Water into coke! #shorts

And that’s how I did it! 😂😂


  1. Cozmo Glover

    Cozmo GloverPrije sat

    You should’ve put some brown paint on the lid aswell

  2. Amavi Geemanthi

    Amavi GeemanthiPrije 4 sati

    Coke ain’t black dude😶

  3. preem boutique

    preem boutiquePrije 8 sati


  4. GD Zimmeh

    GD ZimmehPrije 10 sati

    He’s the type of person that thinks people don’t know that coke isn’t that color

  5. belal RAJA

    belal RAJAPrije 11 sati

    bat kat beta kata

  6. ItsActuallyChxrry

    ItsActuallyChxrryPrije 20 sati

    Him: *i honestly dont know* Also him: showing us from the beginning him getting the trick ready. 👁️👄👁️

  7. Ashley Breighner

    Ashley BreighnerPrije 21 sat

    Waiting to see the comment that says “bro that don’t look like coke”

  8. Bad Memes

    Bad MemesPrije dan

    Coke isn’t that color

  9. Sunita Patel

    Sunita PatelPrije dan

    Coke is not even that color it’s a way darker black

  10. Diya Sapra

    Diya SapraPrije dan

    Him: it turned into coke Me: I suggest to add more colour it is not nearly as black as coke

  11. Juned Ansari

    Juned AnsariPrije dan

    Bhai aap ka jadugar Ka Jadu

  12. lssA Sleman

    lssA SlemanPrije dan

    الله 🙃😈No

  13. Ling Rong

    Ling RongPrije dan

    Heeeeer weiii guugh

  14. Allen Will

    Allen WillPrije dan

    Wait how you do that is so far I'm going to put I'm going to give you like 10 likes can you come and give you 10 likes someone get a heart on there too love you man and I love you to talk bye 😆😁🤑

  15. Allen Will

    Allen WillPrije dan

    Welcome on my house because I got a lot of money so I'm not broke got a lot of money I'm rich 🤑

  16. Elva Agustina

    Elva AgustinaPrije dan

    That magic trick is really good

  17. N R

    N RPrije dan

    That’s black it is not coke

  18. Khaldoun Rahma

    Khaldoun RahmaPrije 2 dana

    gouvernement gi

  19. Rapolas Simanavicius

    Rapolas SimanaviciusPrije 2 dana

    Dan:Cook Me:Coke

  20. Hardik Kharachaliya

    Hardik KharachaliyaPrije 2 dana

    On Wed 6th March and ueuue

  21. kovvuru srinivasapuram

    kovvuru srinivasapuramPrije 2 dana

    Superb guy

  22. رقيه العراقية

    رقيه العراقيةPrije 2 dana

    مبروك انفتح الحضر مبروك

  23. Sulekha Amit

    Sulekha AmitPrije 2 dana

    This looks like sewage water

  24. Manuel Perna

    Manuel PernaPrije 2 dana

    What kind of coke u drink? The coke in Italy isn't black, is brown🤔

  25. Rizzage

    RizzagePrije 2 dana

    How the hell is that coke

  26. Smita Pote.

    Smita Pote.Prije 2 dana

    I live in india Who live in india

  27. kiwi afton

    kiwi aftonPrije 2 dana

    I like ur new hairtyle

  28. mariya dasu

    mariya dasuPrije 2 dana


  29. *• Simply Stupid •*

    *• Simply Stupid •*Prije 2 dana

    Coakke- compose yourself me


    AZE GAMİNGPrije 3 dana

    Ay bləəə mözələnmə

  31. そらとうきょう

    そらとうきょうPrije 3 dana

    now drink it

  32. Nour Karam

    Nour KaramPrije 3 dana

    He’s the type of guy that makes everyone want to comment “he’s the type of guy” comments

  33. Anna Júlia maluca

    Anna Júlia malucaPrije 3 dana


  34. KaptenMalaysiaa

    KaptenMalaysiaaPrije 3 dana

    Kid: WHERES MY COKE also kid: *watches this video* Kid be like: *makes a coke using this trick* EWW ITS FAKE ITS NOT DELICIOUS CLICKBAIT CLICKBAITT

  35. Archie Ricketts

    Archie RickettsPrije 3 dana

    Looks like grey to me

  36. 林宇晨

    林宇晨Prije 3 dana


  37. Christopher Penilla

    Christopher PenillaPrije 3 dana

    you no😠😠👺👺👹

  38. Umut doğan demir

    Umut doğan demirPrije 3 dana

    Selamün aleyküm

  39. Krisna Adrn

    Krisna AdrnPrije 3 dana

    Ngomong opo toh

  40. Lalji Meniya

    Lalji MeniyaPrije 3 dana

    Rudy Gidur Riding

  41. AHMAD Kamohy

    AHMAD KamohyPrije 3 dana

    YA know how you feel about

  42. AHMAD Kamohy

    AHMAD KamohyPrije 3 dana

    GENK is the only man gsysbuvts in the

  43. Camomille115 4eveur

    Camomille115 4eveurPrije 3 dana

    I didn't know that Coke was grey 😕

  44. 3 bundles of crazy

    3 bundles of crazyPrije 3 dana

    I always laugh when he says coke because it sounds like he's saying cok

  45. Alexis Vasquez

    Alexis VasquezPrije 3 dana

    Are we drink the same coke my man

  46. FrightRider07

    FrightRider07Prije 3 dana

    I still think water to wine is better.

