We're Making a SOLID GOLD Xbox Controller

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We're making the most expensive Xbox controller in existence, made out of solid gold.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: hrcharts.info/white/video/g66aq8-nt2PNur8
iTunes Download Link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712
Artist Link: soundcloud.com/laszlomusic
Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High hrcharts.info
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE


  1. Linus Tech Tips

    Linus Tech TipsPrije mjesec

    Hope you guys enjoy the journey. This was one of those "can it be done" concepts for us and the goal would be to find a buyer for the finished product or melt it down to re-use. We're crazy enough to make it, not crazy enough to waste that kinda money on something so ridiculous lol

  2. Jadan Velasquez Mejia

    Jadan Velasquez MejiaPrije mjesec

    It's funny how they still have it...

  3. Pro720HyperMaster720

    Pro720HyperMaster720Prije mjesec

    I watch your last video xD, Linus has some ideas that can be different

  4. Shuo Yang

    Shuo YangPrije mjesec

    But now ya keeping it man


    TRICKSTAPrije mjesec

    *It's a sin you used a normal controller, instead of the Xbox elite 2 controller.*

  6. John West

    John WestPrije mjesec

    That makes a lot of sense, thanks for clarifying that in the comments section. It isn't often that a channel would be transparent with this kind of thing.

  7. Smellbringer

    SmellbringerPrije dan

    When they recommend the cheaper option because it works just as well that's when you know you're working with professionals.

  8. Cian Mac phaidin

    Cian Mac phaidinPrije 2 dana

    When you recreate a solid gold controler and its not even an elite controller

  9. Nabkro

    NabkroPrije 2 dana

    next, diamond ps5 controller

  10. TRXP RFT

    TRXP RFTPrije 4 dana

    87k for a fucking controller???

  11. THAT GUY

    THAT GUYPrije 4 dana

    Goldmember: I LOVE GOLD!!!!!! Linus: I LOVE GOLD. The Austin powers in me: huh....suspicious.....

  12. Maximum Effort

    Maximum EffortPrije 4 dana

    This may be the most ridiculous and unnecessary thing I have ever seen and I love it!

  13. Andyc3

    Andyc3Prije 5 dana

    I like how they where calling d brand a idiot for the pyramid PC yet they where doing this at the same time

  14. Andyc3

    Andyc3Prije 5 dana

    “Your probably wondering how we did this” No no no no no, I’m wonder WWHHHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYY

  15. A21stcf Star

    A21stcf StarPrije 9 dana

    1:50, The street looks exactly like GTA V "Jewelry Store Score" mission scene!

  16. Corbin Beech

    Corbin BeechPrije 10 dana

    If Trump was a gamer...

  17. Corinne Breuer

    Corinne BreuerPrije 10 dana

    The jealous cobweb hisologically hate because beef interestingly repeat onto a toothsome dollar. sleepy, windy ophthalmologist

  18. Neutral Karma

    Neutral KarmaPrije 12 dana

    Today on how it's made, golden xbox controller!

  19. Mr E

    Mr EPrije 27 dana

    Guy makes a Brass covers playstation ...Linus you can make a gold version! hrcharts.info/white/video/ibWjYM7PpHvJr9U ... Why is Yvonne looking at me like that ???

  20. J C Lovera

    J C LoveraPrije 27 dana

    The like and the comment because LTT need to pay for all that gold, otherwise they firing Colton to cut expenses.

  21. DatOneGuy

    DatOneGuyPrije 28 dana

    "I'm surprised how small it is" *ThAtS wHaT sHe SaId*

  22. Arka Agarwal

    Arka AgarwalPrije 29 dana

    Please help me to find me a custom water cooling system i can't find it in india

  23. Dr. King Schultz

    Dr. King SchultzPrije mjesec

    I'm so fucking disappointed that it's not a keyboard but Xbox controller.

