Why Does It Matter?


  1. Zenoda Priss

    Zenoda PrissPrije 2 dana

    Allergies that can kill due to cross contamination

  2. Shamoozaa PlaysS

    Shamoozaa PlaysSPrije 7 dana

    My brother is allergic to all meat but chicken and turkey. So we have to ask the workers to change their gloves between touching everything and then toast his sandwhich on a clean pan. I feel so bad but it's what I gotta do.

  3. Gavin Huffman

    Gavin HuffmanPrije 9 dana

    Hey I love your videos you made me want to work there know

  4. Jason Hollis

    Jason HollisPrije 11 dana

    Well who cares what some people think y'all creating so much waste that plastic will end up in the ocean

  5. Pivot pictures

    Pivot picturesPrije 13 dana

    As a Muslim it is really important that the employee doesn't touch anything that we consider haram with out food, even if he is not actually putting it in the sandwich he still got the fat or grease from it on to the sandwich.

  6. Mya Zerzi

    Mya ZerziPrije 16 dana

    Is it just me or do you make that same sandwich in a lot of videos

  7. Maysen Warren

    Maysen WarrenPrije 17 dana

    What do you do with all the leftover food

  8. Cinthia Miranda

    Cinthia MirandaPrije 17 dana

    Thank you!!!!

  9. M A (Catsplay)

    M A (Catsplay)Prije 19 dana

    This is why I love Subway.

  10. Baumi Baum

    Baumi BaumPrije 19 dana

    I just like it that he respects that other people have religious preferences :)

  11. flaxxfn

    flaxxfnPrije 21 dan

    I'm vegan and I still like u either way I now want subway at 20:10 pm

  12. Shayna the Singer

    Shayna the SingerPrije 22 dana

    I love these I want someone to make a channel for Dairy Queen 😂

  13. Hamza Ahmad

    Hamza AhmadPrije 22 dana

    Thank you You have respect for other religions and I subbed for that You are a good person I respect very much

  14. Divya Ganesh

    Divya GaneshPrije 22 dana

    This is like asking why does it matter if you cut your veggies or make a sandwich just put everything in the blender and drink it all up as its all going to the same placw

  15. Khushi Patel

    Khushi PatelPrije 25 dana

    Yea I agree I am Hindu aka Indian so I am vegetarian

  16. Y/N 💖💖💖💖

    Y/N 💖💖💖💖Prije 26 dana

    Okay so I’m just gonna say this when I was watching him my auntie got me a sub

  17. Hayatekunai

    HayatekunaiPrije 26 dana

    If you are eating the sub all together anyways it makes 0 sense

  18. kris lalone

    kris lalonePrije 27 dana

    Kinda Sappy

  19. Duramax Daily

    Duramax DailyPrije 27 dana

    Dudes subway has the best choices

  20. Aspect Monk

    Aspect MonkPrije 27 dana

    Is the meat in your subway halal?

  21. Nora A

    Nora APrije 27 dana

    Wasn't the question.. Why would you change gloves in between if the customer will eat both veggies and meat in their sub. Clearly they're not a veggie or vegan nor have religious preferences or allergies as they will be eating both. In one of the vids he said a customer wanted him to change gloves between the meat and veg in the same sub which they would eat. Still don't understand why...

  22. RoloSilver

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  23. Life with Leah

    Life with LeahPrije 28 dana

    Milad, do you have any siblings????

  24. Isaiah Lewis

    Isaiah LewisPrije 28 dana

    My mom is unable to eat meat shes not a vegan she gets really sick if she eats like she cant work and constantly throwing up levels of sick thats why everytime i go somewhere and i buy something i stress not to use the same utensils used to take out the meat

  25. King Nuhail

    King NuhailPrije 28 dana


  26. King Nuhail

    King NuhailPrije 28 dana


  27. ZeroSlash

    ZeroSlashPrije 28 dana

    Oh my god. Yesss! He gets it my man ne really respecting people in general. Im muslim although we havent really asked that before we used to do little ceasers and they would have a pizza cutter pink from pork and other meats that def were not halal and twice we got a pepperoni snuck into the box and we quit because they didnt really respect that some people dont want to eat pig. But this guy takes it to the next level not touching the meat and veggies you go man keep up the nice work. Actually hids work wouldnt even be innacurate

  28. AjangTV

    AjangTVPrije 28 dana


  29. smokey puppy

    smokey puppyPrije 28 dana

    F**k their feelings, this is America, if your scared of someone touching meat, then touching your veggies, move to California or get over it.

