe

  23. Mubashir saif

    Mubashir saifPrije 22 dana

    better than your content

  24. CM

    CMPrije 27 dana

    Wear headphones lad

  25. Sean Bhatti

    Sean BhattiPrije 28 dana

    Haha I’m a Leicester fan.

  26. Will Mcinnes

    Will McinnesPrije 28 dana

    Should i sell my whole team for 4M yes or no For series A Tots

  27. Balázs Kiss

    Balázs KissPrije 29 dana


  28. Sanjay M

    Sanjay MPrije 29 dana

    I came here after the final . When I saw the intro I was laughing so hard that I need a new pair of lungs

  29. Levi Sherlund Bredin (elev)

    Levi Sherlund Bredin (elev)Prije 26 dana

    He means cl

  30. Damian Kala

    Damian KalaPrije 29 dana

    If i had this man’s money

  31. ronin Sethna

    ronin SethnaPrije 29 dana

    I've been a Chelsea fan for 10 years

  32. Music Dance

    Music DancePrije mjesec


  33. hussein kanaan

    hussein kanaanPrije mjesec

    2021 and he still says BBVA 🤣

  34. Mihajlo Krajcinovic

    Mihajlo KrajcinovicPrije mjesec

    Very goooooddddd draft

  35. Bill (fatedhate)

    Bill (fatedhate)Prije mjesec

    Imagine if De Bruyne scores a hat trick against chelsea in the final.

  36. OriginalFacelessGaming 69 (The legendary gamer)

    OriginalFacelessGaming 69 (The legendary gamer)Prije mjesec

    blue is the colour football is the game and chelsea is our name

  37. mr clasico

    mr clasicoPrije mjesec

    Man city for ever

  38. ꧁ Somia ꧂

    ꧁ Somia ꧂Prije mjesec


  39. ꧁ Somia ꧂

    ꧁ Somia ꧂Prije mjesec

    FREE PALESTINE 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

  40. CLplayerz

    CLplayerzPrije mjesec

    Harry pls make another Yu-Gi-Oh video.

  41. Danny Wilson

    Danny WilsonPrije mjesec

    Harry when you do drafts you should do the reserves last

  42. omar alaswad

    omar alaswadPrije mjesec

    I got 99 maradona

  43. fishy on me

    fishy on mePrije mjesec

    Do you play on Playstation

  44. Alex Osmond

    Alex OsmondPrije mjesec

    Gets a 91 overall: that’s so bad that’s atrocious

  45. ItzYaBoiLarsMUwU

    ItzYaBoiLarsMUwUPrije mjesec

    I pronounced Trin-say-o and you said Th-a-go

  46. Aro

    AroPrije mjesec

    Damn pack openings still exist in 2021

  47. Vasile Marina

    Vasile MarinaPrije mjesec

    My friend has fifa standard version, I have ultimate team we can play together online 2vs2?

  48. najma shaheen

    najma shaheenPrije mjesec


  49. Bayley Ball

    Bayley BallPrije mjesec

    Lol who is here after Chelsea Leicester match and Chelsea lost I bet he was fuming

  50. Exx0 Playz

    Exx0 PlayzPrije mjesec


  51. Leebobs Gamer

    Leebobs GamerPrije mjesec

    Harry’s been a bit quiet since the FA cup final🦊🦊🦊🦊

  52. David Commanda

    David CommandaPrije mjesec

    Damm he looks different from 4 years ago

  53. Jamie Madden

    Jamie MaddenPrije mjesec

    Can someone tell me how to get these packs

  54. tom wright

    tom wrightPrije mjesec

    nanananana sing it madrid are in the mud in the mud madrid are in the muddd

  55. tobist

    tobistPrije mjesec

    Jesus is the only way to heaven even if you are a good person you still do by go to heaven

  56. Wrackzed

    WrackzedPrije mjesec


  57. rajmonda dema

    rajmonda demaPrije mjesec

    Love you

  58. edmond dema

    edmond demaPrije mjesec

    KING W2S

  59. lil_Gabriel-kolęda

    lil_Gabriel-kolędaPrije mjesec

    Bruh i thought you end with youtube

  60. Pk Hama

    Pk HamaPrije mjesec

    wtf vale in real madrid 5:12 you see

  61. The uk Patriot

    The uk PatriotPrije mjesec

    2:52 how?