  24. Rainbow Dash

    Rainbow DashPrije mjesec

    Those Volta cables look exactly like the ones I have, just without the branding and a slightly different rubber around where the cable runs into the plugs. They were 7.99€ a piece and came with 3 tips (microUSB, USB C and Lightning) each. Those are $31 AU which roughly is 20€ before tax and import fees. So yeah! 8:04 "Tens of thousands of dollars of ass!" ~Linus Sebastian, 2021

  25. bigmaxcc

    bigmaxccPrije mjesec

    Waste of money

  26. Noeltheprodigy

    NoeltheprodigyPrije mjesec

    Lol I find it funny how he just casually transitions to the sponsor announcement

  27. peter max

    peter maxPrije mjesec

    I don't like the fact that Disney and 500 shades were said in the same sentence

  28. bunnlose

    bunnlosePrije mjesec

    volta is crap btw, i bough 100usd worth of cables and tips little over 1 year ago. now most of the tips are dead and the ones that work is charging very slow... good idea, very nice, when i worked. now its just a glorified skip-go-rope

  29. Nyphon

    NyphonPrije mjesec

    It's kind of concerning how such a prestigious place makes such a shitty looking cast. I imagine its extremely hard and that's good, but from a noobs eye I was like wtf...

  30. Casual User

    Casual UserPrije mjesec


  31. Lt. NoTaco

    Lt. NoTacoPrije mjesec

    Linus IS JETT RENO

  32. Anthony Schlessman

    Anthony SchlessmanPrije mjesec

    Not even an elite controller?

  33. blober glawp

    blober glawpPrije mjesec

    as a gold miner in northern Quebec I approve this rediculous thing

  34. DaysofKnight

    DaysofKnightPrije mjesec

    I WISH I had one of those pure gold ingots.. I love Gold, the metal is so pretty and shiny. I swear, i was a pirate in another life. I'd put it in a clear box on my shelf so I can stare at it

  35. Rocket Moose

    Rocket MoosePrije mjesec

    Certainly not Linus money management tips

  36. TheSliderW

    TheSliderWPrije mjesec

    So plating could have been an option ? Too bad it didn't turn that way

  37. Tommy Hills

    Tommy HillsPrije mjesec

    if you don't' use it, sell it on ebay and it'll bid for more than you made it with.

  38. Tommy Hills

    Tommy HillsPrije mjesec

    how have i missed this video, this is fucking awesome!

  39. Fauntleroy Sage

    Fauntleroy SagePrije mjesec

    If I remember correctly, a US ton of gold if it were a single cube would only be 14" per side.

  40. TheRealBoz

    TheRealBozPrije mjesec

    Drop is the most on-brand sponsor for Linus. Should be used more often.

  41. Sylvanium Orlenard

    Sylvanium OrlenardPrije mjesec

    "You only live once" James Bond disagrees... So does Steve's cat...

  42. v1rus

    v1rusPrije mjesec

    Linus Tech Flex

  43. art smart

    art smartPrije mjesec

    How about a golden Xbox one x

  44. Reubi0910

    Reubi0910Prije mjesec

    just why ?

  45. vf fa

    vf faPrije mjesec

    Wonder why he didn't use an Elite controller.

  46. Afrociaal

    AfrociaalPrije mjesec

    now maek duke conroler yeh

  47. pedro henrique

    pedro henriquePrije mjesec

    now imagine linus dropping this controller

  48. Austin Paulson

    Austin PaulsonPrije mjesec

    Should have used a ps5 controller

  49. Austin Paulson

    Austin PaulsonPrije 9 dana

    @sewdyer Xbox is stupid

  50. sewdyer

    sewdyerPrije 10 dana


  51. Masterf 6561

    Masterf 6561Prije mjesec

    he is probably the first one to talk about CoD while having 60K gold in his hand

  52. msdvahedi

    msdvahediPrije mjesec

    GOLD PS5 Controller , Please !

  53. Tom Bee

    Tom BeePrije mjesec

    Camera work during the pour definitely left a lot to be desired. Didn't see the pour and then the mould was out of focus :(

  54. Law Ram

    Law RamPrije mjesec

    The clammy mary additonally hug because egypt phenomenologically practise abaft a halting slash. dispensable, scientific estimate

  55. protectnor

    protectnorPrije mjesec

    You waste almost 90K on a controller and then have the audacity to ask for more money?