  30. smokey puppy

    smokey puppyPrije 8 dana

    @Davidplay89 lol

  31. Davidplay89

    Davidplay89Prije 8 dana


  32. jef bozies

    jef boziesPrije 28 dana

    Nothing but a round of applause from me 👏👏👏

  33. otter productions

    otter productionsPrije 28 dana

    Isint there a thing called Blu chetos that the me at infects the lettuce

  34. The Beast

    The BeastPrije 28 dana

    How can someone be so ignorant as to ask this question lmao

  35. Justin R

    Justin RPrije 28 dana

    I Wana be you

  36. I'm Epic

    I'm EpicPrije 28 dana

    Usually the main reason is that people are little babies

  37. AgentKodeh

    AgentKodehPrije 29 dana

    Is subway kosher ?

  38. Ameer Hamza

    Ameer HamzaPrije 29 dana

    Ma boy, you earned my respect for this.

  39. Max Willey

    Max WilleyPrije 29 dana

    I love this guy

  40. G L

    G LPrije 29 dana

    Why don’t you swap gloves before touching beef after touching other meats?

  41. Jennifer Geller

    Jennifer GellerPrije 29 dana

    For a while my mom developed an allergy to meat and meat byproducts. If something touched meat and she ate it she would throw it up. Also as a vegetarian who hates cross contamination that you for making this video!

  42. RE AK

    RE AKPrije 29 dana

    Cross contamination ?

  43. I Can Fix That

    I Can Fix ThatPrije 29 dana

    Let me answer the question better. Because we are in 2021 😂

  44. Pro's System

    Pro's SystemPrije 29 dana


  45. Fiminate Crafter

    Fiminate CrafterPrije 29 dana

    Also, it has to do with meat contamination.

  46. Cody Klassen

    Cody KlassenPrije 12 dana

    No harmful bacteria is being transferred so there is no contamination.

  47. Jonas Plett

    Jonas PlettPrije 29 dana

    It doesn’t actually matter, it just matters to them. Don’t know why.

  48. WaterBottle FlippinDan

    WaterBottle FlippinDanPrije 29 dana

    How is it religious

  49. Debra Williams-Buss

    Debra Williams-BussPrije 29 dana

    I'm allergic to fish so when my husband goes he asks the maker to change gloves.. But they sometimes seem annoyed at this lol

  50. Cute Pets TV

    Cute Pets TVPrije 29 dana

    I don't wanna crap on religion but recent events have proven me right.

  51. 55 cent

    55 centPrije 29 dana

    For vegan people, plants have feelings

  52. Stefano Montino

    Stefano MontinoPrije 29 dana

    You didn’t answer the question my guy, he’s asking why does it matter if it’s all together. Not if it’s separated.

  53. BENSKY

    BENSKYPrije 29 dana

    I start working at subway this week and its fun

  54. ㅤ

    Prije 29 dana

    Me walking to subway to get my bread and wine 🍷🥖 🚶🏽‍♂️

  55. Alexa

    AlexaPrije 29 dana

    Thats probably not what comment meant, guy wanted to say that if u are making Sub for a person and h wants vegies and meat you can put it with one pair ov gloves

  56. No name

    No namePrije 29 dana

    To me it only matters when they have an allergy to something like cheese

  57. That one Weeb

    That one WeebPrije 29 dana

    Just now realising that there is a single counter in subway in America . Cause where I live there are two different stations for veg and non veg in a single restaurant

  58. Vanessa N R

    Vanessa N RPrije 29 dana


  59. Yombo

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  60. Oi Felix, You got no jams

    Oi Felix, You got no jamsPrije 29 dana

    Omg I was concerned for exactly this. I'm a vegetarian (doesn't eat eggs too but yes cheese) and i am so grateful for you!