  62. Nin Bolton

    Nin BoltonPrije mjesec

    Man Utd are ok Watford are big better Chelsea are best

  63. Colton Flucas

    Colton FlucasPrije mjesec

    And my highest team of the season was 85

  64. Waxy on claw

    Waxy on clawPrije mjesec

    How many subscribers can I get from this comment

  65. Vionxao

    VionxaoPrije mjesec

    Why is he not uploading on the main channel

  66. Masoom Shafi

    Masoom ShafiPrije mjesec

    Who else is disappointed that Harry didn't throw his chair and break the TV behind him 👇

  67. Island Kids Life

    Island Kids LifePrije mjesec


  68. pro fragger

    pro fraggerPrije mjesec

    Please try it

  69. pro fragger

    pro fraggerPrije mjesec

    Its a good game

  70. pro fragger

    pro fraggerPrije mjesec

    Did you ever try pacybits futdraft on mobile

  71. W2SPlays Exposed

    W2SPlays ExposedPrije mjesec

    Big up W2S, it's always a madness when you get walkouts

  72. AlBeRt x FlAmInGo

    AlBeRt x FlAmInGoPrije mjesec

    Please upload more

  73. The Fish “iTwirlz” In Your Basement

    The Fish “iTwirlz” In Your BasementPrije mjesec

    Upload more lmao harry you missed the la liga tots event dont miss the bundesliga

  74. fifaman 123 (k)

    fifaman 123 (k)Prije mjesec

    Am I the only one disappointed at 4:07?

  75. هلالي. لاابد

    هلالي. لاابدPrije mjesec

    ول كيف

  76. SaturnsEclipce⚡️🪐

    SaturnsEclipce⚡️🪐Prije mjesec

    Shut uppppppppop

  77. JMD

    JMDPrije mjesec

    Harry: Pruss DeBlynre

  78. Alex Jackson

    Alex JacksonPrije mjesec

    can i get one of your tots players any helps

  79. Rauls Pujatens

    Rauls PujatensPrije mjesec

    Hey I really like your videos keep openig good packs peace

  80. Kyanite_ 4.0

    Kyanite_ 4.0Prije mjesec

    Wld u guys say Harry’s Autistic or nah?

  81. Farouk_playzz

    Farouk_playzzPrije mjesec

    Součeck has gullit stats

  82. zack a

    zack aPrije mjesec

    Can you do more yu ge o

  83. Dean Cox Aatik

    Dean Cox AatikPrije mjesec

    Harry gets tots de bruyne Harry gets totw de bruyne in a draft and says we get the de bruyne we are trying to save

  84. Dean Cox Aatik

    Dean Cox AatikPrije mjesec

    Open packs on my account I could do with a tots de bruyne

  85. original Baka prase Choda

    original Baka prase ChodaPrije mjesec

    Where are you?

  86. Ilaï GOSCINNY

    Ilaï GOSCINNYPrije mjesec

    can you do a video in W2S NORMAL PLEASE

  87. Bruh Lmao

    Bruh LmaoPrije mjesec

    man city gonna win the finals

  88. noraize qazi

    noraize qaziPrije mjesec

    Fuck this I want a Reddit video.Harry u yourself Said that Reddit videos take no effort and minimum amount of time.are u too lazy for even that?

  89. SoaR-Ranger

    SoaR-RangerPrije mjesec

    Give me your main channel so i have over a million subscribers but with shit videos xD

  90. oh Shuks

    oh ShuksPrije mjesec

    Whenever he see's England and icon and cm he always says Beckham when he doesn't even have a cm card

  91. oh Shuks

    oh ShuksPrije mjesec

    All of his cards are rm u dumbo

  92. Chawki Arja

    Chawki ArjaPrije mjesec

    His baby card hahaha

  93. Mark Nicholas Pilat

    Mark Nicholas PilatPrije mjesec

    prime icon packs for him are like rare gold packs

  94. Para Hatter

    Para HatterPrije mjesec

    W2s barely posts

  95. Tunacan Meriç

    Tunacan MeriçPrije mjesec

    What happened to his old channel W2S ? He had like 15 milion subscribers?

  96. Áron Rődel

    Áron RődelPrije mjesec


  97. Bence Bartek

    Bence BartekPrije mjesec


  98. Kensley Whalley

    Kensley WhalleyPrije mjesec

    Still good

  99. Kensley Whalley

    Kensley WhalleyPrije mjesec

    You went from chealse to Manchester United to chealse

  100. faisal sajjad

    faisal sajjadPrije mjesec

    Bro upload another yu gi oh video😭i loved it

  101. Ishac Brahimi

    Ishac BrahimiPrije mjesec

    dont worry abt kdb worry about Mahrez 123 viva l'Algérie

  102. Emma Fay

    Emma FayPrije mjesec

    Harry I love you

  103. Emma Fay

    Emma FayPrije mjesec


  104. Mohamed Elgazairy

    Mohamed ElgazairyPrije mjesec

    You are crazy 🤣

  105. Toxic Twins

    Toxic TwinsPrije mjesec

    And Chelsea will not win

  106. Toxic Twins

    Toxic TwinsPrije mjesec


  107. patrick lamarel

    patrick lamarelPrije mjesec

    Kaka(caca)in french is poop lol


    MARIA COBBPrije mjesec

    Come on Chelsea finals fa champions

  109. Keith Kenneally

    Keith KenneallyPrije mjesec

    The best in youtube