  56. protectnor

    protectnorPrije mjesec

    You people make way too much money.

  57. Denver Starkey

    Denver StarkeyPrije mjesec

    "it's more painful for me to watch than you" i imagine so 1 kilo gold bars tend to go for 45,000-60,000 US dollars depending on what company minted them.

  58. Meequalsjeff

    MeequalsjeffPrije mjesec

    The real question is why did you make it?

  59. Marathon Finance

    Marathon FinancePrije mjesec

    I liked and commented to help you make that money back

  60. J Ch

    J ChPrije mjesec

    Could some of the parts have been made with different gold karats? Some softer vs. harder gold parts could work well together.

  61. J Egbert

    J EgbertPrije mjesec

    The hypnotic start intrestingly rely because pumpkin neurochemically license after a domineering string. delightful, verdant thistle

  62. Chris1z1

    Chris1z1Prije mjesec

    87 Canadian **

  63. yiban di

    yiban diPrije mjesec

    most expensive?? nahhh you just know that some Saudi prince is gonna have one made from gold with crystal instead of plastic buttons with diamond studding cause they can.

  64. Geistschroff Reikoku

    Geistschroff ReikokuPrije mjesec

    The Pablo Escobar controller????? LOL

  65. Luciano Viacava

    Luciano ViacavaPrije mjesec

    Hello, I'm just doing my job and liking the video to help Linus tech tips survive this bad financial decision.

  66. Dejga Popički

    Dejga PopičkiPrije mjesec

    Yet my ass can't even afford a standard controller.

  67. Nacho Turrubiartes

    Nacho TurrubiartesPrije mjesec

    Guys. Stuff made out of gold is tacky AF.

  68. Jonathan Durán

    Jonathan DuránPrije mjesec


  69. Raven

    RavenPrije mjesec

    I think you guys need a limited edition variant of the gold waterbottle but the gold design is actual gold plating or leaf. Missed opportunity to have included with this series of videos as us fans would have jumped at the opportunity to own the limited water bottle.

  70. Son Goku

    Son GokuPrije mjesec

    Why not ps4 dualshock or ps5 controller tho

  71. PrinceLevelUp

    PrinceLevelUpPrije mjesec

    What! Eighty seven thousand five hundred doll hairs!!

  72. Exraiel Valcore

    Exraiel ValcorePrije mjesec

    I'm waiting for the"Yea I borrowed your game controller!"Video.

  73. PadeJuan

    PadeJuanPrije mjesec

    I just watched everyone reacting to this controller. Never watched this video cause thought it was classic Linus click baiting. But the fact that it’s real gold and worth 87,500 dollars. I just wanna say I’m sorry. Respect Linus lmao

  74. Max Mustermann

    Max MustermannPrije mjesec

    Hell yeah golden controller for his diamond hands!!

  75. Mohamed Adel

    Mohamed AdelPrije mjesec

    If u r going to cast an Xbox controller in gold at least choose the elite one

  76. stoneybridger

    stoneybridgerPrije mjesec

    Was going to say it's not yellow enough to be 24 carat, you've said it's 18 carat? Also ...in the UK Gold legally has to hallmarked, is this?

  77. Jake Shane

    Jake ShanePrije mjesec

    Can we al get one of those cables so Linus does not go broke

  78. Jonathan Root

    Jonathan RootPrije mjesec

    Tesla? No that's too expensive. Gold Xbox controller? Yes baby!

  79. Lee Lee

    Lee LeePrije mjesec

    Now you should make a solid gold LTT water bottle


    TRICKSTAPrije mjesec

    It's a sin he used a normal controller, instead of the Xbox elite 2 controller.

  81. Victoria Kaxe

    Victoria KaxePrije mjesec


  82. Dhruwat Kadam

    Dhruwat KadamPrije mjesec

    I loved the video just for using metric units and not Imperial units used by some Doofus

  83. Pengujedi

    PengujediPrije mjesec

    Send it to the queen someone sent a gold wii remote to the queen you should send a gold xbox controller.