  61. Jonas Plett

    Jonas PlettPrije 29 dana

    Eggs are vegetarian tho...

  62. Ashleena

    AshleenaPrije mjesec

    NoW be Vegan from now on 😁 hahahahhah jk do whatever you want its your body your life

  63. 『ES』 Slayers

    『ES』 SlayersPrije mjesec

    That’s stupid 😂🤣😂

  64. Mar Grimey

    Mar GrimeyPrije mjesec

    Yo keep up the awesome work we love you😁

  65. dog memes263

    dog memes263Prije mjesec

    I eat s Sandwiches with no meat


    RAMPAGEGAGEPrije mjesec

    So there's these people called vegetarians/vegans that don't eat meat, so they don't want to eat cheese or veggie that touched meat

  67. Deadly Garchomp

    Deadly GarchompPrije mjesec

    Some people can’t even eat meat at all

  68. SkullBonewing

    SkullBonewingPrije mjesec

    Cross contamination can make some people sick too. My mom has been a vegetarian for so long that her body doesn’t produce enzymes to break down meat meaning she ends up puking it up. Even just meat oil from using the same knife to cut her sandwich as one that cut a sandwich with meat on it is enough.

  69. RogueCarrot

    RogueCarrotPrije mjesec

    It's not that we don't like meat (I love how it tastes) but the fact that sentient beings spent their whole lives suffering and enslaved and were then murdered just so people can have something tasty to eat. Seems kinda selfish if I'm being honest Even though I really like how it tastes I haven't eaten it in 5 years. It just shows how easy it is to have a little willpower and empathy and think about others for a change

  70. Kapitan Boi

    Kapitan BoiPrije mjesec

    It's mainly because of the vegans that think they're going to die because their lettuce has a particle of beef on it

  71. Sammy #1

    Sammy #1Prije mjesec

    I wonder how long a vegetarian Subway would last

  72. BIg Berd

    BIg BerdPrije mjesec

    This is true

  73. I am a weeb

    I am a weebPrije mjesec

    A lesson from milad aka *The guy from subway*

  74. JOB'd Out Wrestling

    JOB'd Out WrestlingPrije mjesec

    Coming from a guy who I've seen handle pork and then poultry right after without changing gloves. Now the Muslim and Jewish people who don't eat pork have ham residue on their turkey

  75. MisterMud

    MisterMudPrije mjesec

    Milan should train all fast food employees when they start working

  76. p2thejay Munro

    p2thejay MunroPrije mjesec

    Gloves add to cross-contamination if you really want to do it nice and clean just get some of the small coloured handled tongs

  77. Mohammad Zafar

    Mohammad ZafarPrije mjesec

    Im a Muslim and I cannot eat certain meats so I'm very particular as to if the meat and the vegetables have been cross contaminated. I really appreciate that Milad considers everybody that has these preferences and I hope more restaurants take note of his awesome practices!

  78. Danielle D

    Danielle DPrije mjesec

    Omg I had subway today after my second vaccine

  79. MrThundo TV

    MrThundo TVPrije mjesec

    Jesus died for you, so you can spend eternity with him!🤍

  80. Yombo

    YomboPrije 29 dana

    No he died for my sins, so if I don't sin he died for nothing

  81. Jorge Benítez

    Jorge BenítezPrije mjesec

    And cross contamination

  82. ChupapiMunyayo

    ChupapiMunyayoPrije mjesec

    Maybe subway accommodates for whatever the customer wants but in a real restaurant, they order the meal and you make said meal

  83. Medopfe

    MedopfePrije mjesec

    Do you have Halal food

  84. pranav viswanathan

    pranav viswanathanPrije mjesec

    Any subway I've been too, All I have to do is ask them to change gloves and they do it happily. So it's not really an issue ig

  85. April Galbraith

    April GalbraithPrije mjesec

    Your running out of video ideas oof

  86. Crazy Awesome Art

    Crazy Awesome ArtPrije mjesec

    The subway I go to they accidentally tossed a cucumber into the chicken AND THEY PUT IT RIGHT BACK INTO THE CUCUMBER TRAY LIKE WHAT-