  47. Vera Galdino

    Vera GaldinoPrije 3 dana


  48. Tea Time Bitches

    Tea Time BitchesPrije 3 dana

    now drink it🙂

  49. Дарья Дарья

    Дарья ДарьяPrije 3 dana


  50. Variety

    VarietyPrije 3 dana

    Into WHAT

  51. Stupid shiz Studios

    Stupid shiz StudiosPrije 3 dana

    What turning water into what

  52. TheChargerMan

    TheChargerManPrije 3 dana

    Majority of The Comments here are *"He's The Type Of Person"*

  53. Dzaky A

    Dzaky APrije 3 dana

    aight, turnin water into co- nvm

  54. Landon elliott

    Landon elliottPrije 4 dana

    Water into what now

  55. yousif Mustafa Salih

    yousif Mustafa SalihPrije 4 dana


  56. Nah itz Hades

    Nah itz HadesPrije 4 dana

    Bruh I stg how he says coke pls learn the correct pronunciation 🤣🤣🤣

  57. dejan spasovski

    dejan spasovskiPrije 4 dana

    Dude yor criks ar way thu cool Wike a haker master god

  58. Nav

    NavPrije 4 dana

    Him : * _You can see that the water has turn into real coke_ * The water : * *Looks like paint water* *

  59. IamRomulus

    IamRomulusPrije 4 dana

    Anyone else think this dude is low-key trash

  60. Dan Rogers

    Dan RogersPrije 4 dana

    The way he says Coke

  61. Evelyn Torres

    Evelyn TorresPrije 4 dana

    That doesn’t look like coke-

  62. XXx the_trashPeanut yeah

    XXx the_trashPeanut yeahPrije 4 dana

    i like how he says it like cok it sounds like he is saying it without an e

  63. JacuboTheGuy

    JacuboTheGuyPrije 4 dana

    Bruh that looks like concrete not cola...

  64. Kalon Delova

    Kalon DelovaPrije 4 dana

    HeR3 wE G0o

  65. Helen Mckeown

    Helen MckeownPrije 4 dana

    I'VE GoT A GlASS oF wAtEr

  66. Revenge

    RevengePrije 5 dana


  67. •CozyVxbes•

    •CozyVxbes•Prije 5 dana

    That does not look like coke

  68. Ervick Ibanez

    Ervick IbanezPrije 5 dana

    Shake coke+0pen coke= explosion

  69. Alen

    AlenPrije 5 dana

    Hes the the type of guy to wash his hands after eating cheetos

  70. Айгуль Абилкасимова

    Айгуль АбилкасимоваPrije 5 dana

    Ani Amekhan

  71. Айгуль Абилкасимова

    Айгуль АбилкасимоваPrije 5 dana


  72. Айгуль Абилкасимова

    Айгуль АбилкасимоваPrije 5 dana

    Haiy Mai Nez Amerkhan

  73. Jonna Cuen

    Jonna CuenPrije 5 dana

    Hes blac water she put a blac coler


    KAMERON MCDANIELPrije 5 dana

    In the beginning it sounds like he's saying turning water into cocaine

  75. Choicken

    ChoickenPrije 5 dana

    Coke? Black?

  76. Mar Do

    Mar DoPrije 5 dana

    Coke isn't black. 🙄

  77. staciebn benham

    staciebn benhamPrije 5 dana

    No u not

  78. staciebn benham

    staciebn benhamPrije 5 dana

    No u not

  79. staciebn benham

    staciebn benhamPrije 5 dana


  80. ツV a p o r

    ツV a p o rPrije 5 dana

    now drink it

  81. Thyme Millar

    Thyme MillarPrije 5 dana

    Please save earth 🌍🌎

  82. Abelhafurona

    AbelhafuronaPrije 5 dana


  83. Abelhafurona

    AbelhafuronaPrije 5 dana

    O cara usando lacoste kkkk

  84. JS

    JSPrije 6 dana

    He honestly doesn't know how it happens😂😂

  85. Nat's A Lie

    Nat's A LiePrije 6 dana

    Coke is brown 🟤.

  86. burger man gaming

    burger man gamingPrije 6 dana


  87. Rashid Kashani

    Rashid KashaniPrije 6 dana

    This is the first he has said something alse 😂

  88. hi

    hiPrije 6 dana

    erm i don’t think coke is ash gray 🙀

  89. Parvej Qureshi

    Parvej QureshiPrije 6 dana

    Stop wastage of water☹️

  90. Oliver Do Rosario

    Oliver Do RosarioPrije 6 dana

    The comment section is more better than the magic trick.. Just joking😜😜

  91. Hacker Gaming

    Hacker GamingPrije 6 dana


  92. meme man

    meme manPrije 6 dana

    I wouldn't drink that

  93. 山АТЭГ

    山АТЭГPrije 6 dana

    U can see the top of the bottle

  94. Sesha Rao

    Sesha RaoPrije 6 dana

    It is not looking like Coke🥤

  95. Manaka Yukawa

    Manaka YukawaPrije 6 dana

    Coke is not black and it has no fizz in the “ coke”

  96. Soviet sloth

    Soviet slothPrije 6 dana

    Ok this one was pretty good

  97. daljit singh

    daljit singhPrije 6 dana


  98. Hayden Kiddd

    Hayden KidddPrije 6 dana

    It doesent look like coke tho

  99. Araghya Chauhan

    Araghya ChauhanPrije 6 dana

    Me - shows this magic to my brother and leaves water bottle there My brother - Drinks it Me -😶