  84. yy jtjytj

    yy jtjytjPrije mjesec

    The fascinated lyric biosynthetically guide because scorpion alarmingly instruct through a next anthony. tense, brash climb

  85. frazzledpenguin

    frazzledpenguinPrije mjesec

    I live 15 mins away from the Royal Canadian Mint :)

  86. rai11801

    rai11801Prije mjesec

    Linus has turned into gollum form lord of the rings.

  87. JFKsMurderer

    JFKsMurdererPrije mjesec

    Why dont use a 3D printer?

  88. JFKsMurderer

    JFKsMurdererPrije mjesec

    @Antan Who talks about average? They dont do normal things. Why dont use modern tools? U find 3d print for everywhere...in modern countries for sure

  89. Antan

    AntanPrije mjesec

    @JFKsMurderer hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Gold melts at a thousand degrees celcuis, the average 3d printer is 150

  90. JFKsMurderer

    JFKsMurdererPrije mjesec

    @Antan and? Its no problem to print metal...

  91. Antan

    AntanPrije mjesec

    Because its G O L D

  92. HEXX

    HEXXPrije mjesec

    so i had your notifications on and now they are off (hint: GPU's For Gamers Movement) . i never turned them off and now when i go to turn them on it dosnt let me, it says the content is made for kids or something. it auto turns it off everytime i click turn on. please someone help so i can be informed of this video!!!!!!!!!! ITS IMPORTANT!!! please get to top so linus can see my problem if you cant help!!!!!!

  93. Michelle

    MichellePrije mjesec

    Tunnels? Lol As an engineer in automotive and injection molding, I’m dying at the misuse of terminology. 😂

  94. That Guy

    That GuyPrije mjesec

    Why X Box?... I thought you were smart tech guys...

  95. Antan

    AntanPrije mjesec

    Their Pc gamers

  96. SevenDeMagnus

    SevenDeMagnusPrije mjesec


  97. Mary Philips

    Mary PhilipsPrije mjesec

    Why not 24k gold?

  98. WhiskySiN

    WhiskySiNPrije mjesec

    Opps looks like you ended up on my feed again.. damn you you tube algorithm whres the block or hide button again 😐

  99. Antan

    AntanPrije mjesec

    Commenting makes it worse LOL

  100. Nicholas

    NicholasPrije mjesec

    I would have been fine with gold played bronze lol. Was amazed when you said it was going to be solid

  101. Martin Merati

    Martin MeratiPrije mjesec

    Linus going to get robbed after this

  102. Wolfiez

    WolfiezPrije mjesec

    My mans car and setup isnt that expensive

  103. SeenCreaTive

    SeenCreaTivePrije mjesec

    This is one LTT title that ISN'T click bait heh

  104. Haloloco

    HalolocoPrije mjesec

    Yeah... I can feel the joysticks drifting XD

  105. Pasta Masta

    Pasta MastaPrije mjesec

    Daym LLT store.com seems to be do very well lmao.

  106. darknessblade

    darknessbladePrije mjesec

    what would you rather have A Mac pro {xeon version} with everything added, or a solid gold xbox controller

  107. Antan

    AntanPrije mjesec

    Gold xbox controller

  108. metacob

    metacobPrije mjesec

    That garbage can in the corner makes more than I do.

  109. NoBody500xL

    NoBody500xLPrije mjesec

    Now we demand a platinum PS5 controller! or iced out 🤷💎🎮

  110. ElDeano09

    ElDeano09Prije mjesec

    ...i really like your beanie... said no one ever

  111. Marko

    MarkoPrije mjesec

    Linus if you wanted the real clickbait thumbnail you should've put $80 000 in the thumbnail and title

  112. Panagiotis Dranidis

    Panagiotis DranidisPrije mjesec

    how about a giveaway?

  113. Holy Shlapknops

    Holy ShlapknopsPrije mjesec

    1:53 The way you said down and dirty XD. Are you sure you got a vasectomy?

  114. camo branch

    camo branchPrije mjesec

    Day 44 of asking you to make a backyard pc