  87. Amanda Quade

    Amanda QuadePrije mjesec

    Can you make a steak and cheese with ranch and lettuce and toasted please🙏🏻🙏🏻

  88. Oof ye

    Oof yePrije mjesec

    Or someone may have ocd and need it done a certain way or they may have a form of autism or something in those areas where is something is done wrong and it just happens to be a trigger, it will bother them. It's not like they are being picky or anything or like that can just ignore it, I have ocd and for me it feels kinda like I can't breathe and it will be all I think about then I think I will have bad luck and I start getting extremely paranoid and my OCD worsens for a few days. It is different for everyone and that's why he does this because it is just to make sure that everyone is happy and feels good, btw no I am not bothered by how my sandwiches are made lmao we also always need to keep in mind that everyone's triggers are different. Be kind

  89. Collateralized

    CollateralizedPrije mjesec

    Milad should make a series called Life Lessons at Subway

  90. Plexivx

    PlexivxPrije mjesec


  91. aman korotania

    aman korotaniaPrije mjesec

    Ok letme clear to some people. Im vegetarian and when you touch meat then vegetables or bread with same gloves, it leaves the meat oil on it which i dont wanna eat. Also, on pizza how some people say oh just remove the meat and eat. No its not the same bc meat oil is spread all over on the pizza. So people shouldn't judge on someones preference.

  92. Youba I.

    Youba I.Prije mjesec


  93. Trap Churches

    Trap ChurchesPrije mjesec

    Please start serving oatmeal... I love oatmeal...

  94. Raymond Campbell

    Raymond CampbellPrije mjesec

    The silky donkey rheologically collect because aluminium gratifyingly heat excluding a juvenile pencil. innocent, gray greasy great jellyfish

  95. Karthik S V

    Karthik S VPrije mjesec

    If you stop using so much plastic I'll resubscribe to your channel

  96. I Like Trees

    I Like TreesPrije mjesec

    It’s not his fault

  97. Jesse 444

    Jesse 444Prije mjesec

    1.69M LET’S GO

  98. yup zeus

    yup zeusPrije mjesec

    Sounds like a bunch of bullshit fairy tails

  99. I Like Trees

    I Like TreesPrije mjesec

    Be respectful, not everyone can eat everything

  100. Merlot

    MerlotPrije mjesec

    Allergies are a thing as well. Kinda scary he didn't mention that.....

  101. Percsie 30

    Percsie 30Prije mjesec

    Milad it’s called cross-contamination, the idea is that switching the gloves between the meat and vegetables will stop you from accidentally spreading germs or bacteria from uncooked meat onto the veggies you prepare. Obviously at subway there is no reason for this as the meat is cooked to begin with but I assume this is why people would have a problem with it.

  102. Jonas Plett

    Jonas PlettPrije 29 dana

    Yeah pretty much, and there’s not really much cross contamination since all the food in front of you at a Subway is good to eat as you see it

  103. Legendary Banana Gaming and FUN

    Legendary Banana Gaming and FUNPrije mjesec


  104. Cancer Kex

    Cancer KexPrije mjesec

    I understand for allergy reasons, but religious reasons are down right ridiculous, especially those people that don't eat pork or something because of who knows why. Stop following a ridiculous belief.

  105. The Teentonist

    The TeentonistPrije 28 dana

    It’s ridiculous that people can’t leave religious people or vegan/vegetarians alone. Like goddamn it’s none of your fuckin buisness

  106. I Like Trees

    I Like TreesPrije mjesec

    Unfortunately this is how people act

  107. Bubba Shursh

    Bubba ShurshPrije mjesec

    Some people are allergic to certain things too

  108. Anna Do

    Anna DoPrije mjesec

    Don’t forget food allergies when it comes to touching meat and veggies. When I’m pregnant, my body can not handle pork. I end up 🤮

  109. sanaz oskui

    sanaz oskuiPrije mjesec

    Day 1 of asking milad about his ethnicity

  110. Bender is Great

    Bender is GreatPrije mjesec

    I’m vegan, and I would rather have that extra pair of gloves not choke a turtle to death.

  111. Chetna Kharbanda

    Chetna KharbandaPrije mjesec

    Specialy indians